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Due to the very limited amount of time I have each day to complete the work I do, I need to communicate and reply to ALL inquiries via EMAIL, so please make 1st contact HERE or the CONTACT page on my Website and we can proceed from there. I will always do my best to reply quickly, which is usually within 24 hours, and sooner when possible.

I accept online payments via PayPal up to $5000.00. For any higher amounts and ALL international purchases, I request a Bank Wire. For shipments to AK, HI and all INTERNATIONAL shipments, I will credit back some of your shipping costs, so do inquire. Additionally, I accept LAYAWAY sales, (terms to be discussed) and TRADE-INS are welcomed too.

Firstly, I offer FREE and INSURED shipping to any Continental U.S. address. My instruments are professionally hand-packaged (by me) as well as privately insured. All of the items I ship domestically (to any U.S. address) are MY property until You receive and also “approve” the item, as such, I want them adequately protected and covered by insurance, which neither Fed-Ex or UPS can sufficiently offer to do. I do NOT feel the customer should have any exposure or risk if buying or returning an instrument online. The insurance and any claims that may result from shipping in EITHER direction are MY responsibility. As a customer of mine, I will NOT make You responsible for my packaging or the handling by a carrier. I also include a pre-paid RETURN shipping label to all domestic U.S. customers; the item is again still insured by ME until it returns to me. To that end, I only use brand new, custom-made, “extra” heavy duty, custom-branded cartons. Because many vintage instrument cases are loose fitting, I also place my instruments in custom-made soft flannel bags before putting them inside the case. I use a large bag for the body and a smaller one for the headstock. I also install custom-branded plastic Fretboard protectors on every instrument. I then place every packed case into a large poly bag before placing it in the box. In most instances, I place foam Inserts inside the cartons to cushion the cases. I do NOT use crumpled up old newspaper or messy packing peanuts. I buy and use ONLY brand new packing materials. As a professional vendor, I go to great lengths and a lot of expense to keep my vintage instruments safe during transport.

Everything I offer and sell has a 48-hour approval period and more time is possible if requested and approved by me in writing. I ultimately want all of my online customers to be 1000% satisfied. If any item is returned, ALL shipping and related expenses are then the responsibility of the buyer.

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1963 Fender Fiesta Red Stratocaster

A fun pre-CBS Custom Colored Strat. Factory finished in the highly desirable and Rare Dupont Duco Fiesta Red paint option. I would relegate this guitar into the "players" realm based on originality status and condition. It has original finishes throughout but there are some minor issues and it is priced accordingly, but all the important bits are correct. The guitar has a very attractive feel...
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1967 Gibson SG Junior, CLEAN, WHITE, Professional Photos

1967 Gibson SG Junior, Factory WHITE finish. Only 10% of the SG Juniors shipped in 1967 were WHITE. This is a very nice, clean and undamaged example. Factory correct and original, save for Kluson reproduction tuners, but the originals are also included. CLICK the link BELOW to view MANY High-Res PHOTOS and FULL DETAILS: http://www.eliteguitars.net/1967-sg-jr-white If it helps anyone who...
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1951 D'Angelico New Yorker, a Beautiful Blonde w/PROFESSIONAL PICS

1951 D'Angelico New Yorker in Blonde finish. These guitars are a work of art, and this is a very attractive example. The guitar has been Published and has a fabulous, warm and inviting patina with a great history and story. Built for and owned by Ray Gogarty, who was a personal friend of John D'Angelico's. CLICK the link BELOW to view MANY High-Res PHOTOS and the FULL...
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1962 Gretsch PX-6120 Double Cutaway (Nashville)

This is an EARLY "Double Cutaway" Gretsch Chet Atkins PX-6120 from 1962, which became known as the Nashville models shortly after its introduction. Finished in they Gretsch classic and handsome "AMBER RED" finish and the then new Double Cutaway body. This one also features the upgraded WESTERN Motif 6220 Model Case. This vintage Gretsch 6120 has it's binding in tact. It still has the...
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1974 Gibson ES-335TDW

1974 Gibson ES-335TD, Walnut finish. A very nicely preserved original guitar in excellent condition. The Vintage instruments from this era often provide more affordable options for players and collectors alike. This one is quite nice. CLICK the link BELOW to view MANY High-Res PHOTOS and FULL DETAILS: http://www.eliteguitars.net/1974-gibson-es335-walnut If it helps anyone who is...
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1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, 1 Piece Body

1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. A beautiful Gold Finish and warm patina. A RARE and EARLY Deluxe Les Paul with a 1-PIECE Mahogany Body. This one is Factory Original in every way with NO Repairs or Modifications including the correct-features 1969 Case. This is the last of the good ones from this time period and unmodified examples are increasingly harder to find for discerning buyers. CLICK...
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1964 Fender Precision Bass, an Original and Rare Custom Color

1964 Fender Precision Bass. A Rare Custom Color finish. Fender custom-colored Duco BLACK Precision Basses are quite a rare find. Players condition, Full details and disclosure on the website. CLICK the link BELOW to view MANY High-Res PHOTOS and FULL DETAILS: http://www.eliteguitars.net/1964-black-precision
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