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1933 Gibson L-7

We have named this guitar the 'mystery L7' This guitar has a FON from 1933, and a gibson finish from, well, I don't know, but certainly later than 1933. Why does it have dots rather than window frames which would normally be found during that period. Is it early enough that it could be a prototype with dots? That could just be gibson being gibson, with all of the oddities that show up, special...
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1947 Gibson ES-300

a lovely timepiece circa 1947 which sports the prewar *unsafe* 'gibson' in the peghead. This guitar is almost unplayed, completely original with a super niice OHSC, sounds amazing and has zero issues, unusual mahogany body.
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1954 Gibson ES 175 D

Completely original in the brown HSC, excellent playability and sound, a bit of wear on the neck but not from a capo, playwear from being, well, played!
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~1968 Gibson Johnny Smith

A nice 60's Johnny Smith in very fine sounding and playing shape from Gibsons best period for these things. This one has a newer correct pick guard and a regular humbucking pick up in distinction to the normal floating 'mini humbucker'. The pickup is floating and suspended off the end of the board. I don't know if it was ordered this way from the factory or modified thereafter, in any case it...
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saga gitane DG250M gypsy guitar

This is a Gitane DG250 in new condition. It retails for $1295 and dealer cost is $648. I got it for my wife who has a short scale 12 fret wide nut one of these and wanted the narrow nut, once she got it she decided she would rather have the short scale. Surprise! So this is basically unplayed with the exception of I've done a lot of set up on it. Didn't come with a case, I'll find something...
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1983 Flatiron A51

a stunning and fabulous sounding early pre-Gibson flatiron in near unplayed condition. The A5-1 is the slightly plainer little sister of the famed A5 artist, same mandolin with slightly less pearl. This is one of the better A5-1/ A5 artists that we've ever had, a superb example and what we consider the bargain of the high end mandolin market.
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1940 Kalamazoo, Gibson kgn12

Works and sounds wonderfully. There are a couple of tiny screw holes from a pickup around the sound hole and an obvious place on the top where the accompanying knob was. Some bellying on the top, as these ladder braced guitars often get, but excellent action, neck, saddle height and all that stuff. Neat guitar.
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1970 Martin D18 S

First introduced in 1967, this is a stunning example of one of Martins low production models. A little finish checking in a few places, original pickguard is just starting to curl a little bit, but essentially clean as a whistle, still sports brazillian fingerboard and bridge.
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~1965 Gibson TG-50

a gorgeous guitar in the original hard case. The D'armond pickup sounds awesome, as they are known for. Unusual 3 piece curly maple neck. A lovely carved top example.
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1983 Martin 5-18 150th anniversary

A terrific little guitar in great shape. According to Richard Johnstons Martin Technical Reference, 3 of these were made. The only issue is one very tight old nicely repaired small back crack.
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1973 Martin 0-18t

A great sounding playing guitar. A bit of pickwear, a little wear where the neck rested in the case, and a replaced pickguard, crack and repair free.
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1963 Gibson ES 345

Recently acquired from the son of the original owner. Almost unplayed, superb condition in the original HSC. Patent pickups. Hard to imagine a nicer example.
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1954 Martin 00-28G

A rare 00-28G with a red spruce top as is not all that uncommon for the period. Some pick wear and some capo marks that are not deep enough to be troublesome, completely original, crack and repair free.
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1945 Martin 0-18

Very nice '45 just back from a neck set. a couple of barely visable pin holes on the top and a couple of wear spots on the back and the back of the peghead, lovely patina, crack free, perfect player and brass war time frets with almost no wear.
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1947 Martin 000-18 ad top

Occasionally one encounters 1947 martins with adirondack tops, usually at this point they are 4 piece tops from smaller pieces, this one is a standard 2 piece top, and is essentially a 1945 in terms of conforming to the specifications of that year, and one of my favorite years for martins. This one does not dissapoint. Has wear and tear, but little neck wear or fret wear, just a tight pick...
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2014 Gibson j200 custom pearl bound quilt

Gorgeous quilt custom shop pearl bound back and top, imperial tuners. some light scratches on the top, otherwise like new.
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~1930 weissenbourne weissenbourne #1

very nice example of a style 1 in a lovely custom cedar creek case. Center seam glued on the top.
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~1930 weissenbourne weissenbourne #4

the cleanest weissenbourne we have seen, virtually unplayed in the original hard case. Superb example of the top of the line.
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1943 Martin 0-15 tortoise headstock

This one is marked 0-15, it is identical to an 0-17 of the period. Rediculously clean unplayed condition with the rare tortoise headstock, fresh neck set, perfect.
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1946 Gibson LG-2

Super clean with a lot of finish checking, a couple of shrinkage cracks, excellent saddle height and action.
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1938 Gibson es 100

An extremely rare early gibson electric, basically a small es 150 charlie christian with the legendary CC pickup and sound. I've had about 10 es 150 charlie christians, but this is the first es 100 I've seen. It is in very nice shape, a couple tight hairling back cracks, no top or side cracks, excellent playability, and the unsurpassed sound one expects from these early CC pickups. Everything...
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1959 Gibson LG-3

Just a lovely guitar in original condition, everything about this one is super. There is a bit of typical lacquer shrinkage at the center seam in the back, other than that it is just a fabulous example with great action and sound.
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~1942 Gibson LG-2

The FON in the records shows an LG2, but there is no specific date. This example is ad topped, completely original down to the bridge pins. It has its share of playwear, bumps and bruises, but there are no cracks or other issues to speak of, plenty of saddle, a big mahogany neck, and big sound to match. It sports the 'skunk stripe on the back and has an unusual and love reddish tone to the...
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1937 Gibson L-5

This L5 features parallel bracing rather than 'X' bracing, they came both ways that year. It is a fine player with the deep dark sound that is hoped for from this period. It has been played, but is in very good shape, one tight short hairline crack in back and missing the easily replaceable pickguard, most of those nitrocellulose pickguards from that period disintegrate. Really a great...
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1940 Martin 00-18

A gorgeous guitar with zero issues. Recent neck set. I acquired this guitar from an old player friend of mine about 15 years ago who wanted me to have it, it was his favorite guitar. I've held onto it for all these years, time to pass it on.
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1917 Gibson L-3

Completely original crack free example. The only issue is the case handle has been replaced. Some wear as to be expected with a 100 year old guitar, big neck, great action and deep dark sound.
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1939 Gibson L-4

What a stunning guitar. Minty, so shiny it is hard to photograph. A very rare 16" L4 with unusual inlays, a deep dark sound, perfect and original. The tuners are not original but are period correct.
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1935 Martin 0-17

A wonderful sounding guitar as one would expect from this hallowed year, just a little cannon. Great action and playability. Pick wear consistent with its age, one small tight crack on the top, replaced bridge.
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1944 Martin 000-28

This guitar was acquired from the son of the original owner who sent it back to Martin where it was retopped and refinished in pre war period style: Ad top, forward braced, small maple bridge plate and so on and so forth. So basically it is a brand new 1944 000-28.
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1946 Martin 000-28

A superb guitar, basically a 1945 in terms of appointments: Ad top, ebony fittings. Condition is stunning, recent neck set, zero issues. This guitar has the '46 neck profile, big, fat, round, feels more like the wide neck of the 30s. The Brazillian rose wood on the back and the sides are curly, obviously matched from the same log, perhaps the nicest rosewood we've seen. Huge sound. Love this...
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