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1960 Fender Mandocaster

Recently purchased from the original owners family. First Time on the market. 100% original. Minor nicks, dings. Some player on the sides of the neck. The lower frets have some divots, but still plays great. Comes with the original brown hardshell, bridge cover & Fender "spaghetti" strap. No sales tax on out of state orders ( unlike the other "e-commerce" sites !
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Charvel Surfcaster Bass

Charvel Surfcaster Bass 12 % off
Perfect for a Rockabilly band that doesn't want to carry an upright, or one of the many acoustic duos/trios during these precarious times ! Rare 90's Japan made Charvel Surfcaster Acoustic/Electric Bass. Plays fantastic. Shows some minor signs of use, a few nicks around the headstock, but overall pretty nice. The electronics work, but there is some static & a bit intermittent. Maybe just...
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1967 Fender Bassman Head Modded

This is one of the best sounding amps I own...........but since no tours are on the horizon.....gonna sell it. 1967 date code with '66 iron. AB165. I bought this because my stock Bassman was a bit too loud & not a fan of attenuators. This particular amp has a Fender Tweed Bassman replacement output transformer & biased to use 6v6's, so its only putting out about 25 watts....perfect ! But, it...
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2006 Gibson 58 Historic Les Paul TV Junior DC VOS

Recent Trade In. Killer guitar on all levels. Excellent lightly played condition. Great mahogany grain under the TV finish. Weighs 7.91 lbs .89 at the 1st fret, 1.00 at the 12th. Comes with original Arts & Historic hardshell as well as the certificate & other docs. Get your Johnny Thunders on !!!
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1995 Fernandes YN-85 Yoshio Nomura

Rare as Hens Teeth & hard to find any info (in English). I've owned it for about 15 years. Just sits in the case. Basically Unplayed condition. All Original. Great guitar ! Dare to be Different !! Comes with an aftermarket hardshell.
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2006 Paul Reed Smith SC 250 Singlecut

2006 Paul Reed Smith SC 250 Singlecut 13 % off
PRS SC250. This one has a LOT going for it. Besides the normal 10 top with abalone birds, great playing & great sounding guitar............. This one was built for 2006 NAMM & Artist Stock. Its also one of the uncommon "Sound Chamber" models, which explains the weight at a mere 7.25 lbs. Satin Orange 10 top. Abalone birds. W/F neck carve. Frets are excellent needing no attention. The...
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1957 Oahu Lap Steel

1957 Oahu Lap Steel 16 % off
1957 Oahu / Valco Lap Steel. Repro retrofit tuners. Knobs are not original, but era correct bakelite. Fret numbers nail polished ? on . Probably removable, but I left 'em. Original electronics & pickup. Pickup measures 6.42K. Original Chipboard case.
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1974 Gretsch Country Gentleman Mdl 7670

1974 Gretsch Country Gentleman Mdl 7670 13 % off
This is a Great Playing & Great Sounding CG. All original. No repairs done or needed. Walnut finish. Shows some minor signs of playing, minor gold wear & a bit of light checking on the front. First 4 frets show some wear, but does not hamper playability. 1-11/16ths nut. ,80 at the first fret. ,94 at the 12th. Weighs 8.03 lbs. Comes with a non original hardshell thats completely...
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1973 Fender Stratocaster

1973 Strat. A great "utility" guitar. Mostly original, but a few changes......... Once had Grover tuners, now has an original set with oversize bushings. Refret with med/jumbo frets. The finish from the fingerboard was removed when it was done & now an oil finish ( a lot less sticky). New bone nut. Pots & switch (5 way) replaced. All original plastic ( except the backplate). The guard...
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1999 Gibson SG Custom

FANTASTIC GUITAR. Naturally Relic'd. Looks more like a 60's than 90's ! Shows some light checking, minor dings & some yellowing/aging (as all White Gibsons do....eventually). Plays and sounds GREAT. Tom Holmes Pickups with aged nickel covers (the import ones. Sound the same as the US me, I own several sets of both). Pickups measure 8.32 Bridge. 7.8 & 7.9 middle & neck. Nickle...
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Yamaha Revstar RS720BX

Excellent Condition. These are fantastic guitars. One of the best sub $1000 guitars available. Weighs 8.41 lbs 1-11/16ths nut .82 at the 1st, .97 at the 12th. Jumbo frets.
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1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom 23 % off
First time on the "national" market. I purchased it from the original owner a couple years ago, with no intention of selling it.....but you know how that goes....... I dont think the guitar had ever been cleaned ! Took me several days to get the "muck" off......but a well preserved finish ! The s/n dates 69, but the pot that I can read, is 52nd week of 68. The 2 tone pots are original,...
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1963 Gibson Melody Maker D

Nice 63 Melody Maker. Double pickup model. Weighs 6.12 lbs. 1-11/16ths nut .83-1st fret 1.01 - 12th Bridge pickup reads 7.30. Neck Pickup 7.05 Guitar is all original with the exception of repro (retrofit) tuners, the pickguard screws and the pickup mounts (see pics). Plays & sounds great. Original gator case. All latches function, but missing handle.
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1941 Martin 0-15

1941 Martin 0-15 25 % off
1941 Martin 0-15. Mahogany. S/N 78241 First time on the market. I purchased this from the original owners family a few years ago. Fantastic guitar on all levels. All original. Cool man tortoise headstock overlay. Nice chunky V neck. Show some signs of wear, small mark/ding on the front right bottom & 2 hairline cracks on back, that have been there since I got it. One in the middle, one...
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1997 Marshall Bluesbreaker

Recently purchased from the original owner. Only 250 Made in 1997. All original. Great sounding amp. Sovtec 5881's, Marshall pre's. UK Celestion Greenback 25's. Shows some wear from use. A couple sticker shadows on the back. Gives it TONS of Character !! Heres that "Beano" tone for ya !! Pickup in Las Vegas Welcome !!
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1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Early 1970 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop. Very nice condition, showing some normal wear and a character adding green spot where your arm rests. I would call it 8/10 for the age. The guitar is all original except a recent pro refret with med jumbo frets. I believe the nut is original. Pots date early 70. Original bumblebee caps. Very small volute....NO Made in USA. 3 pc neck. Pancake...
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