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1949 Gibson Super 400

Guitar Collection presents here this magnificent Gibson Super 400 from 1949, in Sunburst finish. This Super 400 therefore still has its ebony fingerboard, which gives this particularity to the sound. Rosewood fingerboards will be on some Super 400s from that same year. With its DeArmond pickup this Super 400 offers a soft and warm sound like embers! The violin is splendid, the neck...
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1955 Martin 00-17

Guitare Collection presents this Martin 0017 from 1955. A particularly light and very easy to play "Post-War" with a very pleasant neck. This all mahogany Martin with a Rio rosewood fingerboard and bridge has been professionally restored to the left shoulder area and also to the bridge area. (See photos) Perfectly playable now, this mythical folk can go on tour or in the studio for many...
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2015 Matchless DC-30 Rev

Californian amp maker since 1989, Matchless is well known. Used by many big names in the musical field, these amps have the reputation of offering very balanced tones, which can shine in many musical universes, and also a very natural and efficient reverb. Guitare Collection presents one of the brand's most iconic models. Here is the Matchless DC-30 Rev in White finish from 2015. This...
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2012 McKay DOT "335"

If you know Mckay guitars, you already know their reputation, and the quality that they present. Ken McKay, an American luthier based in the EAST of the United States, produces for many collectors, and musicians, the best reproductions of 335 DOT. Guitare Collection presents this sublime McKay 335 Dot in Blond from 2012. A Blond finish whose complexion is deliberately faded, as if the...
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1963 Fender Stratocaster

Guitare Collection presents this 1963 Fender Stratocaster L series in Sonic Blue finish. Its serial number starting with L13XXX tells us that it is therefore one of the first pieces of this series so much appreciated by players and collectors. In addition, this magnificent Strat is in a very rare Sonic Blue finish, since it was only used between 1960 and 1972 by Fender. A superb L...
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2010 Gil Yaron Burst

Guitare Collection presents here a rare Gil Yaron Les Paul Burst Vintage ’59, with its two “PAF” style pickups and delivered in its original Vintage ’59 case. This guitar is in exceptional condition, and is perfectly tuned by our resident luthier. Its cosmetic aspect is absolutely irresistible, and worked down to the smallest detail. Hardcase: Yes (Original) Weight: 3.9...
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1966 Fender Stratocaster

Guitare Collection presents this superb Fender Stratocaster from 1966 in Sunburst finish. A Sunburst for which the red has faded well on the front end, but is still very present on the back of the body. This 1966 Stratocaster is very light and very pleasant to play with a low action following the tuning of our luthier. This Stratocaster offers sumptuous powerful, deep and very harmonic...
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1966 Hagstrom Viking

Guitare Collection presents this superb Hagström Viking from 1966 in Sunburst finish. In addition to its rarity, this guitar is in very good condition, especially for a 55 year old instrument. A Hagstrom with legendary lightness, very easy to play with a low action following the settings of our luthier. In terms of tones, these are extremely woody and deep, with a very nice...
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1972 Fender Stratocaster

Guitare Collection presents this superb Fender Stratocaster from 1972 in the original Natural finish, and not stripped. A very beautiful natural finish embellished with a horizontal and fine cracking of the varnish. An almost 50 year old Fender that offers very beautiful woody, slamming, deep and brilliant tones. Tuned by our luthier, this guitar is a real pleasure to play with low action...
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1965 Fender Mustang

Guitare Collection presents this exceptional and very rare Fender Mustang L-series in Daphne Blue from 1965. Following the settings of our luthier, this Mustang is very easy to play with its bass action. A very pleasant guitar to play, but also quite amazing visually, with a Daphne Blue finish in excellent condition. Delivered in its Original Hardcase, this Mustang is a collector's item par...
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1974 Gibson EB-3

Introduced in 1961, the Gibson EB-3 is based on the earlier model, the EB-O with an SG-type body shape. The EB-3 then offered a Humbucker in the neck position, and a mini Humbucker in the bridge position. Also with the addition of a 4-position selector, allowing you to switch from one microphone to another, or to operate both. There are also two volume and two tone knobs. The Gibson...
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1974 Fender Musicmaster Bass

Guitare Collection offers you this superb Fender Musicmaster Bass in Olympic White finish from 1974. In perfect working order, and with a cosmetic aspect that testifies to its past life, this bass has a real soul, and is at the perfect distance between an instrument aged by time, and a very pleasant instrument to play. A light bass very easy to play following the setting of our...
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1977 Fender Mustang

Guitare Collection presents this beautiful Fender Mustang in natural finish from 1977. Following the settings of our luthier, this Mustang is very easy to play with low action. The sounds are very 70's: woody with that snap quite representative of the Mustangs of this decade. Hardcase: No (Soft) Weight: 3.3 kg Nut width: 41.2 mm A rare, completely original vintage Mustang,...
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2020 Proto Stratocaster

This is the unique Fractal Burned Body Stratocaster. This prototype is the result of experiments and collaborations. Everything starts from a Stratocaster body painted first in red, then in black, before being transplanted. This body was subsequently burnt and electrified at around 3000 volts. This action left as a visible result beautiful engravings, in the form of lightning. This...
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2016 Whitfill Custom

At Whitfill Custom Guitars, the idea is that every instrument has a story to tell and that the interaction between a guitar and the person playing it is arguably the most important dimension. Whitfill guitars combine Mojo, magic and ambiance. A selection of superior voices, high quality pickups, top notch electronic equipment, as well as the insane skills of Charles (luthier Whitfill),...
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1976 Gibson J-55

Gibson launched the J-55 dreadnought in 1939. This folk guitar is initially released with round shoulders, mahogany back and sides, Tortoise pickguard, ebony fingerboard, mustache bridge, sunburst finish and binding. 
This first version will be produced from 1939 to the end of 1942.  In 1973, Gibson reintroduced this quality model, with different characteristics.  Guitare Collection...
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1998 Dubreuille Guitare/Cithare

Philippe Dubreuille is a French luthier based in London which produces electric guitars. Its reputation has enabled it to convince many famous musicians to acquire one of his guitars (especially Iggy Pop, The Cure, ZZ Top, Ærosmith, Vernon Reid, Dave Stewart), Chrissie hynde, Oasis, Gorillaz, Sinclair). He also designed a line of resonator guitars named "PHILGOOD". His instruments have a...
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1974 Fender Musicmaster Bass

Guitare Collection offers you this superb Fender Musicmaster Bass in Custom Color Daphne Blue finish from 1974.  A very easy to play bass following the tuning of our luthier who offers a unique color, since the Daphne Blue has turned to a superb Green.  produces sounds of a beautiful depth, ultimately more 60's than 70's (see Video).  The Musicmaster Bass have been very popular in recent years...
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1960 Wandré Rock Oval

Wandre is an Italian brand of instruments, specializing in electric guitars and basses. Wandre was created by Antonio Vandrè Pioli in 1957. The round plant in Cavriago, Italy entered service in February 1958. In this plant, Wandre guitars and basses were manufactured until 1968. The Wandres are known for their original shapes, their aluminum handle and their unique electronics. The production...
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1972 Gibson L5s

Guitare Collection offers you this Gibson L5s Cherry Burst from 1972, first year of production. Completely original and in a beautiful condition, this instrument is rare because it dates from the first year of production and we therefore find the two low impedance microphones. A guitar very easy to play with its bass action following the adjustment of our luthier. This L5s offers superb...
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1980 Martin HD-28

It was in 1976 that Martin presented the HD-28 for the first time. The HD-28 is based on a D-28 but with an added herringbone mesh, as well as a zig-zag back mesh. This Dreadnought features a rosewood back and sides, a spruce top, a mahogany neck, and an ebony fingerboard. Guitare Collection presents this beautiful HD-28 in Natural finish produced in 1980 in Nazareth...
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2003 Fender Telecaster Custom Shop

In the early 2000s, the Mattel company commissioned the Fender Custom Shop to build 16 Hot Wheels commemorative guitars. These weren't sold to the public, but rather donated to top executives at Mattel and Fender Custom Shop. While some companies donate a gold pen engraved for years of service, others donate a rare and stylish guitar ... Guitar collection presents this 2003 Fender...
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2020 Fender Telecaster Custom 70's

Fender developed the American Original 70s Telecaster Custom, which features the world's first authentic powered wide-range neck pickup by CuNiFe magnet for more than 40 years, completed by a bridge pickup 1970s single coil telecaster designed by Tim-Shaw. Guitar Collection presents this beautiful Fender 2020 Telecaster Custom in Walnut finish. A model created based as much as possible on...
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1994 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop

Guitare Collection presents this superb and rare Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in Green Sparkle finish from 1994. This model is no longer produced. Regarding the technical features of this strat, we have an alder body, a rosewood fingerboard on a 22 fret "C" neck. The black pickguard gives a nice contrast with the glitter green finish, and the matching headstock, rare on this kind of...
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1972 Fender Mustang Bass

Guitar Collection presents this sumptuous Fender 1972 Mustang Bass in Sunburst finish. This Mustang is efficient, precise and even incisive, and also very versatile. The perfect bass for studio, but also a bass of pleasure. It has a high level of output, and is very easy to play. The Mustang Bass are more and more coveted, this one is sold with its original HardCase. Tuned and...
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1997 Fender Stratocaster

Guitare Collection presents this superb American Stratocaster, produced in 1997. The Fenders of the 90's are now in demand, it was very good violins with a thin neck and good power its actually quite similar to some models of the 70's. In a Sunburst finish in very good condition, this Fender is equipped self-locking mechanics, which can also be found on Strat Plus. This Stratocaster is...
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2011 Zemaitis MF501-BL Custom Shop

Zemaitis is a brand of guitar owned by the Japanese company Kanda Shokai Corporation, which manufactures its instruments in Tokyo. Kanda Shokai is also the owner of the Greco brand. Zemaitis guitars are based on designs by British luthier Tony Zemaitis, who died in 2002. In the United States, Zemaitis is distributed by the "Zemaitis Guitar Company" based in Paso Robles, California. Zemaitis'...
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1980 Hondo Chiquita

1980 Hondo Chiquita 20% off
Guitare Collection offers you this 100% original Chiquita produced in Korea in 1980's in a Cherry finish. A Chiquita in superb condition. The violin of this instrument is indeed impressive for such a small model. Weight : 1.8 Kg Nut's width : 43.4 mm A guitar for all "Back to the future" fans (of which we are part), exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris!
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1994 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop

The reputation of the Fender Custom Shops produced in the early 90's is excellent and for good reason. This period corresponds to quality guitars, built from prestigious materials. Guitare Collection presents this superb and rare Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in Black Holoflakes finish from 1994. This model is no longer produced. Regarding the technical features of this strat, we...
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1967 Fender Bassman 50

Fender amps produced between 1963 and 1967, known as "Blackface", retained the same cabinet type as previous amps with a black Tolex finish. A new reinforced grip, a silver speaker grille and a black background control panel mark the start of a new generation of amps in this period. Blackface amps have become over time a real benchmark, and are still very popular today. Guitar Collection...
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