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2006 Gretsch® Bo Diddley (G6138)

One of the most unique yet simple guitars ever made! Bo Diddley was a master entertainer. It was heard to keep one's eyes off of the rectangular guitar that he performed for many years with. Gretsch made two Bo models - this one is the much better of the two. You would be amazed at how well this guitar plays! Pick your music and go for it!! (Sorry, Peter! Had to do it!). List price in 2006...
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1960 Epiphone Triumph (A412)

Gibson bought Epiphone in 1957. As part of Gibson, they produced lots of very fine instruments in Kalamazoo, Michigan incorporating the same designs and shapes created by Epiphone. The Triumph was created to compete with the Gibson L-7C. If you have ever played one, you would certainly see the similiarity! Epiphone has always had IMHO the finest neck shapes in the business. This 57 year old...
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2005 Hallmark Deke Dickerson Model

This guitar was patterned after the famous & unique original Mosrite Joe Maphis doubleneck of the 1950s - only this one is a single neck. Carvin type single coil pickups, German carved body, inlaid plastic pickguard and armrest, etc. Very few of these were made and they sold FAST! Nut width is 1-5/8" as were Mosrites - slim neck too. Simple volume and tone control with pickup selector switch. ...
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1941 Gibson ES-300 / L-7

This is the epitome of a "Great Guitar!" It started life in 1941 - just 76 years ago - as an ES-300 with a laminated maple top and a built in pickup. The original owner sent it back to Gibson in the 1950s and had a beautiful spruce top put on and left the top uncut. A suspended pickup was then installed - no longer with the guitar. I found this guitar without a pickguard and was lucky enough to...
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2005 Gold Tone OB250LN Long Neck Banjo

Harken back to the late 50s and 60s folk music, i.e. Kingston Trio (Dave Guard and / or George Grove), Brothers Four, Pete Seeger, etc. with this very well made and outstanding sounding long neck banjo! Play it with or without the resonator. Hearts & flowers mother of pearl inlays. Includes the original hardshell case.
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2003 Gibson ES-137 Custom

Beautiful playing semi-hollow Gibson - unfortunately, no longer made as of 2011! This model covers a lot of ground - rock, blues. jazz, country, rockabilly, etc. Split triangular inlays, thin 16" body with center block and Varitone. Light sunburst finish shows off the very curly maple top! Original hardshell case.
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2013 Gibson Les Paul Recording II (Iridium Edition)

Les Paul was an advocate of low impedance pickups for ultimate clarity of sound. He preferred to play the Les Paul Recording model over all else. This LPR is one of 600 made in 2013 and 2014. Pretty hard to find - especially in this pristine condition! This is a much better edition than the originals manufactured in the 70s - which had very confusing controls. One had a very hard time...
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2013 Peerless Custom Wizard

Unbelievable jazz, blues or rockabilly guitar! This is a 17" wide x 1-3/4" deep very flashy archtop with three humbucking pickups. Use one, blend any two or use all three via three individual volume controls with a master tone on the cutaway. Laminated curly maple top, sides and back with simulated abalone filled cream binding. Very easy play guitar with lots of sound variety. Original hard...
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1991 Gibson Byrdland

This is the best 26 year old blonde Byrdland out there - bar none! Golden blonde (not the sickly looking whitish blonde finish of today!), cream binding, select spruce top, curly maple sides and back - including neck and the real bonus - signed by Jim Triggs! This is a Master Model. Comes with the original brown Gibson case with pink plush lining and flap. Nut width is 1-11/16" which makes the...
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2012 Sierra 8 String Lap Steel

There are no better 8 string lap steels on the market than this one! Tone and sustain beyond belief! The Sierra company seems to now be on hold for one reason or another. They have reverted to making a 6 string model and no 8 string at present. Single great sounding humbucking pickup. Heavy duty molded foam lined case. This steel is equipped with three originally furnished heavy duty height...
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Digitech Vocalist Live 2

This effect works great - must have a guitar plugged into it to create the proper hamonies - higth or low - to operate correctly. You'll love it! No wall wart supplied.
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1953 Epiphone - New York Zephyr Deluxe Regent

This old gal is now 64 years old and is without make up! Absolutely stunning player and sound from NY pickups. The only thing wrong with this guitar is a warped pickguard - which is to be expected with a guitar this age. This is the same model guitar that Sammy Pruitt of Hank Williams' Drifting Cowboys and Hank Garland played and is about as rare as hens teeth! It even has "cloud" fingerboard...
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2007 Gibson ES-295 / ES-175

This extremely curly all over maple beauty is now likely one of a kind. Normally, an ES-295 is finished in gold or in some cases sunburst. This guitar was born in Memphis and dubbed an ES-175 - one of the few recent models with P90 pickups! I have always loved the rockabilly look of the ES-295 - but not the very subject to lacquer cracking gold finish. On this guitar, inlays are real mother of...
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2013 Eastwood Airline Map DLX Baritone Guitar

Hello rock-a-billies! Man o' man it doesn't get any better than this in a baritone guitar! What a sound. Bigsby - naturally! Grover tuners. Scale is 27", nut width is 1-11/16". Extremely high quality based upon the Valco / National guitars of the 50s. Marketed and sold at Monkey Wards as the Airline make. This one is the DLX model WITH high quality heavy duty rectangular case. New ones do...
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2006 Gretsch® Model G6134B Black Penguin

If you have never owned a Gretsch "solid body" before - you should give one a spin. They look like a solid body but really are not. The sound is very identifiably "Gretsch." The fingerboard is incredible and the weight is very forgiving! You will not find any better than either a White or in this case a Black Penguin! Heavy duty sustaining Cadillac tailpiece, Synchro-Sonic bridge, Dynasonic...
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2011 Gibson Les Paul Standard

This is a beautiful, easy on the eyes and hands Lester with a great sound! The top is every bit as nice as some of these Gibson dealers are charging $5,000 or more for. Weighs 9.36 pounds. More a 50s profile neck. This is one you need to own! Need I say more?
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1999 Paul Reed Smith (PRS) McCarty

I don't know what is more incredible about this guitar - to look at it, to play it or to hear it! It is the definition of beautiful! My opinion - the top is more interesting than a 10 top! Gold plated metal parts, vintage Kluson type tuners, tone control pulls out to act as a coil tap, stop tailpiece, moon inlays, arrow straight widish 22 fret neck with very low action. The truss rod has never...
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1977 Gibson Super 400CN

This 40 year old blonde is a real treasure! Often referred to as the "Steinway" of guitars! This "sound cannon" is one of thirteen blonde acoustic Super 400CNs made in 1977 - which makes it extremely rare! The pick guard has totally disintegrated and has been discarded. There was a pick up affixed to the pick guard. The volume control chipped a small area on the top. There is a screw hole in...
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2014 Gibson Les Paul ES-LP

This is a fabulous new model that you will not find many used on the market as yet. Gibson combined the semi hollow concept of the ES-335 with the solid body Les Paul and voila - the ES-LP! This has a AAA curly maple top with dark walnut stained mahogany sides and back, MHS (Memphis Historic Spec) humbucking pickups - "wound to accurately replicate the sonic glories of vintage PAFs." - based on...
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~2009 Gold Tone EBM-4 and EBM-5 (4 and 5 string banjos)

Very unique - great quality instruments! Look up the demos on Youtube. Fascinating to play and hear. Be Bela Fleck (yeah - right!?) These banjos are guaranteed to turn heads and will vastly improve the versatility and sound of your group. No need to worry about getting run over by electric guitars and keyboards anymore. Keep right up with them! The EBM-4 is a four string tenor banjo. The...
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2009 Martin D28M - Merle Travis / Bigsby

This commemorative Merle Travis / Bigsby Martin is number 64 out of 100 made and getting rarer every day! Merle played a D28 and had Paul Bigsby make a neck that could actually be played above the third fret! This guitar is playable throughout the entire fingerboard be it flat picking or finger picking style you employ. A Dean Markley Tahoe pickup has been professionally added - but easily...
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2010 Gretsch® Country Club

Cadillac Green with gold plated metal - just plain tastefully beautiful. This guitar is everything you would want in "That Great Gretsch Sound!" Plays like butta! With Filter'trons, Bigsby and convenient standby switch. Very high WOW factor here! Toggle switch for either or both pups and tone switch on upper bout, volume controls for each pup and master volume control on the cutaway....
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2007 Gretsch® Chet Atkins G6120-CGP

What an alive guitar this is! Limited edition - supposedly one of one hundred made. Patterned after one made for Chet to record one album in the 50s, never before 2007 made for the public. In true stereo mode, the volume controls split the pickups - one controls strings 1-2-3 - the other controls strings 4-5-6. two outputs accomplish this, i.e. you can use two cords going to two amps. ...
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