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1961 Guild X-50

Guild’s answer to Gibson’s top-selling ES-125, the X-50 featured a 16” fully hollow body, a single pickup in the neck position with volume and tone controls, simple appointments, and a comfortable short-scale neck. Between you and me, though, the X-50 is immeasurably cooler. Maybe it’s the relative rarity of the model, or that cool Guild headstock or cream pickup cover. Whatever the reason, this...
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2015 Martin Custom OM Rosewood

A glorious and tasteful Custom Shop build from 2015, this OM features a red spruce top with Golden Era style bracing, vintage Style 28 appointments and a vertical CF Martin headstock logo in mother of pearl. It’s a beautifully made guitar, and a great sounding rosewood OM that’s right at home when flatpicked or played with a heavier attack. Ivoroid bindings, herringbone top purfling, zigzag...
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2004 Taylor Leo Kottke 12 String

Leo Kottke is widely considered the modern champion of the 12 string guitar. He’s been an inspiration to countless players and has largely singlehandedly brought the 12 string into the modern era of music. For many years Kottke was a Taylor endorsee, and his 12 string signature models are among the most playable and best sounding 12 string guitars available. This 2004 model features a 17”...
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1956 Martin D-21

1956 was the first full production year of Martin’s D-21 model. With Brazilian rosewood back and sides and a spruce top, the D-21 sounds quite a lot like a D-28; but from the front it looks a heck of a lot like a D-18. In fact, with the exception of the guitar’s checkerboard back strip and rosewood back and sides, the D-21 is identical to the D-18 models built at the same time. While the D-21...
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1997 Gibson Les Paul R4

This Goldtop Gibson Les Paul R4 is one incredible guitar. If you’re into P-90’s - like we are around here - there’s a good chance you’re going to want to give this one a play. It’s a 1997 build, fairly early on for an R4, and features a gorgeous top carve and light-back finish. It’s built with a one-piece mahogany back, fairly thick neck, and weighs in at 9lbs 3 oz. This guitar is everything...
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1966 Fender Telecaster CAR

Fender Custom Color Teles aren’t terribly common in these parts, so you can imagine our surprise when this local original-owner 1966 Candy Apple Red Telecaster showed up here at the store. Let’s just say it was a fun afternoon. The guitar is in excellent shape and plays beautifully. The neck feel is heavenly, and the original frets are in remarkably good condition and light on playwear....
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1959 Supro 1615T

Supro’s Model 1615T was designed as an accordion amplifier, and built for just a few years in the late 1950’s. Sporting a 15” speaker, a pair of 6L6 power tubes and lush tremolo, the accordion folks are going to have to step aside for us guitar players to have some fun here. This is a great sounding amp that offers 15 -20 watts through two channels and foot-switchable tremolo. Being a mid-power...
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2014 Taylor Custom GT6 Baritone

Taylor’s 6 string Baritones feature 27” scale length necks on standard sized bodies for a familiar-yet-different guitar playing experience. This custom 2014 model is a Dreadnought body with red spruce top and Indian rosewood 3-piece back. It’s a simply adorned guitar with black bindings and white purfling lines, an ebony rosette, and bound rosewood headstock overlay, but flourishes of pearl in...
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2007 Gibson Northern Jumbo

One of a run of 65 instruments built specifically for the Canadian market in 2007, the Northern Jumbo features a unique truss-rod cover, a maple leaf decal on the backside of the headstock, and a Gibson Custom Shop label signed by Ren Fergusson. The guitar is, for all intents and purposes, a Southern Jumbo with a few minor design modifications. It features standard SJ trim and materials but...
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2015 Collings D1A VN

Here’s a really sweet barely used Collings D1AVN that’s in nearly brand-new condition. The guitar features an Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and ‘Vintage Now’ neck and bridge design. It’s a wonderfully fun guitar to play and has that classic Red Spruce Collings flat-out power and cut in its voice. The Vintage Now neck features a fairly robust rounded carve with a 1-3/4” nut...
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2013 Gibson 1959 ES-335TD VOS

The Memphis-built Gibson Custom Shop 1959 ES-335TD VOS is about as close as you can get to going back in time to 1959, buying a new 335 and bringing it back to the future. Gibson pulled all the stops in designing this model, from the long pickguard to the neck carve, in an effort to create the best ES-335TD that they’ve made since the late 1950s. This guitar is gorgeous. The sunburst lacquer...
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2014 Fender Masterbuilt Dennis Galuzska 50's Stratocaster NOS

Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuzska, this Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster is a work of art and sculpture while at the same time being one of the finest sounding strats you might ever play. Tipping the scales at a scant 6.75 lbs and wired with a set of handwound 1950’s pickups, this is one magical guitar. And with its 60’s oval C shaped neck with rolled edges and a 9.5” radius board it’s one of the...
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2004 Fender Stratocaster John English Masterbuilt 50th Ann.

Serial # 4620. Built by John English. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stratocaster, Fender issued their most painstakingly accurate reproduction of those first Strats. Every detail of the guitar was designed specifically for this Limited Release Masterbuilt instrument, and many of the unique-to-1954 features were recreated for the first time in 50 years. The guitar features a...
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2016 Trenier Motif

Bryant Trenier’s Motif Model round-hole acoustic archtop was designed to appeal to fingerstyle players and has the warmth and light touch response that a player with a medium to soft right hand attack might be after in an archtop guitar. To our ears it sounds remarkably good with a heavy rounded flat pick as well, thanks again to those same tonal qualities. While a sensitive and responsive...
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2001 Alan Beardsell Style 1.E.3

Alan Beardsell is one of the more revolutionary instrument builders in the pantheon of Canada’s highly regarded luthiers. His guitars don’t follow the blueprints laid out by Martin or Gibson in the 1930’s, and he has developed a deep style of his own that is itself timeless and iconic. Now located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Beardsell began his career working the repair department at Toronto’s...
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2011 Collings SoCo Deluxe P-90

A Custom-appointed Collings SoCo Deluxe with Lollar P-90 pickups, carved figured maple top, tobacco sunburst lacquer finish, and a gorgeous Madagascar rosewood fingerboard. A knock-out of a guitar in pretty much every way imaginable. Large ‘Haircut’ style headstock with bound ebony overlay and pearl logo, ivoroid bound fingerboard with pearl dot inlays, three-layer top bindings, one-piece...
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2009 Bourgeois Slope D Lefty

For the lefties in the room, feast your eyes and ears on this red spruce topped short scale Bourgeois Slope D! These don’t come around often, and it’s a real treat to get to give this guitar a workout every morning when I get to the shop... Slope-shouldered Dreadnought, with mahogany back and sides, scallop-braced red spruce top, ivoroid bindings and gloss tobacco sunburst finish. Rounded C...
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2017 Furch S20CM9 9 String

The Furch S20CM9 is a very unique 9-string acoustic that’s a hybrid of a 12string and 6 guitar. The treble strings are 12-string style, with doubled E and B and octave G strings. The bass strings are all singles as on a 6 string. The guitar is fun to play regular fingerstyle bass lines on while adding in extra sparkle on the treble melody. In excellent condition and well set-up here at...
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2011 Headstrong BL-112

This BL-112 was custom built for us by Headstrong a few years back, and is a faithful recreation of Fender's late 1950's tweed 5F3 Deluxe. Headstrong's commitment to building the finest new amps is evident in every detail of this amp's construction -- from capacitor to cabinet. It's a beautifully made amplifier, and sounds heavenly. Weber 12A125-30 AlNiCo speaker, tungsol power tubes, hand...
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2002 Ramirez 1a Traditional Cedar / Indian Rosewood

A particularly exceptional 1a Traditional, this guitar has beautiful warmth and a vibrant tonal pallet along with the power and sensitivity we associate with a professional concert-grade Ramirez classical. The 1a Traditional is built with red cedar and Indian rosewood. The sides feature an inner lamination of Cyprus which helps bring more warmth and complexity to the higher frequencies by...
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1960 Martin D-21

With its quarter-sawn Brazilian rosewood back and sides and tortoise bindings, the D-21 is stylistically akin to a D-18, but tonally on par with a D-28. The model was introduced in the mid/late 1950’s and offered through 1969. This example has been played hard and used well, and has the wear to prove it. There’s plenty of worn finish around the pickguard, soundhole, and on the back; and the...
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~1960 Hofner 456

Here’s an incredibly clean mid 1960’s Hofner model 456 archtop. A gorgeous guitar with no issues and excellent playability. We replaced the bridge with a perfectly-fit modern part and have set-up the guitar in store. Lots of vintage style for the dollar going on here. D-shaped neck with 1-11/16” nut and 25.4” scale. 16” wide archtop body built of laminated maple. Original finish throughout....
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1942 Oahu Model 66K Squareneck

Cleveland's Oahu Publishing company was the largest print music distributor in its day. They specialized in Hawaiian steel music and the instruments to play that style of music on. The guitars were built in Chicago by Kay, most often, and most were built with square necks for lap-style playing. Here's an all-mahogany 66K; a 15-1/4" wide small jumbo (really more like an OM in size), with square...
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~1959 Kay 6100 Country

The Kay 6100 is a great sounding mahogany dreadnought with X braced top and solid spruce and mahogany construction. With a tone something in between a 60’s D-18 and a 50’s J-45, the Kay 6100 is a perfect choice for a vintage-tone seeker on a budget. It’s one of the best sounding $1200 guitars you’ll play. This one is in excellent condition and has had its neck reset to ensure excellent...
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1954 Mason No. 5 Amp & Steel Set

Built in Galt Ontario, Mason amps and lap steels are local to their core. The amp features Guelph-made Hammond transformers, Waterloo-made Marsland speaker, and Guelph-made Holman cabinet. The steel was likely manufactured by Holman in Guelph as well, but we can’t confirm this. A great looking pair with matching amp and case covering. The steel sounds very full and thick and has a strong...
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1966 Fender Jazz Bass

Serial # 131867. A one owner transition-era Fender Jazz Bass brought to Folkway by only person who's ever played it. It's still pretty exciting when that happens. We were the first people in half a century to turn the pickguard screws and breath air into the control cavity. The bass is completely original, unmodified, and perfect. Neck dated March of '66, pots dated 11th week of 66. Bound...
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1964 Guild Slim Jim T-100

Guild’s Slim Jim T-100 is a fully hollow, 16.5” wide, thinline cutaway electric with a single pickup in the neck position and a captivating dark tone. A very light guitar, it has a warm acoustic resonance and rich unplugged voice that translates well through the single coil pickup. It’s enjoyable to play, comfortable, and has a neck that’s feels fast but isn’t small. Laminate maple...
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1958 Stewart Oriphonic

CMI (Gibson's parent company) acquired Epiphone in 1957 and shifted production of Epiphone-branded instruments to the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Many Epiphone employees opted to stay on the east coast and found work at the recently founded Guild Guitars factory in New Jersey. Others found themselves building instruments under the brand names of Stewart, Mansfield, Premier, and...
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1962 Supro Steel

From the rocket-age comes this spaceship-inspired Supro lap steel. White and black duds, plastic handrest/pickup cover, and Kluson tuners. Set-up here at Folkway and in perfect working order. With original chipboard case **We are located in Canada. US prices are approximate. Please contact us for current US pricing.**
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1966 Gibson EH-500 Skylark

Introduced in mid-'57, the EH-500 Skylark became Gibson's most popular steel, sharing the futuristic look and Korina body used by the famous Flying V and Explorer guitars, which debuted the following year. This local example dates from 1966 and features double-line Kluson tuners with cool black buttons, single Melody Maker pickup and witch-hat knobs complete the mid-century goodness of this...
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