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1966 Supro Thunderbolt S6420

1966 Supro Thunderbolt S6420 Classic amp heard on plenty of records and stages throughout the years. The one is all it's hyped up to be. Iron all good. Amp is straight and ready to go! Gut shots available upon request. Speaker: C15PS 220619 In general, we do not ship amps but, if interested in shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs (shipping plus all packing materials and custom...
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1962 Supro Coronado 1690T

1962 Supro Coronado 1690T This amp is killer. Straight besides one speaker and changed grill cloth/grill screws. Old tubes. Gut shots available upon request. Speaker: C10R 220121 C10R 220652 T79110 In general, we do not ship amps but if interested in shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs (shipping plus all packing materials and custom made double walled box).
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1966 Fender Electric XII

8 lbs. 7 oz. Okay, find another one of these. Fender Electric XII in amazing and original condition in somewhat rare Olympic White finish with matching headstock. Most of these were Sunburst, including the one Page used for the 12-string parts on Stairway to Heaven in the studio. Has some mild checking and a ding or nick here and there but overall VG+ guitar. Original Frets show light to...
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1970 Marshall Tremolo 20

1970 Marshall Tremolo head with a rare 1974 "Lead & Bass" 1x12 Ported, sweet Lord. 1970 Marshall Tremolo head with a rare 1974 "Lead & Bass" 1x12 Ported, sweet Lord.A couple of the team members at Killer Vintage St. Louis are Marshall freaks...they both agree; this is what low wattage Marshall dreams are made of. People have been on the hunt for these for years, the good ones...
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1988 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2554

The allure of the Silver Jubilee Marshall's has stood practically since their release in the late 80's. The angrier brother of the JCM 800, these amps bring all the thunder you're looking for. Tight, present, great mids; it's a Marshall! The 1x12 size makes this great not only for carrying around, but for both studio and live situations. Original Celestion G12 Vintage speaker. Drake transformers...
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1963 Fender Viibroverb

Player grade example of one of Fender's most classic amps. No chocolate Fender disappoints, but this is the one everyone seems to be talking about. This amp is what it is: player's grade. BUT it is is still a 2x10 Vibroverb. Stripped tolex, changed speakers (Eminence Patriots) and three prong cable. The iron looks good and it comes with the brown pedal (beyond cool). This amp will get you to...
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1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Here's the 1x12 amp people have been drooling over for the past 50 years. This Deluxe Reverb holds up to the claims. Present, warm, powerful, dripping reverb and great breakup. What more could you want in your 22 watt amp? This sucker is clean. Tube chart shows OG (July 1965). Correct speaker (465512). Iron checks out. Mix of old tubes. Three prong cable. No pedal. Filter caps changed....
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2009 Ernie Ball Sterling

9 lbs. 10 oz.Ernie Ball Sterling bass. Ball Family Reserve. Plays and sounds as it should. Pretty excellent condition. Comes with COA and OHSC. F21055
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Ernie Ball StingRay 5

11 lbs. 2 oz. Ernie Ball StingRay 5 bass.Plays and sounds good, functions properly. Broken latch on Fender hard case, some stains on bottom of case. E19053
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1965 Fender Stratocaster

7 lbs. 13 oz. A custom color L-series Strat? Please, and thank you. These mid-60's, transition logo Fender's are where it's at and this Strat is no exception. All original except refret, new nut and minor finish touch up in areas of checking.Plays and sounds great, and it being factory Candy Apple Red makes it a big plus. This guitar definitely made someone happy (hence the smile play wear...
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1965 Fender Super Reverb

Clean December '65 Super Reverb -tube chart OL -speakers changed-UTAH speakers 328025 25th week of ’70 -Mains 606-5-43 -output 606-5-42 -choke 606-5-42 -Reverb transformer-changed -New jj power and rectifier, mix of old and new preamps. -3 filter caps replaced. -original footswitch -A11294
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1950 Vega Arthur Godfrey Baritone Uke

Really neat baritone uke. Made by Vega in the 1950's. This is the Arthur Godfrey Deluxe model, in sunburst finish, made in Boston. Has some mild finish checking but otherwise in VG+ condition. Sounds great, and plays nice. Real wood, will be nicer than anything you buy today at the same price point. Comes with the original case. 10478
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1968 Fender Telecaster

8 lbs. 14 oz. Nice Telecaster here. Looks great. Plays great. Not the lightest one, but it's not the heaviest either. Tuners were replaced, but have been restored to correct '60s "F" tuners. Oversize ferrules on the front, no visible extra holes on the back. Small amount of fretwear, mostly on the first 3 frets. Frets are about 95% intact, maybe 98%, depending on how sensitive your micrometer...
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1960 Martin Style 51 Baritione Uke

This baritone ukulele from the 1960s has a double bound 10” all mahogany body, mahogany neck, and Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge. It features mechanical friction tuners, a 3 ring rosette, and the logo adorns the headstock. Has had some crack repair on bottom, treble side. Crack's not moving and are structurally sound and stable.VG condition otherwise. Unusual about this uke is has...
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1951 Martin 018-T

Really clean 1951 Martin 0-18T tenor guitar. Longtime one-owner instrument. No cracks or structural issues. Some arwear on top, but otherwise pretty amazing condition. Comes with 50's era Gibson soft case with broken hinge on lid. 121746
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2020 Nash PB52

7 lbs. 8 oz. (featherweight) Last one of the year... We can't keep these in stock! Great basses! Ash body, Med C shape neck, Lollar pickups, Light relic. Butterscotch Blonde WITH HARDSHELL CASE. If you've played one you know how great they feel and sound. Bill Nash's goal was to bring all the vintage vibe, looks and feeling at a price that you do not have to be a rock star to...
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1997 Fender Stratocaster

7 lbs. 3 oz. Recently in from the Vince Gill Collection. This is an early Vince Cunetto-era relic guitar from Fender Custom Shop. Great Stratocaster. Setup from Vince's guy and plays/sounds amazing. John Page Masterbuilt signed Certificate. Comes with OHSC and all case candy. R2656
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2015 Fender Stratocaster American Special

2015 Fender Stratocaster American Special 20 % off
8 lbs. even Perfect condition American Special Stratocaster with OHSC. Beautiful sunburst with 70's style bigger headstock. Backplate removed but comes in case. US15054816
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2009 Fender Cabronita Telecaster

7 lbs. 9 oz. Fender Custom Shop Tele Cabronita with OHSC and all case candy. Pre relic'd Excellent + condition. No issues. LIMITED EDITION. Shoreline Gold 04/03/2009 Born on date. R46941
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2011 Fender Telecaster-Old Barn Pine

6 lbs. 6 oz. VG+ condition in Rustic White finish. Comes with Original case, Strap, Cord and hang tags. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fender Telecaster, the company launched a series of 12 Telebration Telecasters at the Winter 2011 NAMM show. Each of the 12 guitars would be produced in a limited run. The fourth guitar in the series was the Old Pine Telecaster....
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1997 Fender Stratocaster-Hendrix tribute

8 lbs. 5 oz. Hendrix tribute Stratocaster. All here with original kit. Includes 3 way switch, strap, coily cable, bridge cover. EARLY ONE with Jimi on neckplate! In VG + conditon. Only blemish looks like some kind of chemical reaction on finish at bottom of headstock (pictured). With Original case and all paperwork. TN705028
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2016 Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice-Gruhn

8 lbs. 1 oz. If you know what you're looking at here, it really needs no further introduction or description. Legends in the vintage world. George Gruhn Collectors choice Les Paul. # 12 Everything included as sold included certificate, warranty card and all case candy. CC35A12
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2015 Gibson Les Paul True Historic '58

8 lbs. 8 oz. Flawless. 4/27/15 Born on date. Comes with checklist, certificate and all case candy. 8 5008
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2009 Ruokangas Duke Classic

8 lbs. 4 oz. If you're looking at this you know what Ruokangas guitars are and their reputation. The finest quality. This is a Spanish Cedar body Tobacco Sunburst finish DUKE CLASSIC. Comes with Original Hiscox case. Perfect condition, no issues. March 12, 2009 Born on date. 0901212-2
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1956 Harmony/Silvertone H42/2 Stratotone Newport

3 lbs. 15 oz. H42/2 in metallic green. Single cut, Newport headstock logo. All original, Centralab pot dates 49th week of 1955. With original case.
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2005 Epiphone Jack Casady

8 lbs. 1 oz. One-owner Jack Casady signature bass in Ebony with Case! The world's most popular Semi-Hollow Electric Bass. This was has been uniquely 'blacked out' by adding black pickguard/and blacked out pickup. Otherwise original and plays great. No playability issues. R05080136
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1964 Fender Princeton

AA964 Circuit Fender Princeton with changed speaker. April '64 ND tube chart. Amp circuit appears all original. No changes or mods aside from added grounded AC cord. In cosmetically good shape, has a bit of tolex missing front bottom right corner is all. -Amperex Rectifier -Pair of RCA power tubes and RCA and Sylvania preamp tubes. Speaker is a '67 CTS alnico and sounds good in...
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2020 K-Line Springfield

7 lbs. 9 oz. Brand-New K-Line Springfield. First one we've had in awhile. S style guitar in Beautiful Lake Placid Blue finish. Chris' finishes are fantastic. Nitrocellulose lacquer finish all the way down to wood. With new case. SPECS; Alder Body Pickups; 64's Neck Contour: .850" C shape Nut Width; 1.650" Frets; 6125 size 10" radius 590101
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2009 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

8 lbs. even Beautiful 3 color sunburst on this one! Gorgeous guitar is in near-perfect condition. Still has original factory sticker on pickguard. If you were looking for a gift for someone with a 2009 birth year this would be it. Recently setup. Plays great. With OHSC, strap and hang tags. Z9328109
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2019 Gibson SG Junior

6 lbs. 9 oz. A 'like new' year old guitar. A small strap finish blemish right around strap button. Otherwise, perfect condition. Just set up and ready to go! 122790408
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