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2000 Navigator NLP 280

Navigator is ESP’s premier brand for traditional style guitars and was the original brand name ESP began selling guitars under in 1976. As early as 1980 the Navigator brand was marketed as being all hand made which they still emphasize through to today and are still only made in Japan. Quality is consistently high at custom shop level or above. The NLP 280 was a model Navigator offered for...
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2015 Navigator NST Custom Order

Full Custom Order Navigator Strat heavy relic, made at ESP Technical House going for a heavily aged late 60's model with big headstock and four bolt neck, even has a laminated maple board. The aging done on it by ESP shows wear and checking all over the guitar, even the locking straps are aged. Bridge is Raw Vintage and pickups are Suhr ML-CL with CTS pots. I believe the guitar is all...
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1981 Tokai LC-100 BB

Very rare Tokai LC-100 BB, Black Beauty Custom. This was the top model LP Custom from Tokai during the golden age of vintage Made in Japan guitars. As a top model the guitar features an Ebony fretboard with Mother of Pearl block inlays, waffle back tuners, fret edge binding, an all Mahogany body, and gorgeous jet black Nitro lacquer Finish. The body has 7-ply binding on the top and 5-ply...
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1978 Greco SA 800 WR (ES 345)

There were very few Japanese production models of ES-345’s. In 1978 Greco introduced the SA 800, which is a highly appointed copy of an ES-345 built largely to the same specifications as Gibson at the time. Construction is sycamore (English Maple) laminate body, maple center block sandwiched between spruce, a three-piece maple neck, striped ebony fingerboard and split parallelogram inlays. ...
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1981 Greco JG 700 Super Real (Jaguar)

1981 Greco JG 700 Super Real (Jaguar) 13% off
This is a rare Greco Super Real era copy of a Jaguar made in 1981. The model only appears on the cover a four page brochure shown as the JG 700. The guitar’s serial number dates it to September 1981, which wasn’t long before Fujigen was awarded the contract to produce guitars for Fender Japan and Greco stopped offering any Fender based models. Since it had such a short production life,...
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1980 Tokai SS-80 - Nitro (1976 Strat)

The Silver Star line was Tokai's large headstock Strat model to compete heads-up with Fender at the time. Based on a 1976 Strat, these models were introduced in 1979 and offered until 1984. Unlike the guitars these were based on, quality of the Tokai's was consistently very high. The SS-80 was the top of the line Silver Star model and had some features unique to it. The SS-80 was the...
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1981 Tokai ES-150 (1959 ES-335)

1981 Tokai ES-150 (1959 ES-335) $300 off
In 1981 Tokai introduced a new ES line of semi hollow body models built to be as close to the original ES-335’s as they were able to. To accomplish this, Tokai closely studied original ES-335’s made from 1959 to 1964, characterizing their research as ‘exhaustive’. The result of this work was the introduction of two new models, the ES-100 and ES-150, each of which came in two versions. This...
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