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1939 Martin D-18

Steve Earle once said in a magazine interview that pre war Martin D-18s are one of two to three things in life that live up to the hype. And that if he could have only one guitar for the rest of his life, it would be a pre war D-18. I whole heartedly agree. The D-18 made in the pre war years is the absolute pinnacle for me. This one came from the family of the original owner, has no top cracks,...
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1951 Gibson J-185

Here is a truly special instrument, housed in the original case, and quite rare. This model was introduced in 1951 and this particular guitar is among the first TEN J-185s ever made... number 9 to be exact!! According to a Vintage Guitar Magazine article written by George Gruhn, "The J-185 is regarded by many players and collectors as the finest-sounding Gibson flat-top made after World War II....
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1947 Gibson ES-150

Honduran Mahogany neck and unbound Brazilian rosewood fretboard and bridge, dot inlaid position markers, Kluson tuners, nickel trapeze tailpiece, one original P-90 in the neck position, volume and tone controls with un-numbered amber knobs. Original alligator case. 2,250 dollars.
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1964 Guild® F-47

Original case. 16’ small jumbo, mahogany back and sides, bound; Sitka spruce top, bound 25.5” scale length; block pear inlays on bound rosewood fingerboard; rosewood bridge tortoise pickguard, Kolb-tuners and the inlayed MOP Guild chesterfield logo, Gibsonesque headstock three piece neck; All parts original and unmolested,
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1969 Gibson Les Paul deluxe gold top

Note: this particular guitar has no volute, no “made in USA”, and no pancake body- those Norlin features are absent on this instrument. · glossy gold finished maple top and deep red-stained mahogany back, · white binding on top and neck, rosewood fret board with pearloid trapezoid inlays, 24.75 scale · mini humbucking pickups, chrome hardware; cream pickguard, pickup rings, knob and...
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1963 Fender® Jazzmaster™

This pre CBS Fender retains all original parts and is housed in it's original blonde hard shell case. The nut; neck, body and pots all date to 1963. Alder body on a maple neck and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. This is a special find. Expertly refinished long ago using period correct techniques, finishing, and paint. The Sherwood green is a stunning color on this vintage Fender! Two original...
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1945 Martin 000-21

This is an all original, right down to the tuner buttons, Adirondack topped over Brazilian rosewood back and sides 000-21. The rosewood is straight grained and beautiful. This is a holy grail type of instrument. Herringbone trim is present around the sound hole and on the back strip. This is a wonderful responsive instrument. It received an expert period correct nitrocellulose refinish by our...
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1941 Gibson L-00

As many know, L-00s are in the top three of my favorite guitar models. Dying Breed Music has sold dozens of these. You get so much bang for your buck with these handmade pre war powerhouses. So much history, tone, mojo, and craftsmanship is tied up in these for an affordable price tag. This is another great one. All original parts except the tuner buttons. It received a fresh neck set. Original...
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1939 Martin 000-18

Pre war Martins are truly the Stradivarius of the guitar world. When taking into account the craftsmanship, materials, rarity, design, and most of all sound- you know that statement rings true. 000 size Martins from this era have exploded in popularity and desirability in the last two years as microphone quality has improved for gigging and many realized what articulate instruments these are for...
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1920 Martin 00-42

RARE. Only 503 were made in Martin's history. Only 14 were made in 1920! This instrument is a no excuses Martin pearl top, a true rarity. Pearl tops are among the most sought after, desired, beautiful, and valuable acoustic guitars in the history of the world. This one has no cracks and zero changed parts. The finish has been confirmed by two experts to be original. In 1920 Martin guitars still...
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1933 Gibson L-00

As many know, I love L-00s. Along with D-18s they are tied for my favorite acoustic guitar model. As such I have bought and sold a ton of them. The ones from 1933 with the small burst, to my ears, sound the best. When you look at at ponder the craftsmanship, history, materials, and pre war era of these L-00s- it is clear to me that these are undervalued monetarily. Adirondack top, scalloped...
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1946 Martin 0-17

A really cool single 0 body size, post war Martin. A nice clean example with no finish work. Waffle back tuners. A great guitar to record with, mic up, write songs, and the size makes it perfect for playing at home. 3,250 dollars.
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1929 Martin 00-40H

SALE PRICE. Continuing our tradition of offering amazing vintage Martins, here is a 1929 PEARL TOP Martin, one of the rarest of the rare. Extremely few of these were ever made. Exquisite details, high end materials, and exacting standards from Martin's golden era. 12 frets to the small body. The inlays around the Brazilian rosewood/Adirondack body are breathtaking. Scalloped bracing under the...
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1953 Martin 0-18

JUST IN. Beautiful little 0-18 from 1953, a mystery top year. Big sound and in great condition. There is a patch from a jack hole present. Repaired side cracks. No top cracks. Original finish. 3,000 dollars.
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1948 Gibson J-50

A great J-50 from the late 40s. This one sounds fantastic and was just gone over by our luthier. He determined that there are no cracks in this guitar and no finish work. He installed period correct tuners. Changed pickguard. CLEAN. 5350 dollars.
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1959 Martin D-18

A really great piece with a fresh neck set. All original. 4,000 dollars.
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1983 Guild® Artist Award™ with B1000 DeArmond™ Jazz pickup

SALE PRICE. Very near mint condition. A true dream for any jazz guitarist in search of a professional grade high end instrument. Very very desirable pickup. Highly sought after model. Multi bound, gold hardware. The Artist Award is Guild's flagship jazz guitar. A carved solid spruce top, solid curly maple back and sides, a five-piece maple neck with a select ebony fretboard and distinctive inlays...
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1946 Gibson L-50

CLEAN. This is a guitar in extremely fine condition!! No cracks, no changed parts, no finish work. This instrument has truly not been played much at all though it's whole life. Rare with this logo, only used in 1946 at Gibson. 1350 dollars.
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1947 Martin 000-18

Here's an all original tapered braced 40's 000. No finish work at all. No changed parts. No head stock crack, heel crack, or pickup installed. There are couple repaired cracks in the top, a tiny repaired crack in the side, and one repaired crack in the back. The 000-18 has grown by leaps and bounds in collectibility, popularity, and desirablity. 4000 dollars.
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1946 Martin D-18

Just in!! If you want volume and power and punch... this is definitely the guitar for you. The sound is quintessential war time D-18. Huge and driving, much like a train. Yes it has been refinished long ago. Yes it has repaired cracks and a couple changed parts. My all time favorite guitar was a 1941 D-18 with a head stock crack repair, cracks in the body, changed tuners, and a changed bridge....
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1946 Martin 000-21

SALE PRICE. This guitar actually has zero cracks and is completely original. The condition of this instrument is RARE! The vast majority of vintage Martins we see have a changed part or a crack repair or two. This one is 100 percent dead original with no repairs and no finish work. If you've always wanted an extremely fine condition war time 000-21, this is the one for you. Also a tone MONSTER....
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1954 Gibson Southern Jumbo (owned by Dottie West)

JUST IN! Very rare in this natural finish! Beautiful guitar, with a sound to match. 3500 dollars. Owned by Dottie West.
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