RME Multiface 2 A/D D/A Converter


36 Channel 24 Bit/96 kHz I/O Box

Manufacturer Description:

The Multiface is not only multi because of the many different interface formats supported, but also multi-channel! Based on the technology of the Project Hammerfall the Multiface includes ADAT optical I/O, ADAT-Sync In, SPDIF I/O, MIDI I/O, word clock I/O and a separate analog line output. On top we provide 8 analog inputs and outputs, balanced and 96 kHz/24 bit, of course. All this can be used on laptops as well as on desktop computers with 'zero cpu load' and low latency!

- 8 x analog line I/O, 96 kHz/24 bit, SNR 105 dBA, 1/4" TRS jacks
- 1 x ADAT digital I/O, based on RME's reliable Bitclock PLL
- 1 x SPDIF digital I/O, based on RME's reliable DIGI96 technology
- 1 x ADAT Sync In (9-pin D-type) for sample accurate transfers
- 1 x Word clock I/O (BNC)
- 1 x analog line/headphone output, separate output for independent submix
- 1 x MIDI I/O, 16 channels high-speed MIDI
- HDSP Meter Bridge: freely scalable level meters, peak- and RMS calculation directly in hardware
- TotalMix: 720 channel mixer with 40 bit internal resolution
- S/MUX poured in hardware: 4 channels 96 kHz/24 bit for record and playback on ADAT optica

...and numerous other features found already in the Hammerfall series. And all this for an unbeatable price!

The Hammerfall? DSP System comes with drivers for Windows 98/ME (MME with multi-client operation, ASIO 2.0, GSIF), Windows 2000/XP (full multi-client operation of MME, GSIF and ASIO 2.0) and MacOS (ASIO 2.0.)

The small box using half the space of a 19" rack doesn't show the included outstanding power and extensive features at first glance. The front panel hosts some useful status LEDs, like MIDI state, lock state of the digital inputs and error state of the host-bus. Additionally there's a high-quality 24 bit/96 kHz analog line output, also usable with headphones, and one MIDI I/O.

We think the little Multiface is an unrivalled flexible and powerful unit. Why? Have a look at its back: 8 analog line I/Os on 1/4" TRS jacks (balanced, 24 bit/96 kHz), ADAT optical I/O (switchable to SPDIF optical), ADAT-Sync In, SPDIF I/O coaxial, word clock I/O and MIDI I/O. Can there be more? We doubt...

The parts of the Hammerfall DSP System can be combined freely. Therefore the Multiface can be used with laptops as well as desktop computers. The connection to notebooks is achieved via a CardBus interface, the connection to desktops via a PCI interface. These interfaces are sold separately.

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