Weymann Keystone State Style 30 Jumbo ca 1912 | $4500 | Among the earliest of jumbo flat tops, this is a historically important guitar. It was crafted by H.A. Weymann & Son in Philadelphia about 1912. The date of manufacture is based on the gold decal on the back of the head stock which was used from 1910-1915. Many refer to the Martin-made Ditson, made in 1916, as the first jumbo-dreadnaught. (The first 'D' with the Martin name didn't appear until 1931!) But Lyon & Healy produced the Style 270 in 1912, easily predating the Ditson, and Weymann was known to have produced a super-jumbo as early as 1911. So Weymann was involved in 'size matters' from the beginning.

The dimensions of this Style 30 are as follows: Lower bout 16 1/2"; upper bout 12 1/4"; depth at the end block 4 1/4"; body length 20"; scale length 25 3/4"; overall length 39 1/2"; nut width 1 7/8" with the neck carved in a soft 'V', but not 'clubby'.

The body is Brazilian rosewood, with a spruce top. The top (well-crafted ladder bracing) and sound hole are bound with a delicate marquetry (considering the size of the guitar) and white celluloid. The back has an inlaid strip of 'rope' marquetry and is also bound in white celluloid. The neck (12-fret) appears to be mahogany with an ebony cap on the heel, and a Brazilian overlay on the headstock. The gold Weymann decal is visible on the reverse of the headstock. The serial number, 18488 and style number, 30, are stamped on the top of the headstock. The fingerboard appears to be ebony with three pearl position dots. The original strip tuners are engraved with a leaf motif.

This jumbo has gone through an extensive 'back off' repair. All braces were re-glued, and the damage from string balls on the bridge plate brace holes was repaired. The bridge is an exact ebony replacement. The neck was reset and the board refretted. A back crack was glued and cleated. The back and sides were refinished. The top remains crack free, with some evidence of spray in the area where a pick guard is typically found. The guitar is now structurally sound.

The guitar is set up well and plays easily with action set at about 6/64". The sound is a strong point. In spite of the large size, the tone never gets mushy, but retains a deep thump against the chest which is awe inspiring both for its power and the fact that it's one of the earliest jumbo flat tops extant. The mids and high tones are distinct and pure.

Currently, three Weymann jumbos have surfaced, this example being one of the three.

Be sure to check out the video demo.
Comes with a new hard case.

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