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1939 Martin D-28

This is a 1939 (735XX) Martin D-28 Herringbone guitar that has had some repairs over the years but is a great playing and sounding instrument. There are are 4-5 separations in the spruce top below the bridge that have been well repaired. (by Wayne Henderson, I am told but I have no proof of that) They are tight and the top is flat. They are not cleated underneath the top. The bridgplate has been...
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1939 Martin 000-28

This is an early ’39 wide neck 000-28 without the popsicle brace but with rear shifted bracing. It’s what some call the “transitional period” before they became more stiffly braced and slim necks. I got this from Martin about it: Made on March 8, 1939, shop order 872 batch of 12 wide neck, no popsicle brace 000-28s. After shop order 872 the next batch of 12 was wide neck but included the...
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1966 Gibson Country Western

This is a 1966 Gibson Country Western acoustic guitar that is in beautiful original, near mint condition, the nicest one I have recently seen. 1 9/16" nut width and less than 1/8" string height at the 12th fret. Original tuners, frets, pick guard, bridge with ceramic adjustable saddle and finish. There is a strap button added on the heel. Small ding on the corner on the back of the treble...
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1959 Gibson L-4C

This is a beautiful 1959 Gibson L-4C in excellent original condition with the original Gibson brown case. The tuners are exact replacements to the originals but all else on the guitar is original including the frets, the bridge, pick guard, tailpiece, finish and case. Solid spruce carved top, mahogany sides and back, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Very nice cherry sunburst finish on the top....
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~1936 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe

This is a beautiful 1936 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe X braced Jumbo 12 fret flattop acoustic guitar. This guitar is completely original and has not been converted to Spanish style playing. Roy Smeck was an American multi-instrumentalist who was very popular in the 1920s and 30s. He was an accomplished steel guitar player. This particular instrument is in beautiful original condition and sounds...
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2002 Gibson ES-355

This is a 2002 Gibson Custom Shop ES-355 in stunning natural finish with beautiful flamed maple sides and back. It is all original and in near mint condition. It has a factory tone switch that looks identical to the early Stereo-Vibrato switches from early '60s Gibsons but it is a tone switch and not a stereo switch. The guitar is not stereo. Gibson says that it is a one of a kind built as a...
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1946 Martin D-28

1946 Martin D-28 Herringbone in excellent original condition. All original tuners, pick guard , bridge, bridge plate and finish. This guitar has a really nice aged lite brown finish on the top. Mild pickwear on the topped very minimal nicks and scratches from lite normal use. Mild thumb wear on back of neck in the open position. Beautiful straight grain back and sides. Very flat top with no...
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1954 National Acoustic Electric

Here is an interesting guitar. 1954 National acoustic electric dreadnaught guitar in excellent original condition. There is an original pickup built in the neck at the last fret with the tone and volume knobs mounted on the side of the body. I believe the bodies of these guitars were made by Gibson as the shape, purfling and the bracing look identical. The diamonds on the headstock appear to be...
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1955 Martin D-28

This is a 1955 Martin D-28 in excellent original condition. It does have a professionally repaired back crack along the center seam that is very tight. The crack is not apparent from the inside of the guitar. Very nice straight grain Brazilian rosewood. Original waffle back tuners, Original pick guard, bridge, bridge plate, frets. Full thickness bridge with lots of bridge saddle left. 1 3/4" nut...
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1949 Martin 000-18

This is a 1949 Martin 000-18. It is a players guitar as it has repaired top cracks and back cracks and is in overall well played but loved condition. As is usually the case with guitars like this it is a truly great sounding and playing guitar. Set up with lite strings it plays effortlessly. Original tuners, bridge. Bridgeplate appears original as do the frets which show mild wear in the open...
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~1950 Epiphone Gold Tuners

This is a complete set of 1950ish Epiphone guitar tuners in beautiful original condition. They come with the correct ferrules and screws. This is the set that has the Epiphone "e" stamped on the back. One of the tuners has split open and could be repaired but when it is mounted on the guitar the screws will hold the whole thing together and it should work perfectly as it is. A rare set that...
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