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Epiphone USA John Lennon 1965 Casino

USA made Epiphone John Lennon 1965 Casino. I believe these were made in 2014. Lots of info if you do a Google search. This one is 1213 of 1965 made. Getting nearly impossible to find. Shows a bit of minor playing wear & a couple dings here & there, but overall very nice. Plays & sounds great. Certificate is m.i.a, but has the original hardshell, JL pick & other case candy.
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2011 Gretsch G6128-GHT

USA Master Built Steven Stern George Harrison Gretsch 6128 Tribute. This one is pre-owned, but in a collectors hands. The box with all the accessories is still factory sealed. The case shows some staining from storage. From Gretsch : Limited to 60 pieces worldwide, the guitar is a meticulously crafted replica of the all-black 6128 Duo Jet Harrison played with the Beatles from summer...
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1966 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Great sounding amp. Recent cap job. All original components other than a Celestion Vintage 30 installed. NOs Jan Phillips 6v6’s, Sovtek rectifier , mixture of RCA & Phillips pre’s . Original speaker is included, but needs reconed. Dlx Reverbs are going nowhere but up…….
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1999 Fulltone Deja Vibe

Early 1999 Deja Vibe. Sounds great. Shows some signs of use.
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1996 Fulltone Deja Vibe

Super early 1996 Deja Vibe. Works/Looks great. Comes with ac adapter.
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1966 Fender Vibro Champ

Super nice 66 Vibro Champ. Sounds great. All original with the exception of some updated caps. NOS RCA 6V6’s , NOS Mullard Pre’s. Cosmetically 8/10. Small hole in grill cloth. The original power cord is intact, but spliced.
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1998 Epiphone Korina Flying V Reissue

Nice Epi Korina V that won’t break the bank. Real Gibson gold plastic logo (G is broken) RS wiring harness. ABR1 conversion (with original posts). Aged white pickguard & jackplate. 1.68 nut width .82 at the 1st fret, .91 at the 12th. Weighs 6.9 lbs. Comes with a Gibson brown hardshell.
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2009 Gibson ES-335 ‘63 Reissue Nashville CS

Custom Historic 63 ES335. Made in Nashville. Cherry finish. Block inlay. Upgraded to Throbak ER Custom MXV PAF’s measuring 7.9 neck & 8.3 bridge. Tonepros tuneomatic & stop. Original pickups and bridge/tailpiece are not included. Killer 64/64 Gibson neck profile. 1.68 nut width. .84 at the first fret, .91 at the 12th. Weighs 6.9 lbs. Comes with original hardshell ,...
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2006 Nash S-57

Early Nash S-57 (factory applied F decal before “the letter”!) Heavy relic. Outstanding guitar on all levels. Full C neck measuring .98 at the 1st fret & 1.00 at the 12th. Medium jumbo frets. Weighs 6.86 lbs. Lollar Dirty Blonde pickups. Lollar case.
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1963 Fender Champ

Most likely one of the last tweeds produced. Nov. 63. Sounds Great. Weber speaker installed, but original (working) is included. All stock with the exception of 3 back screws & a cap job. NOS RCA power tubes. Groove tubes preamp.
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1994 Ernie Ball MusicMan EVH

Previous owner bought this new. Killer guitar. These need no further explanation ! 9.9/10 condition. Comes with original hardshell.
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2000 Fender Telecaster

Fantastic playing & sounding guitar. ‘69 reissue Crafted in Japan. Rivals Custom Shop models, imo. Neck and frets are excellent. Body has some dings, mostly on the back. Front is very nice. Comes with molded Fender case. Nut width 1.66 .85 at the 1st fret, .97 at the 12th. Weighs 7.7 lbs.
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2002 Rickenbacker 360/12

2002 Rickenbacker 360/12 $200 off
Nice playing and sounding guitar. Some minor nicks & dings/evidence of use. Small finish chip at neck joint. All original with the exception of the pots which were replaced at some time, but retains the original caps & switch. Comes with a silver tolex Rickenbacker hardshell.
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2004 Gibson Les Paul Supreme

Rare Les Paul Supreme in Alpine White (now nicely yellowed). All of the Supreme appointments. Slightly thicker body, arched back, gold tinted frets, Supreme headstock inlay, ebony board with Super 400 style Pearl inlays…….. Shows some nicks & dings and a bit of spidering/checking in the finish. Still a very nice guitar. Plays & sounds great. Frets are excellent. 1.69 nut width, .86...
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2006 Fender 60 Relic NOS CS Strat

2006 Fender 60 Relic NOS CS Strat 10% off
Outstanding guitar. This is an NOS model that has some natural relic-ing. Sonic blue yellowed to almost a yellowed Surf Green. Looks fantastic. A few small nicks , but still very nice condition, like a light relic would be. Original 3 way still installed. Frets show no wear. 1.65 nut width, .81 at the first, .90 at the 12th. Weighs 7.90 lbs. Comes with original brown hardshell,...
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1967 Gibson EB-2D

100% original. First time in the market. Extremely clean (9+) condition. Plays and sounds great. No issues. Comes with original Chipboard case and booklet.
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2019 Fender Custom Shop 64 Journeyman Relic Stratocaster

64 Relic Strat. Dirty White w/ dark rosewood fingerboard on roasted maple neck. Fantastic playing, looking & sounding guitar. Previous owner added an aged nickel humbuck cover, but all else original. Weighs 7.95 lbs. All the other specs are on the Shop Traveller Sheet. Comes with original CS brown tolex hardshell, certificate & case candy.
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1969 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard

Purchased last year from the original owners family. 1969 Trini Lopez Standard. Cherry finish. All original with the exception of a recent refret (Jescar 55090) and new nut. Looks like it may have had a different tailpiece at some time (Bigsby ?) but no evidence on the top and barely visible holes on the butt end. Plays and sounds great. Some visible light checking on front and deeper...
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1990 Electro Harmonix Mike Matthews Soul Kiss

i'm selling 20+ pedals for a friends estate. All were in his studio. I'll be listing, as I go through them, so please dont ask, whatcha got? ! Time consuming, but labor of love ! All prices are including domestic shipping & PP. No sales tax. Overseas shipping available for $26. Kooky mouth activated Wah effect.
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~1969 Framus Missouri Mdl 03312

~1969 Framus Missouri Mdl 03312 25% off
Groovy Late 60's , Early 70's Framus Missouri / 03312 Jazz Box. S/N 048058. Very similar to the Top of The Line Atilla Zoller model I used to own. 99% Original. Beautiful Sunburst finish. 17" body with 2 Single coils, Vol/Tone & 3 way switch. Bolt on neck. Guitar plays & sounds great. Great action with enough space in both direction to raise/lower the bridge to taste. Frets show some...
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2020 Retro Guitars Charvel Strat Style

2020 Retro Guitars Charvel Strat Style 14% off
Fantastic Guitar made by Chris Odee at Not a "kit" guitar. Chris makes all his own necks, bodies & pickups. His clients include Billy Gibbons, Mike McCready etc etc......... This is a Strat shaped body, Black with Gold & Silver Flake graphic ( pics dont do the graphic justice. Its total 3D with metallic hue). Non recessed Floyd Rose. Odee Humbuck (8.6k). Maple neck with...
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1999 Gibson SG Custom

1999 Gibson SG Custom $300 off
FANTASTIC GUITAR. Naturally Relic'd. Looks more like a 60's than 90's ! Shows some light checking, minor dings & some yellowing/aging (as all White Gibsons do....eventually). Plays and sounds GREAT. Tom Holmes Pickups with aged nickel covers (the import ones. Sound the same as the US me, I own several sets of both). Pickups measure 8.32 Bridge. 7.8 & 7.9 middle & neck. Nickle...
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