EX-.Doubleneck table steel in limed mahogany (aka “TV” finish in Gibson-speak). First off, Rickenbacker horseshoe pickups are the finest steel guitar pickups. Period. There, we said it. The DW-12 has 2 6-string necks, a mahogany body, and the guitar appears to be an early example with an early logo and brushed aluminum tuner covers with matching aluminum nuts. These double-6 steels are rare - many players preferred the 8 or double-8 configuration but for the average guitarist the 6-string models are less daunting. This guitar is all stock and even has the original lacquered switch tip. The output jack is on the bottom of the guitar (out of the way), both pickups are strong and have normal output. It has flatwound strings ready to go. The (very robust) legs work (they even have their original rubber feet). The original gray hard case has some stray white paint. A cool find. Might be later than ’54 but we were told it was ’54-’55, with logo facing up to the player, not out to the audience. A truly remarkable-sounding and rare Rickenbacker.

Willies American Guitars

Willies American Guitars

Very Good
limed mahogany
Original Hard
24 Years
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