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cash, checks, MO, wire transfers, credit card payments and Paypal for 3% additional for Domestic or 4% for International payments

I have been using the US Postal service almost exclusively for the last 5 years.. because it does an excellent job for a lot less

48 hours approval.. full refund minus shipping

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1920 Martin Style C

This style C mandolin that was once in the early Martin Museum at the factory and used to belong to Martin Historian Mike Longworrth.. a little card from the Museum gives the de*unsafe*ion of the instrument.. Hello...!!! people... this thing is SOOOO CHEAP... it's historically significant.. what more would you like...??? cheers Jacques SOLD
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1916 Gibson A 3

This is a perfect example, in perfect condition.. Hello ..!!! People... this thing is brand new...~~~ and cheap tooo...!!! what more would you like..???? cheers Jacques
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~1934 Oahu K71

square neck, excellent example, 14.1/2 lower bout variant, but deeper body, with original metal bridge, X braced, perfect stencil, 100% original, excellent playabilty, and outstanding sound... Hello People...!!! this thing sounds better than ANYTHING OUT THERE.. and CHEAP too... what more would you like..???? cheers Jacques
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