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1990 Gibson L5 CES N

almost unplayed condition, appears this one has spent its life in the closet. Perfect in every way.
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1947 Gibson es350 N

A first year example of an exceptionally rare and lovely guitar. This has been played, but obviously extremely well cared for, has a wonderful feel, look, and sound, and plays beautifully. Everything is original and excellent.
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1947 Gibson ES-150

No serial or FON #, but I'm going to suggest 1947 from the tuners, clear knobs and case. A lovely guitar in a great hard case, it has some neck wear but is in splendid condition otherwise, has a lovely deep tone and plays well.
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1967 GuildĀ® F-20 SB

This is a fine playing lovely little guitar. I have no idea what kind of pickup (removable) this is, it has volume and tone control and sounds great. The guitar plays great and is a little cannon. There is one well repaired side crack that is hard to notice. Other than that it is a very clean guitar in the original soft case.
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1960 Martin D-18

Here we have a issueless 1960 D18. Everything about it is really nice, great set up, saddle height, neck angle, condition, sound, and anything else I forgot to add.
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1975 Martin D28 S

A very hard to find in this condition guitar, just excellent, great saddle height, almost no wear at all, straight neck, excellent sound and playability and so on and so forth. There is a 1'' tiny sealed side crack, that's it...............
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1926 Gibson F-2

This is a fine sounding and playing F2 from the post Loar period. The only issue is the not unusual repair on the scroll, quite obvious. Great playability, no top sinkage or other issues.
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1964 Epiphone Gibson troubador

This is the rare Epiphone version of Gibsons FJN, and unlike most of the models that were made for both the Gibson and Epiphone labels, the Epiphone is a much higher grade, with maple sides and back and gold tuners. This is a fabulous sounding and stunningly clean example in the original hard case, hard to imagine a nicer one.
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1967 Gibson fjn

this is a rare gibson FJN in excellent condition, no issues what so ever, just a lovely example of a very rare guitar
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1951 Gibson J-45

Really nice sounding an playing example. A couple minor side cracks and one on the back, hard to picture, excellent saddle height an outstanding player, bright shiny finish, original semi soft case, from the family of the original owner.
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1938 Martin D-18

Here we have a 1938 wide neck forward braced D18. The body has a bunch of pick wear, it has a replacement bridge. There is one repaired back crack. There is the thinnest of oversprays on the body, one can see every bit of finish crazing. Now the good news: this is a structurally excellent great sounding guitar, recent neck set, just outstanding playablity, straight neck. flat top, nothing...
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1942 Martin D-18

If you were thinking it would be nice to have a new 1942 D18, this might be as close as you are going to find. The original owners family brought this to martin to have a neck set and pick guard crack done in 2008. It appears martin spritzed the neck a wee bit, as they are prone to, but basically this guitar looks as if it just came out of the factory, the tuners look new, the inside of the...
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1940 Martin D-18

Here we have a lovely 1940 D18 for your consideration. Not much of a story on this one, it has a replaced bridge and that is it. Bright shiny finish,crack free, just back from a neck set, huge sound, just a lovely and great sounding example of a prewar dreadnought.
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Gibson 'Banner' J-45

A really nice banner, the only issue being a reglued center seam on the top. The crappy original tuners I replaced with some purloined tuners gibson made for their reproduction banners, same footprint, nickle really nice. This banner has excellent neck angle, string height, top contour, finish, just a great playing sounding original crack free example. By no means a big fat neck as you often...
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1932 selmer/macaferri orchestra

If you are into Selmer guitars, which I am, it is hard to find one with more provenance, magic, and level of attraction. This one is #98, and was made during the brief one year period that Macaferri was at Selmer, he parted ways with them at that point. This is considered a 'preproduction' Macafferi, as the preponderance of Selmers were made without his hands on them. It has a bunch of unusual...
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1920 Gibson Style 0

hard to imagine a nicer example of one of these, bright shiny gorgeous varnish finish, perfect playability, zero issues, light as a feather, awesome sound. OHSC.
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1939 Martin D-28

this D28 has an exceptionally well done replaced bridge and a couple of hairline top cracks. Everything is original and it is a very fine player and a great sounding one as well.
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1943 Martin 000-28

A lovely example with little evidence of playwear or issues in the original hard case. Perfect set up and wonderful sound. The typical hint of a pickguard crack, some crazing of the finish on the back, that's about it.
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Kay M1 B

super nice example of a rare blond kay bass, really superb condition, you just don't see them like this. No issues what so ever. Really don't want to ship it or meet someone in Nebraska.
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1945 Martin D-28

This is just a fabulous guitar. Outside of a bit of pickwear adjacent to the fingerboard, it is unmolested and plays and sounds just wonderfully. I've always found '45 to be a somewhat underappreciated year, there are a lot of great ones from this period, certainly holds its own when compared to the early 40's bones. the rosewood on this guitar is really lovely, hard to capture the colors that...
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1977 Ibanez george benson

hard to imagine a better George Benson. With the exception of the deteriorating nitro cellulose pickguard, it is in superb shape with the original case and case candy. I've had it about 10 years, it was my wifes, but she is tiny and has switched to a Byrdland with its tiny neck and short scale. Really plays and sounds wonderfully. Don't know that much about these, but folks say these early...
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