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1982 Gibson CHET ATKINS CE

In his never-ending quest for feedback-free high-volume playing, Chet Atkins had his say in the design of many instruments over the course of his career. The Gibson Chet Atkins CE was introduced in 1981, and enjoys the distinction of being the first solidbody classical to see large-scale production. Chet was using nylon strings quite a lot by the late 1970’s and early 80’s, and worked with Gibson...
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2010 Taylor 814ce-LTD 12 Fret Fall Limited

Built as part of Taylor’s 2010 Fall Limited Collection, the 814ce-LTD 12 Fret features an 814ce paired with a 12 fret short scale neck with a slotted headstock. While the short scale 12 fret neck is an option on many of Taylor’s Grand Concert models, it’s quite uncommon to find a larger-bodied Grand Auditorium model with this set up. As compared to a 14 fret 814ce, the 12 fret model offers...
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2015 National El Trovador

A Folkway favourite since its introduction about a decade back, the El Trovador has the distinction of being the most versatile resonator in the National catalogue. With its larger and deep 4” body, the El Trovador has a bassier voice than other models, and the all-mahogany body with wooden soundwell add a mellow warmth. Relative to a metal-bodied single-cone, the El Trovador is smooth, dark, and...
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1961 Guild® X-50

Guild’s answer to Gibson’s top-selling ES-125, the X-50 featured a 16” fully hollow body, a single pickup in the neck position with volume and tone controls, simple appointments, and a comfortable short-scale neck. Between you and me, though, the X-50 is immeasurably cooler. Maybe it’s the relative rarity of the model, or that cool Guild headstock or cream pickup cover. Whatever the reason, this...
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1963 Gibson TU-1

A simply appointed Gibson Tenor Ukulele from the early 1960’s, the TU-1 features a lightly built unbound mahogany body, thin satin finish, basic hardware, and silkscreened logo. But what the instrument is lacking in appointments it makes up for in tone – it’s a really impressive tenor. Lively and bright, rounded and strong. It’s a lot of fun to play. There are a few tightly repaired cracks...
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2012 Recording King RK-Elite-75

The Recording King RK-Elite-75 is styled after Gibson’s flat-head Mastertone RB-75 of the 1930’s. A very finely made instrument, the Elite 75 features a mahogany neck and resonator, 3-ply hard maple rim, flat-head Mastertone style tone ring and one piece flange, notched brass tension hoop, and vintage style hooks. Bound ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays, Presto tailpiece, Gotoh planetary...
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Martin 0-18

After a long absence from any regular production, Martin rereleased the venerable 0-18 model for 2017. A guitar that we here at Folkway are particularly excited about. The current production 0-18 is, appropriately, the sister instrument to Martin’s 000-18, and 00-18 models. It features the same vintage stylings as all the other standard model style 18 instruments, as well as the very popular...
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1991 Martin D-45 Custom

A lavishly adorned Martin D-45, this highly customized guitar is a one-of-a-kind creation, and a show-stopper of the highest order. A D-45 is eye-catching in its simplest incarnation, but add a style 45 Deluxe inlaid pickguard, tree of life fingerboard inlays, and matching bridge inlays, and you have the stuff of dreams. The guitar’s fingerboard, bridge and pickguard inlays were done by David...
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1950 Martin D-28

A stellar flatpicker, this 1950 D-28 has everything one looks for in a bluegrass dreadnought. The guitar has a strong voice, excellent fundamental presence, a dry snap, and a fairly clean pallet in the overtone department – pretty much all the ingredients of a top-notch lead instrument. It’s really a blast to play; the neck feel is fabulous, and the hammer-on and pull-off spring back is just...
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Waterloo WL-K

The Waterloo WL-K is an amazingly faithful rendition of Gibson's famous KelKroydon KK1, built in the early 1930's. The original Kels were built incredibly lightly, some weighing in at a scant 2.5 lbs. The Collings-built Waterloo tips the scales at a feathery 2.75 lbs -- about a half pound lighter than the L-00 inspired WL-14X. Better still – there isn’t a factory lefty KelKroydon in existence,...
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2014 Santa Cruz 00-skye

Serial # 795. Designed by Acoustic fingerstyle Jazz guitarist Eric Skye and SCGC's Richard Hoover, the 00-Skye is a sophisticated instrument that's specifically made for the discerning modern fingerstyle instrumentalist. Built with quartered Cocobolo back and sides, Adirondack Red spruce top and scalloped braces, and assembled with hot hide glue, this deep-bodied 00-sized 12 fretter is both...
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DEERING Goodtime Six 6 string banjo

The Goodtime Six 6 String Banjo features a fast-feeling steel-string neck and an 11” pot to perfectly hybridize Banjo and Guitar. The instrument will feel quite familiar to guitar players, but offers banjo tone without the learning curve. A fun extra in any guitarist’s bag of tricks;and a well made, affordable one at that. The neck features a 1-11/16” nut width, 26-1/4” scale, two-way...
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2013 Gibson Custom Shop '63 ES-335 Block Reissue

The Nashville-made Gibson 1963 ES-335 Block Reissue is the most faithful-to-the-original Block-neck 335 yet made by Gibson. The guitar features the same solid maple center block, long-tenon hide-glued neck joint, maple laminate body, and quartersawn mahogany neck as those built in 1963; and the guitar’s hardware is painstakingly accurate as well. With a lightweight aluminum tailpiece and original...
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1928 Martin 000-18

A particularly special guitar, this 1926 Martin 000-18 is a beautifully preserved example of Martin’s then-biggest mahogany instrument. A single-family guitar purchased from the grandson of the original owner, we first encountered this 000-18 when it was through our repairshop for neck-resetting a couple of years back. It’s in remarkably fine condition today, and significantly healthier than most...
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Taylor 712 12-Fret

The Taylor 712 12-Fret is a fingerstyle dream guitar. With a very lightly braced Lutz spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, 12 fret neck joint, short scale, and ultra-thin finish, the 712 12-fret is a powerful, balanced, and warm guitar that offers players a complex midrange, with a broad and balanced response. Beyond that, the guitar is gorgeously appointed with Koa bindings, bias-cut...
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1996 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis

Essentially a modern version of the single pickup ES-175, the Herb Ellis model filled a serious hole in the Gibson lineup upon its introduction in the early 1990’s. Fitted with a PAF-inspired humbucker in the neck position, these early Herb Ellis 165’s remain one of the most popular Jazz boxes in modern Gibson history. Unfortunately, Gibson redesigned the model some years back and the newer...
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1970 Yamaha GC5

The Yamaha GC-5 is a professional-grade concert quality classical that was hand-built in Japan by Yamaha’s finest luthiers. The guitar features an exquisite back and side set of perfectly quartered Brazilian rosewood, and a master-grade western Red cedar top. It is a wonderfully voiced guitar with excellent volume and projection, along with the subtlety that Cedar provides. Treble notes are...
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1948 Martin 00-40H

A simply breathtaking fingerstyle guitar with a very light build, stunning appointments, and the kind of tone most of us dream about at night. This Martin 00-40H is one of those guitars with a tone that might get described as piano-like. It has a long and resonant sustain, and a hardwood-floor response in a carpeted room. The bass notes are deep and cleanly articulated, and the trebles are...
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1983 Fender® Super Champ®

Introduced in 1982 under the direction of Paul Rivera, the Fender Super Champ was unlike anything Fender had yet made, and offered players a smaller amp with big amp power and features. Among players in the know, the Super Champ is one of the few post CBS amps that is really desirable, and it’s easy to hear why. The 18 watt dual 6V6 super champ packs a whole lot of power through its 10” ceramic...
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2005 Martin 000C Steve Miller

#325 of a limited run of 383 instruments. Label signed by Steve Miller, C.F. Martin IV, and Dick Boak. The 000C Steve Miller Pegasus Signature edition is a tastefully appointed, smartly designed, stage-ready 000. The guitar is constructed of beautifully quilted Honduran Mahogany and quartered Englemann Spruce, with Herringbone top purflings, a pearl rosette, ivoroid bindings, and style 45 back...
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2005 Fender® Artist Series Eric Clapton Signature

Candy green is what they call it. It’s pretty great. We wanted to call it Metallic 7UP Bottle Green, but we don’t work for Fender. Regardless, this Clapton Strat is a looker, and guitar that every single Folkway employee has on their want list. Alder body with soft-V maple neck, vintage noiseless pickups with active mid-boost and TBX tone circuits, vintage-style blocked synchronized tremolo...
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1995 John Zeidler Koa Cutaway

John Zeidler was at the top of his game when he was prematurely taken from the world in 2002. A focused craftsman with an incredible attention to detail and masterful skills, Zeider was primarily involved in archtop construction, but made his fair share of flat tops and mandolins. His workmanship is the stuff of legend, and he wasn’t afraid of tradition to avoid breaking from it. This small jumbo...
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2015 Martin 000-28EC

With its short scale modified V neck and 1-3/4” nut width, the vintage-styled 000-28EC is unique among Martin’s current line up. Most of the Marquis series guitars feature a long 25.4” scale neck. The shorter scale and vintage-style scalloped bracing make the 000-28EC a particularly rich, warm, and open instrument. In excellent condition, this Clapton is beautifully set up and shows just...
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2009 Gibson Custom Shop ES-339

A hot-rodded Custom Shop Gibson ES-339, with Bigsby tailpiece and Towner-tension bar, and a killer-sounding pair of cool looking Lollarhumbucker-sized P90s.Cherry red high-gloss lacquer with aged cream plastic bindings, rosewood fingerboard and Kluson tuners. It’s a great looking guitar, and the P90 tone of those Lollars is pretty heavenly. Apart from some light playwear to the frets the...
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2014 Edward Klein Performance Series

Edward Klein has been devoted to designing and building guitars for the past 17 years. Trained in furniture craft and design, his woodworking background bears great influence on the innovative instruments he creates. This OM size steel string incorporates some of the insights Klein gained after attending a voicing workshop in California with master luthier Ervin Somogyi. The guitar has been...
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2016 Martin Custom Shop D-28

Here’s a wonderful sounding Martin Custom-Shop D-28 that is loosely based on a D-28 Marquis but with a few really nice twists. The guitar features an Adirondack spruce top with forward-positioned scalloped GE Adi bracing, a large soundhole that measures 4-3/8” in diameter, gorgeous wooden and celluloid rosette, and fine herringbone purflings. Dalmation celluloid bevelled-edge pickguard, ivoroid...
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1950 Gibson Royaltone

No serial #. The Royaltone was built for a very short period between 1950 and 1952, and was the first Gibson lap steel to be fitted with the new adjustable-pole P-90 pickup. It’s a fairly simply appointed steel with excellent tone, and some classic early 1950’s looks. Completely original and in perfect working order, this Royaltone features tall numbered speed knobs, Kluson three-per-strip...
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2010 Santa Cruz Model D

The Santa Cruz Model D is famous for its overall balance, warm tone, subtlety, and finely tuned response. Flatpickers who are hunting for a Dreadnought with a much more even bass to treble balance will love this guitar. It's a great choice for bluegrass-inspired, Jazz-tinged, modern flat-picking (think Tony Rice and everyone he's inspired), and it's a lovely strummer too. This example is in...
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1997 Gibson Super 400 CES Custom

One of two Gibson Super 400 CES we're listing this week; this example is a custom-spec'd sunburst Super 4, with Florentine cutaway. It's a stunning guitar, with an expansive 18" wide body, gorgeous pearl inlays, multilayered bindings, gorgeous celluloid pickguard, and gold hardware. Highly figured maple back, sides, and neck; even and tightly grained Sitka spruce top, ebony fingerboard and...
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1996 Gibson Super 400 CES

One of two Gibson Super 400 CES electric archtops to have come in recently. This one is a custom-ordered example in wine red finish. A striking and beautiful instrument, the guitar is intensely eye-catching, with its white and gold accents set-off against the dark wine finish. It's in particularly fine condition, as well, which makes it even that much more attractive. 18" carved body of...
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