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When a SALE is over.
I have over ninety guitars on my site and each price has to be changed individually on base- a daunting task. It takes hours especially now that I am caring for my sister who is dying of cancer I have made mistakes and may forget to raise every price back up on every guitar. This is not a problem for regular customers who follow my site but for newcomers it may look like bait and switch. I apologize. I will try to be more diligent in the future.

An ex-blues, rock and studio musician, from the ancient 1965-1972 years, and a collector since, I exhibit at guitar shows like the Philly shows but I don't have a store. I buy only guitars I fall in love with and enjoy playing, hence I have few electrics and concentrate on amazing sounding acoustics of any pedigree. I love finding cheap vintage guitars that sound and play wonderfully.

I prefer customers try out guitars in person before buying them, so I meet buyers interested in trying out a guitar at my Manhattan apartment, 207 East 76 Street, apt #2D or anywhere else convenient in the NYC metro area.

I don't take credit cards or paypal-very bad past experiences, ask me about them and i'll bore you with them.
I try to be accurate in my deunsafeions and as a result I've only had one return in 15 years of selling.
I am rarely interested in trading.
I have one o the largest collection of 50's & 60's Gibson acoustics J-45's, Southern Jumbos) in the East. I only buy guitars I personally would like to own because they sound great and are priced right.

I recently hard a catastrophic car accident where i was supposed to be in a wheelchair. I have made a miraculous recovery to where I now can walk butty rehab is slow. Please bear with me as i am not always near my inventory and have a little more trouble getting around.
Many dealers feel 60's Gibsons with adjustable saddles need replacement bridges to sound right, but that opinion has changed. I judge these guitars on a case to case basis ruled by the maxim- if it aint broke, don't fix it, or if it sounds amazing leave it alone. These adjustable saddle models often sound great as they are. If not, we replace them with new glued in bridges.
As a result I am interested in buying Gibsons from the 1945-1969 period and I am especially interested in 1964 and 1968 models and earlier as they are lightly built and generally sound superb.

All my instruments are scrutinized and repaired by excellent luthier/repair persons on the East Coast- Joe Jesselli of Northport, NY- 631 902 6744 is one,.He was the one and only apprentice to D'Aquisto (for seven years) and is the true heir to the throne of pre-eminent luthier and a modern master with his own line of distinctive electric guitar designs.

My guitars must pass CSI-like analysis. I make all the necessary repairs before I post the instruments on Gbase for sale so that my guitar collection has no hidden flaws and that each piece is as good as it can be.

Atomic Guitars
Charles Damga
Cell:917 975 9292
Southampton, NY
2:46 PM
Email is best. Call me Eastern time 9-8 cellphone- 917 975 9292,

Bank transfers from Europe, U.S. A. personal check (cashiers checks are no longer necessary since they take almost as long as regular checks to clear), US MONEY ORDERS, no paypal or credit cards

Your cost, US POST to Europe or GXG. in the USA UPS Ground is cheapest I charge $35 to pack an instrument- $15 of that cost is the box.

48 hours on receipt, flexible. Only one return in 15 years