Guitars Of Japan

Guitars Of Japan

Private collection of Vintage Japanese Guitars with a focus on top models from the premier Japanese brands

Serious collector of Japanese guitars focusing on top models from brands like Tokai, Greco, Navigator, Burny, Vesta Graham, Momose and more. My collection is always evolving, so guitars are bought and sold regularly with an emphasis on the golden age for Japanese guitars (late 70's to mid 80's) and select models from later periods.

I spend a significant amount of time researching brands and models, especially lesser known high-end models and boutique brands. If you have an interest in Japanese guitars, be sure to check out my website to see my collection and learn more about Japanese guitars. One of the largest collections of high end Japanese guitars in the US.

All guitars located in the US. Will ship internationally.

Guitars Of Japan
, New York
9:35 PM

Paypal and other methods like Wise

Guitars ship for $75.00 for continental United States, elsewhere at cost.

Buyer can return a guitar within three days of receipt and receive a full refund, less actual shipping costs. Buyer responsible for return shipping costs.