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1959 Gretsch 6120

This is a real nice 1959 Gretsch 6120 in excellent original condition with the original Gretsh hard case. The first of several Gretsch guitars with the endorsement of country legend Chet Atkins, the 6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody is a prime example of the type of guitar most commonly associated with Gretch. This electric archtop premiered in 1955 with bound F-holes, a Bigsby tremolo tailpiece, and...
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2011 Gibson Historic Collection Les Paul

This is a 2011 Gibson Historic Collection 1960 Les Paul reissue in as new original condition with all the tags and Certificate of Authenticity. It was built to Wildwood Guitar specifications which are hand selected woods, custom wound Gibson Custom Bucker pick-ups and long anchors and inserts. This Gibson Custom Historic 1960 Les Paul Standard VOS is built from top-tier tonewoods, including a...
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1948 Epiphone Triumph

This is a real nice original 1948 Epiphone Triumph arch top acoustic guitar with the original hard case.Materials: Carved solid Adirondack spruce top; caved solid maple back; five-piece curly maple neck; Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge; pearl diamond-pattern fingerboard inlay; "fleur-de-lis" style peghead inlay, triple-bound body, bound fingerboard and headstock, bone nut; pearl...
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2001 Rick Turner 1C LB

This is a really nice 2001 Rick Turner electric solid body guitar. I believe the model is 1C-LB. This guitar is the most ornate model that Rick makes. It has beautiful flamed maple top with pearl trim around the top. pearl trim around the headstock, pearl Turner logo, flamed maple neck and gold parts. It features a rotating magnetic pick-up, a passive master volume, a sweep control for...
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1947 Martin 0-17

This is a great deal for someone. This is a 1947 Martin 0-17 acoustic guitar in overall very good condition. It has had a repair/patch on the bass side upper bout that has been repaired well and finished over well but it is there. Hard to see but it is there. also an impact ding on the treble waist side. minor dings and scratches but overall its a cool little guitar that needs a good home. Full...
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2012 Gibson '57 Les Paul reissue

This is a 2012 Gibson Historic Collection LPR7 1957 Les Paul standard reissue. It has the original ebony top which I believe was pretty limited. It was built to Wildwood Guitar specifications which are hand selected woods, custom wound Gibson Custom Bucker pick-ups and long anchors and inserts. 1 11/16"nut width and 3/32" string height at the 12th fret. It weighs 9.6 lbs. This guitar shows as...
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1956 Fender Esquire

This is a real cool 1956 Fender Esquire in very good original condition. Later Kluson Deluxe tuners look correct , flat pole pick-up, bridge, knobs, pickguard and finish. The pots appear to be newer and it was refretted years ago. Very cool looking guitar that plays perfectly. 1 5/8" nut width and a very mild soft V shape neck. Neck date is 6-'56, the serial number is 099XX. This is a guitar that...
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1970 Martin 000-18

This is a clean, clean, clean Martin 000-18 acoustic in beautiful original condition. It has the original tuners, frets, bridge, bridge plate, pickguard and finish. The original pickguard is curling up slightly on the bottom edge as all Martin pick guards do in the period between 1966 and 1976. This one is not bad and could be flattened and re-glued easily or replaced with a new Martin guard...
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1995 Fret King Evolution

1995 Fret King Evolution 17 % off
I don't know a lot about Fret King guitars but this is a pretty cool instrument. Designed by Trevor Wilkinson, this guitar was inspired by the guitar that Paul Bigsby built for Merle Travis. It is one of a kind. it never went into production due to legal action taken by Gretsch. It has a Humbucker with Trevors Vari-Coil Tone control that allows the player to adjust the pick-up anywhere from full...
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1961 Supro Coronado

This is a really nice example of a 1961 Supro Coronado in natural finish with the original case also excellent. The Supro / Valco Coronado was one of a large number of models built in the early 1960’s by Valco under the Supro and National names. The Coronado was built in several forms. In 1960 and 1961 it was as seen here, with a sealed arched Spruce top with a pair of single coil pickups in...
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1972 Gibson J-200 Artist

This is a near mint and original blonde Gibson J-200 Artist from 1972. This guitar shows virtually no play wear. All orignal tuners, frets, bridge, pickguard and finish Really a time capsule. 1 11/16" nut width and 3 /32" string height at the 12th fret Set up with light gauge acoustic string is plays perfectly and sounds like only a jumbo maple Gibson can. Truly remarkable condition for a 50...
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1967 Rickenbacker 330 Convertible

This is a real nice and clean Rickenbacker 330 Convertible guitar in Mapleglo finish. It comes with an excellent Victoria hard shell case that fits it well but is not original to the guitar. The "convertible" model is a factory 12 string guitar that has an adjustable "comb" that converts it to a 6 or 9 string or whatever the player prefers with a lever that pulls the strings down and away from...
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1968 Gibson J-160E

This is a real nice 1968 (serial # 500XXX ) Gibson J-160E acoustic/electric guitar in all original condition with the original soft case. Original tuners, frets, pick-up, pick guard, bridge, knobs and finish. It shows minor dings and scratches consistent a 50 year old guitar with normal playing wear but is overall real nice. 1 9/16" nut width and nice medium low action. This model was of course...
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~1925 MAI-KAI (Weissenborne style) Hawaiian Slide

This is a realty nice and I believe quite rare Man- Kai Hawaiian style slide guitar. It was built in Hawaii. It has nicely figured solid Koa wood sides, back and neck. It also has a solid spruce top which most of the Weissenborne guitars do not. It has the double rope binding on the top edge and single rope inlay around the rosette. The neck is hollow and really part of the body.. It is all...
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2005 John Morton Resonator

This is a 2005 John Morton steel resonator guitar in excellent original condition with the original hard case. These are made in Washington State. John says.."I have experimented at length with the variables that govern the sound of resonator guitars. These include body material and shape, number and size of cones, cone alloy, biscuit and saddle (which support and position the strings), interior...
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