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1937 Gibson L-5

1937 Gibson L-5. An extremely desirable model. Beautiful back and sides. Housed in a 50s Lifton case. The neck appears from the late 50s and the work done on it looks phenomenal. Dearmond pickup. $9,000.
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1937 Martin F-9

A truly special piece. Only 73 of these were made... fewer than the vaunted D-45 model. This was also the MOST expensive model in the entire Martin catalogue. Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Very fancy inlays including the vertical “C.F. Martin” logo on the head stock. The vast majority of these guitars have been converted to an OM style. This one has not. The best sounding archtop I’ve ever...
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1893 Martin 0-28

A factory dark top from the 1800s- the first one I’ve ever seen. All parts are original except the end pin. This includes tuners, bar frets, bridge, bridge plate, ivory binding, nut, bridge pins, etc. No top or back cracks. It does have a couple of repaired side cracks. Beautiful Brazilian rosewood. Very unique dark top as well- Pumpkin in color. Set up and ready to play.
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1943 Martin 000-18

1943 000-18. Just in. All original with an untouched finish. Adirondack top over scalloped braces. $8,500.
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1937 Martin D-18

Just in. 1937 D-18. Crack free and an untouched finish. Original tuners. Forward shifted advanced bracing. Adirondack top and 1 3/4 nut width. The bridge and bridge plate are Mark Tossman and Randy Wood expertly made and installed replicas of period correct size, shape, and materials. Absolutely an amazing sounding instrument. $50,000.
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1997 Huss & Dalton DS-M

1997 Huss & Dalton DS-M, serial number 215. A beautiful instrument from very early in the company’s history. $3,400.
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1968 Martin D-45 (1st prototype)

1968 Martin  D-45 (1st prototype) 16 % off
After a twenty six year hiatus, the D-45 model- the true Martin flagship- was revived by revered figure Mike Longworth. All stops were pulled out on these guitars including Brazilian rosewood but it all started with a mere two prototypes. Serial numbers 232933 and 236913. This particular guitar is actually the very first prototype produces- number 232933- a true piece of guitar and Martin...
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1940 Gibson J-55 (rosewood 1 of 1)

1940 Gibson  J-55 (rosewood 1 of 1) 18 % off
This is an extremely special guitar. This is the only rosewood back and sides J-55 ever known to be produced. Some say a rosewood J-55 was never made- but yet here it is. Like some of our other inventory- rare is hardly the word. A few well repaired cracks but all original parts. This is perfect for anyone who wants a totally unique pre war Gibson. $32,500.
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1945 Martin 000-18

1945 Martin  000-18 12 % off
1945 000-18, the last year for Adirondack spruce being utilized for the tops at Martin guitars. Tapered bracing. Huge and lively sound is present and the instrument is housed in a purple lined 1930s case. 7,000 dollars.
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1989 Martin D-41 LE (one of 31- twentieth anniversary model)

A beautiful Brazilian rosewood D-41 Limited Edition that is a limited edition and hand signed on the white paper label by C.F. Martin. Anniversary of the D-42 model. Near mint condition. $9,750.
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1933 Martin D-28 12 fret

1933 Martin twelve fret D-28 shade top- the ONLY one EVER made. Slotted head stock. Twenty one twelve fret D-28s were ever made and this absolutely one of one that was a shade top. This is a well known instrument as it belonged to the great Grammy award winning Norman Blake for quite some time. Norman sold it- we have a signed receipt dated 1987- to a player and it has been with the same owner...
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1936 Gibson Trojan

1936 Gibson  Trojan 12 % off
1936 Gibson Trojan. The rarest of the rare. Only 39 ever produced and only three are recorded in the Spann book. Made for two months, October and November of 1936. It is one of the most scarce models that Gibson ever produced. Indeed, it really is more of a prototype rather than an actual production model. It was never in the Gibson catalogue. These guitars were actually all given to salesmen to...
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1943 Gibson Southern Jumbo

All original 1943 Southern Jumbo. A real banner! Rare and the best wood was reserved for this top of the line model. Adirondack top and scalloped bracing. Original finish. $11,500.
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1938 Martin D-18

1938 Martin  D-18 12 % off
Dead mint and all original. Finish is one hundred percent untouched. A true pre war dreadnought in spectacular condition complete with 1 3/4 nut and forward shifted bracing. $70,000.
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1939 Gibson J-55

Could we interest you in an absolutely dead mint museum quality first year of production Gibson J-55? Rarest of the rare. Mustache bridge and stair step head stock- features that can be found only on 1939 J-55s. Untouched and crack free. You will never see another one like this. $60,000. More photos available on request.
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1950 Gibson J-50

Here’s a wonderful dreadnought style guitar from a great period at Gibson. This one is extremely clean and housed in the original case. Very rarely do we see a vintage Gibson in this nice of shape! 6,000 dollars.
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1945 Martin 000-28

1945 Martin 000-28 17 % off
Just in- a 1945 000-28. Adirondack top and tapered braced- a combo that can be found ONLY on very late 1944 and 1945 Martin guitars. A true rarity. Very few 000-28s were made in this era. This one has zero changed parts and an original finish. The only cracks present are near invisible pickguard crack and a couple of repaired bass side cracks. There is a patch from a puncture in the treble side....
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1944 Martin D-28 (scalloped)

1944 Martin D-28 with SCALLOPED BRACING. Only 219 d-28s were scalloped in 1944 before the practice was discontinued. This one has a 100 percent original finish and is crack free. Currently vintage replacement tuners are on the guitar but the originals are in the period correct case. All else is original. Truly a dream guitar for any back porch player, historian, investor, collector, studio ace,...
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1934 Martin 000-18

Another extremely special guitar just in. A 1934 000-18 shade top that has been with the same owner since 1972. This guitar is all original including the tuners, bridge, pickguard, bracing, bridge plate, frets, and nut. No changed parts! When talking about a rare guitar- it doesn’t get much more rare than this! This guitar has a wonderful voice and is full of life. There is a bit of overspray on...
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1931 Martin OM-18

1931 Martin OM-18 15 % off
1931 OM-18. Here is one of the most desirable guitar models in the acoustic guitar world- the OM-18. A very rare guitar here, only made for a four years. 1930-1933. This one has the very desirable small pickguard, banjo style tuners, and actually has the original bar frets. 1931 was the last year for those features on the OM-18. This guitar has a completely original finish and original bridge...
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1944 Gibson Southern Jumbo

1944 Gibson Southern Jumbo 14 % off
Just in- 1944 (banner) Gibson Southern Jumbo- a very rare piece indeed. Banner Gibsons are spoken about in reverent tones for many reasons. A book entitled "Kalamazoo Gals" has even been written and published wherein the story of this era at Gibson is told. The publication has certainly enhanced the allure of these guitars. The Southern Jumbo was the top of the line flagship slope shoulder guitar...
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1946 Gibson LG-2

1946 Gibson LG-2. The only year in Gibson history that this script logo was used. This one has a great sound with superb midrange and application to blues, folk, Americana, and rock music. The only changed parts are the tuner buttons. No top or side cracks but a couple of well repaired back cracks. Completely original finish and a fresh neck set. My personal guitar for a time was an LG-2 from...
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1956 Gibson J-45

1956 Gibson J-45 just in with all the right mojo and tone. The J-45 model is one of my top five favorite guitar models. In my experience when most folks talk or think about a "Gibson flat top" they're referring to a J-45. They're truly quintessential Gibson and produce the tone that defined much of music. These are great for application to blues, Americana, folk, country, and rock music. This...
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1953 Gibson Southern Jumbo

1953 Gibson Southern Jumbo 17 % off
An all original 1953 Southern Jumbo. Great scalloped bracing under the high grade spruce top. No changed parts on this instrument and the finish is original. This model is in fact far more than simply a dressed up J-45 with requisite upgraded binding and inlays. Indeed, the wood Gibson reserved for this was and is far superior than what was used to construct J-45s. It has all of the sound,...
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1937 Gibson L-00

We’ve sold as many L-00s as anyone I believe, and as I tell folks regularly, these are the best deal out there when it comes to vintage acoustics. You get handmade American pre war 1930s construction complete with Adirondack spruce tops, ebony, Honduran mahogany, scalloped bracing, and hide glue. All of that for usually less than 5,000 dollars! This one has a 100 percent original finish and no...
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1937 Martin 000-28 shade top

1937 Martin 000-28 shade top 10 % off
1937 Martin 000-28 shade top. This guitar is extraordinarily special. A shade top 000-28 from the thirties is nearly unheard of but finding one in this condition with absolutely no cracks is like finding a needle in ten acres of hay. The finish is 100 percent original and untouched, free of overspray and touch up. This guitar conforms to the specifications of the era including forward shifted...
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1931 Martin 0M-18 (banjo tuners and small guard)

1931 OM-18. Here is one of the most desirable guitar models in the acoustic guitar world- the OM-18. A very rare guitar here, only made for a four years. 1930-1933. This one has the very desirable small pickguard, banjo style tuners, and actually has the original bar frets. 1931 was the last year for those features on the OM-18. This guitar has a completely original finish and original bridge...
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1937 Gibson L-00

1937 Gibson L-00 14 % off
1937 Gibson L-00 with very rare black finish and fire stripe pickguard. All original parts and finish. Beautiful guitar. 3,850 dollars.
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