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1932 Martin c-1

Here we have a cool 1932 Martin c-1 The guitar is in great playing condition the guitar still obtains its original bar frets tail pice and bridge and pickgard. The tuners have been changed out with a classic style grover as you will notice from the photos that I have provide. Over all condition of the guitar is great there are lots of nicks chip digs and superficial blemishes all over as you will...
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1930 Martin 00-17

1930 Martin 00-17 11 % off
Here we have a great 1930 Martin 00-17Things to know about the guitar. The guitar has just had a neck reset and is playing and sounding great. The guitar still dose obtain its original bar frets tuners bridge and bridge plate. The guitar is crack free but dose have lots of nick dings and superficial blemishes all over it. When I got the guitar the tuners were change with a after market set...
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1932 Martin c-2 converted to om-28

Here we have a cool 1932 Martin c-2 conversion to om-28 conversion was done by joel whiteheadThings that were done to the guitar.New replica mahogany neck.AAA adirondack top / with addy scalloped bracing.maple bridge plate.ebony bridge.Repro tuners. bar frets .55.herringbone trim with classic 30s style wood rosett and cream cellulose binding.cellulose tear drop pick Gard Things original to the...
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1907 Gibson Style O

1907 Gibson Style O 27 % off
Here we have a cool and super rare 1907 Gibson style o Things to know about the instrument. .new replica bridge has been made. The bridge has been made correctly with properly angled bridge pin holes as would the original would have been. .new Bone saddle .Old heal repair that is holding great as you will nottice from the photos that I have provide .Tuners are original as well as...
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1941 Martin f-2 arch top converted to 0000-42

Here we have a great 1941 Martin f-2 That has been converted to a 0000-42The guitar was converted by me joel whitehead here at whitehead guitar repair.If you would like to check out a video of the instrument  just go to my Instagram page at whitehead guitar repair Things to know about the instrument New AAA adirondack spruce top with scalloped 1/4 bracingnut with is 1.692''with from e to e at...
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