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1981 Tokai SS-50 Silver Star (1976 Strat)

This is a beautifully preserved 1981 Tokai SS-50 Silver Star, which is a copy of a 1976 Strat, but made to the high standards of one of Japan’s top brands in the early 80’s. As a copy of a ’76 it has the big headstock, bullet truss rod adjustment at the headstock and three bolt neck with micro-tilt. This particular guitar is finished in a beautiful metallic red which was available as a custom...
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1982 Greco SA59-120 (1959 ES-335)

This is a 1982 Greco SA59-120, Greco’s top SA model, built to be a highly accurate copy of a 1959 ES-335. This model was only produced from 1982-84 and took me several years to find one. To understand this model requires an explanation of the 1980-81 Super Real SA 1200, which was one of the four models equipped with Maxon DRY Z pickups, widely regarded as outstanding PAF clones. In 1980...
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1981 Tokai ES-150 (1959 ES-335)

In 1981 Tokai introduced a new ES line of semi hollow body models built to be as close to the original ES-335’s as they were able to. To accomplish this, Tokai closely studied original ES-335’s made from 1959 to 1964, characterizing their research as ‘exhaustive’. The result of this work was the introduction of two new models, the ES-100 and ES-150, each of which came in two versions. This...
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1981 Yamaha SG 2000 DP Deep Purple - 1 of 600

This is a 1981 SG 2000 DP, with the DP standing for Deep Purple. This model was offered on a limited run basis of 600 guitars. It’s a hard model to find, especially in good condition. The Yamaha SG-2000 was a groundbreaking and iconic guitar, the result of a collaboration between Yamaha and Carlos Santana and was originally released in 1976. At introduction, the SG 2000 was the flagship model...
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1979 Vesta Graham VGC-1000 OS

Vesta Graham was a brand created by Hidesato Shiino in 1978. Shiino was one of the founders of ESP and after leaving founded Shiino Musical instruments Corporation and PACO studio to meet the needs of professional musicians. Vesta Graham was the first brand launched by Shiino Musical Instruments. Vesta Graham instruments were truly high-end, hand made using the best materials and components, an...
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