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1953 Martin 000-18 (Adirondack top)

1945 was of course the last year at Martin that Adirondack tops were used across the line. The Adirondack top is the most important tone component in my opinion more so than the bracing, glue, physical weight of the guitar, back and sides material, bridge plate, etc. In 1953 Martin found and used some Adirondack spruce that was quite old on some of their guitars. This is one of those instruments....
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1964 Epiphone Frontier

A beautiful guitar complete with sunburst finish, paper label, and Western motif on the pickguard. This is an all original and crack free guitar housed in the original case. A gorgoues instrument in excellent condition, this one won't last long. 6,000 dollars.
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1952 Gibson J-45

The J-45 model is one of my top five favorite guitar models. In my experience when most folks talk or think about a "Gibson flat top" they're referring to a J-45. They're truly quintessential Gibson and produce the tone that defined much of music. These are great for application to blues, Americana, folk, country, and rock music. This particular one is in very nice condition and has that coveted...
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1940 Gibson Recording King Ray Whitley

This is very rare and historically important model. This was an endorsed guitar made at the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's one of the rarest of Gibson's custom brand instruments, made for Montgomery Ward's. Made for only two years, 1939 and 1940. A very early period for celebrity endorsements on instruments. Rarity is also something of note- only 116 examples were produced in 1939...
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1937 Gibson L-00

1937 Gibson L-00 with very rare black finish and fire stripe pickguard. All original parts and finish. Beautiful guitar. 4,500 dollars.
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1934 Martin 000-18

Here is a wonderful long scale 34 000-18 with superb Adirondack spruce over hand scalloped bracing. This guitar retains completely original finish, original bridge, original bridge plate, original pick guard, and even original tuners! No changed parts. The neck angle and set up is perfect on it as both were recently expertly executed by the great John Arnold. The sound of this guitar is what...
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2016 Froggy Bottom SJ Deluxe

2016 Froggy Bottom Deluxe SJ with birds eye maple. Upgraded features. These rarely hit the used market and are very sought after. 7,200 dollars.
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1939 Martin 00-21

Sale price- 15,500 dollars. Museum quality. This is by far the nicest 21 style guitar we've ever had for sale. My one personal guitar for a time was a 30s 00-21, this example is far superior to the one I had. It is CRACK FREE with absolutely 100 percent original finish and ZERO changed parts. From top to bottom this is a true collector grade pre war Martin. Trifecta of tone- Adirondack,...
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1935 Gibson Jumbo (Gibson's first dreadnought)

This is an extremely rare and historically significant guitar housed in the original case. The jumbo model was Gibson's very first dreadnought, 16 inch flat top. They created it to compete with Martin's dreadnoughts. The Gibson dreadnought body had upper bouts that were more rounded than Martin’s, giving rise to the distinguishing terms that are still used today: “round-shouldered” or...
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1941 Gibson J-35

Yet another very special pre war guitar from Dying Breed Music. We have had several of these and are always impressed with the tone. This particular one is in really great condition in addition to the monster sound. All original parts except the tuner buttons and bridge pins. All original finish is present and beautiful. Just one small crack is on this instrument, repaired in the side. 8,950...
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1942 Martin D-18

As many know, pre war D-18s we think are the pinnacle of acoustic guitars. This one has enough "issues" to make it much more affordable than most out there. When we got it we immediately got our luthier to put vintage period correct tuners on it and to take off the goofy clunky ones that were on upon arrival to us. This improved the tone dramatically. He also installed a period correct pickguard....
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1945 Martin 00-18

Another 1945 Martin 00-18 just in. It is in very similar condition as the one we just sold to a gentleman in Florida. It is all original, has all original finish, and is housed in the original case. These 00 body size guitars are the next frontier of instruments exploding in value. 6,550 dollars.
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1949 Gibson L7-P (owned by Ed King)

From the personal and private collection of the great Ed King... a 1949 LP-7 in wonderful condition. Ed is an original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member. He is a writer on many iconic songs such Saturday Night Special, Swamp Music, Workin' for MCA, Poison Whiskey, and Sweet Home Alabama. These songs provided a near daily sound track on my hour long drives to my first...
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1901 Martin 00-42

Just in here at Dying Breed is yet another pearl top Martin. Pearl tops are among the most sought after, desired, beautiful, and valuable acoustic guitars in the history of the world. Only 503 00-42s were made in Martin's history. This one has the original bridge plate and the original elephant ivory bridge. It also has the original ivory key tuners. There are no back or side cracks but are a...
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1944 Martin 00-17

Here is a scalloped braced little powerhouse- an ideal songwriting and recording guitar. It has no cracks, no finish work, and all original parts. It does have a professionally filled hole from a previous pickup. Original bridge plate is present. These 17 style guitars are always extremely popular for us as they represent a great value. 4,400 dollars.
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1929 Martin 00-40H

SALE PRICE. Continuing our tradition of offering amazing vintage Martins, here is a 1929 PEARL TOP Martin, one of the rarest of the rare. Extremely few of these were ever made. Exquisite details, high end materials, and exacting standards from Martin's golden era. 12 frets to the small body. The inlays around the Brazilian rosewood/Adirondack body are breathtaking. Scalloped bracing under the...
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1948 Gibson J-50

A great J-50 from the late 40s. This one sounds fantastic and was just gone over by our luithier. He installed period correct tuners. Changed pickguard. CLEAN. 4000 dollars.
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1954 Gibson Southern Jumbo (owned by Dottie West)

JUST IN! Very rare in this natural finish! Beautiful guitar, with a sound to match. 3500 dollars. Owned by Dottie West.
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