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2004 Line 6 Variax 700

2004 Line 6 Variax 700 13 % off
If you like Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, Super 400 jazz guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos, etc. this is your guitar! Just dial it in - quickly! Extremely easy to use this modeling guitar. Recreate the tones of these classic instruments instantly. Also create special tunings after entered - switch to instantly! This guitar is a very attractive ash over mahogany in beautiful natural blonde finish...
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2011 TRINITY College TM-371 Irish Bouzouki

2011 TRINITY College   TM-371 Irish Bouzouki 20 % off
Very interesting and extremely well made 8 string instrument! Very attractive spruce top - mahogany sides, back and neck. Great for folk, bluegrass and or ethnic music. Amazing sound and fingerboard! Complete with hard shell case.
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1997 Gibson ES-355

Absolutely eye popping stunner of a guitar! Custom Shop - B serial number - NOT B STOCK - made in Nashville - curly maple faded cherry 20 year old with Varitone. Plays and sounds beautifully - a sure shot for sure! Make her yours today. Complete with Gibson brown case with pink plush lining. (Non original truss rod cover will be replaced.)
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2005 Gitane DG-300, John Jorgenson Modele

This is one very impressive gypsy guitar! Woods are outstanding, very low action - easy playability - 26-5/8 scale - and sounds fantastic! Complete with removable Krivo pickup and Superior hardshell case with green plush lining. Very lightweight. Don't forget, new models like this do not come with a Krivo pickup or a hardshell case.
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2009 Godin Multiac - ACS - SA Slim (Nylon)

2009 Godin Multiac - ACS - SA Slim (Nylon) 18 % off
This synth ready guitar is like magic to play! Easy transition from steel string to this nylon string guitar with nut width of 1.715". Cedar top with semi-gloss finish. Plays and sounds fantastic! Comes with original gig bag AND original hard shell case.
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2007 Gibson ES175 / ES295 Conversion

This extremely curly all over maple beauty is now likely one of a kind. Normally, an ES-295 is finished in gold, sunburst or in some cases burgundy. This guitar was born in Memphis and dubbed an ES-175 - one of the few recent models with P90 pickups. This guitar has real mother of pearl inlays as opposed to the standard pearloid (mother of toilet seat). All the metal parts are now gold plated,...
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2005 Epiphone Sheraton

Epiphone for very short periods on occasion built guitars in Japan of superior quality - then sent them to Gibson's Nashville plant for installation of Gibson electronics - pickups, pots, wiring, etc. - which produced a fantastic instrument reminiscent of the late 50s. Do not confuse this guitar with a $500 Korean made model. Not even close! This is one of those rare pieces which presents a...
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2014 D'Angelico EX59

2014 D'Angelico EX59 10 % off
This 17" D'A is very hard to beat for a built in twin P90 style single coil pickup guitar for the $$! Great player - great sound! Can't go wrong for sure! Price just reduced to as low as I will go.
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2006 Gretsch Bo Diddley (G6138)

One of the most unique yet simple guitars ever made! Bo Diddley was a master entertainer. It was heard to keep one's eyes off of the rectangular guitar that he performed for many years with. Gretsch made two Bo models - this one is the much better of the two. You would be amazed at how well this guitar plays! Pick your music and go for it!! (Sorry, Peter! Had to do it!). List price in 2006...
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1960 Epiphone Triumph (A412)

1960 Epiphone Triumph (A412) 35 % off
Gibson bought Epiphone in 1957. As part of Gibson, they produced lots of very fine instruments in Kalamazoo, Michigan incorporating the same designs and shapes created by Epiphone. The Triumph was created to compete with the Gibson L-7C. If you have ever played one, you would certainly see the similiarity! Epiphone has always had IMHO the finest neck shapes in the business. This 58 year old...
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2005 Gold Tone OB250LN Long Neck Banjo

Harken back to the late 50s and 60s folk music, i.e. Kingston Trio (Dave Guard and / or George Grove), Brothers Four, Pete Seeger, etc. with this very well made and outstanding sounding long neck banjo! Play it with or without the resonator. Hearts & flowers mother of pearl inlays. Includes the original hardshell case. Will trade for a Gold Tone PS-250 plectrum banjo with hardshell case in like...
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2013 Peerless Custom Wizard

2013 Peerless Custom Wizard 11 % off
Unbelievable jazz, blues or rockabilly guitar! This is a 17" wide x 1-3/4" deep very flashy archtop with three humbucking pickups. Similiar to a thin body (not made) Gibson ES-5. Use one, blend any two or use all three pickups via three individual volume controls with a master tone on the cutaway. Laminated curly maple top, sides and back with simulated abalone filled cream binding. Very easy...
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1991 Gibson Byrdland

This is the best 26 year old blonde Byrdland out there - bar none! Golden blonde (not the sickly looking whitish blonde finish of today!), cream binding, select spruce top, curly maple sides and back - including neck and the real bonus - signed by Jim Triggs on May 23, 1991! This is a Master Model. Comes with the original brown Gibson case with pink plush lining and flap. Nut width is 1-11/16"...
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1953 Epiphone - New York Zephyr Deluxe Regent

1953 Epiphone - New York Zephyr Deluxe Regent 36 % off
This old gal is now 64 years old and is without make up! Absolutely stunning player and sound from NY pickups. The only thing wrong with this guitar is a warped / gaseous pickguard - which is to be expected with a primo guitar this age. The bridge is non original with ebony top and rosewood base - works very well! This is the same model guitar that Sammy Pruitt of Hank Williams' Drifting...
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2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional 12 % off
This is a beautiful, easy on the eyes and hands Lester with a great sound! The top is every bit as nice as some of these Gibson dealers are charging $5,000 or more for. Weighs 9.36 pounds. More a 50s profile neck. This is one you need to own! Need I say more?
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1977 Gibson Super 400CN

This 41 year old blonde is a real treasure! Often referred to as the "Steinway" of guitars! This "sound cannon" is one of thirteen blonde acoustic Super 400CNs made in 1977 - which makes it extremely rare! The pick guard has totally disintegrated and has been discarded. There was a pick up affixed to the pick guard. The volume control chipped a small area on the top. There is a screw hole in...
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~2009 Gold Tone EBM-4 and EBM-5 (4 and 5 string banjos)

~2009 Gold Tone EBM-4 and EBM-5 (4 and 5 string banjos) 46 % off
Very unique - great quality instruments! Look up the demos on Youtube. Fascinating to play and hear. Be Bela Fleck (yeah - right!?) These banjos are guaranteed to turn heads and will vastly improve the versatility and sound of your group. No need to worry about getting run over by electric guitars and keyboards anymore. Keep right up with them! The EBM-4 is a four string tenor banjo. The...
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2009 Martin D28M - Merle Travis / Bigsby

This commemorative Merle Travis / Bigsby Martin is number 64 out of 100 made and getting rarer every day! Merle played a D28 and had Paul Bigsby make a neck that could actually be played above the third fret! This guitar is playable throughout the entire fingerboard be it flat picking or finger picking style you employ. A Dean Markley Tahoe pickup has been professionally added - but easily...
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