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As Emerald City Guitars continues to do more and more worldwide shipping our goal is to make sure your instrument or amplifier arrives intact. We take pride in our packing procedures using high grade packing materials and great care in assuring that our customers get their order quickly and safely. We make a point of forwarding all tracking information to our customers so they can stay informed on its progress pending arrival. We ship via UPS, Fedex and UPS. All shipments are fully insured through our private insurance carrier.

We offer a 72 hr approval on all guitar & amps (unless otherwise noted). Customer pays all shipping & insurance costs both ways unless otherwise negotiated by sales staff. Before returning any item, customers must call for a return authorization. Returned items must be in the same condition as when they left the store. Unauthorized returns will be refused & returned at customer expense. Returned items are subject to a 5% restocking fee.

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1961 Martin D-18

1961 Martin D-18. A well-loved D-18 with lots of character, a great feel and an outstanding vintage tone! Good condition with moderate cosmetic wear throughout including finish wear, scratches, and dings, but structurally solid. Older re-fret, added strap button on the neck heel and replaced tuners. A very easy player featuring a medium thickness neck with a vintage soft-V shaped profile. This...
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1986 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1986 Gibson Les Paul Standard. A rare black finish Les Paul Standard! This guitar fantastic player featuring a comfortable medium profile neck. Minor finish and play wear, but in overall solid shape. Upgraded TonePros bridge and tailpiece and fitted with a set of boutique Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups. These pickups sound great with a higher output for a more aggressive sound, tight low end, forward...
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2015 Electrical Guitar Company Scott Kelly Custom

2015 Electrical Guitar Company Scott Kelly Custom #911 built for Scott Kelly of Neurosis himself. This model features a solid acrylic body, large C-shaped aluminum neck with a 24.75″ scale length and 1.75″ nut width, Sperzel locking tuners, Matte black aluminum pickguard and an industrial wrinkle-finish back plate. Fitted with a set of Lace Sensor humbuckers; a “Drop & Gain in the bridge position...
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1972 Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead 100W

1972 Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100W. A powerhouse vintage head with an iconic British crunch tone! This amp is in very good condition with light wear. One plugged hole on the back of the chassis and modern voltage selector installed. Sounds fantastic with a huge sound, punchy mid-range grit and tons of volume!
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1965 Vox AC-30

1965 Vox AC-30. A classic amp that defined early British tone! This AC-30 is in good condition with minor wear and tear. Missing two of the top handles and the original grill cloth and Vox badge have been replaced. Serviced by Brent Bagby of Solderhaus, so it’s in perfect working order and sounding fantastic. Fitted with original 12″ Celestion-made Vox Silver Alnico speakers. These amps always...
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1971 Orange OR-100

1971 Orange Matamp OR-100. An early Orange amplifier built and designed for Cliff Cooper by Mat Mathias of Matamp. Good condition with some cosmetic wear, small tolex touch-ups and “Tony Adams Overlanders” stenciled on the back. These amps were built for power and have a fantastic clean tone with tons of sparkle, chime and plenty of headroom. The EQ is very interactive and cranked up, this amp...
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1965 Fender Bassman

1965 Fender Bassman. Good condition with moderate cosmetic wear as well as stenciled letters on the back of the cabinet, which show some attempted removal at some point. The speakers in the cabinet have been swapped out for a pair of 12″ Weber speakers. This amp puts out a powerful 50 watts allowing for ample clean head room and a punchy natural overdrive when pushed. A great vintage blackface...
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1966 Supro S6420 Thunderbolt

1966 Supro S6420 Thunderbolt. Although originally marketed for bass players, just like the Fender Bassman, the Supro Thunderbolt has similarly become a favorite of guitarists for its incredible tube tones. These amps put out 35 watts of through the stock 15″ Jensen C15NS speaker. Very good condition with minimal wear and sounds excellent. This amp delivers a fantastic tone with full, detailed...
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1969 Marshall Model 1961 Tremolo 50-Watt “Bluesbreaker”

1969 Marshall Model 1961 Tremolo 50-Watt “Bluesbreaker”. A super rare 50-watt combo with an offset 4×10 speaker configuration. Original with the exception of a replaced upper back panel and a vintage correct input jack. Original 10″ Celestion speakers. Solid condition with some significant cosmetic wear including wear to the tolex and grill cloth. Small hole in lower back panel, missing original...
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1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

1967 Fender Princeton Reverb. The perfect lightweight vintage blackface amp! Very good condition with some vintage patina. Features 12 watts of tube power, spring reverb, tremolo and fitted with a stock 10″ Fender-labeled Jensen speaker. Recently serviced and in perfect working order. Sounds fantastic and gets a great chimey clean tone as well as a killer breakup at perfect recording and gigging...
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2006 Martin Vintage Series D-18VS

2006 Martin Vintage Series D-18VS in a Sunburst “Shade Top” finish. This guitar is in very good condition and features a large 12-fret dreadnaught body, Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, vintage-style slotted headstock, tortoise binding, abalone fretboard inlay and high-end Waverly tuners. A smooth player with a medium-sized soft-V profile neck and sounds excellent with plenty of projection...
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1995 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster

1995 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in an eye-catching Champagne Sparkle finish! This guitar is in excellent condition and features a modern 2-point tremolo bridge and locking tuners. The nicely figured Maple neck has a great feel with a medium-to-slim C-shaped profile. Plays great and delivers a wide range of classic Strat tones! Includes original hardshell case.
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1972 Matamp GT-100

1972 Matamp GT-100. A classic British amp designed by Mat Mathias, the original maker of the first Orange amplifiers! This head is in very good condition with light cosmetic wear and sounds amazing. 100 watts of power provides lots of headroom and low-end for a big, dynamic sound. The clean tones are crystal clear with a hi-fi quality and as you crank this amp up the sound blooms into the warm,...
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1962 Fender Twin Amp

1962 Fender Twin Amp. One of the holy grail Fender amps! This amp is in amazing shape and sounds absolutely jaw-dropping with 80 watts of power! The speakers are a pair of 1962 Jensen P12N speakers, most likely pulled from a Hammond and have been re-coned. These amps have the classic Fender clean tone with slightly fatter mids, a glassy top end and a smooth breakup when pushed. The added power of...
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1960 Gibson GA-8T Gibsonette Tremolo

1960 Gibson GA-8T Gibsonette Tremolo. A great low-wattage vintage combo with built-in tube tremolo! Very good condition with minor cosmetic wear from age and fitted with a replaced 10″ Celestion G10D-25 speaker. This amp delivers an incredible tube tone with enough headroom for sparkly low volume cleans and a creamy, tweed-like breakup when pushed. Includes original footswitch.
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2011 Taylor 414ce-LTD

2011 Taylor 414ce-LTD. A grand auditorium acoustic featuring a Venetian cutaway, Spruce top and stunning looking Walnut back and sides. Very good, lightly played condition. A very easy playing acoustic with a slimmer neck and fast action. This guitar has a tight and focused tone with a balanced response and sparkling top end. Comes fitted with Taylor’s Expression System electronics for incredible...
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2001 Guild Blues 90

2001 Guild Blues 90. An excellent Guild electric featuring a semi-hollow body and P-90 pickups! Mahogany back with a figured Maple top and in very clean, excellent condition. Plays great with a comfortable medium-C shaped neck and the P-90 pickups sound fantastic, producing a clear, punchy single-coil tone. Includes original hardshell case.
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2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard R0

2013 Gibson Custom 1960 Les Paul Standard R0 Historic Tom Murphy Aged. A faithful recreation of the original 1960 Les Paul expertly aged by the legendary Tom Murphy! Excellent, near mint condition with the original sticker still on the pickguard. This guitar plays superbly with the slimmer 1960 neck profile and captures the authentic worn-in feel, usually only found in high-priced vintage...
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1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage 80

1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage 80. The Heritage 80 was one of Gibson’s firsts attempts at creating a guitar inspired by the golden age sunburst Les Pauls made between 1958 and 1960. This one is in very good shape for its age with light play wear and some tarnishing of the nickel hardware. This guitar has a great setup and is an excellent player with a clear and punchy tone from the...
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2016 Gibson ES-Les Paul

2016 Gibson ES-Les Paul. A rare, limited edition ES-Les Paul made in Memphis featuring no f-holes and a Sunburst-finished flame Maple top. Very clean, excellent condition. This guitar has the traditional LP look without the weight and the hollow-body construction adds another level of tonal dimension. Plays smoothly with a fantastic sound. The ES-Les Paul nails the classic humbucker tone with an...
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1962 Fender Super Amp

1962 Fender Super Amp. The brownface Super features 40 watts of power and a pair of 10″ speakers for a loud, full sound with a tight, punchy low end and the ability to break up nicely at reasonable volumes. Very good condition with a replaced handle and non-original vintage 10″ Jensen C10Q speakers dating to 1966. An incredible sounding vintage Fender amp with the signature brownface harmonic...
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John Walker The Lochsa

John Walker The Lochsa. A top quality guitar from boutique luthier John Walker! These guitars are expertly crafted in Perry Creek, MT and produce an incredible sound. This custom Lochsa is a take on the classic D-28 dreadnaught and features a Red Spruce top with East Indian Rosewood back and sides and Holly binding. Excellent, near mint condition. This guitar is a cannon with tons of volume and...
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1960 Fender Jazzmaster

1960 Fender Jazzmaster. An early custom color Blonde Jazzmaster formerly owned by Joe Bonamassa! This guitar features a resonant Ash body and plays great with a slimmer neck profile. All original with the exception of a well done refret (original nut and frets in case). The original black-bottom pickups have a great sound with a balanced output and clear, lively tone. The neck pickup delivers a...
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1954 Fender Stratocaster

1954 Fender Stratocaster. One of the earliest runs of the Stratocaster featuring the back-plate serial number! These first 100 or so Stratocasters with back-plate serial numbers, often referred to as prototype instruments, are an important piece of Fender history. This guitar feels excellent and delivers the classic, glassy ’50s Strat tone. A fine example of one of the rarest pre-CBS Fender...
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1952 Fender Esquire

1952 Fender Esquire. A super clean, 100% original Esquire! This fantastic guitar was a one-owner instrument until just a few months ago when it was acquired by a collector, soon finding its way into our shop. These blackguard Esquires are even rarer than their two pickup counterpart, the Telecaster, and this is one of the finest examples we’ve seen! The neck has the perfect medium-chunky C-shaped...
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1964 Fender Precision Bass

1964 Fender Precision Bass. An all original pre-CBS P-bass! Very good condition with minor dings and finish wear. The wider C-width neck plays great and is perfect for larger hands and those who just like a roomier fretboard. Excellent sounding pickups, producing a classic P-bass thump and clarity, with a liveliness only found in these older instruments. Includes original hardshell case.
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2002 Rickenbacker 360

2002 Rickenbacker 360 in Fireglo. Very good condition with only light signs of use. Feels fantastic with a comfortable, smooth playing neck and easy upper fret access. The “Hi-Gain” pickups have a classic Rick sound that is both chimey and jangly. Delivers a perfect tone for rhythm work and the clarity of this guitar also works great paired with pedals. Includes original hardshell case.
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1988 Fender Stratocaster Plus

1988 Fender Stratocaster Plus. A predecessor to the American Standard Deluxe series, these guitars were one of Fender’s top of the line offerings when released. This one is very clean for its age with a striking Bahama Green finish. Features Sperzel locking tuners and a Wilkinson roller nut for superb tuning stability. Fitted with three Lace Sensor Strat pickups for amazing tone without all the...
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1965 Fender Bass VI

1965 Fender Bass VI. An early F-plate Bass VI! Features a clay-dot, May of 1963 neck, which Fender had a surplus of and used on Bass VIs into 1966. Black finish appears to be an old refin (possibly factory refin) over Candy Apple Red. Plays great and has a killer set of pickups delivering a punchy, detailed tone. These instruments, tuned a full octave below the guitar, work well as standard...
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1956 Gibson Les Paul

1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. Completely original with the exception of one small replaced saddle screw and features the rare gold painted back. A super lightweight LP at only 7 lbs 13 oz and extremely resonant! This one plays very well with the original frets and sports a comfortable chunky mid-’50s neck profile. The original P-90s are super versatile with a fat, clear single-coil tone and...
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