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cash, checks, MO, wire transfers, credit card payments and Paypal for 3% additional for Domestic or 4% for International payments

I have been using the US Postal service almost exclusively for the last 5 years.. because it does an excellent job for a lot less

48 hours approval.. full refund minus shipping

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1931 Martin OM-28

This guitar falls in the category of instruments that have been played, as opposed to some who have been looked at.. the sound is indeed the difference.. over the course of it's long life it has had a number of repairs, but the bridge plate looks original, the bridge is a very very slightly oversized replacement, but a great reproduction. most of the back of the neck is refinished. there are...
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1920 Martin Style C

This style C mandolin that was once in the early Martin Museum at the factory and used to belong to Martin Historian Mike Longworrth.. a little card from the Museum gives the description of the instrument.. Hello...!!! people... this thing is SOOOO CHEAP... it's historically significant.. what more would you like...??? cheers Jacques
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1916 Gibson A 3

This is a perfect example, in perfect condition.. Hello ..!!! People... this thing is brand new...~~~ and cheap tooo...!!! what more would you like..???? cheers Jacques
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~1929 National Triolian

Serial # 492 This is one beautiful instrument which sounds UNBELIEVABLE..!!! the playability is spot on.. and most probably one of the few original "Bakelite" neck that is not warped or bowed.. new National cone HELLO....!!! people.... this bloody thing is so cheap....~~~ sounds better and plays better than ANYTHING out there.. vintage or new.. would you prefer if I kept it..??? cheers.....
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~1934 Oahu K71

square neck, excellent example, 14.1/2 lower bout variant, but deeper body, with original metal bridge, X braced, perfect stencil, 100% original, excellent playabilty, and outstanding sound... Hello People...!!! this thing sounds better than ANYTHING OUT THERE.. and CHEAP too... what more would you like..???? cheers Jacques
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