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1951 Fender Broadcaster Telecaster

1951 Fender Broadcaster (Telecaster). This early '51 Broadcaster features the closed back single line Kluson tuners, with patent number on outside, and body with lack of diagonal route, two key features of early Broadcasters. As an early '51, with January neck date, and early February body date, this would have been one of the last Broadcasters before Fender starting clipping decals. With that...
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1946 Martin 000-18

1946 Martin 000-18. This guitar has been professionally refinished, and looks perfect. There are no known cracks or repairs on the guitar. The action is low and the guitar plays and sounds wonderful. Frets and fingerboard are in excellent condition. The pick guard, and tuners have been changed on the guitar. The tuners are modern Grover vintage style open backs as used on modern Martin...
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1963 Fender Stratocaster

1963 Fender Stratocaster. This all original guitar is in absolutely pristine original condition. Although the body has a fair number of paint chips, the rest of the guitar is in near mint condition, with all nickel parts shiny and clean with no rust or tarnish. The neck finish is in near mint condition, with no wear spots, and lacquer remains glossy. Original frets have only the slightest amount...
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1963 Fender Stratocaster

1963 Fender Stratocaster. This guitar features at body refinish in Nitro Lacquer Sonic Blue by Fiesta Finishes. The neck finish is very, very old and weathered, but appears to have had an overspray, or partial refinish, at least on the back of the neck. The neck was recently professionally refretted with 6105 frets, the perfect fret size for Fender guitars. The fingerboard has some wear, but...
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1969 Fender Telecaster

1969 Fender Telecaster. This guitar is all original other than an older body refinish. The neck finish is all original, and the original frets are in pristine condition, with no visible wear! All electronics and hardware are original, and the original pick guard is correct with Pearl Back seen only in '68 and '69. Teles from this era are often quite heavy weighing in at 8-10 lbs! Not this...
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1962 Fender Jaguar

1962 Fender Jaguar. This guitar features a refinished body and neck by Fiesta Finishes™. This is a rare Slab Board Jaguar. Just a few months after the Jaguar was introduced, Fender discontinued the slab board rosewood fingerboards in favor of a veneer, making these slab board models, with flat pole pickups, a rare and highly prized model. This guitar is original with a few exceptions,...
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1964 Fender Jaguar

1964 Fender Jaguar. This is an original guitar with normal wear. There is one switch replaced, and the guitar has had a pro fret job. Otherwise, the guitar is 100% original. The frets are vintage size, and they look original. The fingerboard is in excellent condition, and this guitar plays and sounds great. The serial number is L37XXX. The guitar weighs 8.2 lbs. The original pickups give...
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1964 Fender Musicmaster Full Scale

1964 Fender Musicmaster. This clay dot guitar features a Lacquer body refinish in correct Dakota Red by Fiesta Finishes™. The neck finish is all original. The frets on the guitar are original and have virtually no wear. The guitar is original with the following exceptions. Pots have been replaced with correct CTS units. The tuners have been replaced with Kluson reproductions. There are no...
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1956 Fender Stratocaster

1956 Fender Stratocaster. Certainly an iconic year for the Strat, and this all original early '56 model features an Ash body, and full bakelite plastic. Perhaps to some, the most desireable model of all, featuring the Ash body, bakelite parts, and Xavier shaped "V" neck. The body finish is generally in good condition, however it does show some lacquer flaking on the front and back of the...
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1958 Fender Telecaster

1958 Fender Telecaster "Top Loader." This guitar may be the finest refin we offer in 2019! Why? Because it's completely original and unmolested, right down to all the screws, other than an authentic body only refin by Fiesta Finishes™. And it includes its pristine original Tweed, gold lined case. Though not clear in the photos, the nitro translucent white blonde reveals the beautiful grain on the...
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1965 Fender Jaguar

1965 Fender Jaguar. This is an all original Custom Color Olympic White guitar, in pristine original condition. As an early '65, this guitar still has the Kluson Double Line Tuners, and unbound neck, vs. the bound neck and Fender "F" Tuners featured on later '65 Jags. Truly a collector level guitar, complete, with no flaws. One of the nicest custom color Fender guitars to ever pass through our...
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1959 Fender Champ Amp

1959 Fender Champ Amp 13 % off
1960 Fender Tweed Champ Amp. This is a clean, and 100% original example of this iconic, and highly prized, Fender Amp other than a replaced handle. The amp functions beautifully, sounds awesome, and has only a modest amount of wear. The amp is in very good condition, both in look and function. The amp date code is IJ (October 1959), the serial number is C 11XXX. The filter caps show...
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1955 Fender Stratocaster

1955 Fender Stratocaster, Blonde Translucent Nitro Lacquer refin on the body by Fiesta Finishes.™ Older refinish and refret on the neck. Savvy early Strat aficionados know that the very first Blonde Stratocasters were introduced in late 1955. This is one those first Blondie's, as there is evidence of the original Blonde finish in the cavities. The guitar is mostly original, with a few...
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