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1985 G&L SB-1

For sale all original USA 1985 G&L SB-1 in very good condition with original hard-shell case. These basses have very HOT pick-ups that really cut through the mix. MFD split-coil humbucking pickup and pickguard along with a Saddle Lock bridge. *Sunburst body with Maple neck *Neck and frets in EXCELLENT condition. Straight neck. *Old-style lawsuit headstock *Serial number B016777 *No buckle...
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1978 Fender Precision

1978 Fender Precision $100 off
A 1978 matching numbers Fender Precision with a big fat muted "P sound". Very good condition and very original with loud, warm, fat sounding pick-ups. (I am not sure if Pups are original.? If anyone can confirm I would appreciate it). Everything else seems to be original. Comes with 70's original case, Fender logo broken. 10lbs., she is a beast tone monster. A slightly chunky "P" neck with a...
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~1970 Fender Jazz

~1970 Fender Jazz $300 off
A Vintage 1970 Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst, Serial #298665 with a narrow neck and white binding. Has nicks and the classic belt wear on the back. It's a player and the pick-ups are still loud and punchy. Pots date to 1970. Comes with Original case and Owner's manual tag showing Serial #298665 which dates the bass to 1970 according to Fender. Tag also shows builders signatures and signature...
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2004 Mike Lull M4V

2004 Mike Lull M4V 12% off
A very early Mike Lull M4V in excellent condition. Mike Lull basses are some of the most playable/versatile basses available. These basses start at $5400 retail. Mike’s M4V relays a fantastic classic vintage vibe with all the wonderful attributes of a 60's/70's Jazz bass combined with modern active/passive electronics all in a slightly downsized body shape. » M4V: M is for Modern M, V...
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