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2001 Gibson Les Paul

9 lbs. even. From 2001, a REALLY good era at Gibson Custom Shop. We've got a player '58 Reissue Figured Top Les Paul here. No case queen, this one got played as all of the really good guitars do. There's plenty of belt buckle worming on back but remarkably not through the finish. Also remarkably, the original frets are in great shape. There's a 1/2" sliver out of the back of headstock at...
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1967 Hofner 500/1

Come Together with a real all original 1967 Hofner. Just back from our luthier with a fresh neck reset. Plays perfectly, The McCartney Beatle bass in the flesh! One of the most recognizable electric bass guitars in the music world in terms of both looks and sound. With OHSC. 55066
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1999 Gibson Les Paul Custom

LPB7 Custom. 10 lbs even. (on the lighter side for a Custom) REALLY cool Cherry finish on a Custom Les Paul! Perfect condition Gibson Custom Shop from 1999. Checklist born on date of 4/16/99. This is a one-owner guitar purchased new and basically carefully stored for 20 years. There are ZERO scratches, dings, dents, or player wear on this guitar. Comes with Original case, hang tags...
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1995 Gibson '57 Les Paul Goldtop

9 lbs. 5 oz. From Gibson Historic Collection. Perfect condition '57 Historic Reissue Goldtop/Darkback from 1995. This is a one-owner guitar purchased new and basically carefully stored for 24 years. There are ZERO scratches, dings, dents, or player wear on this guitar. Comes with Original case, hang tags and paperwork. Near Mint. 7 5020
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1965 Gibson SG Standard

6 lbs. 12 oz. No hyperbole, this may be the cleanest 1965 SG Standard we've ever seen! Except for replacing the nylon bridge saddles with nickel (which most would consider an upgrade) this is a 100% original guitar. Pat. Number sticker pickups with completely clean Gibson factory solder on the 29th week of '65 dated CTS pots. Original frets in great shape. There is virtually no weather...
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920D Custom LP50-L

IN STOCK NOW! A 920D Custom Les Paul Wiring Harness is built to easily drop into your guitar and totally transform your tone. With genuine Orange Drop capacitors your guitar will have the classic sound of a vintage Les Paul. This wiring scheme provides a tight, transparent tone. Unlike modern wiring schemes, it features a reduced treble cut when rolling back the volume control. The highs seem...
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920D Custom T4W-C

IN STOCK NOW!! 920D Custom 4-Way Control Plates are far from stock. This pre-wired, drop-in piece is built to completely clean up your tone and let the full quality of your pickups shine through. Our control plate is the ultimate upgrade to polish and improve your tone.
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920D Custom S7W-GILMOUR

IN STOCK NOW!! Our S7W-GILMOUR style 7-Way Wiring Harness brings the tone control that David Gilmour has used in his famous black strat. The mini toggle adds two extra switch positions on top of the classic 5 positions - Bridge/Neck and Bridge/Middle/Neck. Unlock the tone that greatly influenced the sound of rock with our Gilmour style 7 Way Wiring Harness.
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920D Custom LP-PAGE

IN STOCK NOW! Revolutionize your Les Paul with this upgraded LP-PAGE wiring harness. This is a Jimmy Page style setup that provides several new tonal configurations to help you dial in your tone. The Bourns Push/Pull pots allow you to split your humbuckers into single coil pickups, allows both pickups to be put out of phase, and can put both pickups in series as well. With 21 tonal variations,...
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920D Custom T3W-C

IN STOCK NOW! This 920D Custom 3-Way Control Plate is far from stock. This pre-wired, drop-in piece is built to completely clean up your tone and let the full quality of your pickups shine through. This control plate is the ultimate upgrade to polish and improve your tone.
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920D S5W-HSS

Our 920D Custom S5W-HSS harness is designed for strats with a full sized humbucker in the bridge position. It features a 5-way super switch that automatically splits the humbucker when combined with the middle pickup (position 2). It also allows the single coil pickups to "see" 250K volume control while the humbucker "sees" 500K volume control. This wiring harness is a must-have for your HSS...
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2017 K-LINE Truxton (used)

Gently used 2017 K-Line Truxton for sale. Ash body, Maple Med C shape neck. 6 lbs. 14 oz. Comes with paperwork and Original hard shell case. GREAT GUITAR!!
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1959 Martin D-18

Bluegrass machine! Super light, resonant, and a real cannon. We see and hear plenty of these and this one is exceptional. Guy brought this one who was the son of the original owner. His mother owned it new in '59 and played it for years. Most player wear is on the bottom of back. Just back from our expert luthier, it has a fresh neck reset, glued and cleated crack near pickguard. Dressed...
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1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom

9 lbs. 7 oz. Okay, gonna try to keep this short and sweet. 1974 20th Anniversary Les Paul Custom. Never broken. Not crazy heavy. Plays great. Has a few cosmetic issues. Interested yet? You oughta be, 'cause it's a nice guitar. Fat sounding patent number pickups. The pickups ARE microphonic. If you don't use high gain, you'll be fine, but if you do, you'll want to have them wax potted. We'll leave...
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~1920 Washburn Parlor

Washburn branded Lyon & Healy Chicago made parlor guitar probably from the 20's. From the 'new model' line. 18.5" long body. 14" bottom bout. 24.75" scale length. Has had a neck reset. Strap button added on underside of neck near heel. Plays and sounds amazing. Beautiful hand painted gold floral motif on top. MOP floral/bow tie on headstock. Mahogany neck, rosewood back...
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1981 Ibanez GB10 George Benson

If you've been looking for one of these, you just found an exceptionally clean one! One-owner guitar bought new in '83 even though it's a 1981 model. Natural finish George Benson model with Original case. Guitar is in all-original and Excellent plus condition. Just some of the gold rubbed off the tailpiece from armwear there which is typical. Very minimal fretwear. It got played,...
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1957 Fender Precision Bass

8 lbs. 8 oz. A No excuses '57 P-Bass with case. 2T sunburst which you don't see many of. Has always had flatwounds so no fretwear. Player wear mainly around edges and hand rest on anodized pickguards. Stackpole pots date 4th week of '57. Body date 9/57. With 60's hardshell case AND original gigbag! -22520
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1960 Rickenbacker Capri 330

7 lbs. 10 oz. Beautiful Mapleglo finish, 2 powerful "Toaster" pickups, factory U-shape tailpiece, double stacked Gold lucite pickguard & truss rod cover, 4 cats eye knobs, Kluson Deluxe Tuners, one of the rarest & all original Capri's around, very clean, a slight bit of rash on back. Non original Hard Case included. 2T037
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1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Model

8 lbs. 5 oz. 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV model set w/ Gibson LP Junior amp. The buttons on tuner strips have been replaced but otherwise intact and original guitar. Late '56 as it has a 6 digit number. Original small fretwire so it may benefit from a refret, the first position has diviting on the B string but not bad. The TV finish 'Limed Mahogany' has just the right patina and is...
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2015 Bad Cat Cub III 40 head

'Like New' condition Bad Cat Cub III 40 from 2015. Very gently used in smoke free studio environment. Comes with footswitch. 5128
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1973 Fender Telecaster Bass

Clean example of an Original Natural finish 1973 Tele bass. With OHSC. Bridge and Bridge saddles replaced with intonateable brass saddles which is a big upgrade in playability. (original bridge/saddles come within case) Plays really well despite the frets in first position nearing the end of their lifespan. 1 readable pot code date 18th week of '72 which make this a very early example...
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2019 Nash S63

7 lbs. 12 oz. ASH body, Rosewood fingerboard, Med C shape neck, Lollar pickups. Olympic White finish. If you've played one you know how great they feel and sound. Bill Nash's goal was to bring all the vintage vibe, looks and feeling at a price that you do not have to be a rock star to afford. This line also offers some of the more modern features one would want but without sacrificing...
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1952 Gibson Les Paul case

Vintage 4 Latch Lifton Les Paul case which is accurate for any 1952-57 era Goldtop Les Paul... It is in good condition for its age. The handle is solidly attached and all latches work. Last two pictures show the very top ply separating slightly at the bottom.
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1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage

9 lbs. 8 oz. The last guitar out of the late Kurt Linhof's personal collection. Part of his stash, he had kept it because it reminded him of the darkburst he sold Duane Allman in '71. This is an early Heritage model Les Paul with fantastic flame in the top! Changed truss rod cover. Looks to be Elite model, This one has an ebony 'board and 1 piece Mahogany neck. Pat. # 2,737,842...
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1978 Marshall 2203 head/1982 cab

When Rock was Rock! This rig was purchase together as a unit in 1978. 100w Model 2203 Marshall Super Lead Mk II. Aside from a new AC cord and some changed tubes it is in unmolested and stock condition. NO MODS... 1978 Marshall 1982A slant cabinet in Good condition. 1 speaker replaced with UK Vintage 30. 3 Original G12H 30 watt 55hz Blackbacks, original 444 bass cones, untouched...
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2006 Fender Stratocaster

7 lbs. 13 oz. 2006 USA Fender Stratocaster with upgrades under the hood. Lollar Blackface pickups, RS guitarworks cap and new pots. Single ply replaced guard and 3 way switch ala 50's Fender. Comes with Fender tweed case. Cigarette burn on headstock, and finish wear on edges. #Z6016639
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1972 Celestion T1221's

1972 Celestion T1221's 12 % off
MATCHED QUAD. Celestion Greenback T1221 G12M with Original Pulsonic cones. The Holy Grail of speakers. ROLA Celestion LTD. They are matched date codes DE Apr. 1972. 102/3 white stamped (Pulsonic) on all cones. NO tears in the cones. All 4 are in VG shape. 2 of them test perfectly, 2 are starting to sound fatigued with a very slight bit of cone rub. Again, ALL ORIGINAL MADE IN...
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1964 Gibson LG-0

1964 LG0 with Original Brown Alligator case! In VG condition with recently reglued braces and some very light finish checking. No cracks! Original plastic bridge shows signs of lifting on back edge but it's bolted down so it's not going anywhere. Love this little guitar, nice and bluesy sound and not too loud! These are great little guitars, this one with a Med C shape neck and real...
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1968 Mosrite Celebrity III

6 lbs. 14 oz. Short Scale basses are hot right now! Here's a great Mosrite Celebrity III JUST IN. All original but missing bridge cover. Super Cool duck feet tuners! Played with flatwounds so frets still in good shape. Just a few nicks around the edges and light back scratching. These things are really cool, very Hofner-esque. Non-Original softshell case included. Z0395
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1980 Gibson ES-350T

7 lbs. 2 oz. FACTORY BLACK... Here we have a one-owner guitar, purchased New in 1980. Story goes the owner worked at a small music store in IL in 1979. He special ordered the guitar and after 6 months of waiting they (Gibson) told him they were no longer making them. They said however, they had one in black that was a prototype. Did he want that one? Yes of course. So, here it is for sale...
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