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Folkway Music ships internationally. On applicable instruments, we'll help acquire the CITES permits that may be needed as quickly as possible. We most frequently use FedEx, but can arrange to ship with any carrier, at a customers request.

Folkway Music offers a 48 hour approval period. We will refund your payment if you are not 100% satisfied with your instrument. All shipping costs are non-refundable, however, and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Sawchyn Hobo

Peter Sawchyn’s newly introduced Hobo mandolin is the cousin to his very popular Beavertail line, and offers the same excellent build quality, feel, and tone that we’re fans of. The Hobo features a red spruce top with stylized F holes, hide-glue construction and dark finish. The headstock has a vintage Gibson off-brand vibe, and is fitted with vintage-style tuners with ivoroid buttons. Ebony...
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1977 Fender Princeton

A clean and unmodified 1977 Silverface Princeton in excellent working order. At about 12 watts, the non-reverb Princeton is a great small-room amp, delivering some real nice breakup and compression at lower volumes. Original 10” Oxford speaker and transformers, clean grill and tolex, original grounded AC cord. **We are located in Canada. US prices are approximate. Please contact us for...
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~1973 Hagstrom Viking

The Hagstrom Vikings are some of the best sounding off-brand vintage guitars on the scene; and 5 minutes with this guitar would make most anyone agree. The guitar’s big and detailed sounding humbuckers are heaven for single-coil players looking for a fatter, thicker, and creamier tone without going deep into the dark side of Gibson-style ‘buckers. They’re much bolder than Filter’trons too, and...
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1962 Martin D-18

A particularly warm, dark, and open early 60’s Martin D-18, and a very fine choice for anyone looking for a vintage mahogany dreadnought that offers up more character than clean, and more subtlety than brashness. Strummers and singers will love this guitar’s expressiveness and full voice. The guitar shows scratches, dings, and dents in moderate quantity, but is in excellent condition....
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1967 Gibson B-45-12

One of the most iconic 12 string models of all time, the B45-12 was the guitar of choice for so many players – from Leo Kottke and Gordon Lightfoot to Keith Richards, and Jimi Page. They are great sounding guitars with the best in vintage 12 string tone and looks. This 1967 B45-12 is a great playing guitar, thanks in part to its drop-in saddle conversion and excellent neck angle. It’s had a...
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2014 Vega Old Tyme Wonder

A lightweight, warm and woody clawhammer banjo, the Vega Old Tyme wonder features an 11” maple tone rim, Fibreskyn head, No-Knot style tailpiece and single co-ordinator rod to bring out its mellow and full tone. The neck is scooped from the 17th fret for excellent thumb clawhammer access, and features an ebony fingerboard, dot inlays, and a star in the headstock. 1-1/4” nut, 26-1/4” scale, dark...
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2016 Collings Waterloo WL-12L

The left handed Waterloo WL-12 is a lightly built 12 fret L-00, with X bracing, figured maple back and sides, and spruce top. Collings hit it out of the park with this incarnation of their massively popular Waterloo line. The guitar is exceptionally light, which helps build warmth and darkness into a small body guitar. The maple adds a touch of compression, and the straight X bracing adds...
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Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

The Loudbox Mini Charge is a battery-powered version of the ever-popular Loudbox Mini. A powerful rechargeable battery, combined with Fishman's unique power management circuitry, is specifically designed to maximize output levels and playing time. Bluetooth connectivity, battery life indicator, 60 watts, two channels (guitar and mic), reverb, chorus, phase control, AUX input, DI XLR...
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2015 Fender Custom Shop Master Built Dale Wilson Ironwood Stratocaster Relic

A work of art by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder, Dale Wilson. The Ironwood Stratocaster features a unique and masterfully painted faux oxidized copper and iron finish, a solid rosewood neck, hand-wound Texas Special pickups, and a closet-classic relic treatment. Other nice touches include brown anodized aluminum pickguard and back plate, large C neck carve with 9.5” radius and jumbo 6100...
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2008 Collings 290

A mint condition Collings 290 single-cut in sunburst with Lollar P-90 pickups. It’s in showroom condition, minus the protective film that covered the pickguard and back plates, which we removed as part of our set-up. If you’re looking for a new 290 at used guitar pricing, here it is. Based on Gibson’s 1950’s Les Paul Special, the 290 features a solid one-piece mahogany slab body, fat single...
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2000 National Style 1.5 Tricone

National’s Style 1.5 Tricone features a nickel-plated brass body engraved with wiggle-lines around the edges for a little extra touch of style. With its smooth, warm and even tone, the brass bodied Tricone has always been the choice for resonator players looking for a Hawaiian or jazzy sounding instrument, but there are plenty of blues players who have made the Tricone their signature sound....
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2014 Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet Lefty

A throwback to Gretsch’s 1950’s Duo Jets, this lefty 6128 features ebony black finish with natural mahogany back and neck, a pair of Dynasonic single coil pickups, and a Bigsby tailpiece. If you ask me, this is the best version of a Duo Jet out there, but sadly, it’s not in production any longer. The guitar is in mint condition and shows zero playwear to the frets or finish. Set-up was just...
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2006 National Resolectric

National’s Resolectric offers players a hybrid solid-body / resonator plugged in tone, some killer looks, and vintage-meets-modern neck feel. The guitar is fitted with a P-90 pickup in the neck and an active Highlander Piezo bridge pickup, with three-way wiring. It’s a versatile plugged in sound, with more depth and darkness than a solidbody, and more tricks in its back than an acoustic resonator...
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2014 Gibson Custom Shop CF-100E Tamio Okuda

Gibson’s CF-100 was introduced in 1950 and has the distinction of being the world’s first cut-away flat-top acoustic guitar in production. The P-90 equipped CF-100E followed a year later, and was the very first cut-away/pickup equipped flat top. Today, these models have a cult-like following and are revered by many highly regarded players the world over. One of those CF-100E players is Tamio...
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~1988 Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific

Michael Dunn’s Mystery Pacific is styled after and inspired by Mario Maccaferri’s Grande Bouche guitars built by Selmer in the early 1930’s. It is a masterfully built instrument, complete with interior soundbox resonator, and is among the best sounding Selmer-style guitars we’ve encountered. Michael Dunn has long studied this style of guitar, and is considered among the masters of this genre. He...
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1962 Gibson J-50

A one-owner local guitar, this J-50 hasn’t strayed farther than 50 miles from our store’s address since its first strum. Its original owner is a careful and meticulous gentleman who took great pride in his guitar and did his best to maintain it well. The guitar’s finish is immaculate, with barely a scratch to be found, and there is almost no playwear of any kind. The headstock corners aren’t even...
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1948 Martin D-18 Lefty

About as rare and exciting a left-handed guitar as this store has ever seen, here’s a vintage Martin to keep all of our lefty regulars sleepless for at least a few nights! Production records for left-handed Martin models don’t exist, but we’ve never before encountered another factory left-handed D-18 from the 1940’s. Rare is likely something of an understatement. The guitar is in excellent...
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Godin Acoustic Solutions 75T and 150

Made in Italy, Godin’s Acoustic Solutions amplifiers deliver exceptional amplified acoustic sound and clarity in a compact system. Acoustic Solutions 75T Featuring two independent inputs with sepa¬rate 3-band EQ sections, a balanced XLR input with phan¬tom power, and digital reverb. AUX input and direct XLR out. These light¬weight yet extremely powerful amplifiers can produce 75W of...
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Folkway Custom Coodercaster

Ry Cooder’s influence on the guitar world cannot be overstated. His tone and phrasing have inspired countless players over the last 40 or so years, and his interest in non-mainstream gear has inspired many to hunt out or build guitars and amplifiers that might otherwise have gone forever unnoticed. Ry’s original Coodercaster is a Fender Stratocaster fitted with a Valco lap steel pickup at the...
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2016 Martin D-18

Our most popular new Martin model, the D-18 is always a shop favourite. This example appears brand-new, but is in fact a previously owned guitar. It's is in mint condition with not even a scratch to note. We've set-it up to our standards, too. Sitka spruce top with forward shifted scalloped bracing, South American mahogany back and sides, ebony fingerboard and bridge, tortoiseshell plastic...
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2015 Stonebridge OM32 LM

A lightly built OM, the Stonebridge OM32 LM features mahogany back and sides, alpine spruce top, and herringbone details. Designed for fingerstyle players, the OM features a comfortable D-shaped neck carve, with a nut width of 1-11/16” and a long scale of 25.6”. Ebony fingerboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle, vintage-style open-geared tuners with aged nickel finish, pearl dot inlays, and ebony...
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2016 Martin 00-18 Authentic 1931

Martin's 12 fret 00-18 Authentic does a wonderful job of recreating one of Martin's greatest vintage smaller-bodied models of the 'Golden Era'. With likely fewer than 200 original examples in the world, the 12 fret belly-bridge and pickguard equipped 00-18 is an exceptionally rare vintage model, but Martin’s 00-18 Authentic 1931 is an excellent and quite exacting recreation. At the heart of...
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1965 Silvertone Model 1457 Amp in Case

Built by Danelectro and marketed by Sears through the 1960’s, the Amp in Case models were sold as all-in-one electric guitar packages to beginning guitarists. There were a few models of guitars and amplifiers through the production run, and this example features the Model 1457 two-pickup guitar and 5 watt case amp. The guitar is a two-pickup Danelectro with Silvertone headstock and red...
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1958 Martin 00-17

A beautifully original, late 1950’s Martin 00-17 in excellent condition. No repairs or changed parts, great action with original neckset, very little wear to the finish and frets, and fabulous mahogany 00 tone. The guitar has original finish throughout, and is fitted with its original frets, nut, tuners, bridge, saddle, and pins. With its easy playing action, great feeling neck carve, and...
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HEADSTRONG Lil' King Reverb

The Lil' King Reverb is a faithful recreation of Fender's original 1964 Princeton Reverb. This one features blonde-era looks, with an oxblood-colored grille, blond tolex and white knobs, and a 12" Eminence/Alessandro 40 watt ceramic speaker, but its tone is all blackface Princeton Reverb; with the extra upper-mid fatness that 12" speaker adds. 12 watts, 6V6 powered all-tube combo, 100% hand...
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Headstrong’s newest amp is an exacting recreation of Fender’s 1961-63 6G3 Brownface Deluxe. It’s truly an amazing thing, and is quickly becoming many people’s favorite amp in the shop. The Corduroy offers 20 watts with a pair of 6V6 power tubes, normal and bright channels, tremolo, hand wired chassis with finger-jointed pine cabinet and a 12" Alessandro GA-SC64 Eminence speaker. There’s not...
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2017 LaCroix 000-12 Birdseye

A meticulously constructed twelve fret 000 of highly figured birds’eye maple and Sitka spruce by St. Thomas, Ontario builder John LaCroix. Typical of LaCroix guitars, the workmanship is of the highest calibre and the guitar’s assortment of wooden accents are tastefully balanced and detailed. The guitar is finished in a high-gloss hand rubbed Nitrocellulose lacquer and dressed up with gold Gotoh...
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1941 Martin D-28

Among the most finely preserved Herringbone D-28s we’ve had the pleasure of having through the store, this 1941 Martin D-28 doesn’t look much more than 10 or 15 years old. It’s been a one-owner guitar since the early 1970’s, and has been judiciously cared for throughout its life. The original finish is in remarkable condition, and is without belt rash or pick wear, dings or scratches of any...
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2012 Vox AC15C1

The 15 watt Vox AC-15C1 is the modern version of Vox’s classic low-power 1x12 combo. The amp features a 12” Celestion Greenback G-12M speaker, paired EL-84 power tubes, and a trio of 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp section. Normal and top-boost channels, tremolo, and gorgeous blue tolex covering. The amp is in perfect condition and works perfectly.
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2016 Ramirez 2NE

The Ramirez 2NE is a cedar topped Estudio line Ramirez designed by Amalia Ramirez and built with solid tone woods and unique Ramirez construction. Intended for the serious student of classical guitar, the 2NE features a 6 strut fan bracing pattern and excellent tone. The cedar top imparts warmth and bass end presence and reacts well to a medium attack very well. This example is in perfect...
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