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Centerstream Burst Believers 6

I have 2 brand new copies of the latest Burst Believers book #6 in the series. Both books are brand new and have not been opened or the pages touched. Looking for $80 each with free shipping in the continental US
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~2009 Peavey HP Special CT

~2009 Peavey HP Special CT $100 off
This is a near mint Cherry Burst Peavy HP Special CT. The flame on this one is really cool. This is from the original run and the only thing keeping it from 100% mint is 1 minor mark on the back near the upper horn that I couldn’t get to show in photos. Not through the paint and you can’t even feel it. It would likely buff out. The build quality on these is incredible. As you probably know if...
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2017 Steve Hague 59 LP Replica

Hey Folks, I have this 2017 BaB Hauge burst for sale. I’ve had this guitar for a few years and it is an amazing instrument built in Atlanta, GA. The guitar weighs 8Lbs 9oz and has a crazy 3D flame top that looks amazing and changes in lighting and direction as one would expect. This was built using the old methods from old growth woods and has a dark oily BRW fretboard. Parts include...
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