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1991 Guild® B30NT-E

Huge ! sound ....with pickup Arch back - Full of tone ! A beautiful early '90s instrument with original case From Mandolin Bros ~ will ship only in USA ~ insured UPS or FedEx
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~1965 Silvertone (Harmony) 1478 Silhouette

Super playable - Original plastic strap buttons Gold foil pickups Original Case ~ with seat belt for rough handling on the way to the Shindig with your groovy combo Will leave the custom string mute in the deal.
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~1971 Hagstrom Viking

Uff Da! - The time machine ! Looks like somebody put some older DiMarzios in her The owner must have worn a cotton jumpsuit when it was played No scratches - checking Get a great guitar for the early '70's for a fraction of what the other brands go for . Shipping the lower 49 included - insured
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~1917 Gibson A-4

OH BOY !! Circa 1917 Gibson A4 with original case ~ Plays like a dream (what I am told) Awesome finish on this nearly 100 year old instrument Look at the tuner buttons !! Signs of a reset, see photo More close ups on request Well cared for by it's former owners. Ser No. 33102 Shipping and insured included in lower 48 ~
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1895 Washburn 115

Barn Find !! (not really but it may as well be) Late 1800 Washburn Model 115 serial No. 180989 - Solid - Bowlback Beautiful wood and barks like my neighbors dog Shipping in the lower 48 insured included
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1998 Fender® Jazz Bass® V

Jazz Bass Deluxe - American DN serial '98 Stacked concentric tone pot, through body tailpiece adds resonance to this low end tone machine. Plays like a dream all the way up the neck where bass players are rarely found - Included in the case a spare tuner Shipping in continental USA - UPS insured at actual cost.
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Fender® Stratocaster® - MIM

MIM Stratocaster with upgrades ~ Big block on bridge - awesome neck Push - Pop volume control for bridge PU, add that grunt without a pedal Play It You'll Like It !
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~1956 Kay L 3164

Serial Number 6554 Neck PU rewound ~ old winding in case Beefy chipboard case
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~2000 Fender® Jimmy Vaughn - MIM Stratocaster®

Jimmy Vaughn Tex -Mex Strat - Painted refinned and cool !! 7.4 Lbs of pure Texas Groovisim No case but packed in a box in a box nice and safe
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1984 Fender® Stratocaster® -- Mexi

Relic'd - buffed out .....Black over white Rosewood White guard gold jack plate ....ooooo fancy ~ E458065, 8.4 lbs Thin profile neck - Mojo ~ Plays like buttah No case Does not include shipping - but really good boxing
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~1930 Martin Soprano

Martin Uke w.6 lbs - repairs to dry wood cracks by a warranty service center Back of headstock logo - non original case
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1924 Gibson A - Snakehead

1924 Loar era Gibson black A Style "snakehead" mandolin: A fine example of the best period of Gibson's A Style production of their oval hole non-scroll mandolins, this one was most likely sold new through the Blakkestad Violin Shop, a prominent music store in the Twin Cities in the 1920's. Fine sound and playability, suitable for any application from...
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~1984 SIMMONS w/pads SDS-V "Five

The real deal ~ The Simmons SDS V electronic drum brain Bass , Snare and 3 Toms modules The pads have been played extensively ~ BUT, LOOK THE ORIGINAL BOXES !!! LEGS FOR BASS PAD INCLUDED additional hardware is rusty and beat ,,,, not worth shipping cost Super clean ! Get your New WaVE ON ~
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1976 Ludwig 8 X 14 Snares

Drummers are Revolting was the ad campaign when this monster was made. 12 lugs with original lug locks - throw & butt some pitting on lugs and hoops You don't need to mic this drum ! Let's lower the price to get a good home $500 .......
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~1952 Slingerland Radio King

Super clean 5 1/2 X 14 snare - Two parts besides heads replaced, the snares and the throw lever Come and get it ~ Free shipping in continental USA
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1962 Ludwig Jazz Festival

Sweet Pre serial number snare ~ Clean that sound you expect from a drum like this
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1962 Ludwig Classic

Ludwig Classic Snare 5 1/2 X 14
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~1973 Rogers Dyna Sonic

Clean Rogers snare with that classic crack the Dyna Sonic Can not say its all original but everything is there ~
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1999 Barry Haugen /Tele - Minnesota Tele® - Like

There are some great guitar builders in Minnesota and in the 80's and 90's there was a boom - There was store where some of these guys worked and produced guitars for someone that recently made the news. in 1999 Barry Haugen made this custom Telesque' guitar This TONE MACHINE Featuring - Beefy 50's Jumbo neck, Duncan Antiquity Strat neck - Tele Bridge , Nitro neck - Urethane body. Not to...
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Hohner Accordlan Concerto IV

Beautiful Hohner Concert IV with case and bellow shield the bellows look to be in great shape all notes and voices are loud and clear ~ Get yer Polka on !!
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~1990 Mesa Boogie 1 left 112 Thiel

Mesa Boogie Thiel 12" EVM L speaker
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~1961 Goya S14

Sweet little guitar made in Sweden - Weather checking is magnificent! Great neck, bolt on ! Barks for body this size. Swinging on the actual mfg date because the tag has a 3digit zip code for New York. What do you say ? Sorry the case is long gone
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~2012 Larrivee RS-2 P-90

Super clean single cut single P-90 not much more you can say about this Baby Blue guitar ~
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1972 Fender® Jazz

1972 Fender Jazz Bass - with upgrade Badass bridge Thumb rest moved and shaped - pots date correct original logo - new replacement parts / covers , bridge, rest. A local expert say this is a great under coat black finish ~ and I believe him .......
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