Fabulous project, your lucky day, you won’t see another like it, certainly not at this price. We’re calling it 1990s because that’s when the woman who brought it in averred that hubby had fled with well, someone, across state lines, leaving said abandonee with said treasure, in her closet ever since. The 90s was about the end of the hot-rod-Strat era, leaving us with acres of such ephemera though very few of such high quality. All great components here, seemingly hundreds of ‘em, including but not limited to high-quality, beautifully flat-sawn neck with very cool slab rosewood fingerboard, possibly Fender though not likely; body cool enough to be real 1970s Fender, routing pattern may belie this. Hard-tail, of course; Mini-Grovers, of course; brass saddles, of course. Enough wires and pickup stuff to generate liftoff of anything NASA ever made, including two pickups of indeterminate nature, one of which sorta works and two that definitely work and are HOT; one of these looks like a Duncan or some such rails-thing to me. Enough mini-switches to confound Larry DiMarzio himself. Also just enough tin-foil shielding to discourage unwelcome incursions by space aliens. The capper is the neck plate with last digit of stamped serial number alarmingly lying on its side, not even possible to duplicate here, see photo. Really will make a truly terrific-playing and -sounding guitar with application of stimulating intellectual exercise and fab hobby time; wiring and setup your move. Total bargain, offered as is with strings I got it with and nice hard shell case at only $395 w/hsc

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