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~1968 Martin 00-18

Here we have a cool 1968/1940 Martin 00-18 Things to know about the guitar. The neck of the guitar is from 1940 and has had from the looks of it lots of old repairs done to it as you will notice from the photos that I have provide . The repairs are holding great. neck has been re-fretted as well. The body is had a ruff life as well all cracks to top have been fixed as well No need for further...
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1966 Martin D-28

1966 Martin D-28 15 % off
Here we have a great player grade 1966 Martin d-28. Things that have been done to the guitar New Honduras mahogany neck has been carved to soft v profile with classic  voluted headstock and Martin logo and rose wood veneer. New bone nut and saddle. The neck has beed re-fretted as well. I was able to save the original fingerboard and t bar truss with grover tuners. I have photos of the truss rod...
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1931 Martin 00-17

1931 Martin 00-17 38 % off
Here we have a cool 1931 Martin 00-17 player grade guitar Things that were done to the guitar. Please do note this guitar was brought back from the dead. The top x bracing was replaced with corrected measurements of old x brace 0.293'' as well as rib bracing and bridge plate. popsicle brace and 1st font brace are original as well as the two tone bars. The bridge on the guitar is original as...
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