You might be wondering what 50 isolation transformers might be used for. A couple of uses will be listed below:

Mini Di boxes

Reducing noise in a larger studio setting

Harvesting Switchcraft connectors!!

Tubes can be used for mini XLR-based projects

Bringing down higher impedance mics to something your pre-amp would be more interested in driving

Sonic experiment enabler!

Harvest the transformers for other fun projects

A fun thing to put above your bed

Connect them together for a light-saber battle

Use them as a self defense mechanism

Build a tower

Give your robot halloween costume some antenna

Use them to fill up your bin of adapters

Use them as a water skiing handle

Use them as a way to tell people you use switchcraft connectors

Use them as a weight to slowly pull off surface mount xlr connector pads

Use them as a place to put your Rock n Roll Vintage stickers

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

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