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1944 Gibson LG-2 Banner

Banner-era Gibsons come in all sorts of variations – from maple to mahogany, red and Sitka spruce, different neck specs, and bridge and fingerboard woods. These differences all impact a guitar’s tone, which makes every Banner Gibson we encounter an interesting study in guitar making. This example, most likely dating from early 1944, features a 4-piece red spruce top, mahogany back and sides,...
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2015 Fender Deluxe Reverb '65 Reissue

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Vintage Reissue in white Tolex. This example is in just-about-new condition. It shows now wear or tear and comes complete with its original factory tags and documents and fender branded amp cover. 22 Watts 6V6 powered all tube combo, 12” Jensen C-12K speaker. **We are located in Canada. US prices are approximate. Please contact us for current US pricing.**
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1996 Taylor 810

In the mid-90s Taylor’s 810 dreadnought was helping to usher in the era of Taylor Guitar’s pre-eminence in the acoustic guitar industry. The model took on Martin’s D-28 head to head in specs, but one-upped the elder with a flash of pearl in its rosette, a set of good looking Advanced Jumbo inspired inlays in the fingerboard, and scalloped braces under the hood. It was a good looking and a great...
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1960 Silvertone 1434 Medalist

The Silvertone 1434 Medalist was the largest and most powerful amplifier in the 1950’s model lineup. Built by Danelectro, the 1434 featured a 2x12” Oxford alnico speaker setup, quad-matched 6L6 power tubes, about 50 watts of power, two channels, and tremolo. This example is just about entirely original, including speakers, transformers, and its four Silvertone-branded power tubes. It’s a big...
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2018 Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage

Marshall’s recently released SV20C Studio Vintage was designed to capture authentic Plexi tone in a compact lowish-wattage package (about 20 watts), and it pretty much aces the test. The amp features a semi-closed back cabinet, a 50 watt Celestion V-Type speaker, and an EL-34 power section; and it knocks it out of the park for dynamics and touch sensitivity. As this is a nearly brand-new...
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2011 Martin 0-28VS

Martin’s 0-28VS is a modern instrument inspired by the 12 fret 0-28 models of the late 1920s. The guitar features a body of Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, scalloped bracing, and Herringbone-era trimmings. It’s the smallest full-scale guitar Martin builds and has a compact and comfy size that’s perfect for lounging on the couch, song writing, or even travel. Slotted headstock, pyramid...
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2014 Gibson ES-339

The compact ES-339 offers the sound and feel of an ES-335, but with smaller body dimensions and lighter weight. A fairly recent addition to Gibson’s model lineup, the 339 has already become a modern classic. 

 This example is in excellent condition and has just been set up here at Folkway. Apart from some glossing up of the satin finish where the guitar contacts the player it’s in near-new...
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1950 National Model 1111 Aristocrat

The National model 1111 Aristocrat is a Gibson-built 17” archtop featuring a tone-bar-braced maple ply body and a bolted-on Valco-style neck. This model was built for a short while through the late 1940s and early 1950s during a time when CMI was the parent company of both Gibson and National. It is unique in that it was originally set up with a dual pickup system that comprised of a single-coil...
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1932 Gibson L-0

FON 214. Easily one of the finest pre-war vintage acoustics we’ve ever offered for sale, this black and white Gibson L-0 was brought to Folkway by the family of the fellow who bought the guitar new some eighty years back. The guitar appears to have been used for a short while and then set aside, only to be unearthed some 85 years later. There are a few very small scratches to the finish, a...
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1949 Gibson ES-175

Gibson’s ES-175 was introduced in 1949 and went on to become the company’s most successful professional electric archtop model. It was in production for the 70 years that followed and was finally retired from standard production for 2019. This example is a first-year ES-175 and features the tall clear barrel knobs typical of that period as well as an early-style P-90 pickup, original...
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1954 Premier 88

The Premier 88 is a 6L6 powered side-by-side combo amp with about 25 watts of power on offer, 5 band pass-filter style EQ control, and a triple speaker set up consisting of a 15” Alnico Jensen P15P and a pair of 2” Jensen Alnico tweeters. It’s an amazing sounding amplifier – big, bold, clean, airy, and defined. But the real magic with this one is its tremolo. This is the one that all tremolos...
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2003 Dobro Dobrolektric

The Gibson-built Dobro Dobroleckric is a thinline semi-hollow resonator electric with a National-style biscuit bridge cone, P-90 pickup in the neck and a piezo pickup mounted in the bridge. If you were ever on the hunt for a Gibson-made, Dobro-branded, National-styled, telecaster-bodied, acoustic-electric hybrid resonator you can end the search right here! All that and it plays really well, too,...
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2005 Rickenbacker 650D Dakota

The Rickenbacker Dakota is a neck-through solid body built of maple and walnut with a hand-rubbed oil finish. It’s equipped with a pair of HB1 humbucking pickups that are voiced for single-coil tone and edge, a roller bridge, and chromed hardware. Schaller tuners, double truss-rods, and jumbo frets. The guitar is in great shape and totally original. The frets show average wear, typical of 15...
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1979 Fender Stratocaster

Weighing in at a scant 7.2 lbs, this late 1970’s ash-bodied Strat is something of a unicorn amongst that era of Fender guitars. The fashion was for heavy guitars at that time, and featherweights like this one are few and far between. Beyond that, it’s built with a dark rosewood fingerboard, which is something you don’t see too often either. The guitar is in great shape and largely original but...
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1981 Fender Stratocaster Lefty

Here’s an under-the-bed-special. A left-handed 1981 Fender Stratocaster, complete with all of its factory hang tags and case documentation, its original shipping “pyjamas”, original tremolo bridge cover, and original left-handed Fender hardshell case. What a find! Like many Fender guitars built from 1977 to 1981 this guitar looks like a 1977 model, complete with 1977 serial number and late 70’s...
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1965 Martin D12-20

Martin’s first 12-string model to enter production was the D12-20. The first of these instruments were completed in the latter half of 1964, and the model was added to Martin’s catalogue for 1965. The example offered here dates from the first full production year of Martin’s first 12 string model, which we think is kind of cool! It’s one of a smallish number to feature a tortoise-celluloid...
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2016 Collings D2HMRAT

Can it get any better than this? A Collings D2HA Traditional built with Madagascar rosewood back and sides and a torrefied Adirondack spruce top... Pretty hard to beat, we think. This is hands-down the loudest guitar in the store right now. Its voice is huge; bass to treble, this guitar is explosive. Likely the definition of flatpicking heaven. The Collings D2H Traditional features animal...
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2013 Fender Kingman V RF

Designed by Ren Ferguson when he was heading up Fender’s Acoustic division, the Kingman V RF was built in by Fender’s Acoustic Custom Shop in New Hartford CT, otherwise known as Guild. Fender sold off its Guild brand to Cordoba Music Group shortly thereafter, and Ren followed suit. This Kingman V RF is one of a numbered run of 25 instruments. It’s label reads that it’s the first of the lot,...
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2001 Guild Starfire IV

A mint-condition Westerly-built Guild Starfire IV in natural finish over figured maple. This era of Guild production is highly regarded for excellent fit and finish, great feeling necks, and quality components. The HB1 Humbuckers are lovely sounding pickups with a touch more brightness and airiness than a PAF style pickup, which makes them a great choice for players with a single-coil upbringing....
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2006 Gibson SG GT

The Gibson SG GT’s design and original marketing campaign were heavily inspired by a Shelby GT. The guitar features racing scoops, a heavy chromed hood scoop, and some cool-looking automotive details like a Neutrix locking cable jack, locking tuners, and extra heavy metallic finish and a bound ebony fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. The pickups are Gibson 490R and 498T humbuckers with push-pull...
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1964 Gibson F-25

Gibson’s F-25 was designed to appeal to the folk musicians of the early 1960s. Similar to Martin’s New Yorker models, the F-25 (and larger sibling the FJ-N) featured hybrid classical/steel string design, with X-braced bodies and larger classical-feeling necks. The string spacing at the bridge was quite wide to accommodate nylon strings, however the guitar was designed to accommodate steel stings...
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1928 Martin 0-28K

With its highly figured koa body, herringbone style 28 trim, attractive wooden purflings, and fresh conversion to Spanish style from its original Hawaiian set-up, this 1929 Martin 0-28K is easy to fall head over heals for! It’s a breathtakingly gorgeous guitar, it plays better than most brand new guitars, and has the dry and slightly bright, open, and piano-like cavernous tone that defines these...
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1964 Gibson ES-355 TDSV

Gibson’s ES-355TDSV was the company’s flagship of the ES-335 family of instruments and featured gold hardware, multi-ply bound body, neck, and headstock and ebony fingerboard. The guitar is fitted with Gibson’s Stereo Varitone circuitry, which afforded 18 tone options by way of its 6 position Varitone rotary switch and true stereo pickup wiring. A stereo Y cable allows the player to plug into two...
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1931 Martin 0-18K

A time-capsule guitar, this 1931 Martin 0-18K has survived the years without any cracks or loose braces, almost no finish wear or deterioration, and has never been converted from its Hawaiian set-up. We’re pretty sure it’s the cleanest 0-18K we’ve yet seen. And yes, it sounds heavenly. The 0-18K was built between 1918 and 1935. It was Martin’s top-selling Hawaiian model and sold well during...
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1926 Martin 0-21K

The rarest of Martin’s 0-size koa Hawaiian models, the 0-21K was out-produced by the style 28 koa ten-to-one, and is 50 times less common than the 0-18K. The model was never listed in Martin’s catalogue, and only some 65 or so were recorded in the production records. Apart from rarity, there is little difference between the 0-21K and its sibling 0-28K and 0-18K models beyond the trim. The...
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1933 Gibson A-00

The perfect compliment to your 1933 Gibson L-00, this A-00 features the same target-sunburst top finish, firestripe pickguard and script logo as it’s 6-string sibling. It’s a fabulous looking mandolin, we readily admit. Carved spruce top with oval hole, flat maple back. Ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, compensated ebony bridge, Waverly strip tuners, and clamshell tailpiece. Nutwidth of...
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~1885 C. Bruno Size 2

Charles Bruno, and later C. Bruno & Son, was a major New York based distributor of musical instruments with roots as far back as the early/mid 1800s. He was one of C.F. Martin’s two New York wholesalers for a number of years commencing in the 1850s, and was closely affiliated with Martin Guitars during the formative years of the American guitar. While this particular guitar wasn’t built by C.F....
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2010 National M1 Tricone

National’s wood-bodied M1 tricone is a beautiful sounding instrument, with a glorious and endless sustain, perfect balance, and lots of controlled power at your fingertips. And it doesn’t weight anywhere near as much as a metal-bodied version. We’re big fans of this model, and so does most everyone who tries it out. Mahogany body with ivoroid bindings, ivoroid-bound ebony fingerboard, slotted...
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1929 National Triolian

National’s Triolian was introduced in 1928 as a wooden-bodied budget instrument. By sometime in 1929 the model had changed to steel, and the first Triolians came off the line sporting Bakelite necks with integrated fingerboard and nut. Many of these guitars were sent back to the factory for replacement necks as these Bakelite necks were prone to failure. Today original necked early Triolians like...
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Taylor 317e Grand Pacific

The Grand Pacific 317e features Taylor’s new round-shoulder dreadnought body shape and V-Class bracing. Quite unlike other 300 series Taylor models, the 317e has a warm and seasoned acoustic voice with clear low-end power and notes that blend together smoothly. Built with solid sapele back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top, the guitar’s tonal response offers some of the dry and focused...
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