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1940 Martin 0-18

Here we have a cool 1940 Martin 0-18.As you will see from the photos that I have provided the guitar has lots and lots of honest play were all over. From the looks of it the guitar has been entirely  over sprayed. There has been a few patch holes on the top from the looks of it it was done some time ago.  The guitar has just had a neck reset and playing great. Frets are original but do have...
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1941 Martin f-2 converted to 0000-42

Here we have a great 1941 Martin f-2 That has been converted to a 0000-42 The guitar was converted by me joel whitehead here at whitehead guitar repair.If you would like to check out a video of the guitar just go to my Instagram page at whitehead guitar repair.  Things to know about the instrument New adirondack spruce top with scalloped 1/4 bracingebony bridge with bone saddle and bridge pins...
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1953 Martin D-28

ere we have a great 1953 martin D-28Things to know about the guitar. The guitar has had a neck reset and a new replica ebony bridge with bone saddle made for it. There is some scuffing around the bridge from a old repair but has been cleaned up nicely. There is lots of scrapes dings nicks and superficial blemishes all over the entire guitar as you will notice from the photos that I have provide....
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2018 j.whitehead 000-42-D

The guitar was made be me joel whitehead here at whitehead guitar repair. The guitar sides and back are ziricote wood top is adirondack spruce neck is mahogany bridge and finger board are ebony with two celluloid pickguards. The tuners are old 1960s keystone grovers. The entire top of the guitar is surrounded with abalone pear with a cool 12th fret marker. scale length is 25.5'' nut with is...
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