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2013 Collings D-1

Serial # 21288. Here is a lovely D1 - lovely in both its condition and sound! This guitar packs all of the clarity and headroom that you'd expect from a Collings dread, and adds in some colorful overtones to sweeten things up. A powerful bass response with woody resonance, a midrange that is sweet and soulful, and trebles that have a wonderful bite and roundness; it's a great sounding, balanced...
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~1980 Fender® Leo Deluxe

Serial number 0264. The Leo Deluxe was Fender’s most serious effort into the Gibson-dominated bluegrass banjos market. The Leo Deluxe is a serious but affordable instrument, and at least as good as anything that was made during the early 1980’s. Multi-ply maple rim, tube and plate flange, flat-head tone ring, figured maple resonator and neck, bound Indian rosewood fingerboard with pearl...
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2004 HOFNER Hofner Thin President Vintage

#3 of 50. Built in very limited numbers in 2004, the Thin President Vintage features a parallel braced solid spruce top, flamed Anigre back and sides, ebony fingerboard and hardware, floating Schaller humbucker, and gold Schaller tuners. The guitar’s finish is a hand rubbed varnish with an intentionally vintage patina and feel. Rounded neck carve with modest depth and a nut of 1-11/16”. 25”...
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2011 Gibson Les Paul Custom B4

Gibson’s ’54 Les Paul Custom was one of the iconic electing guitars that ushered in the modern era of music in the mid-1950’s. With its black finish, Tune-o-Matic adjustable bridge, staple-pole Alnico pickup and bridge P-90, the ’54 Les Paul Custom offered players a stylish and great-sounding new guitar option. 

This example, built a few years back, is a relatively rare Les Paul model. The R4...
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1918 Gibson L-1

Built at the end of the first World War 99 years ago, this L-1 has aged well and remains a viable, playable, and wonderful guitar. A small archtop with round soundhole, carved birch and spruce body and a short scale neck, this Gibson L-1 sounds nothing like later F-hole model. It’s a punchy and forward instrument, with a warm dryness though the midrange, and a compact and articulate low end. It’s...
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2012 Collings 290 Custom

With humbuckers, contoured body, heavenly neck carve and Collings build perfection this 290 is an incredibly versatile and wildly fun guitar. It’s got creamy sustain, light weight and perfect balance; its great looks and to-die-for playability are a bonus! This example is in excellent condition and only gently used. Set-up is perfect, and the frets are unworn. Lollar Imperial Humbuckers,...
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2015 Breedlove Ed Gerhard Signature Dreadnought

A long time Breedlove endorsee, Ed Gerhard is a groundbreaking and influencial fingerstyle guitarist and composer. His relationship with Breedlove guitars spans more than two decades, and he’s helped design some of Breedlove’s most inspiring guitars. Gerhard’s most recent signature model is a Dreadnought built of master-grade Adirondack spruce and highly figured Sapele. Only 16 of these...
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1963 Gibson Dove

S/N 133013. The Dove was introduced in 1962 as Gibson’s most expensive dreadnought after the Hummingbird, introduced two years earlier. Featuring a pickguard with an inlaid mother-of-pearl Dove, and stylized dove inlays on the bridge, the instrument is quick to recognize and quite unique among Gibson flattops. It also offers a tone that’s unique among the company’s flat-tops, thanks to its maple...
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1930 Gibson L-2 Gold Sparkle

The Argentine Grey Gold Sparkle-bound Gibson L-2 is among the most sought-after vintage Gibson flat-top models. Built in very small numbers between 1930 and 1932, this version of the L2 model featured Mahogany back and sides, spruce top, and exceptionally light construction. This super-light build results in a guitar who’s tone is remarkably open and resonant, dark, warm, expressive, and...
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2008 Rickenbacker 330/12

This vibrant 12-string screams cool in a completely Rickenbacker kind of way! No wonder the 330 has proven to be one of the brand's most popular models since the 60’s. This guitar can summon every ounce of jangly rock n’roll that you can muster and then some. In like-new condition with a truly eye-catching Fire-Glo sunburst, there is no playwear at all on this one save for a small ding on the...
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1945 Gibson "Banner" LG-2

Here’s a guitar we last saw in 2005, when it was for sale at Folkway. We’ve found our original write up from back then, and things have pretty much not changed a bit with the guitar since. It’s an absurdly good sounding all-mahogany LG-2, with a great feeling neck, no cracks, and dashing looks. Here’s the description from back then, exactly as it was posted on our Gibson page in May of 2005. The...
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1947 Martin 00-17

Serial # 98932. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of smaller-bodied mahogany guitars here at Folkway, so we’re naturally pretty excited about this early ’47 00-17. Its one that’s just come through our repair shop with a neck reset, new frets, new bone saddle, and fresh tuner buttons. It’s in excellent condition, despite plenty of edge-wear and the patina of an old guitar that’s not spent much...
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1964 Fender® Stratocaster® Refin

Serial # L52814, neck dated December 1964. With its cool shell pink relic finish, awesome feeling neck and classic staggered-pole Strat tone, this ’64 is a perfect player’s guitar. This consigned guitar was refinished a couple of times, it seems, and we’ve been told that it was most recently candy-apple red. It’s had a Floyd Rose trem cavity filled, and the headstock’s knob replaced. Good...
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Fender® 2004 Fender® Stratocaster® John English Masterbuilt 50th Ann

Serial # 4620. Built by John English. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stratocaster, Fender issued their most painstakingly accurate reproduction of those first Strats. Every detail of the guitar was designed specifically for this Limited Release Masterbuilt instrument, and many of the unique-to-1954 features were recreated for the first time in 50 years. The guitar features a...
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2015 Fender® American Vintage '58 Tele® Reissue

The late 50’s were an important time for the Telecaster. Around this time Fender was making numerous design changes to their line in response to player’s needs and desires - including a change to a slimmer D carve neck profile from the original U carve. This great American Vintage ’58 Telecaster Reissue sports a chunky yet comfortable D carve neck amongst other late 50’s appropriate...
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1956 Gibson Southern Jumbo

FON U2536. One of those rare, rare guitars that have survived the years as if they hadn’t happened. This ’56 Southern Jumbo is an exceptional example, nearly unplayed, and crack-free. The guitar is as close to perfect as they can be, with not a single reglued or loose brace, perfect neck angle, unworn frets, and original kluson tuners and lacquered-in nut. A beautiful instrument, the guitar’s...
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Taylor 312 12 Fret

For this custom ordered Taylor 12-Fret we opted to omit the venetian cutaway and Expression System 2 pickup that comes standard with the model, making this guitar an exceptional sounding 12-fret at great value. This is a very well balanced guitar and projects far beyond what one would expect from a Grand Concert body size. The guitar is clear, balanced, and offers all the tone and feel that...
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2010 Gibson John Hiatt J-45

Serial # 10670005. This Gibson Custom Shop John Hiatt model takes the shape of the classic J-45 and combines it with Hiatt’s own distinct design specifications, making for a guitar that has custom appeal with classic J-45 tone. The Hiatt model comes equipped with an up-scaled hardware set; it’s decorated with vintage-style nickel tuners, fires stripe pickguard, and a belly-up rosewood bridge...
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2013 Bourgeois Aged Tone Adirondack Slope D Short Scale

Serial # 006206. We’re big fans of Dana Bourgeois and his company - they simply make some beautiful guitars. We’re quite excited by this great sounding Aged Tone Series Slope D, with short scale, Torrefied Adirondack spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. It displays the superb craftsmanship, incredible tone and ease of play that we have come to expect from Bourgeois. But the extra special bits...
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1989 Fender® '57 Strat® Reissue

1989 ’57 Fender Stratocaster reissue Serial # 045777, pots and neck dated to 1989. This ridiculously clean ’57 Strat reissue offers all one would expect from an American made Fender Vintage reissue; excellent build quality and parts, and that lively characteristic single-coil Fender chime. This model features specifications matching the original ’57 Stratocasters including vintage-style...
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2015 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Model

This handsome PRS, serial #215818, pays respect to Ted McCarty, President of Gibson Guitars from 1950-1966, whom Paul Reed Smith called in to consult with his company in the 1980’s. Ted was a big influence and dear friend at PRS. The McCarty model features an understated “10 top” flame maple top and thicker-than-usual mahogany body for great sustain. To make "10-Top" status, a PRS top must...
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2005 Taylor 314 Lefty

The 314 is one of Taylor’s most popular models and has an excellent reputation for playability, great sound and gig-worthy reliability. This left-handed 314 has been fairly well looked after over it’s 11 year life. It has minimal fret wear and a couple scuff marks on the back binding, and a small ding in the headstock, but is in otherwise great shape. Its voice is mature, developed and open -...
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2008 Collings City Limits Deluxe

Serial # CL7255. A positively gorgeous solidbody, the CL features a highly figured maple top, one-piece Honduran mahogany body with belly contour, hand-set mortise and tenon neck joint, and a stunning tobacco sunburst finish. Built with a contoured neck heel, grained ivoroid binding along the top, fingerboard, and headstock, and matching ivoroid details, the guitar is pure Collings. It’s all...
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Waterloo Waterloo WL-12TR

Serial # 551. A rare treat for any lefty, this ladder-braced Collings Waterloo Wl-14L is a ridiculously cool guitar! This one features a gorgeous black finish with cream-white accents, truss-rod in the neck, and original V neck carve. The guitar is in mint condition, and set up perfectly. A wonderfully fun guitar to play, the WL-14L is both loud and warm. It has all the pop and mid range you’d...
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DEERING Goodtime Artisan Two

Deering’s Artisan Goodtime two features the company’s Midnight Maple fingerboard, vintage artisan inspired inlays and headstock detailing, and a dark satin fingerboard. It’s a great looking and affordable 5 string. At the heart of this instrument’s great tone is its 3 play maple tonerim, which combines tone ring and rim into one piece. The Goodtime 2 is equipped with flange and resonator, and...
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Waterloo WL-14X TR

Picking up an X-braced Waterloo is the closest any of us will ever come to experiencing what it must have been like to play a new Gibson L-00 back in the 1930’s. We tip our collective hats to the people at Collings who’ve created these fine guitars after carefully studying those great 1930’s originals. They’ve really did a remarkable job of capturing the details of an original L-00. The guitar...
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Taylor 412-ceR

Taylor’s redesigned series features all-solid construction, gloss finished body, and the option of Rosewood back and sides. Naturally, we were hooked by the opportunity of offering a Rosewood full-gloss Taylor model in the 400-series price-point. The 412c-R is a Grand Concert sized guitar with a short scale neck, Venetian cut-away, scalloped braces, and 1-3/4” nut width. We order this model...
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Collings 290

The Collings 290 has long been one of our favourite electrics on the market. It’s simplicity of design, killer neck profile, phenomenal Lollar P90 pickups, and gorgeous TV Yellow finish combine to create one of the most inspiring modern electric guitars available. Want a Rock ‘n Roll guitar? This is it. Honduran Mahogany contoured body with set-in mahogany neck, Lollar P90 soapbar pickups,...
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Collings 01 SB

The small bodied 01 is always a shop favourite when there’s one in stock. The guitar’s small size (similar to a Martin 0-18), light build, and comfortable feel add up to make an instrument that’s fun to play, easy to play, and amazingly deep and complex. The fact that it looks so good is just a big plus! Mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top with scalloped bracing, sunburst finish,...
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1935 Gibson Nick Lucas Special

FON 1390A. Gibson’s 14 fret maple Nick Lucas Special is considered by those who are lucky enough to have played or owned one to be among the finest sounding acoustic guitar models ever built. So few were made, though, that most of players have not been able to develop a first-hand opinion. Many followers of our website will be familiar with the earlier Nick Lucas versions – those built between...
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