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~1937 Sound Projects Troubadour A 20 / M200

When Hawaiian music was all the rage these were a hot number ~ A matched set of Sound Projects Lap Steel and Amp - checked out, functional musical instruments with some vintage case candy picks and bar. If you're looking you know what they are. Ship insured for actual cost - USA only Pay Pal - Accepted
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1961 Gretsch 6125

Holy Cow!! Tags, Warranty Document , Strap you can't buy it for the original price, Suction cup, String box and even the key for the case. Finish wear, checking and all the mojo you would expect from this solid instrument from the golden age of Gretsch. The neck is awesome and solid though the photos show chipping. You know what it is and your deserve it ...... More photos on...
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1965 Fender Jazzmaster

Classic Fender Jazzmaster with bound neck and tailpiece "Buzz Stop" Pick guard replace because of the shrinkage and cracking but, the original and shield plate are included. Original Fender Orange case can use a bit of love, that's up to the new owner. Loved by the second owner for almost fifty years ~ Shipping included in USA only/ Pay Pal Insured for sale price Serious buyers can...
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Do you have a Buck Owens American in need of a "Face Lift" The cure ! Blue laminate "Lazer" cut to exacting spec. Cut to size and use your favorite adhesive For those with a Buck copy that want to add a bit of beauty there is help for you too! no outline for that standard headstock
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~2015 Martin OXK

Sweet little uke - one ding ....sorry
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2011 Martin 2 Tenor

2011 Martin 2 Tenor 30 % off
Used Martin 2 Tenor - gig bag unless there is a hard shell won't know till it's digging time ~ a couple signs of wear - small dings photo attached
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1942 Buescher Big B

1942 Buescher Big B 22 % off
BIG B - had a $900 rebuild throaty tenor sax if you are looking at this you know all about it Original neck - laquer rollers Killer shape and I have had my sax buddies check it out they all give it a "yeah baby" Continental USA Shipping - Insured
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~2006 Marshall G100R CD

Marshall 100 watt switching amp no footswich included, sorry ..... ship insured for actual cost in continental USA
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1965 Fender Band Master

1965 Fender Band Master 27 % off
'65 Fender Band Master ~ you know all about them Clean the doctor said she's a beauty will pack tubes in bubble and shipping included in continental USA Sorry no speaker cabs ......
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1968 Fender Bassman

1968 Fender Bassman 30 % off
'68 DRIPEDGE BASSMAN works great will pack tubes in bubble wrap ship USA continental insured for sale price
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~1990 Hiwatt Bulldog 10

Need a killer practice amp ? So dang cute !! The logo is worth the price ...... Includes paperwork on setting the sounds will Ship UPS or FedEx insured ~ actual cost -
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1976 Ludwig 8 X 14 Snare

1976 Ludwig 8 X 14 Snare 16 % off
Drummers are Revolting was the ad campaign when this monster was made. 12 lugs with original lug locks - throw & butt some pitting on lugs and hoops You don't need to mic this drum ! Let's lower the price to get a good home $500 .......
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~1952 Slingerland Radio King

Super clean 5 1/2 X 14 snare - Two parts besides heads replaced, the snares and the throw lever Come and get it ~ Free shipping in continental USA
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1962 Ludwig Classic

Ludwig Classic Snare 5 1/2 X 14
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~1973 Rogers Dyna Sonic

~1973 Rogers  Dyna Sonic 28 % off
Clean Rogers snare with that classic crack the Dyna Sonic Can not say its all original but everything is there ~
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1999 Barry Haugen /Tele - Minnesota Tele - Like

There are some great guitar builders in Minnesota and in the 80's and 90's there was a boom - There was store where some of these guys worked and produced guitars for someone that recently made the news. in 1999 Barry Haugen made this custom Telesque' guitar This TONE MACHINE Featuring - Beefy 50's Jumbo neck, Duncan Antiquity Strat neck - Tele Bridge , Nitro neck - Urethane body. Not to...
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