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~1930 Gibson Smeck Stage Deluxe

1930s Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe. Originally a Hawaiian style square-neck guitar, this one has been converted to be played as a traditional Spanish guitar. The neck was shaved down to a nice V-profile, frets added, and the tuners were replaced with high-end Waverly tuners. This guitar now plays great and features a wide 2″ nut width that fingerpickers and slide players will love. The jumbo...
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1973 Gibson ES-335

1973 Gibson ES-335 in a rare Black finish! Very good condition with minor cosmetic wear, dings and finish checking. Overall solid and a nice player with a lovely feel and sound. The body is very resonant and the pickups have a clear, articulate tone. This guitar covers everything from warm clean Jazz tones, to singing Blues and even heavy Rock sounds with ease. A versatile vintage instrument with...
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1986 Fernandes Limited Edition

1986 Fernandes Limited Edition. A great Strat clone with a wonderful take on a Burgundy Mist finish! Good condition with some finish wear and dings, but plays and feels fantastic. Fitted with American Fender pickups and new electronics. This guitar has a killer sound and delivers all of the classic Strat tones with ease! Includes gig bag.
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1964 Silvertone 1448 “Amp-In-Case”

1964 Silvertone 1448 “Amp-In-Case”. Probably the most iconic Silvertone, the model 1448 is a favorite of many big acts including Beck, Cat Power and Dexter Romweber. These guitars are great and have a ton of character! Features semi-hollowbody construction, a nice thick slab Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and classic “Lipstick” pickup. This one is in good condition overall, but does have some top...
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1961 Gibson J-200

1961 Gibson J-200. The king of flattops! This jumbo acoustic features a Spruce top with flame Maple back and sides. Very good condition with some finish checking. Replaced waffle-back tuners, screws added to pickguard, 1/4″ jack hole on the lower side and added strap button on the heel of the neck. Big, punchy tone with lots of clarity and a sparkly top end. A great rhythm strummer and also...
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1967 Gibson ES-330 TD

1967 Gibson ES-330TD. A real beauty with an amazing tone! All original and in great condition with just some minor play wear and typical finish checking. A fabulous player with a comfortable slimmer 60’s profile neck that has excellent playability up the entire fretboard. The stock P-90 pickups have an incredibly warm sound and deliver a growling overdrive with a thick and cutting midrange. A...
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1964 Gretsch 6135 Corvette

1964 Gretsch 6135 Corvette. A killer Gretsch solid-body with tons of vibe! The original Cherry finish shows lots of wear, checking, and dings, but the guitar is in solid shape overall. Original with the exception of repro Kluson tuners and replaced pots. A great player and features the stock Burns vibrato unit. Fitted with a pair of Hilo’Tron pickups, which have a very lively tone with a twangy...
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1972 Fender Mustang

1972 Fender Competition Mustang. A super coolMustang in Competition Red with the iconic racing stripe! This guitar is all original and in very good condition with just some areas of finish wear. Plays great and produces a wonderful twangy tone! Includes original hardshell case.
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1960 Fender Stratocaster

1960 Fender Stratocaster. A perfect slab-board Stratocaster! This one is in very good shape with just some minor finish wear and is 100% original! Plays great with a fast, slim neck typical of ’59 and ’60. Lightweight at under 7.5 pounds and very resonant. The original pickups deliver a fantastic tone and are warm, woody and balanced with a gorgeous sound in every position! Includes original...
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1950 Gibson J-45

1950 Gibson J-45. An outstanding vintage slope-shoulder dread! Very good shape with normal finish wear and checking. Great feeling medium profile neck and an amazing tone. Full low end on this one with a woody midrange and snappy trebles. A fantastic strummer and perfect accompaniment instrument for songwriters! Includes chip case.
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1961 Fender Bass VI

1961 Fender Bass VI. This one is from the earliest batch of production featuring a “10/61” neck date, “clipped” Fender decal and first generation pickups. Very good condition with normal finish wear and original with the exception of a new nut (original nut included). Currently setup as a baritone guitar tuned B-b. Plays great and the low tuning creates a very thick sound. The earlier style...
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1967 Rickenbacker 360

1967 Rickenbacker 360. This guitar is in very good condition with just some light play wear and minor buckle rash on he back of the guitar. The neck feels great and the setup is superb, making this an excellent player. The toaster pickups provide that classic Rickenbacker jangle and are warm and full with a sparkly top end. Includes original hardshell case.
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1964 Gibson L-5 CES

1964 Gibson L-5 CES and 1964 Gibson GA-77 RVT. An incredible set purchased together by the original owner! The L-5 is considered by many to be the king of Gibson archtops. This beautifully crafted L-5 shows off Gibson’s elegance and high level of quality. This guitar shows some areas of finish wear, but is in overall great shape. Added old school eyelet hook at the base of the neck for a strap...
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1986 Roland Jazz Chorus JC-77

1986 Roland JC-77 Jazz Chorus. The JC-77 is the smaller sibling of the legendary JC-120 featuring 80 watts of power, two 10″ speakers, true stereo chorus and real spring reverb. All original and in very good shape with some minor wear. These amps sound awesome for loud, clean guitar, are perfect for pedals and even sound great with synths and keys. The onboard chorus effect has that iconic,...
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1966 Fender Pro Reverb

1966 Fender Pro Reverb. These amps have the big, full sound of the Twin Reverbs with a lot less weight and the ability to get some break up a reasonable volumes. Very good condition and original with the exception of a set of era-correct 12″ Jensen P12PS speakers. This amp delivers huge, glassy, three-dimensional clean tones with plenty of headroom for effects. Once you get to about 5 on the...
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1974 Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead 100w

1974 Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead 100w. A powerhouse vintage head with an iconic British crunch tone! This amp is in very good condition with light wear and all original. Sounds fantastic with a huge sound, punchy mid-range grit and tons of volume. Includes 16 ohm THD hotplate.
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1977 Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead 100w

1977 Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead 100w. Non-master volume. An excellent vintage Marshall head with a classic Rock tone! Good condition with some tolex wear. Sounds fantastic with a huge sound, punchy mid-range grit and tons of volume. A killer head, perfect amp for vintage Marshall crunch tones!
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1977 Marshall JMP Mark II 50 Watt

1977 Marshall JMP Mark II 50 Watt. 2×12 combo. Original Fawn tolex. Amp is in good condition with some tolex wear and a replaced handle, but is in overall nice shape. Speakers have been replaced with a pair of Celestion Vintage 30s. This amp sounds great and moves some serious air! Huge clean tones and the perfect classic Rock crunch tones with a nice midrange punch. This amp rocks!
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Mesa Boogie Express 5:25

Mesa Boogie Express 5:25. A sweet all-tube amp with loads of features including 2 independent channels, effects loop and spring reverb. This amp has been well cared for and is in very good cosmetic and functioning condition. Sounds incredible for both cleans and drive with the ability to run the amp at 5, 15 or 25 watts. This compact combo has a huge, powerful sound while still being easy to tote...
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1964 Fender Vibroverb

1964 Fender Vibroverb. A rare and classic amp from the Fender blackface lineup! The Vibroverb is considered by many to be the cream of the crop of the vintage blackface Fender amps and was popularized in part by Stevie Ray Vaughn’s use of the amp. This one is in very good condition and original with the exception of replaced grill cloth, removed casters and serviced with newer electrolytic...
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1917 Gibson A1 Mandolin

1917 Gibson A1 Mandolin. A great playing vintage mandolin! Good condition with some cosmetic wear. Refinished back/sides and the headstock stencil has been repainted. Sounds fantastic with a warm throaty tone and fantastic projection! Includes hardshell case.
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2016 Gibson Les Paul ’50s Tribute T

2016 Gibson Les Paul ’50s Tribute T. An affordable USA-made Les Paul with traditional styling! Features a weight-relieved Mahogany body with a Satin Gold finished Maple top, vintage style keystone tuners and an unbound Mahogany neck. Excellent condition and plays amazingly with a rounded ’50s profile neck, 12″ radius and medium jumbo frets! Fitted with a pair 490R and 498T humbuckers for a warm,...
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1955 D'Angelico New Yorker

1955 D’Angelico New Yorker. John D’Angelico was one of America’s finest luthiers and produced what many believe to be finest archtops of all time! This beauty is an amazing piece and features a large 18″ body with a fully carved Spruce top and gorgeous carved flamed Maple back and sides. Adorned with the classic “stair step” tailpiece and Grover imperial tuners. This guitar has a wonderfully...
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~2000 Fender Telecaster Thinline

2000s Fender Telecaster Thinline. Crafted in Japan. A great variation on the classic Tele featuring a chambered body for fatter, woodier tone! This one is in excellent condition and a fantastic player. This guitar nails all the classic Tele tones while also being able to produce warmer, open clean tones making it an incredibly versatile guitar. Includes gig bag.
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1931 Martin OM-28

1931 Martin OM-28. An incredible pre-war OM-28 in very original condition! Beautiful Adirondack Spruce top with Brazilian Rosewood back/sides and herringbone binding. Original finish, tuners, bridge, bridge plate and bar frets. Some honest play wear, but overall very solid with only one repaired and hardly noticeable top crack below the bridge and a cleanly repaired side crack (no cleats). The...
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2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Left-Handed. Very good condition with minor play wear and missing pickguard. Very nice ’50s rounded profile neck for a vintage feel. Loaded with a fantastic sounding set of ’57 Classic humbuckers, producing a warm and punchy tone. A sweet guitar with a classic look and feel! Includes original hardshell case.
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1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite

1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite. A very clean 1-owner guitar! The Elite Stratocaster added new features to the Stratocaster, which up until its time had remained mostly unchanged from its original design. The Elite features a redesigned bridge and active pickups with three push button on/off switches for each pickup. This guitar in in great shape with just some minor wear and is a sweet player....
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2004 Fender Closet Classic Stratocaster

2004 Fender Custom Shop Closet Classic Stratocaster. A fantastic Stratocaster featuring a Blonde Ash body and gorgeous birdseye Maple neck with a Rosewood fretboard. Also features the classic oversized headstock, locking tuners and a unique lefty two-point tremolo setup. Very clean condition with just some minor wear on the pickguard. A solid guitar with an excellent tone and perfect feel!...
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1988 G&L ASAT

1988 G&L ASAT. Very Good condition with some light surface scratches and a few minor dings. Plays very well with comfortable medium-C neck. Fitted with a pair of Jumbo MFD pickups which deliver a full, balanced tone and a chimey top end. Includes original hardshell case.
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G&L ASAT Classic

G&L ASAT Classic. A continuation of the classic Tele design! Iconic Butterscotch Blonde finished Ash body with a Hard Rock Maple neck. Excellent condition with hardly any signs of wear. Very resonant with a lively feel. The ASAT Classic MFD single-coil pickups deliver a great Tele twang with a slightly fatter sound and less noise. Includes original hardshell case.
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