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2010 National Reso-Phonic NRP Duolian

This is a NEW OLD STOCK 2010 National Resophonic NRP Duolian steel bodied resonator guitar. It is inventory from my old store and has been in storage for 6 years. It has never been sold and is in as new unplayed condition. Creme finish shows no wear whatsoever. Comes with the original National hard shell case that still has the tissue paper in it and all the case goodies. Current list price on...
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2009 Collings So Co Dlx

This is 2009 Collings So Co Dlx in as new original condition. The SoCo Deluxe is Colling's premium configuration of the versatile and distinctive SoCo model. Featuring ivoroid fingerboard and peghead binding along with custom ivoroid knobs and pickup rings, this model provides the highest level of aesthetics and hand-carved solid wood construction. A 15" lower bout gives the SoCo Deluxe a...
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1991 Gibson J-200

This is a cool and pretty rare guitar. A 1991 Gibson Blonde J-200 with factory double pick guards. Gibson made a number of blonde and sunburst J-200s in the 1950's with double pick guards but this is the only one I have seen in the modern era. The guitar is real nice and clean with very nice flamed maple back and sides. It features a "Custom" truss rod bell cover likely because of the double pick...
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1958 Martin 0-15

This is a nice little 1958 Martin 0-15 that plays very well and sounds nice and bright with lots of volume. The body appears to have been lightly sanded and then oversprayed years ago. The neck is the original finish. Original tuners, bridge plate, frets, pick guard and bridge. The heel cap is missing. The nut width is 1 11/16" and the string height at the 12th fret is 3/32". This is a real nice...
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1997 J. W. Gallagher A-72S Custom

This is a pretty rare guitar. J. W. Gallagher is well know for making dreadnaught style guitars, most notably the ones he built that Doc Watson played for years. This one is a Concert size guitar with Brazilian rosewood sides and back, spruce top, ebony fingerboard and bridge, pearl trim around the body, a pearl rosette and elaborate fingerboard inlay. 1 3/4" nut width and 3/32" string height at...
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1998 Jose Oribe Pro "A" model

This is a 1998 Jose Oribe Professional A-Model Classical Guitar: Cedar top, Indian Rosewood sides and back, Gotoh Premium Hauser style machine head with roller bearings, 6105 Dunlop fret wire, 660mm scale and 53mm nut. The soundboard has a French polished shellac finish. The rest of the instrument is a lacquer type finish. This guitar shows as new. Remarkable original condition for a 20 year...
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~1992 JW Crouch 16" arch top

This is a pretty rare arch top guitar. Built by J. W. Crouch in Mechanicsville, Virginia in the early '90s as far as I can tell. It has a spruce top, rosewood sides and back. It also has a striking center piece of rosewood on the back with figuring that continues up through the neck end cap and the veneer on the back of the headstock. Very nicely done. It has a mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard...
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~1954 National Acoustic Electric

Here is an interesting guitar. 1954 National acoustic electric dreadnaught guitar in excellent original condition. There is an original pickup built in the neck at the last fret with the tone and volume knobs mounted on the side of the body. I believe the bodies of these guitars were made by Gibson as the shape, purfling and the bracing look identical. The diamonds on the headstock appear to be...
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1946 Martin D-28

1946 Martin D-28 Herringbone in excellent original condition. All original tuners, pick guard , bridge, bridge plate and finish. This guitar has a really nice aged lite brown finish on the top. Mild pickwear on the topped very minimal nicks and scratches from lite normal use. Mild thumb wear on back of neck in the open position. Beautiful straight grain back and sides. Very flat top with no...
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1943 Gibson Banner LG-2

This is a 1943 Gibson " Banner" model LG-2 acoustic guitar is good original condition. It shows considerable playing wear and it has multiple back cracks that have been glued but not cleated. They are tight but cosmetically rough. Also considerable finish wear on the sides. Nice firestripe pick guard. Older non -original Kluson tuners. Full sized neck. 1 3/4" nut width. 1/8" string height at the...
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2012 Tim Scheerhorn Wishlist Black Walnut L-Body

This is a Tim Scheerhorn L-body "Dobro" guitar that he built for himself in 2012. It is from his "Wishlist" collection. It is one of only 3 Black Walnut L-body guitars he ever built. Tim has revolutionized Dobro design and construction. He is, quite simply, building some of the best Dobros that have ever been built. Jerry Douglas and Mike Aldridge as just two of the many professional;s who use...
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2012 Don Musser 12 String Dreadnaught

This is a Don Musser 12 String Dreadnaught acoustic guitar that is in "as new" unplayed original condition. Don is a master luthier who keeps a low profile in New Mexico but has built guitars for Bob Dylan (played it at the first Farm Aid with Keith and Ron Woods), Eddie Van Halen, Bono, Pattie Smyth, Neil Young, Roger Hodgson and many more. This guitar has back and sides that are made from...
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2000 Martin Grand Ole Opry Limited Edition

Unplayed condition Martin HDO Grand Ole Opry 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Acoustic. This is one of only 650 made in 2000. With a solid Sitka Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides, it sounds incredible - a bright tone that's loud yet with a distinct warmth - plenty of low-end here. This guitar has a cream-colored white Micarta fingerboard with "WSM Grand Ole Opry" in red pearloid...
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~1926 Gibson L-1

This is a circa 1926 Gibson L-1 acoustic guitar in very good original condition. This model is mostly associated with legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. Mild pickwear on the top and mild scratches consistent with a 90 year old guitar that has been played but taken care of well. 1 7/8" nut width and 1/8" string height at the 12th fret. It plays very well and sounds loud and bright for a smaller...
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2011 Martin OM Custom

This is a 2011 NEW OLD STOCK Martin Custom OM Cutaway Electric with a Full Gloss Finish and a Mortise and Tenon Neck Joint. It has a factory active pickup with the volume and tone controls just inside the top of the sound hole. It uses a 9 volt battery mounted on the neck block with velcro. It is inventory form my old store and has been in storage for the last 6 years. As new condition, never...
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1955 Martin D-28

This is a 1955 Martin D-28 in excellent original condition. It does have a professionally repaired back crack along the center seam that is very tight. The crack is not apparent from the inside of the guitar and is very hard to see form the outside. Very nice straight grain Brazilian rosewood. Original waffle back tuners, Original pick guard, bridge, bridge plate, frets. Full thickness bridge...
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~1972 Dobro 60S

This is a circa 1972 Dobro model 60S wood body resonator guitar in very good to excellent original condition. It has a round neck and is currently set up with a nut riser so it can be played with a bar, slide style. Original tuners, frets, resonator, tailpiece and all hardware. There are some minor dings around the headstock but it is in overall very nice condition. It comes with a real nice...
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