Antique fretted instruments.

Antique fretted instruments.

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Please check out what we got going on this month there's a lot of really cool gear so keep posted!!!!!!

Hi my name is Joel whitehead I have been a Full functioning luthier for the last 24 years I am owner of Whitehead guitar repair and antique fretted instruments. My specialties are full restoration converting Martin arch tops. work such as neck reset Replicateing bridge making and neck and fret work. I have been buying and selling vintage and Antquie instruments for the last 20 years also. If you do have the inquiry about a repair that you need done please contact me and we will go from there. Other than that please do check out my inventory I'm always updating it with new gear and feel free to ask me any questions you might have

Antique fretted instruments.
Joel Whitehead