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2014 Ibanez AFJ-91-JLF

One of the Best "bang for the buck" Jazz Boxes out there ! Not to mention, the Blueburst is Gorgeous !! This one is virtually unplayed. No cracks or breaks on the tailpiece. Still has the protective styrofoam under the bridge & original flatwounds! Comes with an SKB molded hardshell. Spec sheet in the pictures.
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1982 Fender Dan Smith Stratocaster

Super Clean “Dan Smith” era Stratocaster. Great guitar for a collector or player. Highly figured natural ash body with maple neck. 100% original showing only minor evidence of playing. Easily 9.5/10. Not the heaviest nor the lightest Strat I’ve seen from this era weighing in at 9.5 lbs. Nut width is 1.63. .81 at the 1st fret , .90 at the 12th. Comes with a Fender tweed hardshell...
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Klon Centaur

It is......what it is. Early 2000's model. Works/sounds Great. Comes with adapter cable. Increasing in price as we speak !!
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1996 Fender Telecaster American Standard 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary American Standard Telecaster. All original. Recently purchased from the original owner. Great playing and sounding guitar. Overall VG condition. Has some of the “nuances” associated with this era Fender guitar. A little neck finish peeling at the 14th fret or so. Finish separation where the skunk stripe is inserted into the body. Small finish stress cracks in the...
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1957 Fender Telecaster Body

This is a 1957 (8/57) Telecaster body that I’ve owned for some time. One of my main stage guitar with a 1956 Esquire neck on it. It was painted black when I got it. While trying to remove the black, it was apparent that there was blonde underneath. So, about halfway through, we stopped , cause I liked the black/white “spotiness”. No routes , mods, funny business. All there. Fast...
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2016 Gibson ES-335

Mint Condition Gibson Memphis ES-335. Beautiful Cherry finish. BB 1 & 2 pickups. Block inlay. 1-11/16ths nut width. .83 at the 1st fret, .97 at the 12th. Weighs 8.36 lbs. Fantastic guitar on all levels ! Comes with original hardshell case.
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1957 Fender Stratocaster Neck

1957 Fender Stratocaster Neck 25 % off
Here’s something you Rarely see. 9-57 Fender Strat neck. Many consider 1957 to be the “grail” of Strat necks. 1-5/8ths nut width. Perfect V shape. Original finish (other than what may be some light overspray on the headstock) decal , frets, nut, string tree. Once had Schallers so the holes are enlarged with varying degree of skill and a second string tree once resided on the headstock....
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1984 Gibson ES-347

Fantastic guitar. This is the later version with the stop tail closer (like 50’s stop tails) & the coil tap a mini switch instead of the full size toggle in the lower ear. All original with the exception of the nut, but the original brass nut is included. Tar/Epoxy back humbucks. Gold is all in excellent condition. Frets are original and sounding excellent. The only “downside” is the...
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1963 Fender Stratocaster

This Strat has been in a private collection for a long time. Great playing, sounding & looking guitar ! 100% original with the exception of a jumper wire on the 3 way switch so the bridge pickup shares the middle pickup tone control. Easy removal, but I left it. Some arm wear on front and back of neck , but overall really clean. No cracks in pickguard !! Pickups measure 6.01 B , 5.99...
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1964 Fender Reverb Unit 6G15

1964 Fender Reverb Unit 6G15 18 % off
1964 Fender Reverb Unit. Rare transition between the brown and black units. All original with the exception of the ac plug. Been in a collection for a long time. Sounds Great / Looks Great !
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2012 Gibson Flying V

2012 Gibson 67 reissue Flying V. All original with the exception of the strap buttons (now Dunlop straplox). Great playing and sounding guitar. Coupla dings here and there. A little “leg rest” wear on the back. Nothing unusual for a guitar that’s been used for 8 years. Frets are excellent. Neck is straight. 60’s profile. .82 at the first, .85 at the 12th. Weighs 6.42 lbs. Comes...
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1990 Electro Harmonix Mike Matthews Soul Kiss

i'm selling 20+ pedals for a friends estate. All were in his studio. I'll be listing, as I go through them, so please dont ask, whatcha got? ! Time consuming, but labor of love ! All prices are including domestic shipping & PP. No sales tax. Overseas shipping available for $26. Kooky mouth activated Wah effect.
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2001 Zvex Wah Probe

2001 Zvex Wah Probe 43 % off
Super Kooky early Wah Probe. Been in a studio all of its life. Shows signs of use, but works great. Hand painted.
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~1969 Framus Missouri Mdl 03312

~1969 Framus Missouri Mdl 03312 25 % off
Groovy Late 60's , Early 70's Framus Missouri / 03312 Jazz Box. S/N 048058. Very similar to the Top of The Line Atilla Zoller model I used to own. 99% Original. Beautiful Sunburst finish. 17" body with 2 Single coils, Vol/Tone & 3 way switch. Bolt on neck. Guitar plays & sounds great. Great action with enough space in both direction to raise/lower the bridge to taste. Frets show some...
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1954 Fender Pro Amp

1954 Fender Pro Amp $300 off
Great sounding wide panel Pro Amp made in Nov 1954. I sold this to a friend 20 years ago, now its for sale again. Serviced in 2002 & again about 5 years ago. Please see the receipt pics for what was done. All key components are original , cab, grille, handle, feet, transformers, speaker (though reckoned by Orange County Speaker) Home use only. Overall Very Good + / Ex- condition. Sounds...
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2001 Tacoma DM9

Pre-Fender buyout Tacoma DM9 Acoustic. Made in Tacoma Washington, USA. Bought new in 2002, played a bit & has lived in the case since. Excellent Condition. Dreadnaught sized. Solid spruce top with solid Honduran mahogany back & sides. No cracks / repairs / issues. Plays & sounds GREAT. Very reminiscent of a good Martin D-18. You would be hard pressed to find a finer guitar in this...
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1962 Harmony Stratotone Mars H46

1962 Harmony Stratotone Mars H46 $104 off
Super Clean , all original 1962 Harmony Stratotone Mars. Nearly unplayed condition. A few minor nicks on the headstock, most likely from the case. Straight neck, no fret wear. Brian Jones used the same model in the early Rolling Stone. You would be hard pressed to find a cleaner example. Comes with original chipboard case, also in Excellent condition.
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2016 Martin D-35 Centennial

This is a great playing and sounding Martin. Near perfect condition with the exception of a pin head sized ding in the top, that I couldn't photograph. You really have to be looking for it to see it. D-35's are (imo) the unsung heroes of the Martin line. This one is no exception ! Comes with original hardshell case & uninstalled end pin. Specs: Natural Finish D-14 Fret Body Size Solid...
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1978 Guild S60D

1978 Guild S60D 17 % off
This is what I call a "Dare to Be Different" guitar. Everyone plays a Strat, Tele, LP, SG etc........You get it........ One owner 1978 Guild S60D. 100% original. Shows some signs of use. Wear on the back of neck & pickguard where the original owner strummed Jazz chords.....yes, he was a Jazz player ! Minimal fret wear as he used light flatwounds. Neck is straight. Truss rod functions as...
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2020 Retro Guitars Charvel Strat Style

2020 Retro Guitars Charvel Strat Style 14 % off
Fantastic Guitar made by Chris Odee at Not a "kit" guitar. Chris makes all his own necks, bodies & pickups. His clients include Billy Gibbons, Mike McCready etc etc......... This is a Strat shaped body, Black with Gold & Silver Flake graphic ( pics dont do the graphic justice. Its total 3D with metallic hue). Non recessed Floyd Rose. Odee Humbuck (8.6k). Maple neck with...
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1973 Fender Telecaster

1973 Fender Telecaster $255 off
Heres a cool "players" 73 Tele. Blonde w/ maple neck. Neck actually has the 73 neck date ! (not common for this era !) Bigsby may or may not have been added at the factory. At any rate, its been on there a long long time & total pro job. The nut is standard 1-5/8ths. .88 at the 1st, .96 at the 12th. Frets show quite a bit of wear, but still very playable, if you like smaller...
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2006 Paul Reed Smith SC 250 Singlecut

2006 Paul Reed Smith SC 250 Singlecut 26 % off
PRS SC250. This one has a LOT going for it. Besides the normal 10 top with abalone birds, great playing & great sounding guitar............. This one was built for 2006 NAMM & Artist Stock. Its also one of the uncommon "Sound Chamber" models, which explains the weight at a mere 7.25 lbs. Satin Orange 10 top. Abalone birds. W/F neck carve. Frets are excellent needing no attention. The...
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1957 Oahu Lap Steel

1957 Oahu Lap Steel 16 % off
1957 Oahu / Valco Lap Steel. Repro retrofit tuners. Knobs are not original, but era correct bakelite. Fret numbers nail polished ? on . Probably removable, but I left 'em. Original electronics & pickup. Pickup measures 6.42K. Original Chipboard case.
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1999 Gibson SG Custom

1999 Gibson SG Custom $300 off
FANTASTIC GUITAR. Naturally Relic'd. Looks more like a 60's than 90's ! Shows some light checking, minor dings & some yellowing/aging (as all White Gibsons do....eventually). Plays and sounds GREAT. Tom Holmes Pickups with aged nickel covers (the import ones. Sound the same as the US me, I own several sets of both). Pickups measure 8.32 Bridge. 7.8 & 7.9 middle & neck. Nickle...
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Yamaha Revstar RS720BX

Excellent Condition. These are fantastic guitars. One of the best sub $1000 guitars available. Weighs 8.41 lbs 1-11/16ths nut .82 at the 1st, .97 at the 12th. Jumbo frets.
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1963 Gibson Melody Maker D

Nice 63 Melody Maker. Double pickup model. Weighs 6.12 lbs. 1-11/16ths nut .83-1st fret 1.01 - 12th Bridge pickup reads 7.30. Neck Pickup 7.05 Guitar is all original with the exception of repro (retrofit) tuners, the pickguard screws and the pickup mounts (see pics). Plays & sounds great. Original gator case. All latches function, but missing handle.
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1997 Marshall Bluesbreaker

Recently purchased from the original owner. Only 250 Made in 1997. All original. Great sounding amp. Sovtec 5881's, Marshall pre's. UK Celestion Greenback 25's. Shows some wear from use. A couple sticker shadows on the back. Gives it TONS of Character !! Heres that "Beano" tone for ya !! Pickup in Las Vegas Welcome !!
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