For sale,Chicago Music Exchange exclusive,Victoria 2022 Chicagolux 1x10 using 6V6 power tubes.this is a clone of a 1959 fender Vibrolux 5F11 tweed can only be purchased through CME.I have upgraded the amp with a Jupiter Alnico speaker replacing the Eminence ceramic speaker..has 3 channels and onboard tremolo,foot switch included.all certification paperwork from CME.please NO trades.Ace Ffehley used a tweed 5F11 circuit vibrolux to record Kiss albums,studio,live because it sounds like a 100 watt Marshall cranked.Amp sells for $2350.00 new,upgraded Jupiter speaker $275.00.check out videos on YouTube.thank you.FedEx shipping is $85.00 insured lower 48 states

joseph femoyer gear store

2022 (1959 reissue)
joseph femoyer gear store
Joseph femoyer