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1919 Martin 0-45

RARE. Only 158 0-45s were made in Martin's history. Only ELEVEN were made in 1919! This instrument is a no excuses Martin pearl top, a true rarity. Pearl tops are among the most sought after, desired, beautiful, and valuable acoustic guitars in the history of the world. This one has zero changed parts.... including the bridge plate. There are two small cracks in the sides near the waist areas....
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1946 Martin D-28

1946 D-28, a true herringbone dreadnought. 1946 was the last full year for herringbone trim at Martin. This is one of them, a true blue honest to goodness BONE. When folks say a "Bone", we all in the guitar world know exactly what that means! It means a D-28 from Martin's Golden Era when the finest materials, craftsmen, and design were being utilized. A herringbone 99 percent of the time has...
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1931 Martin OM-18

Here is one of the most desirable guitar models in the acoustic guitar world- the OM-18. A very rare guitar here, only made for a four years. 1930-1933. This one has the very desirable small pickguard, banjo style tuners, and actually has the original bar frets. 1931 was the last year for those features on the OM-18. This guitar has a completely original finish and original bridge plate. A few...
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1941 Martin 00-21

Here is one of my favorite guitar models from my favorite year of manufacture, a 1941 00-21. 95 percent of 1941 Martins we have sold have had an incredible sound. This one is no exception. It's another trifecta of tone guitar- Adirondack spruce, Brazilian rosewood, and scalloped bracing. It is difficult to mess that up! Further more it has additional bells and whistles of the time period-...
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1935 Martin 000-18

1935 000-18. Yet another very special pre war Martin from Dying Breed Music. This instrument is completely crack free and possesses original and untouched finish, bridge, pickguard, and bridge plate. Mid 30s 000-18s are rare to begin with but ones in this condition are EXTREMELY rare. It has a fresh neck set and is set up perfectly for optimal playability and most importantly, tone. There's a...
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1945 Martin 000-18

Whenever folks ask, I always say that the Adirondack top is the most important component to the legendary tone that pre war and war time Martins are known for. 1945 was the last year for adi tops at Martin and this war time beast slides in to include the feature. Adirondack top over tapered braces is something one sees in only very late 1944 and 1945 year model instruments. The tone that produces...
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1941 Gibson Super Jumbo 100

I truly strive to offer only the best vintage guitars. This super jumbo, one of 177 made in the model's history, is the kind of guitar I had in mind when I started Dying Breed Music. This a very rare guitar and the model that was the precursor to all SJ-200s and J-200s that followed. As mentioned, 177 super jumbo 100s were made in the three year span of this model- 1939-1941. Maple neck, ebony...
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1958 Martin 00-28G

Here's a really cool piece that doesn't pop up very often. These are rare models and this one is in excellent shape with no changed parts and no finish work. Brazilian rosewood 28 style guitar. 5,000 dollars.
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1934 Martin 000-28 Long Scale

Here's a 1934 000-28 long scale, a real rarity. It has the OM scale length but the 000-28 model designation. Something that Martin did only in 1934. This guitar was at some point very professionally retopped at Elderly. 20,000 dollars.
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1901 Martin 00-42

Just in here at Dying Breed is yet another pearl top Martin. Pearl tops are among the most sought after, desired, beautiful, and valuable acoustic guitars in the history of the world. Only 503 00-42s were made in Martin's history. This one has the original bridge plate and the original elephant ivory bridge. It also has the original ivory key tuners. There are no back or side cracks but are a...
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1944 Martin 000-28

The cleanest 40s 000-28 we have had. This is an incredible example of a war time Brazilian rosewood guitar that boasts a 100 percent original finish. A true trifecta of tone guitar- Adirondack top, scalloped bracing, and Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Very little play wear is present and the guitar retains nearly all original parts except the bridge that is a Martin replacement that was...
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1936 Martin 000-18 shade top

We recently sold a 1938 00-18 shade top and this 36 000-18 shade top is even more special. Shade tops from the 30s are EXTREMELY rare. This guitar would be amazing in it's own right even without the shade top finish. It has the very desirable forward shifted high x scalloped bracing, 1 3/4 nut width, and Adirondack top. It's also in excellent shape with original bridge, bridge plate, pickguard,...
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1963 Gibson Byrdland

CLEAN and completely original example of a classic except for the saddle. Absolutely stunning guitar and the best condition one we have had. Original brown pink lined case is included.
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1934 Gibson L-5

Here is a really nice 30s L-5... these don't pop up every day. Handmade in Kalamazoo, Michigan and outfitted with a paper label on the interior of the guitar. Paper labels at Gibson were reserved for the finest guitars. The only changed part we see is a replica pickguard that was done at Gruhn Guitars. A replica dot fingerboard as on earlier L-5s was also done at Gruhn. This is an incredible...
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1942 Martin D-18

As many know, pre war D-18s we think are the pinnacle of acoustic guitars. This one has enough "issues" to make it much more affordable than most out there. When we got it we immediately got our luthier to put vintage period correct tuners on it and to take off the goofy clunky ones that were on upon arrival to us. This improved the tone dramatically. He also installed a period correct pickguard....
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1944 Martin 00-17

Here is a scalloped braced little powerhouse- an ideal songwriting and recording guitar. It has no cracks, no finish work, and all original parts. It does have a professionally filled hole from a previous pickup. Original bridge plate is present. These 17 style guitars are always extremely popular for us as they represent a great value. 4,400 dollars.
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Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe (d-18) - owned by Ricky Skaggs

Bourgeois is undoubtedly one of the most respected names in all of guitar making and with good reason. This particular guitar was made by Bourgeois himself for Music legend Ricky Skaggs, winner of 14 Grammys and 8 CMA awards including Entertainer of the Year. Ricky is considered by everyone I know in the music industry to be one of the very finest instrumentalists to ever live. Ricky not only...
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1946 Martin D-18

Another great 40s D-18. This one is an absolute powerhouse of tone and reminds me yet again why I think the D-18 model is the pinnacle of acoustic guitars. Original finish, original tapered bracing, original tuners, original logo, original bridge plate. There are a few well repaired cracks and a replacement bridge. This one was last owned by a professional musician in Nashville and we can...
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1943 Martin 000-28

Incredible sound. Here is a wonderful war time 000-28, a rare model, with pre war features. Indeed, a trifecta of tone guitar- Adirondack top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, and scalloped bracing. It's hard to mess that up!! Snowflake inlays and herringbone trim are also present on this masterpiece. A 43 000-28 is truly a holy grail to many. It has a couple of repaired top cracks, replaced...
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1951 Gibson J-185

Here is a truly special instrument, housed in the original case, and quite rare. This model was introduced in 1951 and this particular guitar is among the first TEN J-185s ever made... number 9 to be exact!! According to a Vintage Guitar Magazine article written by George Gruhn, "The J-185 is regarded by many players and collectors as the finest-sounding Gibson flat-top made after World War II....
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1933 Gibson L-00

As many know, I love L-00s. Along with D-18s they are tied for my favorite acoustic guitar model. As such I have bought and sold a ton of them. The ones from 1933 with the small burst, to my ears, sound the best. When you look at at ponder the craftsmanship, history, materials, and pre war era of these L-00s- it is clear to me that these are undervalued monetarily. Adirondack top, scalloped...
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1929 Martin 00-40H

SALE PRICE. Continuing our tradition of offering amazing vintage Martins, here is a 1929 PEARL TOP Martin, one of the rarest of the rare. Extremely few of these were ever made. Exquisite details, high end materials, and exacting standards from Martin's golden era. 12 frets to the small body. The inlays around the Brazilian rosewood/Adirondack body are breathtaking. Scalloped bracing under the...
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1948 Gibson J-50

A great J-50 from the late 40s. This one sounds fantastic and was just gone over by our luithier. He installed period correct tuners. Changed pickguard. CLEAN. 4000 dollars.
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1954 Gibson Southern Jumbo (owned by Dottie West)

JUST IN! Very rare in this natural finish! Beautiful guitar, with a sound to match. 3500 dollars. Owned by Dottie West.
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