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Martin 000-28 Norman Blake

Very highly sought after model that Martin hasn't made in several years. 3,600 dollars.
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Acoustic remedy Cedar floor case

Handmade in Wisconsin. Humidified. Beautiful solid wood display case. These are 1,250 dollars when new. This one is 750 dollars.
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1929 Martin 00-40 H

Continuing our tradition of offering amazing vintage Martins, here is a 1929 PEARL TOP Martin, one of the rarest of the rare. Extremely few of these were ever made. Exquisite details, high end materials, and exacting standards from Martin's golden era. 12 frets to the small body. The inlays around the Brazilian rosewood/Adirondack body are breathtaking. Scalloped bracing under the hood. Hide glue...
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1935 Gibson L-00

Sound clips https://soundcloud.com/beautiful-noise-1/sets/1935-gibson-l-00 STILL FOR SALE. 1935 Gibson L-00. 4300 dollars. This is one of our favorite guitar models! Earlier this year we sold another extremely clean L-00 to a gentleman in Japan. This one rivals that one as far as originality and condition. Completely original with no changed parts. 80 years old with no repair work!...
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1947 Martin 000-18

Here's an all original tapered braced 40's 000. No finish work at all. No changed parts. No head stock crack, heel crack, or pickup installed. There are couple repaired cracks in the top, a tiny repaired crack in the side, and one repaired crack in the back. The 000-18 has grown by leaps and bounds in collectibility, popularity, and desirablity. 5200 dollars.
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1892 Martin 1-26

END OF THE YEAR SALE. We specialize in special guitars at Dying Breed Music. Here is one that is even more special than most guitars we sell. Real ivory tuner buttons on engraved tuners and real ivory bridge, both bright brilliant white. Not only that but also real ivory heel plate, pins, nut, and saddle. Completely original specimen here with original bar frets, Brazilian rosewood back and...
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1953 Gibson Es-140

A completely original and very rare piece. Beautiful and unique. This guitar sounds great and would be a great addition to literally any collection or tone arsenal. This instrument was owned by a well known musician. 3000 dollars.
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1946 Martin D-18

Just in!! If you want volume and power and punch... this is definitely the guitar for you. The sound is quintessential war time D-18. Huge and driving, much like a train. Yes it has been refinished long ago. Yes it has repaired cracks and a couple changed parts. My all time favorite guitar was a 1941 D-18 with a head stock crack repair, cracks in the body, changed tuners, and a changed bridge....
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2006 Martin D-18 1937 Authentic

WOW! In our mind, pre war D-18s are the best guitars ever made and this one is an excellent handmade replica of one. Hide glue constructed complete with genuine ebony bridge and fretboard. Hand scalloped forward shifted scalloped x bracing underneath an Adirondack spruce top. These listed at 8899 when new and sold at retailers for 6,999. Open back pre war style waverly tuners and a 30s style case...
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1999 Martin D-28 golden era Brazilian/Adirondack

END OF THE YEAR SALE. As close as you can get to a prewar herringbone dreadnought without spending 100 thousand dollars. These Golden Era guitars were wonderful specimens, handmade of Adirondack spruce, Brazilian rosewood, and ebony. 1 3/4 pre war spec nut width and hand scalloped bracing. 7,400 dollars. A BARGAIN for what this guitar is.
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1943 Martin D-28

Just in at Dying Breed Music. 36000 dollars. Photos are coming soon. An extremely rare and high end cannon. Truly a dream guitar for any back porch player, historian, investor, collector, studio ace, or traveling performer. A war time dreadnought complete with Herringbone trim, diamond inlays, ebony fretboard, and what I call the trifecta of tone. Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Adirondack...
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1936 Gibson/Carson J. Robison L-00 style

Here's a great guitar made by Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the pre war years and the brand name Carson J. Robison. It appears all original parts and finish with the bracing being converted to x bracing by David Sheppard. What is really special about this guitar is the sound. The fellow who owned this guitar has owned literally several dozen L-00s and he says this is the best sounding L-00 to...
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1960 Fender® Telecaster®

JUST IN. GREAT PRICE. A great pre CBS tele with 100 percent original blonde finish and 100 percent original electronics. Original pickguard, original Brazilian rosewood fretboard, original knobs, original logo, original neck plate, original bridge. The only changed parts are the jack plate and replica tuners. 12000 dollars. This one was owned by a well known guitarist.
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1946 Martin 000-21

This guitar actually has zero cracks and is completely original. The condition of this instrument is RARE! The vast majority of vintage Martins we see have a changed part or a crack repair or two. This one is 100 percent dead original with no repairs and no finish work. If you've always wanted an extremely fine condition war time 000-21, this is the one for you. Also a tone MONSTER. If condition...
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1961 Gibson SG Special with tremolo

WOW. Just in- an early SG Special with factory tremolo and in the original case. No finish work, no repairs, no cracks, no breaks. Tuners are not original. 5300 dollars.
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1959 Martin D-18

A huge sound, and just gone over by our luthier. This one still has factory gloss on it and no top or back cracks! Brazilian rosewood bridge, spruce top, original tuners, original small maple bridge plate. Very fresh neck set! No finish work at all done to this one. A 50s D-18 was my first vintage guitar and these will always have a place in my heart. AND are great guitars. Better photos are...
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1954 Gibson Southern Jumbo (owned by Dottie West)

JUST IN! Very rare in this natural finish! Beautiful guitar, with a sound to match. 4000 dollars. Owned by Dottie West.
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