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1999 Fender Stratocaster

Summary: This Stratocaster started its life as an American Standard but has received a few modern upgrades along the way. It has a Seymour Duncan humbucker in the bridge and 2 Seymour Duncan single coils for the neck and middle positions, an added roller nut and Sperzel locking tuners. This work horse has been played quite a bit and shows some bumps and scratches typical for a guitar that’s...
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2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T

Summary: This Gibson is in excellent used condition and has just been setup and restrung with 10s by our in-house guitar tech. The action has been set low and comfortable and it ships in its original hard-shell case. This is what Gibson has to say- “All the ingredients that made the Les Paul name legendary are in the Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016 T. This is truly a comprehensively featured,...
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2000 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Summary: This Fender Stratocaster is in fine used condition and has been upgraded with Fender Custom Shop pickups. The sunburst finish shows off the beautiful wood grain and the modern C neck profile is very comfortable. It has just been setup and restrung by our in-house guitar tech with 10 gauge strings, low action and a straight neck. It ships in its original hard-shell case. Body: ...
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1969 Yamaha G-160

Summary: This Yamaha classical guitar is in fine vintage condition and sounds and plays far better than the price tags would lead you to believe. They have a fantastic build quality and really stand the test of time. It has just been restrung and setup by our in house luthier and ships in a gigbag fully insured. Body: Laminate spruce top with rosewood back and sides and multi-ply...
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2005 Fender Stratocaster

Summary: This is a classic looking & great playing Fender Stratocaster from 2005 and we have just fully inspected this instrument & set it up with a fresh set of 10’s. Body: Classic Stratocaster double cutaway in a 3 tone sunburst finish. It has a 3 ply w/b/w pickguard and no back-plate. Neck: Maple neck with a dark rich rosewood fingerboard with skunk stripe on the back. This strat...
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Godin Multiac

Summary: Hand crafted in Canada, this Godin Multiac is a very unique guitar with a surprising amount of volume for its thin body. The herringbone binding and sunburst finish is a timeless touch to this modern steel string and the Fishman pickup/preamp system with 4 different mic imaging voices make it very versatile. It is in beautiful shape, has just been setup and restrung by our in-house...
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2001 Gibson SG Special

Summary: This SG shows a fair amount of playwear around the body with various pick scratches, nicks, dings and buckle rash but the frets are in great shape with no noticeable dents or grooves. There are a few cracks by the control knobs but they don’t affect playability. It has just been setup and restrung with a new set of 10s by our in house guitar tech and it plays and sounds great....
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1966 Hagstrom Hagstrom 1

Summary: This Hagstrom 1 is the 2 pickup version with baby blue tolex material on back and translucent blue material on top. These Swedish guitars were made to compete with the Fender Stratocaster but certainly sit in a category all their own with the big magnet single coil-pickups, slim neck and unique vibrato arm system. This one has just been setup by our in-house guitar tech and had some...
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Samick Greg Bennett Remington

Summary: This electric bass is a smooth playing instrument with a very unique acoustic look. Featuring a spruce top, abalone rosette and active piezo electronics, this bass is in great shape, ships in a gigbag and has just been setup and restrung by our in-house guitar tech. Body: Single cutaway lightweight mahogany body with spruce top, belly cut, abalone rosette and multi ply b/w/b...
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1977 Ovation Magnum 1

Summary: Very few basses compete with the unique functionality and style of the illustrious Ovation Magnum 1! Its offset body shape is stunning and the graphite strip running the length of the neck makes it rigid and impervious to warpage. The pickups in this bass are a design that is 100% Ovation- the neck pickup has 4 individual mini CTS pots for adjusting the output of each pole piece and...
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1977 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

Summary: In order to combat the popularity of the Gibson Les Paul in the increasingly “heavy” rock scene of the early seventies, Fender decided to drop its single-coil-only policy and develop its own mean, twin-humbucker machine: the Telecaster Deluxe. Employing none other than Seth Lover, the man who had designed the original humbucker for Gibson, they launched the “wide-range” humbucker. ...
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1977 Fender Telecaster Deluxe

Summary: The Telecaster Deluxe was one of several updated Telecaster designs of the CBS-era along with the Telecaster Thinline and Custom. The Deluxe wielded two Wide Range humbucker pickups as designed by former Gibson innovator, Seth Lover. Unlike most Telecasters, this guitar also featured a 'belly-cut' contour on the back of the body. This one is from 1976 & it is in wonderful condition...
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Reverend PA-1

Summary: from Reverend Guitars: Reverend teamed up with country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson to design a hollow body guitar. Pete wanted a classic hollow sound and look, but with the ability to play at higher volumes without uncontrollable feedback. So we developed the Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 with the innovative Uni-Brace, that not only addresses...
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2019 Nash JM-63

Summary: This Nash JM-63 has a nice 3 tone sunburst relic finish, pro setup from our in-house guitar tech and a beautiful sounding set of Lollar pickups. It is in excellent used condition and ships in its original gold snakeskin case with whammy bar. Body: Tastefully reliced sunburst alder offset body. Neck: full C maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, white dots, vintage tinted...
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1979 Gibson The Paul

Summary: This unique solid walnut Gibson has been played and gigged quite a bit but has no cracks, breaks or visible repairs to mention. The neck pickup is a Gibson T-Top and the bridge pickup is a vintage Dimarzio Super Distortion. Our in-house guitar tech has just inspected, setup and restrung this guitar with a new set of 10s and it is playing great despite there being a fair amount of...
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1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Summary: This 1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom has a gorgeous flame maple top with deep cherry burst finish and gold hardware. It has the stock Bill Lawrence "circuit board" pickups, called HB-R and HB-L "The Original" and Grover tuners. This Guitar has been fully inspected, received a pro setup by our in house guitar tech and restrung with a new set of 10s. It ships in its original hardshell...
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2003 Fender '69 Reissue Tele

Summary: This 2003 Fender Telecaster ’69 RI Thinline has a chambered mahogany body and a replacement MIM neck from 2003. The pickups have been upgraded to Rio Grande Telecaster pickups and they sound great. The guitar has been re-fretted and there are a few chips and scratches in the fingerboard but it still plays and sounds good. It has just been restrung with a new set of 10s and the action...
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2019 Martin 000-15SM

Summary: The 15 Series 000-15SM Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic Guitar improves on a previous model known as the 000-15S. The 15 Series 000-15SM shares the same all-mahogany body with slotted headstock as its predecessor but now comes with a morado fingerboard and bridge, real rosette, improved abalone fretboard inlays, and nickel tuners with butterbean nobs. This small-bodied guitar harkens back...
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2020 Suhr Custom Classic S

Summary: This Suhr is in immaculate condition, has 3 excellent sounding single coil pickups and a smooth vibrato bridge that stays in tune even while dive bombing. The finish is called ice blue metallic and the maple neck has a great soft satin feel. It has just been setup by our in-house guitar tech and restrung with a new set of 10s and ships in its original gig bag. Body: This alder...
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1963 Fender Duo Sonic

Summary: This Duo-Sonic has wear in all the right places….the finish on the back of the neck is nice and worn down giving the neck a great soft feel and the original frets have plenty of life left in them. All the original hardware and electronics are there and it plays and sounds like a vintage Fender should. Our guitar tech has just inspected, set up and restrung this Duo with a new set of...
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1997 Fender Telecaster Custom '72 Reissue

Summary: These Japanese made Fender reissues are an excellent quality and value. This one is a faithful recreation of a 72 Tele Custom with wide range humbucker in the neck and large black pickguard. It has steel saddles, Gotoh tuners, flatpole bridge pickup and bullet truss rod. Our in-house guitar tech just set this tele up with low action and a new set of 10s and it plays superbly! It...
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Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition Custom Shop

Summary: This is one nice Epiphone! The white finish looks great with the gold hardware and it plays beautifully thanks to a pro setup by our in-house guitar tech. There are a few scuffs and dings but nothing severe. There is a decal on the back of the headstock which reads “Limited Edition Epiphone Custom Shop”. It ships in a gig bag. Body: Solid body Les Paul with arched top, gloss...
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1972 Fender Mustang

Summary: This is one of the cleanest Competition Mustangs we’ve had in our shop in a long time and the blue finish is stunning. It is all original, has just been setup and restrung by our in house guitar tech and ships in its original silver hard-shell case with whammy bar! Body: Solid body with blue finish and racing stripes. Neck: Chunky maple neck with veneer rosewood fingerboard,...
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1972 Martin D-28

Summary: This vintage Martin is in great shape with just a bit of pick-wear through the lacquer on the top and some finish checking. It has an under-saddle pickup installed and the action is set comfortable for flatpicking, strumming or fingerpicking. Our guitar tech has just restrung this guitar with a new set of 12s and made a new bone nut for it, it sound and plays wonderfully. It is...
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1973 Fender Mustang

Summary: In the late 60s and early 70s, Fender did something very cool with their “student model” Mustang guitar. The Fender Mustang now had 3 slick racing stripes located by the new upper arm contour and features the same Dynamic Vibrato unit and dual single coil pickup configuration that we come to expect from the Mustang. This Fender has the beautiful Competition Red finish, veneer rosewood...
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1982 Peavey T-15

Summary: The Peavey T-15 electric guitar of the 1980s is something of a hidden gem -- and an affordable one, at that. This short-scale oddity, dubbed the "Mississippi Mustang" by its owners and admirers, was originally marketed as an entry-level/student instrument, though their consistency and durability has recently found some favor and landed them in rather wide use for touring indie rock...
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1971 Fender Telecaster

Summary:  The Fender Telecaster is one of the most important electric guitars of all time and this one has held up wonderfully over the past 50 years.  Total simplicity with 2 knobs, 2 pickups and a variety of classic tones.  This Fender Telecaster has a wonderfully aged blonde finish with lots of natural wear, a nice thick maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.  It is a testament to Fenders...
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1969 Fender Mustang

Summary: The classic Fender Mustang with the racing stripe on the side is always a fan favorite at the shop. This Particular Mustang is in great shape, sounds awesome and ships in its original hard-shell case with whammy bar. Our in house luthier has just inspected, set up and restrung this Fender with a new set of 10s and it is a knockout of a guitar! Body: Double cutaway solid body...
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~1997 Fender JB-62

Summary: The Fender Japanese made instruments from the ‘90s are some of the finest crafted instruments for the money! This bass is a faithful recreation of a 1962 Fender Jazz bass and when you play this instrument you can tell that it was made to last a lifetime. Body: Solid body Jazz bass with a beautiful sunburst finish. Neck: Maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, 34” scale...
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2019 Fender Rarities Telecaster

Summary: From Fenders website - “Combining exotic tonewoods with premium pickups and appointments, the limited-edition Rarities Collection creates a truly unique musical experience. The Rarities Flame Maple Top Chambered Telecaster features a chambered, two-piece roasted alder body with a natural flame maple top, separated by a black center stripe. The Tim Shaw custom-designed 50s vintage-style...
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