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2014 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop NOS

Here is the result of the alliance of the Custom Shop Fender and the legend David Gilmour. The Fender Stratocaster NOS David Gilmour directly inspired by the famous "Black Strat". This guitar is a revolutionary sound centerpiece and incomparable from Pink Floyd. Gilmour's Black Strat was used for the recordings of The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and featured...
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1968 Fender Esquire

Guitare Collection offers you this superb Fender Esquire Blonde from 1968. A guitar with legendary lightness and playability, this Esquire has been professionally refinished. The rosewood fingerboard is exceptional, and brings a real softness both to the touch, but also to the sound. Delivered with its original case, this Esquire from the last years of production produces very bright and...
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1955 Gibson ES-125T

Guitare Collection presents this sumptuous Gibson ES-125T Sunburst from 1955 in superb condition. A thin version of the ES-125 therefore, without cutaway, in a Sunburst of great depth and a natural crackling of the varnish of any beauty. The pickguard is not original, but it is not difficult to find a similar one to the original. This very light Gibson offers deep and brilliant tones at...
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1966 Gibson LG0

Guitare Collection offers you this sumptuous Gibson LG0 from 1966 in very good condition, delivered with its original Hardcase. This Gibson produces superb tones, and ease of play due to its lightness. Hardcase : Yes (Original) Weight : 1.78 Kg Nut's width : 40.4 mm A perfect acoustic Gibson for all fans of Gibsons Vintages, exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris!
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1958 Gibson Les Paul Special

Guitare Collection presents here this sumptuous Gibson Les Paul Special from 1958.  In TV Yellow finish, this guitar is legendary and has seduced many Rock Stars, from Keith Richards to Ronnie Wood, including Billie Joe Armstrong, and many more ...  This guitar is powerful, it brings the real strength of a Les Paul with two P-90s.  An iconic model, entirely original, and tuned by our...
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1947 Gibson L7

Guitar collection presents this magnificent Gibson L-7 from 1947. In Sunburst finish in a very good condition, this Gibson L-7 has been seen professionally add a Barcus Berry microphone, with a high quality, which makes it the perfect compromise between an L7 and an ES-250. This microphone was placed with a plate, without drilling the body, the Jack input being in the strap...
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1988 Fender Telecaster

Guitare Collection presents here a very beautiful Fender Telecaster American Standard Gun Metal Blue from 1988. The Gun Metal Blue finish between blue and gray gives this guitar a unique touch, moreover its cosmetic state is amazing for a 32 year old guitar. A Telecaster very easy to play, especially following the adjustments of our luthier. In terms of sounds, we find the slamming...
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Wandré Guitar Exhibition by Space Age Movement

An exclusive collection of the World Most Artistic Guitars. 05.09 / 10.10 2020 At G&M Design Gallery 11 avenue Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco.
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1971 Fender Telecaster

Guitar Collection presents this sumptuous Fender Telecaster Black from 1971. A unique look because repainted in Black on a Blonde base, which gives it with its natural relicage a real MOJO !! This Telecaster is light and very easy to play, particularly following the settings of our luthier. (low action ...) Apart from the color, this Fender is completely original. In terms of tones, these...
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1930 Bortolo Busato 46 Bis jazz/manouche

Bortolo Busato was the first luthier to have manufactured in small series of gypsy guitars like Selmer guitars, offering a very high quality in the materials used. Established in Paris in the mid-1920s, this Italian luthier knew how to create guitars with strong resonance, which allows easily in the middle of accordions and other orchestral instruments. His guitars are now a real heritage,...
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2000 Luthier Steve Mcqueen "Le Mans"

Steve McQueen was a big fan of motors ports and performed several stunts in his films himself. It's this passion which is at the origin of the film Le Mans. He also had a private collection made up of the greatest sports cars of its time. The Porsche 917 is a racing car from the German manufacturer Porsche. It distinguished itself in particular at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1970 and 1971. A...
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1966 Fender Musicmaster II

Guitare Collection offers you this beautiful Fender Musicmaster II from 1966 in Red finish. The sound as well as the playability are exceptional! A very easy Fender to play with thanks to the settings of our resident luthier. Completely original, this "Small" guitar really has everything a great. Two paint touch-ups have been done in the past (see on photo) obviously without any...
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1973 Martin D-35

Guitare Collection presents this Martin D-35 Natural produced in April 1973, delivered with its original Hardcase. A classic Dreadnought, here equipped with a Fishman pickup. This addition was professionally made, and the jack input is in the strap attachment (visible on photo), so the body has not been drilled. This guitar is very balanced from a harmonic point of view, and also has a...
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1972 Crucianelli 80

Crucianelli is an Italian manufacturer of classical, acoustic and also electric guitar. Having produced the majority of its instruments during the 1960s and 1970s, the factory also developed the Elite brand. Guitare Collection presents this little classic Crucianelli (model 80) in Natural finish from 1972. In very good condition, this rare classic offers very soft sounds, and a very...
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Philippe Dubreuille Naked Woman

Philippe Dubreuille is a French luthier based in London. This manufacturer of guitars with a unique look has created models for many artists such as Robert Smith, Joe Perry, Iggy Pop, Eddy Grant or even Keziah Jones, Billy Gibbons ... Guitars are considered to be real works of art, each more unique than the next. Their shapes and their always very marked visuals have attracted the most...
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1966 Fender Custom Maverick

The takeover of Fender Musical Instrument Company by CBS brought about many changes, and at times, the creation of new models. When this change of direction took place, leftover stock and parts from the lesser-selling models (like the Electric XII) were left in Fender factories. Fender then decided to reuse this stock of parts and bodies, to create a new model. Bodies were redesigned with...
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1946 Selmer Jazz Manouche "Petite bouche"

Guitare Jazz Manouche Selmer numéro 601 de 1946. Modèle "Petite bouche" 14 cases hors caisse, Palissandre 6 cordes, il s'agit d'une Selmer deuxième époque 1936-1952. Fabriquée entre le 27/09/1946 et le 11/10/1946. Répertoriée dans le fameux livre de François Charle. Le certificat d'expertise sera remis à l'acquéreur. Cette guitare exceptionnelle est parfaitement réglée et donne les...
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1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Guitare Collection offers you this Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top from 1974. This Goldtop is in its "juice" and has played a lot, the Gold finish has a nice depth.  This Deluxe was perfectly adjusted by our luthier and offers ease of play and a very appreciable accuracy.  In terms of sounds, this Gibson produces a nice depth, beautiful precise harmonies and slight compression (see...
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1951 Gibson ES-5

First presented in June 1949, the ES-5 was the first electric arch-top fitted as standard with three microphones. Guitare Collection presents this magnificent Gibson ES-5 from 1951 in Sunburst finish in excellent condition. A very versatile guitar allowing to go through Jazz, Bossa, Blues, Rock etc ... This single -cuteway round model, is equipped with three very good Hepcat P90 pickups...
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1970 Fender Telecaster

Guitare Collection presents this sumptuous Fender Telecaster Sunburst from 1970. A unique look with a sunburst that has aged well, with the red tint almost absent on the face (except under the pickguard), but still very present in the back. This Telecaster is very light and very easy to play, especially following the adjustments of our luthier. (low action ...) In terms of sounds, they...
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1975 Fender Stratocaster

Guitare Collection offers you this superb Fender Stratocaster from 1975 in Olympic White finish. A Stratocaster which has played well and offers very beautiful clear, deep and slamming tones. Add to that a very stylish visual aspect thanks to the color which has turned yellow in places, which gives this guitar a unique look! A guitar that offers very good playability, coupled with a very...
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1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The "Custom" inaugurated a new easel device Tune-O-Matic, separated from the tailpiece, which has since become the standard used on Les Paul. In 1957 the Custom received the new Humbucker designed by Seth Lover, allowing to considerably reduce the "breath" produced by single coil pickups in the presence of electric current. Guitare Collection offers you this Gibson Les Paul Custom in...
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1956 Gibson Es-225 T

The Gibson ES-225T was one of Gibson's first hollow body guitars. Very rare because it was produced between 1955 and 1959, this guitar with warm tones surprises with its ability to play many styles of music. With the P-90 placed in an intermediate position, and its Florentine cutaway, this Gibson is also very attractive with a cosmetic aspect. Its trapezoid tailpiece adds a style of its...
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1974 Gibson SG Standard

Guitare Collection offers you this Gibson SG Standard in Cherry finish from 1974. This Gibson is a superb guitar player, which produces very beautiful deep and versatile sounds. Two switches were added a long time ago, but they are inactive now. You can easily reconnect them if you want. The pickups have been changed, but these are still Gibson Hummbuckers. This SG is very light and...
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1964 Fender Jaguar

A hyper rare Fender Jaguar L series from 1964 in 100% original Shoreline Gold finish. Real collector. Production of the Fender Jaguar began in 1962. Externally similar to the Jazzmaster, with an asymmetrical body with a single cut, the Jaguar is very different from its big sister. With a reduced scale of 24 inches, it is the first guitar from Fender to have twenty-two frets on the...
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1967 Fender Mustang

Here is a very nice Fender Mustang Daphne Blue from 1967. Originally presented by Fender in August 1964 as a entry-level version of the Duo-Sonic (a version with two microphones) from the Fender Musicmaster), the Mustang stands out with its tuning fork short of 24 inches, like its predecessor the Jaguar (a model in tune with 22 and a half inches briefly existed in the 1960s and became...
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1960 Gibson LG-1

Three models of "Flat Top" acoustic guitars LG-1, LG-2 and LG-3 were produced by Gibson in 1942. However, production of the LG1 and LG3 was discontinued after only a hundred models of each were released. Only production of the LG2 continued during the Second World War. Although similar in size and shape, the three types of LG differed in their finish and their dams: The LG1 had a spruce...
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1999 Fender Telecaster

Guitare Collection presents here a magnificent Fender Telecaster Teal from 1999. The Teal finish between blue and green gives to this guitar a unique touch, which makes it a very interesting model for both the sound and cosmetic aspects. A Telecaster very easy to play, especially following the settings of our luthier. In terms of sounds, we find the slamming Fender in middle position and...
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1964 Fender Mustang

Mustang's model came out in 1964. Here is a wonderful L serie in Daphne Blue, which sounds as well as it looks. Coming with its original hard case. For any more informations or details, please DM us. Only at Guitare Collection, Paris !
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1968 Gibson SG Special

This Gibson is a player guitar. It was modified to get this amazing Sparkling Red color, that makes it single. The guitar is a SG Special from 1968. Was also modified the bridge pick-up, which actually is a Di Marzio. Apart from these elements, the guitar remains original. It makes of it a guitar for players, but also for rock'n'rollers angry of uncommon vintage instrument. Entirely...
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