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Do you have a Buck Owens American in need of a "Face Lift" The cure ! Blue laminate "Lazer" cut to exacting spec. Cut to size and use your favorite adhesive For those with a Buck copy that want to add a bit of beauty there is help for you too! no outline for that standard headstock
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1942 Buescher Big B

1942 Buescher Big B 32% off
BIG B - had a $900 rebuild throaty tenor sax if you are looking at this you know all about it Original neck - laquer rollers Killer shape and I have had my sax buddies check it out they all give it a "yeah baby" Continental USA Shipping - Insured
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1965 Fender Band Master

1965 Fender Band Master 28% off
'65 Fender Band Master ~ you know all about them Clean the doctor said she's a beauty will pack tubes in bubble and shipping included in continental USA Sorry no speaker cabs ......
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1976 Ludwig 8 X 14 Snare

1976 Ludwig 8 X 14 Snare 16% off
Drummers are Revolting was the ad campaign when this monster was made. 12 lugs with original lug locks - throw & butt some pitting on lugs and hoops You don't need to mic this drum ! Let's lower the price to get a good home $500 .......
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~1952 Slingerland Radio King

~1952 Slingerland Radio King 15% off
Super clean 5 1/2 X 14 snare - Two parts besides heads replaced, the snares and the throw lever Come and get it ~ Free shipping in continental USA
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