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All of our instruments are in the conditions as described. No attempt to deceive or misrepresent would ever be intended or tolerated. Many of these instruments have been previously disassembled to verify their vintage (please do not ask us to remove necks to check dates). Many have been purchased from reputable dealers who stand by their goods. Any modifications or damages have been noted and photographed. So, even considering all sales are final, all sales issues are on a case-by-case basis; any disputes about condition or vintage must be addressed within 48 hours of receipt. Buyer pays all return shipping and insurance costs.

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1984 Fender AVRI Bass Bridge

Fender AVRI Bass Bridge from 1983/1984 (pre-Corona). Bridge is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. (This item was originally purchased to replace a BadAss bridge on a late 80s Jazz, but a period-correct version of a Fender bridge was finally found for that Jazz model and year.) With all our parts photos, we have tried to show different angles and lighting placements in an effort to...
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1982 Kluson Deluxe

Early 80s Kluson Deluxe tuner set, 6 in-line right hand Fender style. Nickel finish has aged nicely; "D169400 Patent Number" on bottoms. Set was removed from a 1982 custom build Stratocaster; has been in a drawer past 15 years. Tuners are in excellent working and cosmetic condition; high E tuner shaft has slight bend, but works fine. Original screws. Care was taken to remove the tuners in the...
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1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Two original 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom pickup mounting rings, plus springs and height adjustment screws. Neck mount has markings MR491 M-69 7. Has some indents on long edges where strings crossed over. Bridge mount has markings M 8- 593 70- 596.Has one open crack on one short side, as well as small broken piece from the bottom of the adjacent corner. Will leave unrepaired. Has no effect...
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Gibson Top Hat Knobs

Set of four late 60s/early 70s black Gibson "top hat" knobs in excellent condition. Chrome inserts, "VOLUME" and "TONE" type is clear and legible. Knobs have nicely yellowed slightly from age; no signs of any of the holes being stripped out. We tried to get as close as we could with our camera and limited lighting rig, and have tried to offer several views and position changes in our lighting to...
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Fender XII Tuner Set

1960s Fender XII complete tuner set in excellent working and cosmetic condition. The screws on blocks are not original, just there to hold tuners in place and in original sequence. We tried to get as close as we could with our camera and limited lighting rig, and have tried to offer several views and position changes in our lighting to show off as much detail as we could. Also, we have attached...
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1969 Gibson Waffleback Tuners

Full set of 1969 Gibson Waffleback Tuners, plus original ferrules and screws. Parts came from a 1969 ES-355 that suffered irreparable damage to the body and was parted out. Tuners have been individually wrapped since removal to avoid any damage. Keys are in excellent working and cosmetic condition with slight pitting evenly distributed over the buttons. We tried to get as close as we could with...
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1961 Les Paul Standard

2 Original PAFs, stickered with unbroken covers Original mounting rings and screws Original wiring harness, 61 pot codes Original pickup switch and poker chip Only if PAFs are sold, I will consider selling: Original no-retaining-wire ABR-1 bridge, thumb wheels and posts Original pickguards and truss rod cover, screws Original silver insert top hat knobs Original faux alligator case in...
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2001 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 30th Anniversary

2001 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in excellent condition. Known as the 30th Anniversary model, these were made in limited quantities from 1999-2001, available in gold, wine red and ebony, a tribute to the 1969 Les Paul Deluxe. Weighing in at 9 lbs. 2 oz., guitar is in excellent condition, seeing regular studio use when current owner obtained guitar in 2006, but diminishing use since 8/27/09 Plek...
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2013 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335

2013 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 in Excellent Condition. Orange label reads ESDP-335; guitar is an ESDPEBNH1 (Electric Spanish Dot Plain EBony Nickel Hardware) according to the Gibson Certificate of Authenticity and warranty card. Pre-Pack Checklist is dated 3/14/13, was first sold in NYC 6/3/13 and then sold to current owner in October 2013. Weighing in at 8 lbs. 6 oz., guitar is in superb...
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1968 Fender Bandmaster

1968 Fender Musical Instruments "Drip Edge" Bandmaster set in excellent condition. This is the model they DIDN'T use in the Beatles doc. Although there is no tube chart, original blackface circuit is present and was confirmed by tech who went over amp. Amp has had some common modifications, done by the previous owner (who had serious electronics experience himself), as follows: Two...
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1983 Fender Precision Bass, Smith era, maple neck, 62 spex

1983 Fender Precision bass, Smith era, American made, E3 serial number, 4-bolt maple neck, original black finish. Finish is in overall excellent condition with few flaws; some small dings and surface scratches exist, typical of a 40-year old bass. Gorgeous maple neck shows little fret wear (1.788 wide at nut, 2.286 at 12th fret). All original parts except for pickup cover, which is brand new (we...
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1966 Fender XII

1966 Fender XII 12 string in excellent condition. Strong color in the Sunburst finish; all original parts. Was refret sometime in the mid-80s; saw little use after that, plenty of fret life left. Stamped "SPECIAL" on back of headstock. Two pickguard screws were removed to prevent breakage of a shrinking pickguard. Sometime during its life, however, one owner decided to flush-mount a Straplock on...
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1978 Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut

1978 Gibson Les Paul Special in excellent condition. Rare doublecut, super clean Tobacco Sunburst finish (some of the photos show more reddish than the guitar actually is; guitar is closest in color to angled photo 1), weighs in at exactly 8 lbs. All-original parts, Grover tuners, soapbar P-90 pickups, AR bridge. Some pick scratching on pickguard and light shirt-button worming on back. Great...
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1991 Gibson SG Celebrity

1991 Gibson SG Celebrity, in excellent all-original condition, ebony finish. The SG Standard Celebrity was part of the 1991 Celebrity Series, along with a Les Paul Standard and Firebird version. Only 200 units of each were produced. Rare black on black variation, knobs and pick guard were usually white; some versions released also had double-white pickups without covers. Rounded 60s neck profile;...
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1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Fantastic 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard which was Gibson factory stop-converted and Les Paul Custom Ebony refinished sometime around 1969 by original owner (exact date/record lost). Incredible PAF-sticker humbucker tone, with the classic slim-profile '61 neck and that action you've only dreamt about. Two original PAFs with covers attached, original wiring harness (bridge tone pot has code...
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1982 Fender Jazz Bass, bound RW neck

Early 1982 Fender Jazz bass, bound rosewood dot-neck, S8 serial number, original black finish. Finish is in excellent condition, front and back, with minimal scratches and dents; sides of body on treble bouts have some slight scuffing, Pilot holes were drilled for a tailpiece cover, but one was never installed. Gorgeous bound rosewood neck with minimal playing wear, one of the last of the 3-bolt...
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1983 Fender Jazz Bass, Smith era, maple neck

Early 1983 Smith era Fender Jazz bass, American made, E3 serial number, 4-bolt maple neck, original black finish. Finish has some small swirls, scratches and dings typical of a 40-year-old bass, nothing down to the bare wood, small chip to finish in neck pocket. Neck shows some playing wear on the treble side edge. Someone (with terrible eyesight) decided to enlarge the side dots with a Sharpie...
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1983 Fender Precision Bass, Smith era, maple neck

1983 Fender Precision bass, Smith era, American made, E3 serial number, 4-bolt maple neck, original black finish. Black finish is in excellent condition with few flaws. Gorgeous maple neck shows little fret wear. All original parts. Weighs in at 9-1/2 lbs. A recent setup with flat-wounds has made this one the one to beat. The absolute nicest condition of any of the basses were currently have on...
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1986 Fender Stratocaster AVRI 62 reissue

1986 American Vintage Series '62 Reissue Stratocaster, amazingly accurate rare reissue from the first-year of the Corona factory, original black finish in excellent condition. Weighs in at 7 lbs., 8 oz., in great original condition with V01 serial number and all original parts, including tremelo bar, tailpiece cover and tweed case. Three great sounding American Vintage single coil pickups. Body...
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1982 Fender Stratocaster, Smith era, swamp ash

1982 Fender Stratocaster, American made in Fullerton, California! 1st version "Smith" Stratocaster. Original black finish in very good condition, E2 serial number on a nice rosewood neck; neck setup and fret work makes this a great player. Heavy for a Strat at 9 lbs., 9 oz., gotta be swamp ash! Gives a bit more mellowness of tone when overdriven, and the added density lets it really sustain....
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1982 Fender Stratocaster, Smith era, RW neck

1982 Fender Stratocaster, American made in Fullerton, California! 1st version "Smith" Stratocaster. Original black finish in excellent condition, E2 serial number, beautiful rosewood neck. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 7 oz., has all original parts, a four-bolt neck with the small headstock and large decal, and a traditional strings-through-body Fender trem on a deeply contoured body. Standard...
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1974 Fender Stratocaster

1974 Fender Stratocaster, 3-bolt maple neck, original black finish (74 was last year black was listed as a "custom" color), staggered pole pieces, all original parts. After decades of Position I chords, frets were worn down in spots almost to fingerboard. Guitar recently underwent complete refret, new nut, sanding and relacquer of entire fingerboard. With the neck work, setup, and fresh strings,...
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