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Your cost, US POST to Europe or GXG. in the USA UPS Ground is cheapest I charge $35 to pack an instrument- $15 of that cost is the box.

48 hours on receipt, flexible. Only one return in 15 years

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1939 National Style O

Great sounding but a bit beat, has a crack in the lower bout and many dents but very solid and cannon sound. 5 white parallelograms on the fretboard, chicken scratch plate paddle head with inscribed logo, covered tuner gears, side of body has etchings. Great action, ebony fretboard, rolled f-holes.
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2017 Gold Tone LM21712113

Great sound, two tone Binding, super clean great price!
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1943 National Style O

#C5781 Rare with a few dents and defects on the body but still solid. Cannon sound, black laminate paddle head headstock, engraved Palm trees on sides, parallelogram fret inlays on fret board, recent neck set makes action great. Loud and full-bodied sound. Best sounding resource Ive had.
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1945 National Style O

#5789 a cannon. great sounding, but has blemishes. paddle head with rare side etching
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1945 National Style O

#5789 a cannon. great sounding, but has blemishes. paddle head with rare side etching
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1945 National Style O

Beat up a bit but sounds great
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1935 Gibson L-00

1935 Gibson L-00 14 % off
Very nice sounding, no cracks on front, no action problems. Nice smooth neck L-00
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2018 Farida OT-25

Special early version! Not in production. Brand new! Awesome copy of small body Gibson L-3 banner, wide 1 3/4” neck, all-solid wood. Amazing sound. early test model for Elderly Music .fotos soon
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~1964 National Supro Folkstar

~1964 National Supro Folkstar 27 % off
Great condition resonator has headstock logo No rust,very glossy, super cool!! Looks amazing!
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~2015 Recording King ROS-16

#10050025 superbly made solid mahoghany back/sides, plays and sounds amazing for a guitar under $1000. Conditition unplayed, like new. Chinese made, USA designed- vintage tuners, open hdstock, great finish,wide 1.75" neck old large body 12 fret, thin profile but it rocks. Super cool!
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~1975 Gurian CLR

~1975 Gurian CLR 62 % off
#A1403 Brazilian- sounds great. Can be converted to steel. Body is tight and strong no cracks.A 1" long scrape on the top of the side next to the neck doesn't go thru. Otherwise,just customary nicks. Deep resonant bass. Close to needing a neckset
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~1938 Gibson/Kalamazoo KG-14n/ L-00

~1938 Gibson/Kalamazoo KG-14n/ L-00 38 % off
# 1116F red handwritten #59 inside soundhole. All original Ladder-braced L-00 like Kalamazoo. Probably late 1938-40 period because of nice round modern neck. Natural spruce top,very nice figured maple back/sides Plays well, low action, typical dings and finish crackles for its age. One filled hole from previous volume knob on lower bout and 4 small 1/16" filled holes around the soundhole.
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1993 Taylor 710C

#930827108 710 LTD killer cutaway made 9/16/93 Really deep sounding old early Taylor with more bass than one gets today. Assorted minor small dents and crackling in top but back/sides & neck are otherwise in fine condition.
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~1963 National Airline Folkstar

~1963 National Airline Folkstar 23 % off
Very excellent condition, very rare black plastic, resonator with straight neck and good sound. High quality condition except for the a bit of tarnish on the metal strap that holds the ball ends of the strings in tension. These thin hollow, light modern style resonators are often converted to hip-looking electric resonators with a surface-mounted neck pickup..great-looking "Gumby headstock."...
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1982 Lyle CRMD 5 string banjo

Excellent sound, very melodic and looks cool with American eagle decal on back of resonator
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~1980 Aria AD-80

~1980 Aria AD-80 45 % off
Really sweet playing upper level Aria from Law-suit era. A direct copy of Martin D -41 with the same Martin style appointments: abalone binding is a bit fancy, but as nice as most $2000 guitars and cool Looking headstock shape, the bridge is even similar to Matin decal . Rosewood back and sides and Sitka spruce top.
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~1980 Blue Mountain lap Dulcimer

~1980 Blue Mountain lap Dulcimer 13 % off
Nice solid walnut handmade dulcimer with a few very tiny dings on the edges and a small repaired back crack. Cool simple scroll headstock, four strings, Gotoh guitar tuners and 4 great heart-shaped soundholes. Heavy duty suede wrapped wood case
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MOUNTAIN M-37 60 % off
Very excellent "Mountain" replica of a D-28 Martin guitar. A few online references, all positive, point toward Korean manufacture buy there is scant evidence of an importer or dealer. I found this at a Guitar Center that had no info but was amazed at how good this guitar really sounds. Everyone online who has discovered one cherishes their lucky find. Fit and finish are marvelous. I love this...
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~1977 Gibson Marauder

~1977 Gibson Marauder 86 % off
#00188548 All original pickups, mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck. It has a great blender switch that smoothly blends the two pickups. It is a venerable axe from the seventies that I had reconditioned by my luthier/ repair person who cleaned up the pickups and controls then he tried to persuade me to sell it to him. It has a bolt on neck- Gibson trying to be Fender. Very...
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2014 Martin D-15M

2014 Martin D-15M 42 % off
#1801665 Really powerful base, considered a best buy from Martin by most dealers. So wonderful. $1799 new. No scratches, no marks-clean. Revival of famous 1940 Style 15, mortise/tenon neck joint, solid mahoghany back, neck and sides. E.Indian rosewood fingerbd, 1 11/16" neck width, 2 1:8" bridge spaciing, bone nut. Like new.
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2016 Airline/Eastwood Airline Big Horn

2016 Airline/Eastwood Airline Big Horn 44 % off
#CRC110055 NIFTY LITTLE GUITAR! Bright red, No marks, new, only missing trussed cover 1 5/8" neck width, 2 great vintage-voiced Diamond Argyle single coils
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~1973 Takamine D-18 lawsuit copy G330

~1973 Takamine D-18 lawsuit copy G330 93 % off
83040420 Lawsuit model that closely resembles the Martin D-18. Sounds very nice, low action, no cracks, besides a few but not many little dings this is a very decent guitar.
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2009 Martin M-36

2009 Martin M-36 24 % off
# Great-sounding "M" body very rare for this period is only now getting the appreciation it deserves. New “white” pick guard replaces old, lifting wrong one Sounds like a full, deep dreadnought. Not pretty center seam crack below bridge. David Bromberg, Shawn Colvin, and many other performers champion this ""m" size, so much so that they have chosen it for use as their signature models.
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~2011 Martin D-18

~2011 Martin D-18 19 % off
#1643438 this is a very fine nicely matured. Very pleasant and surprisingly deep, loud and vibrant. Excellent Fishman undersaddle pickup expertly installed.
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1937 National Rare "piano finish" Duolian

#B2821 This resonator was built a little later than the one from 1936. This has seen heavier action but it is a loud resonator, with louder tone than the cleaner one. I think the action on this round neck is perfect but if you want it as low as a regular acoustic there is plenty of room to shave the biscuit (original) Large area of back where paint is gone from constant wear against the body. No...
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1937 National "piano finish" Duolian

1937 National 13 % off
#B2827 Super clean on the front except for small flaking on the resonator cover. Super Rare "piano finish" Duolian from the late thirties with mojo and resonance unlike many that turn up these days. A metal can that still has that beautiful sustain, reverberation and sizzle of a classic vibrato. It shows little wear on the front but more on the back. Surprise: no sign of pick guard staining.
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~1968 Gibson J-45

~1968 Gibson J-45 20 % off
#911615 well-travelled but no cracks. The back has overall finish crenulation. Sound is rich and deep with strong treble.. Deep red handsome but muted top with adjustable rosewood saddle (original). Sounds great with the adjustable bridge so we left it alone.
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1932 Regal (old) Student

1932 Regal (old) Student 35 % off
A fine old spider bridge resonator for student lap slide playing in good condition. Rare round holes on resonator cover make it very special. The flat fretboard with some well-worn finger grooves in the first position is great for lapstyle playing. Sounds very nice, no cracks, no bad scratches, has supercool beige old-fashioned case with dark trim. Guitar comes out of bottom after you unhook the...
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~1965 Goya MA-6

~1965 Goya MA-6 16 % off
#237605 Beautifully made in Sweden. Loud and sweet, light crackle finish for its age. Back is gorgeous figured mahogany , tight spruce top with finish worn in one very small place at bottom of pick guard just above bridge. 3 little dings, no cracks- a very smart-looking mandolin.
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