Here we have Roland's System 100m, their classic compact yet super powerful analog modular system. This set of modules is the most popular configuration that was available (known as the D-set) and includes the 150 Sample & Hold / LFO / Ring Mod, 112 Dual VCO, 121 Dual VCF, 130 Dual VCA, and 140 Dual Envelope / LFO. Of course these modules are not simply limited to their listed functions and include several convenient 'extras' such as 3 channel mixers built in for audio and CV inputs and well thought out duplicates and attenuated options for certain outputs.  The conveniences don't end there, the included keyboard connects straight to the front of the 191J enclosure and is normalled to relevant connections around the system. Simply bring up the first CV input attenuator on either oscillator and switch the envelopes to gate input for quick direct control without having to patch. The base of the 191J includes several multiples, 1/4" to 1/8" jack converters, and an output converter for splitting connections and interfacing with other equipment during patching. The compact yet all encompassing design of this system makes for a welcoming, approachable instrument that only requires simple patching to make some truly great and classic sounds! But of course, its a modular system - patches can quickly gain complexity and there's plenty of room for deep exploration even with these five standard modules.  As with any vintage Roland, the System 100m has an incredibly nice sound, rich and powerful yet very clean and musical. It is especially strong with sequenced basses and gliding subtractive leads but has incredibly deep audio rate modulation and liquidy filters that certainly give it a natural home in more experimental music as well!  This System 100m set was just fully serviced and cleaned by our in house electronics technician. It has been fully tested and is working wonderfully with no crackly pots or switches and solid patch connections on all jacks. There is a proprietary keyboard connection cable and five power cables included to power each module at the rear. Finally, this sale includes the original 181 49 note keyboard with built in portamento, transposition, and bender. This is a great classic modular setup for anyone looking to get the full 1980s Roland experience!
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