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I accept payments by bank check or postal money order. Credit cards through paypal.com. -layaways can be done by working out details with me directly. All prices are subject to change [ either up down] The price that is listed on the website www.diamondstrings.com reflects the current prices .

I ship immediately upon payment. Buyer is responsible for 'all' shipping/ handling charges unless otherwise otherwise worked out with seller. I ship FedEx ground unless otherwise stated by the buyer. 48 hour approval time upon receipt. Ya gotta love it!! I ship fully insured and I pack WELL!!!

Buyer has 48 hours approval time upon receipt. In the event of a return.[almost has never happened] The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs [including time and packaging materials]. Returns must be sent back well packed and insured and received in the same condition as sent before refunds are sent back. In addition there is a $15 restocking fee.

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~1981 Marshall Master model MK2 50w combo

This is ‘the one’. The 2X12 celestion 65 combo with the master volume . If you’re looking I’m thinking you already know all about this legendary amp. It sounds amazing ! And rare to find one in original condition. It was loved and well cared for by a musician who passed away years before . It’s been recently gone over by top notch upstate NY tech John NAU . It’s been recapped and it’s ready to...
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Diamond strings has MANY basses [many not listed here yet] . !!-- AND, we specializes in unusual VI/ and XII stringed instruments too --- most often non-middle of the road gear. . Call Bruce at 585-259-1369- Stay in school kids!!
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2014 Morgan Monroe MDM-2

The Morgan Monroe MDM-2 distressed mandolin is a study in traditional look meeting modern refinement. The old time open hand rubbed violin style distressed finish releases the tone that the highly dynamic hand carved solid spruce top with the responsive hand shaved and tuned tone bars deliver, it can bark that's tradition. That wonderful tone has sustain and depth that you can only get with an...
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~1995 Blade Sebring

If you've ever played a blade guitar or bass , you know you get a great instrument for not a lot of money. This one is pretty clean. Sports a Maple neck. P-bass style. For more info please visit www.diamondstrings.com . or call Bruce at 585-259-1369
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~1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RB760

. A true power house of a bass. A VERY nice bass. This model a has huge sound. goes from ultra bright to very deep. two strong pickups! . The body has bindings and it is contoured. Very well balanced with a low action comfortable full scale neck. . A great bass for low $$. email or text for current photos -- In stock we have the same model in sunburst [ but with Active EMG's] ....
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2004 Fender Aerodyne bass

Fender Jazz Bass Aerodyne J-Bass from 2004 made in Japan nicely build (first year of production with straight in jack not like later versions with strat-like jack in) Photos are a bit grainy and show some odd light deflections but it is CLEAN!! It plays perfect with a great comfortable neck and unlike other Fenders it does not lose any volume when you up the neck . [ email me for better...
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~1981 Daion POWER MARK X-B

One of the very rare sought out Daions, Three piece neck through body and strings through body too! P-J set up, great looking dramatic ash body with a beautiful satin natural finish. New maple knobs. A few tiny dings near jack very hard to notice looks almost new. . Brass nut and saddles give great sustain and built incredibly solid. Not as ornate as the power XX but basically the same...
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2009 WATERSTONE RPM jazzbass

Waterstone makes a great insturmet! This J style has a quited maple top, bound body, F-hole, pearloid guard,rosewood board and more, you just can't find a bass this good for anywhere close to this money. Comes with high quality ' gunstyle' Watersone logo Gigbag. ---For more information and photos please visit www.diamondstrings.com 585-259-1369
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Watersone makes A great P style bass!, with curly maple top and Light mahogany body, F-hole, maple neck, wide board, three ply pearl guard. Great looking playing bass easily comparable to the big names. Made in korea. New, but no longer being produced. - Only played gently in the shop as a demo. Comes with Waterstone logo 'gunstyle' gigbag. For more information and photos please visit...
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1984 Guild SB-201

1984 Guild SB-201 32% off
This was Guild's contender to compete with them new fangled music man stingray basses. And they did a truly decent job. Solid mahogany body and neck. Strong pickup[ passive] in the perfect position. [ they also made a sb-202 with two pickups check my site for those] . looks great in the metallic teal too!. The price is still very low on these but who knows for how much longer. For more info...
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~1980 Ibanez ROADSTAR bass RB760

A great bass, full scale and BIG sounds from this top quality 80's tone monster. Looks great in the 'off' white [ turned creme] finish with multi- colored binding. photo 5 is another I have in sunburst with EMG pickups.[ ALSO just in this same model RB760 in RED with black bindings! For more info and photos please visit www.diamondstrings.com 585-259-1369
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1982 Ibanez Roadstar II

Top of the line for the time. This is the bound body, birdseye , maple body with a beautiful sunburst finish on top. The pickups have been professionally upgraded to active EMG''s [ an 18V system] and it sounds simply amazing. The neck has one of the most comfortable profiles ever. Currently set up with Chrome flat wounds. For more info and pictures please visit www.diamondstrings.com...
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1997 Fender P bass Deluxe

Perhaps the most versatile bass ever offered from Fender. This is a FENDER bass on STEROIDS!! The best of everything Fender has done before all in one bass..My absolute favorite Fender bass without a doubt. I have used them on stage MANY times. It has a regular Precision pickup and also more powerful Humbucker one much like a Musicman in the bridge position as well. it is all active ...
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~1996 BSX Upright solid body

~1996 BSX Upright solid body 11% off
Made in USA , upright solid body electric similar to a Clevinger. This is one of the company's early ones made in Penn. and truly a top notch quality instrument. .two active independent Bartolini pickups for full panning effect, AMAZING TONE!! The well designed body bracket pad makes it so it is the perfect distance if you are use to playing a full sized acoustic. BSX still makes top quality...
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