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2017 REVEREND Six Gun

Hard case available separately. ships FREE within domestic US, contact us to place an order! From Reverend Guitars; The latest Six Gun now with the new, sleeker body shape. Imagine an “S” style guitar on steroids… those familiar tones but bigger, and with a tremolo that stays in tune! This tone gun features our new Salnico single-coils featuring alnico 5 rod magnets, for a classic shimmer...
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1960 Gibson SUPER 400C

Summary:   In 1934 Gibson introduced the Super 400 as it’s top of the line acoustic arch-top guitar. This instrument was one of the last Super 400 guitars with the venetian cutaway and the 3 piece (maple / mahogany / maple) neck. This instrument is 18” wide with a spruce top and figured maple back and sides. This guitar has 7 ply top biding with triple bound back and f-holes. This...
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1967 Gibson ES-345 TDC

Summary: The ES-345 was introduced shortly after the ES-335. The ES-345 differed from the 335 in its inclusion of a Vari-tone tone selector circuit, split-parallelogram inlays, stereo output, and gold hardware. While the ES-345 was original envisioned as an upgraded version of the ES-335, classic 335s are more desirable on the vintage market. The full catalog name for the ES-345 is the...
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1972 Gibson Les Paul Dlx

Summary: In late 1960, Gibson replaced the Les Paul body shape with the SG design. When the original Les Paul was relaunched in the late '60s, the new "Standard" in the catalog was dubbed the Les Paul Deluxe until the actual Standard came back in in 1975 (though there were a few reissues of '50s Standards made in 1968 and 1969). The new Les Paul Deluxe included a four-ply Maple and Mahogany body,...
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2015 Nash JB-63

Summary: This Nash JB-63 may be the best playing, best sounding bass that we have in the shop. This bass is aged and looks like an old Fender. This bass includes a very cool hardshell case! Body: Solid Alder contoured body with a 3 ply pickguard. Neck: Maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and dot inlays. Open back Gotoh tuning keys. PU/Hardware: 2 Lollar pickups – 2 volume knobs and one...
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1965 Guild® Starfire™ IV

Summary: This Starfire IV is a great example of the "highly popular semi-hollow Guild classic, with a graceful double-cutaway thinline body and incomparable tone and feel" (GuildGuitars.com). Prized by many guitarists as a solid, well-crafted rocking instrument, this beauty plays and sounds dreamy. Body: Semi-hollow construction with f-holes. Laminated arched spruce top. Laminated figured...
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1968 Guild® Starfire™ IV

Summary: The Starfire series has been Guild's most consistently successful electric guitar line since its inception, and was by far the company's most popular electric instrument in the 1960's. This beautiful vintage instrument plays and sounds great. Body: Semi-hollow, double cutaway, laminated mahogany with a beautiful cherry red finish. Neck: Three-piece mahogany/maple/mahogany set...
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1965 Gibson ES-125 TC

Summary: “The ES-125 evolved out of the ES-100 in 1941 and was produced until 1943. Upon its reintroduction in 1946, the ES-125 changed in a number of ways including a wider body, a new P-90 pickup, and trapezoid inlays. The ES-125 was updated again in 1950 with an adjustable P-90 pickup and dot inlays. Through the '60s, a number of variations on the original ES-125 were produced including a...
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2014 Taylor 524CE

Summary: “This cutaway Grand Auditorium blends Taylor’s most versatile body style with the fundamental focus and meaty midrange of mahogany, emphasized further with the mahogany soundboard. Performance bracing uniquely optimizes the musical output of the body shape to produce more power and volume. From fingerpicking to medium strumming, your acoustic tone will be clear and direct, and it...
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2000 Rickenbacker 350 V63

Summary: Based on the classic 325 Series guitars, this vintage stylization updates the traditional design to full scale size and performance. Vintage Single Coil Toaster Top™ pickups, solid black knobs, replica tuners, and trapeze tailpiece hark back to another era, but offers the feel and sound which modern day guitarists demand. Body: Semi-hollow maple body Neck: Maple neck with Rosewood...
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Rick Maguire Meridian #29

This beautiful Rick Maguire guitar is on consignment from the builder himself. exquisite tone woods and craftsmanship combines in a truly stunning one of a kind guitar. The guitar has a few very small wear marks from being show at guitar shows but is in excellent shape and available now!!! "#029 Meridian SPECS - AAAAA tonewoods - 7lbs, 9.5 oz. - Thru-tenon neck construction -...
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2016 Gibson Custom Shop 69' Reissue ES-335

Summary: Gibson Memphis is proud to introduce the Limited Run 1969 ES-335, which incorporates an array of classic specs that can be found on the 335s from the late '60s. Holding true to late '60s features, the Limited Run 1969 ES-335 boasts a narrow nut width, slightly larger f-holes, witch hat control knobs, a trapeze tailpiece, accurate block fingerboard inlays, and a vintage-inspired holly...
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1980 Fender® Jazz Bass®

Summary: The Fender Jazz Bass was introduced in 1960 as a higher-end alternative to the Precision Bass with closer string spacing, a thinner neck profile at the nut, and two punchy single-coil pickups. This particular Jazz bass has a beautiful natural finish and a black pickguard with Chrome hardware. This instrument has a fully bound rosewood neck and it also has the original bridge cover & the...
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1973 Fender® Jazz Bass®

Summary: The Fender Jazz Bass was introduced in 1960 as a higher-end alternative to the Precision Bass with closer string spacing, a thinner neck profile at the nut, and two punchy single-coil pickups. The Jazz Bass evolved in a number of subtle ways throughout the 60s with major changes coming during the CBS Fender buyout of 1965. This bass is solid black with a black pickguard. This JB has a...
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~1968 Kustom K-200

Summary: Best known for their iconic Tuck and Roll amplifiers, Kustom briefly produced a line of guitars and basses. Made in 1968 and 1969, these unique and rare instruments featured a semi-hollow body of unusual design—the front and back were made separately, hollowed out, then joined together. They have been called the love-child of a Mosrite and a Rickenbacker. Body: Sandwiched (2-piece)...
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1924 Gibson A4 Snakehead Mandolin w/Virzi

Summary: Made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, serial # 78686, red sunburst finish, birch back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard, comes with original black hard shell case with the actual skeleton key and case candy. This A-4 dates to 1924, the last year of LLoyd Loar's employment at Gibson. These "Snakehead" instruments are known for their tone and projection and have all the...
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1972 Fender® Telecaster® Bass

Summary: The Telecaster Bass rolled out in 1968 as essentially a reissue of the original Precision Bass from the early '50s. In 1972, Fender changed the Telecaster bass to include a humbucker and they also used the blonde finish – this is a great example of this model and a perfect instrument for a player. Body: Double cutaway solid body - Adler body, Maple neck, Maple fingerboard. Neck:...
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1965 Fender® Jazzmaster™

Summary: This is a beautiful example of a 65’ Jazzmaster in incredible shape for its age, set up to perfection and ready to make your dreams come true! Body: Alder offset contour body. Three-tone sunburst finish. Neck: One-piece Maple bolt-on neck. Unbound veneer rosewood fretboard with pearl dot markers. 25.5” scale. 7.25” radius. 1 5/8” nut. Electronics/Hardware: Two original...
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1967 Gibson ES-335 TDC

Summary: This cherry red 335 looks beautiful, plays great and sounds totally awesome. This guitar comes with the original hard shell case! Body: Semi-hollow 335 / Maple Body / Rosewood fretboard Neck: Bound Mahogany set neck with a rosewood fretboard and abalone pearl block inlays. The nut width is 1 9/16". This guitar has been refretted and the frets are in great shape with lots of life...
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1976 Fender® Starcaster

Fender’s Starcaster model was a direct response to Gibson’s beloved Es-335 line of semi-hollow thin-line guitars. The most obvious deviations are the off-set Jaguar/Jazzmaster-esque body shape, bolt-on neck and unique wide curved headstock design. Fender had commissioned the famed pickup designer Seth Lover to create their first humbucking pickup design, the “Wide-Range Humbucker”. The Starcaster...
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~1965 Vox Phantom IV Bass

Summary: One of Vox's most iconic bass designs, the Vox Phantom IV was introduced in 1963. This bass featured two single-coil pickups, volume and tone controls, and a unique five-sided body. This particular bass was made in Italy & it was probably made in the late 1960’s. Body: Trapezoidal (5 sided) solid body Neck: Fully bound Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays – the...
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~2000 Fender® CIJ Pink Paisley Stratocaster®

Summary: These Japanese made Paisleys are sought after for their build quality and unique look, and are getting harder to find on the market. Body: Basswood Stratocaster body. Pink Paisley finish. Neck: Four-bolt maple D-shape with maple board. Black dot fret markers. Electronics/Hardware: Three single-coil pickups. Five-way pickup selector. One volume and two controls. String-through...
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1965 Fender® Stratocaster®

Summary: This Strat hails from the golden age of American guitar design and is a stunning, toneful example of one of the most iconic models ever made. Body: Double cutaway contoured alder body. Three-tone sunburst finish. Neck: Maple D shaped neck. Rosewood fretboard with pearloid dot inlays. Smaller, early-style headstock. Refretted with jumbo frets. Electronics/Hardware: Three...
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1978 Fender® Jazz Bass®

Summary: A great-playing, super clean example of an iconic bass. Body: Offset-waist contoured alder body with three color sunburst finish. Neck: Maple with bound rosewood fretboard. Block inlays. 34” scale. Electronics/Hardware: Two single-coil pickups. Two volume and one master tone control with black knobs. Open-gear “Fender”-stamped tuners. Chrome bridge and pickup covers. Treble-side...
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1970 Dan Armstrong Lucite Guitar w/3 interchangeable pickups

Summary: From Keith Richards to Greg Ginn to Dave Grohl, the Dan Armstrong has been one of the most iconic and unique guitars around. This model was produced for a short time between 1969 and 1971. Its most innovative features are its see-through Lucite body and removable pickup. Body: Solid clear Lucite. Neck: Maple bolt-on. Rosewood fretboard with small dot inlays....
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~1960 Valco Airline Res-O-Glass ¾ Scale

Summary: This rare short scale (22 1/4") instrument was produced by Valco in Chicago, who produced the famed fiberglass "Res-O-Glass" instruments under the Supro and National brand names. The "Airline" name was exclusive to the Montgomery Ward catalog. This is a genuine, USA-made guitar with two powerful Supro single coil pickups. Body: Res-O-Glass (fiberglass) in red with white rubber seal....
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1968 Epiphone Casino

Summary: The Casino is Epiphone’s most iconic model, exceeding its Gibson counterpart, the ES-330, in popularity amongst players and collectors alike. This beautiful cherry red example is a snappy vintage classic. Body: Hollow thin-line maple body. Single-ply bound top and back. Cherry nitrocellulose finish. Neck: Mahogany set neck with a medium-slim profile. Rosewood fretboard with...
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1965 Fender® Jazzmaster™

Summary: Once you play this all original 1965 Jazzmaster, you’ll know it’s the real deal—pure vintage tone and feel. Body: Alder offset contour body. Three-tone sunburst finish. Neck: One-piece Maple bolt-on neck.Unbound veneer rosewood fretboard with pearl dot markers. 25.5” scale. 7.25” radius. 1 5/8” nut. Pickups/Hardware: Two original Jazzmaster single-coil pickups in white plastic...
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1956 Guild® CE-100

Summary: While Guild’s famous Slim Jim T-100 was designed as a student model, the upscale full-body CE-100 was a decidedly more professional instrument. This example is a beautiful early Hoboken-built jazz box with tons of character and tone. Body: Fully hollow body with single sharp cutaway. Maple back and sides. Arched bound maple top with f-holes. Sunburst finish on top; mahogany stain on...
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2004 Gibson B.B. King Lucille

Summary: When B. B. King was playing ES-335s and 355s, he used to stuff the f-holes to eliminate feedback. When it came time to design his signature guitar, his first request was to get rid of those f-holes, and “Lucille” was born. With a fine tuner tailpiece, a semi-hollow design with no f-holes, multi-ply binding and Varitone circuitry, the Gibson “Lucille” model is just like B. B.'s. Body:...
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