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1958 Fender® Precision Bass®,P Bass®

2 tone Fender precision bass,all original ,The P bass set the standards when Leo and the boys unveiled it and after a few changes the "Stratocaster" styled P bass moved the benchmark even higher. 2 tone sunburst, raised A pole piece pick version,no covers,players wear,all original electronics and parts as left the fender factory in 1958, it even has the original factory nut.Non original hard...
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Beltuna Tyrolean

Beltuna the leader in professional accordions ,we offer the Tyrolean model with hard shell case.
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~1966 Gretsch,Gibson 6120,ES 347

what she is ,is a combination of parts,1960 era Gretsch 6120 body and pickups,electronics with a Gibson shorter scale ES 347 neck,refinished in cadillac green ( I assume refinished could be refin over original cadillac green)...original bridge pickup route filled and bridge pickup moved forward on the body,string mute hole filled ,appears to be braced inside for gibson neck,paint sink...
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2005 Washburn Montgomery J6S

Discontinued Washburn Montgomery J6S archtop electric guitar for sale, ,from my understanding these are discontinued models with spruce top and wonderful flamed maple back and side, replaced tailpiece with Bigsby tail piece,a hard shell case included.These are referred to as the working mans L5.
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Hohner Super 64 X Harmonica

Used professional Hohner Super 64 X Harmonica ,performers on the next level use these Harmonicas,the cadillac of harmonicas. Check out our new listings for other harmonicas,amps,effects and guitars.Thanks.
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1962 Epiphone EA12RVT Futura

1962 Epiphone Model EA-12RVT for sale. Very clean with foot switch. Tremolo, vibrato & reverb,2 channels,4 inputs,Independent Volume, bass & treble controls with cool stack knobs,Tremolo depth & frequency controls.Reverb control 2-button footswitch Extension speaker jack.Removable fuse 4-position on/off switch with standby & polarity Pilot light Gray vinyl covering Tan grille...
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1963 Gibson GA 19 RVT Falcon

Gibson Falcon GA 19 RVT ,1963,These are compared to the Fender 6G2 Brown Princeton,it's a great grab and go combo or recording amp,about 15 watts though its Jensen C12R 12" alnico magnet speaker. Has Loudness (volume), Tone, Reverberation (Reverb), Depth and Frequency (Tremolo) controls. All tubes are factory original US RCA: 5Y3 rectifier, 6V6 (2) power, 6EU7 (3) preamp, and 6C4 reverb...
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2014 Roland FR7X accordion

another one of Rolands top of the line professional accordions for sale. Full specs can be found on the www... here are a few: Features/Specifications: Faster response and higher sensitivity and precision, plus detection of bellows opening/closing with new bellows pressure-sensor circuitry New French accordion sounds, Bayan accordion sounds, Italian classic accordion sounds, 24 new...
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1960 Gibson GA 80T Varitone

Gibson Varitone model GA 80T tweed amplifier.Made for 3 years ,1959 through 1961,with production at approx.600 units.Single 15 inch speaker,two channels,25 watts.some wear on bottom and regular use wear as expected with an older vintage amp, cool and rare amp.New power cord,no footswitch.
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1980 Ibanez AD-9 Analog Delay

Ibanez AD9 analog delay pedal from the 1980 era.Some wear,no power supply .
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1995 Fender® Blues Junior™

1995 Blues Jr. ,first year of these amps. July production month.Cool little package just right for bedroom and home use as well as recording and mic it at the gig.Check all our effects pedals,tubes ,speakers and amps out.
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Danelectro DT 2 tuner

as new danelectro DT2 tuner, larger size dano pedal,not the mini,comes complete with everything pictured.
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MXR Phase 100

Sought after MXR phase effects pedal,no power supply or box.scuffed and used .See all our effects listed ,Thanks.
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Tech 21 Sansamp tech 21

“Architecturally” create your own rig in seconds. Interesting and versitile pedal for some one who wants differnt tones and overdrives works well with single coil and humbucking pickups. battery powered .You can easily achieve the most sought-after tube amp sounds, and entirely new ones as well. Choose amplifier type, modification and speaker cabinet/mic placement configurations. You can easily...
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BOSS Blues Driver BD2

Boss effects pedal Blues Driver BD 2 as new still in box.
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Boss DD2 as new in box ,almost mint condition.Posting several effects and vintage amps over the next few days,stay tuned.
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M.Hohner The Chromonica

Smaller harmonica just under 5 inches in length,Key of "C" ,no box,used,never thought I would use this word with a harmonica ,but the finish over the center wood is checked pretty cool...
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Roland FR8X Dallape

Roland RF8X accordion for sale, case.Top of the line flagship model Dallape Roland FR8X.Reasonable offers entertained on all accordions listed for sale, I have a good friend that passed away and I am helping his estate with the sale of these items.
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~1950 Hohner Chromonica 64

Used Hohner 64 professional "The Chromonica" Harmonica.Key of C with case.
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Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Ernie Ball volume pedal. 1- in put...1- output...1 tuner jack on front of pedal. appears to be one of the original .
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Beltuna Accordion Leader V amplisound

Ever understanding the diversity in musical instruments we offer the Beltuna accordion retailing at over 20K, the Beltuna Leader V is at the top of the line in accordions...Comes with case and straps.... Greg's guitars ,a fine assortment of eclectic musical instruments.
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Danelectro 6 / 12 doubleneck

The Danelectro 12/6 Doubleneck Semi-Hollow short horn Electric Guitar with Gig Bag deserves the limelight. With its whiteburst/ bronzeburst finish and dual necks, it's bound to draw positive attention. The 12/6 doubleneck features maple necks with rosewood fretboards. Danelectro lipstick pickups are true to the originals with that unique tone everyone loves. There's a 3-way pickup selector and...
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1965 Gibson GA77 RVT

GA-77RVT/GA-77RVTL VANGUARD,1960 model. - 50W, 1-15 in. regular speaker (GA-77RVT). guitar combo, eight-tube chassis, preamp: 4 X 6EU7, 1 X 12AU7, 1 X 7199, power: 2 X 6L6, rectifier: 5V4, two channels, tremolo, reverb, top/front silver control panel, four inputs (two per channel), 10 black and silver knobs (first version: Ch. 1: v, b, t, Ch. 2: v, b, t, r, depth, freq., power switch) or 12...
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Boss CS 2 sustainer compressor blue 3 knob version. No power supply cord provided.
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Boss CH1 effect pedal,no power supply cord included.Desirable model.Powder blue color. I have 2 box.45.00 for one in rougher shape,50.00 for one in almost mint shape.
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1960 National ValPro 85 bass

National res o glass ValPro 85 bass guitar,white,all original double clear thumb rests, pizzio under bridge pickup (original) as well as neck pickup, 1/4 moon fretboard inlays,cool tuning keys and short scale . The original all solid wood case construction will add significantly to shipping charge, A gig bag will make asking price $2800.00
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1964 Guild® Thunderbird

Iconic Guild electric solidbody guitar.Sunburst finish, "Kickstand" in the back,unique peghead shape and body design. Humbucking extra powerful original pickups .I have had several of these over the years and they always draw attention and is one of the examples of original and collectible guitars that we have clients searching for, so if you have a desirable guitar like this and think about...
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2001 Gretsch 6120 W

Gretsch 6120 W for sale at Greg's vintage Guitars Atlanta.From its G logo cattle brand on top, to the fence rail pickguard graphic, the Chet Atkins Gretsch cowboy'd up big time with cactus, cattle, rifle and arrow inlays inscribed right into the mother of pearl. This 6120W Reissue combines many of the most desirable features of this longtime favorite. Twin Filter-Tron pickups offer lively,...
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~1953 Stewart ,Harmony 9013 archtop

Looks to be a 1950's era Harmony produced Stewart wondertone archtop acoustic guitar,model 9013. No issues ,straight neck,nice block inlays as opposed to dot inlays,truss rod equipped with orignal bone nut.Original finish and hardware with some superficial wear and tear. Not mint but no issues and a Cool player ,no pickguard. body measures 16" at bass bout and 11 3/4 at top treble bout,depth of...
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1963 Fender®,Gibson,Martin. Summer Sale

Many select guitars and gear on sale . Check our Gbase store for savings this summer at Greg's Vintage Guitars Atlanta . Sales include shipping on some Fender,Gibson,Martin and Guild guitars and gear. items
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