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~1988 ADC ADC PPA3-18MKIINO Free Shipping To CONUS.

ADC 48pt Balanced Long Frame .250 inch patch panels, Normals brought out, 2 RU, Model PPA3-18MKIINO. Fully enclosed, in an 18 inch deep package for easy access from the rear of the rack. ADC Part number is 4-26790-0020. The ADC Model PPA3-18MKIINO is designed for professional studios using balanced (or unbalanced) wiring. The panels use the ADC QCP punch down system, and all of the...
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1994 Panasonic SV-3700

SV-3700 DAT with rack mount kit, good condition, sn AA1BA02410. This is an early version, with very low hours (negligible reading on the hours meter) and it is in working condition. This unit was installed in a small non-commercial studio. Cosmetically it is very clean, with zero wear to any of the controls or paint, front and rear. There are some scratches to the paint on the top cover...
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2002 Sony MDS-E10

Sony MiniDisc, 2002 model, works well, Loading drawer mechanism with new belt. Good cosmetics. It's been completely checked out, and the loading belt has been replaced. The rack ears, controls, display and case are in very good condition. This unit has had light use, and is quite clean along the front, top and rear panels. The only exception is the area immediately above and around the...
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~1980 UREI 537

UREI Model 537 One Third Octave Equalizer. Fully tested, working. UREI (United Recording Electronics Industries) made some very good gear. These are well designed pieces that were ubiquitous in Recording Studios in the 70s and 80s, often used as monitor equalizers. Now they are quite useful as outboard EQs for effects, etc. Unfortunately the quality of the faders that were used was not...
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~1990 JBL E-140-8

JBL E140-8, sn75128, cone stamp 52254. All original cone, dust cap, surround and cork gasket. This was one of a pair purchased for a customer project that was cancelled. It's been in shop inventory since. The driver is in very good condition and will be swept and tested prior to sale. The E140 is the successor to the very powerful and popular D-140, which was used extensively in low end...
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~1975 Electro Harmonix Big Muff π

The Original electro-harmonix DELUXE Big Muff π Effects Pedal that combines Fuzz, Compression, Sustain efx. Not a reissue. AC Powered, in original box, not NOS but close. This is the New York City late 70s Original with multiple outputs and a blend function. Built into a brushed stainless steel box, with large knobs, black and red enamel paint and 2 separate outputs (Blended and...
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