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1952 Gibson ES-350 Special Order

We have now confirmed with Gibson and Gruhn that this instrument is noted on the 1952 Gibson serial ledgers as a "Special Order" on December 5, 1952. And, significantly, the instrument doesn't show on the corresponding shipping ledger for that time indicating that it was picked up at the factory. This was common for employee builds and local customers in Kalamazoo. That significance is mostly...
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2001 Gibson J-150

A flamey one for sure and a simply brilliant exemplar of the venerable J-200 Killer Gibson Jumbo in the less blinged out version with a bit less binding, bling, pickguard gook, and other flourish. Key point here is that the Montana boys didn't scrimp one iota on the woods or build quality and this guitar will hold it's own with any 200 we've ever seen and is simply a brilliant playing,...
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1962 Fender Stratocaster

Super nice Vintage 1962 Fender Stratocaster with brilliant three tone vibrant sunburst, Except for the correct replacement Gotoh tuners, she's 100% original in her Original brown tolex Hardshell case. Every single atom as she came from the Fullerton factory in November 1962 and authenticates perfectly. Most of these 1960s strats have been ridden hard and thrashed but this example was well...
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Fender Cyber Twin Head with Showman 412S Stereo Cabinet

This Fender Cyber Twin Head # M1290062 and is as versatile as they come. This is a tube powered (2 Groove Tubes) solid-state (yes, I said that) that really booms with 130 watts into a stack (65x2). Has 1 true channel although the optional 4 button switch allows it to act as 4 channels, each having their individual settings making it extremely versatile. Along with the 20 some-odd Fender amps as...
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G&L Guitars by Leo Legacy Blonde Rosewood SSS Sweet!

We see an awful lot of amazing Stratocasters here,vintage and otherwise - but this G&L Guitars by Leo Legacy USA is one fine example of the form. Plays like a demon and sounds like the angels really! This one shines in classic Blond Olympic White with Rosewood fretboard and doesn't appear to have really ever been played. My only note is that very tiny screws in the telltale positions on the...
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2013 Martin D-18 Golden Era Beautiful Shaded Sunburst

Minty Fresh and super nice 2013 Martin D-18 Golden Era with a killer shaded vintage sunbursty top, OHSC and this beauty appears to be barely played and sounds just wonderful and loud on fingerstyle, bluegrassy, singer songer, or ANYTHING! Clean as a whistle and tone for DAYS! If you're looking for one of these, this is a practically new one that is sure to please. Very very nice and nice...
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1998 Gibson Ace Frehly Les Paul Custom Budokan

Untouched killer 1998 Gibson Ace Frehly Les Paul Custom Budokan with her original case and a super fine guitar indeed. Really amazing 3D Flame Maple top and the woods and quality build on this instrument virtually identical to the so-called "300" and this one seems to differ only in the lack of the signed control cavity cover. Features the full Ace package including the amazing ebony...
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1998 Heritage H-575

This is a beautiful 1998 Heritage H-575 Custom Archtop guitar. This instrument appears nearly untouched and is in beautiful and near mint condition with it's original Heritage branded Calton type archtop hardtop. It plays like a dream, and is aligned with the specifications of jazz guitar great Mimi Fox’s signature model, including the beautiful single-piece vintage sunburst carved Spruce top,...
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1955 Gibson 1955 Original Les Paul Junior Jr.

Lovely lovely example, she's a Featherweight Beautiful Vintage 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior. Super clean Excellent minus 100% original condition and every atom (save one screw, see below!) as she came from 225 Parsons street in Kalamazoo Michigan 60 years ago. This beautiful sunburst guitar has that special tone sound, thick-necked playability, and is so light and resonant with that super solid...
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1966 Fender Stratocaster

Super nice find here, it's a collector/museum grade Rare Vintage 1966 Blonde Fender Stratocaster in Near Mint condition. 24 Hour Approval in insure your total delight! It's a blondie with a Rosewood fretboard in the style favored by a certain James Marshall Hendrix and, judging from this instrument, it's not hard to see what all the Hendrix era fuss is about. Virtually untouched, it plays and...
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1928 C.F. Martin 00-28

Here is a super special find, a wonderful Vintage 1928 Martin 00-28 Brazilian Rosewood Adriondack Spruce steel string guitar in excellent plus condition in her original hardcase. Outstanding example and she's had the old T frets and fretboard updated and a recent pro reset and this fine instrument is looking, playing, and sounding as good as good as can be. Bottom line - this instrument is in...
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Michael Baranik Custom SJ Masterclass Cutaway

Mike Baranik's masterclass guitars are very limited production highly prized, closely held, and seldom seen on the broader market. So here's a real find, one of Mike's earlier SJ style cutaway guitars from 1999. I should be keeping this one as she's flat out one of the nicest playing and sounding cutaways in recent memory - sounds simply amazing with tremendous resonance, projection, volume,...
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1920 Gibson H1 Mandola

Here is a lovely Vintage 1920s Gibson Oval Hole H1 Mandola in excellent original condition and a very nice example. Only superficial marks on this one and no cracks, repairs, or structural issues whatsoever. Plays and sounds very nicely and a lovely for your collection. Contact us to request additional pictures, set up a Skype session, or if you have any questions about the item, shipping,...
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Korg Sparks the Rebirth of Two Legends - Meet the Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition! The KORG Legacy Collection delivers the classic Korg synth reborn as synthesizer software. Taking advantage of the technical know-how uniquely available to the original manufacturer of these classic synths, Korg has received high acclaim for turning some of their most legendary instruments into synthesizer...
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Mackie MICRO SERIES 1202

4 channels equipped with XDR studio-grade mic pre-amps Ultralow-noise, high-headroom performance 8 line inputs Phantom power DC pulse transformer 2 aux sends 2 stereo aux returns Effects to monitor 3-band active EQ with low-cut filter Alt 3/4 stereo bus
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The Visual Sound Route 66 multi-effects pedal gives you the great tone guitarists have come to love, plus an added noise reduction system that gives you that quiet ride you've always wanted. Classic compression combined with classic overdrive-these two effects sound great on their own, but combine them, as the Route 66 pedal has, and get the ultimate combination in a single pedal pedal.
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NADY AUDIO Digicomp 16 Stereo Compressor

Exceptional assortment of 16 popular, one-of-a-kind preset digital compressor ROM programs including AGC Pure, Acoustic, Master, Clean, Dance, Kick Drum, Mixdown, Jumping Up, and eight classic stereo settings with 16 user-selectable parameter variations for each algorithm Unique digital AGC and proprietary algorithms provide real dynamic compression for adding punch to weak signals, new...
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Electronics One, INC. Leach LNF-1

Stereo amplifier rated at 100 watts per channel, in a shoe box style chassis.
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Shure Popper Stopper WindScreen

Product Features Pop filter Metal gooseneck Heavy-duty microphone stand clamp
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Sansui AU-717

Controls: Speakers: Off, A, B, A+B Bass: +/- 10 Treble: +/- 10 Volume: Log dB Scale Switches: Treble: 6kHz/3kHz Bass: 400Hz/200Hz Tone: Defeat/On Subsonic Filter: On/Off High Filter: On/Off Loudness: On/Off Muting: Off/-20dB Tape Monitor: Source, Tape 1, Tape 2 Tape Copy: Tuner, Off, Source, 1>2, 2>1 Input Selector: Aux, Tuner, Phono 1, Phono...
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2006 Zambelli Tyler Grant Custom 1937 Martin D-28

From GuitarDesires and World Acclaimed guitarist Tyler Grant - here is Mr. Grant's custom ordered 2008 Masterbuilt Christopher Zambelli Dreadnought 1937 Martin Herringbone D-28 Reproduction guitar in excellent plus condition in it's original TKL hardcase. This is an extraordinary and fine instrument with a tremendous volume and voice, custom designed and crafted for Mr. Grant and used on...
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