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1970 Gibson SG STANDARD

You know that show MythBusters? That's the show on the Discovery Channel where those two dudes, (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) use elements of scientific methods to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos, and news stories and occasionally bring in a cat from the F.B.I. for dramatic effect. Yeah, that's when those two scientific geniuses take Mentos and Diet...
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1959 Gibson ES-175

I don't want to, but I'm gonna go all Coal Miner's Daughter up in here. You know, in this game, people will just about do anything for a buck. What I speak of is strip-mining guitars. Yep, that's when you pass by certain individuals and you hear this kinda rhetoric. Clown #1: "Yeah, you know this guitar right here has the Zebra P.A.F and 'Burst keys, not to mention the wiring harness etc,...
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1997 Fender® Custom Shop Prosonic™ Amp

How can I put this in terms you can understand? Oh, ok- I got this. You're chillin' on a Friday night and the missus is away on one of those house parties the hens throw, just to gank your banking account for "unnecessary things" you think to yourself. She explains that it's for household goods, but just maybe, the goods are the proclivities these women giggle about while they draw numbers and...
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2016 Fender® Custom Shop Merle Haggard Tuff Dog Telecaster®

A man that strode onto stage, guitar in hand as a poet of the common man. The ultimate anti-hero, the one that threw up not the thumb, the pinky, or the ring, but the one that told the world he just don't care. Merle Haggard, as you know wasn't a stranger to hard times or doing time; with incarceration came his inspiration. He, unlike Cash, didn't just merely go sing to the desolate, disoriented...
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1996 Gibson J-200, Elvis Presley, The King of Rock Model

I missed the true cultural tsunami that was Elvis Presley. I also missed the British Invasion and that's only because of the year in which I was born. You ask my Mom and Pops about Elvis and she would frown (because she was a King James bible-wielding Southern Baptist) but my Pops would light up. "He was the King, Doodlebug," he would excitedly exclaim and I knew he said that because he was...
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1967 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®

If it ain't a "hell yeah", then it's a "hell no", as relayed to me by a close friend of mine. That's the kinda poetic verbiage that always makes me go hmmm. People, how many times in your life have you settled for second best? And on how many occasions have you bit your tongue 'till the blood ran down your face? The "judge" in you is always judging (yeah, kinda like when that drunk dude says...
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1954 Fender® Deluxe Amp

A riddle, shrouded by mystery is the story of these tweed boxes of tone delight. I know amongst guitarists, these amps spark our imagination (kinda like the first time you found that tattered copy of "School Girl Holiday" underneath your brother's mattress by accident. Yeah, right...). These amp's cranked-up tones won't achieve the high-gain growl that maybe Zakk Wlyde prefers, but if you enjoy...
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1964 Fender® Princeton® Amp

I believe the reason we cannot keep these vintage Fender amps in stock for very long is because we are so picky about condition and originality. This Princeton does not disappoint in any category, especially the tone department. It's sweet, crisp and when you want to get a little dirty, it breaks up nicely. The condition of the overall package is no less than exceptionally fine and it represents...
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2009 Gibson Custom Shop Burst Brothers Les Paul R9

Dark, shaded glasses peered at me as I asked about the origins and production numbers of this very limited run of Les Pauls. As I glared back into those shaded eyes, his glasses cast a reflection of the chaos that looked like the bar scene from Star Wars. Friends, a guitar show environment looks just as I described without the presence of an overly eager bounty hunter with Han Solo on his...
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1966 Fender® Precision Bass®, P- Bass

The Death of a Father and Screwheads. It was unseasonably hot on Saturday at the Orlando guitar show. As the room filled with bodies, it got warm so quickly, many of the people were coming our of their long-sleeved shirts and coats and going down to just t-shirts. Lots of sweating going on as well, so on that fateful afternoon, I was standing in our booth, watching the passer- bys and keeping...
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2006 Gibson SJ-200 Pearl Vine

I would imagine that, if most men are alike in some ways, then the shape of a guitar would usually remind you of a woman. I mean that by them having a certain shape and with curves. I will admit that at first sight of this SJ, I immediately thought that it reminded me of a woman and the one that comes to mind for me is Kate Upton. To each his own- it will be different for every guy, I suppose,...
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1994 Gibson 100th Anniversary EDS-1275

On the rare occasions where we have encountered one of these 100th Anniversary guitars, there has been a single recurring event: the ring was missing from the case- every time, so when I spotted Lee looking at this guitar from across the room at the Chattanooga guitar show, I made a beeline for him, thinking to myself, "I'll bet you a million dollars the ring is gone". As I sidled up to the table...
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1985 Marshall JCM 800, 4211

I think I was just chillin' at the house, my mom's house that is (you know, a brother was young and tight on the duckets) when all of a sudden, this dude with short platinum blonde hair and more leather on him than three S & M shops dared to carry was screaming about, screaming for vengeance of all things. Dude, this was back in the day when MTV actually played videos of bands playing instruments...
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1999 Gibson Custom and Historic Divsion Les Paul R9, Murphy Aged, Jimmy Page

Every guitar has a story- a tale to tell if you will and this Les Paul is no exception. I think it would be safe to say that no two Les Paul Standard Reissues have exactly the same top. Not exactly, so in a manner of speaking, if every Les Paul Standard has a different top, then you could say that those tops could be considered as fingerprints. Each one, in some way is different. The Maple top on...
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2001 Gibson SJ-200 Elite

You know, I was just lounging the other day, watching T.V. when Barney said to Andy, "When a chicken hawk's around, a wise rooster don't bury his head." As you could easily guess, the new, good-looking doctor in Mayberry was hanging around Ellie a bit more than Andy took a liking to. Also in that magical place called Mayberry, the writers were trying to bring to light the subtlety in human...
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1966 Yamaha SG2

You know, looking at this guitar reminds me of me being a child. Here in Atlanta back in the 70's, we had the earliest incarnation of TBS and it was simply called Channel 17. Yep, before he owned the Braves and married Hanoi Jane, Ted Turner owned a local television station. Channel 17 was kinda like looking at SCTV without Aykroyd or Belushi. On Channel 17, you would get "Wild Wild West",...
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2004 Gibson ES-175

To play a guitar of this pedigree, you must be accompanied by a no less than a 12-year old Scotch. Maybe even a 15-year old Glenfiddich. Sure, you can make a fantastic whiskey cocktail (or in my case, a shot of Fireball mixed with Rum Chata), but more refined aficionados want to enjoy the smokey flavor unadorned — except perhaps with ice. Even more so to enhance your experience, you could...
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2006 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special VOS, Bruce Kulick Collection

I wanna tell you about this guitar, but more so about the man that owns it. When I think about Bruce, my mind doesn't take me down the corridors of a Rock-n-Roll immortals. I know, I could tell you about his days with Meatloaf, perhaps a story about Michael Bolton and must assuredly about his brother's recommendation to Paul Stanley for a part-time, fill-in gig that lasted 12 years with that...
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1991 Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Custom 24, Signature #862

I was going to write a story about class in describing this Sig. You know, how if you played it, it would make you look classy or about because it was either a Fender or a Gibson, it stood in its own class. I was also going to mention its classic lines and that would certainly apply because after all, it is 26 years old. Those thoughts were my inspiration for describing this guitar but then, as I...
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2003 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R9, Brazilian

Today class, I'm gonna introduce to you in Psychology 101, the theory of Cognitive Dissonance. The concept, (like I'm Bob Newhart over here) is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs. In layman's terms, it's kinda like spotting that hot chick in a halter top and Daisy Dukes at the family barbecue only to discover she's your...
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2011 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R9 Murphy Aged

I have come to find it fairly amusing over the years how Gibson has morphed and reworked their Les Paul reissues. I think we've seen them all, although it wouldn't surprise me if there was still a few odd variants out there that haven't crossed the door threshold here in the Elkcave. I think the earliest reissue I've seen was a 1971, '58 reissue that was actually a goldtop Les Paul. Then, it...
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1959 Fender® Champ® Amp

I was watching T.V. the other morning like I normally do with my trusty cup of coffee, thinking about my impending day of world domination when all of a sudden, this reporter started saying something that peaked my interest. As I recall, it was something pertaining to nervous people and their need for their "wubby", or their pets, if you will on plane flights. Well down South, we damn well know...
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2010 Fender® Custom Shop '54 RI Esquire Closet Classic

We have a wonderful client that is among the most discerning collectors we know. He chooses his guitars for their weight, tone, condition and features, so when we get the Batcall to visit him and see a few of the fine pieces he is ready to liquidate, we automatically know that we are in for a treat. This 2010 '54 RI Esquire is a perfect example of the type of fine guitars we see at his place; It...
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1983 Ovation Elite, 1537

We remark all the time on how the mere sight of a guitar can bring back a set of memories or take you back to a particular time from your past. Lee brought this Ovation into the office the other day and if you'll indulge me, I will explain exactly how that happened once again... Lee walked into the office with this case and I immediately remarked, "That's an old Ovation". Made me sound like a...
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1985 Rickenbacker 4003

I'm gonna make this one pretty simple, fellow bass players. We made the grab on this 4003 for two main reasons: First, it's AzureGlo, which is one of the rarer Rickenbacker colors and we've never, ever had a problem selling an AzureGlo bass. Never. These blue basses must have a secret tone vibe or something because they're cool as hell and it's my personal favorite Ricky color. Secondly, the...
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1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior

We have a super client up in Tennessee who owns the Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson dealership. His name is Scott and he is as cool as the other side of the pillow. He's gotten a few guitars from us over the years and our very first deal was in the back of a restaurant parking lot in Knoxville. I'm sure that to any innocent bystander, it probably looked like something out of an Al Pacino movie....
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2014 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R9, Murphy Painted

While many of our guitars get silly stories, there are that few that deserve something different. This is one such guitar... I can only imagine that when the concept of these "Murphy painted" Hand Select Les Pauls came up, there were nothing but smiles on the faces of every man in the room. It's an idea that certainly sets these guitars apart from the regular Custom Shop R9's and when we first...
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2006 Hamer Improv, # 10 of 25

When we took this guitar on consignment from a good client in Texas, my immediate thought was, "What can we compare it to?" I wasn't even aware that Hamer made a handmade, custom Jazz guitar and my exposure to them was always in the realm of pointy, Metal guitars that reminded me of those great 80's, but here this piece was, right in front of us. I wasn't intimidated at all and told Lee as we...
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2015 Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson EDS-1275 Aged and Signed

Lee looked at me as I stood holding this guitar for the first time."You sure about this"? he said. "It's a lot of money," but I nodded my head and held fast. "I got a feeling about this one," I said. "I think we outta go with it," and with that statement, this guitar was ours. On the ride home from the Philly show, as Lee was driving, my mind drifted as I thought about what I was going to write...
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