For Sale- 2020 Victoria Trem Deluxe 1x12,6V6 power tubes with footswitch.upgraded at Victoria with 1/2 power switch,has more headroom than a deluxe.I upgraded the amp by removing the Eminence ceramic speaker and replacing it with a Weber 12A125-A Alnico speaker,30watt which is a perfect match to the original Jensen P12Q Alnico speaker.this amp nails the tone of a vintage Fender 5E9 deluxe tremolo tweed amp with the bigger pine cabinet than a standard tweed 50’s deluxe making the amp project a bigger room filling tone.the amp is in absolute MINT,10 flaws or blems anywhere.amp weighs approx 35-38 lbs
I accept PayPal friends & family option or U.S postal money order.price is $1700.00 plus $50.00 shipping to lower 48 states,FedEx ground insured.please no trades.check out videos on YouTube

joseph femoyer gear store

2029 (1959 reissue)
Black tweed
joseph femoyer gear store
Joseph femoyer