Interesting VOX amp we have here!

This amp has just been gone through by our tech and has a clean bill of health, Grill tear in front of head and missing Lead 125 badge. Good overall condition though and SOUNDS GREAT!

Here's the skinny:

The electronics for the V125 were an adaptation of the circuits used in the AC-120 that Vox had introduced in 1973.

Although Vox literature showcasing this amplifier states that it had "pure valve power," that is not totally correct. Two 2N3819 transistors were used as an initial gain stage in the V125.

After the transistors, two ECC83, one ECC82, ome ECC81 and a quartet of EL-34s made up the tube complement.

The reverb circuit from the AC120 was not included in the V125.

The V125 amp design included Gain, Volume and Master Volume controls, as would a Marshall amp from this same period.

A five band EQ with rotary controls was featured in the V125. The EQ frequencies of the V125 Lead were 100hz, 250 hz, 500 hz, 1600 hz and 2300 hz. The EQ frequencies of the V125 Bass were 50hz, 100 hz, 250 hz, 500 hz and 1600 hz.

The V125 speaker enclosures had a large exposed bass reflex port. The V125 Lead cabinet featured two 12" 80 watt Celestion speakers, rather than the four 30 watt 12" Celestions one would expect in a Marshall 1960 cabinet. The V125 Bass had a single 15" Celestion speaker.

The V125 heads and cabs were covered in traditional Vox black basket weave vinyl. The Vox grill cloth used during the Rose Morris era (1979 - 1992) had a rather coarse weave and overly bright colors.

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