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~1890 Celebrated Benary Open-back Banjo

A nice example of 1890's 5-string banjo, probably by the Buckbee Co. Greatly resembles Geo. Dobson banjos of the same period. 11" Rim; 25" scale length; 30 brackets. an original piece in Excellent Plus condition... good neck and playability. Calf-Skin head and Nyl-gut strings for that old-timey sound.
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1920 Gibson A-3

Gibson A-3 Mandolin in White. Near top of Gibson's A-Model Line. This example is Super-Nice, great Playability and Sound. No damage, repairs or other issues. Includes nice, original hard case.
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1965 Martin 0-18T Tenor Guitar

A fine example of Martin's most popular 4-String Tenor Guitar. Originally designed with Tenor Banjo players in mind and tuned CGDA; Folk Players like Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio pioneered the equally popular DGBE tuning. Hard Case dates from about 1980 and was factory-modified for a Martin tenor.
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1978 Martin HD-28

Pre-Truss-Rod Herringbone Dreadnought. Scalloped Braces. Excellent and Original.
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1996 Roy Noble HD-100

An Exceptional Example of a Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought by the Dean of California Luthiers. Outrageous Figured Wood. Bearclaw Spruce Top. No Cracks, Damage or Repairs. Probably the Nicest One.
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1926 Gibson TB-3 TENOR BANJO

Mostly Original, One-Owner Gibson Mastertone Tenor Banjo with Ball-Bearing Arch-Top Tone-Ring. As-Found Condition.
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2006 Martin D-41

A clean and attractive Martin D-41 with Electronics added. Minor playing wear.
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1984 Flatiron 1N

A nice example of of a true 'flat mandolin' by The Flatiron Mandolin Company of Bozeman, Montana before it's purchase by the Gibson Co.
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2008 Martin OM-28V

A Near Mint Example of a Popular Model not Presently being Offered by Martin Guitar Co. With Electronics.
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~2008 Collings C-10 Custom Deluxe

4 1/2" Deep Body. Rosewood Back and Sides. Electronics.
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1995 Gibson Earl Scruggs Model

The Classic Earl Scruggs Model Mastertone in Near Mint Original Condition.
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1925 Vega Whyte Laydie #2 Open-Back

Style R Whyte Laydie Rim; 5-String Conversion by I.G.& B. [1994]. 11 13/16" rim. 27" Scale.
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1985 Gibson Earl Scruggs

An All-Original Earl Scruggs Model; Label signed by Earl's hand. D-Tuners; well-played and much traveled. A fine, used banjo.
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~1935 Gibson TB-11 TENOR BANJO

An Original Gibson Tenor Banjo with 1-piece flange. One-Owner, As-Found Condition.
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~1910 Weymann Keystone State Open-Back

All-Original with Modern Planetary Pegs. The Earliest, most S.S.Stewart-like Weymann we've seen. In near-pristine condition. Heavy 10 1/2" Rim, 26" Scale, 22 frets. Skin-head. Straight Neck, Low Action. Carved Heel.
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1960 Gibson RB-170 Open-Back 5-String

One of the 14 RB-170 banjos made in their first year of production...1960. A Great Folk Banjo with Some Restoration.
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1936 Gibson MB-1 Mandolin-Banjo

Mostly Original. Great-Playing Banjo-Mandolin. 10 1/2" 3-ply Maple Rim.
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2014 Martin D-28 Authentic 1937

Adirondack Spruce Top. Madagascar Rosewood Body.
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2015 Gibson L-00 Classic

"1930's L-00 Classic" Custom Shop. Adirondack Spruce Top.
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~1930 Bacon & Day Silver Bell #2 Tenor Banjo

Pretty much all-original Silver Bell Tenor Banjo. Silver-Plated, Carved Heel. Knee-Mute. Straight neck with modest fret-wear. Great Example. One-Owner.
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1890 Dobson, Geo. C. Matchless Banjo 5-String

Largely Original 5-String Banjo, Walnut neck. Skin Head; 11" rim; 26" Scale Length. Nyl-Gut Strings.
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1966 Martin D-28

A great, all-original Brazilian Rosewood Martin D-28. No Issues.
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~2010 Ramsey Chanterelle Bacon

11'' Maple Rim with Bacon-Style Tone-Ring. Figured Maple Neck with 26" Scale Length. Frailing Scoop. Un-Played.
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1974 Gibson TB-250 Tenor Banjo

A Very Nice Flat-Head Mastertone Tenor Banjo. Refinished and Re-fretted. 3-Ply Maple Rim. Original Hard Case.
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~1929 Gibson UB-1

The Classic Gibson Banjo-Uke; Lightly-Played All-Original One-Owner Uke; Not Just a Great Little Instrument, but Truly a Repository of American Folk-Art and Social History.
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1919 Vega #2 Special 5-String

Original Vega #2 Special 5-String Banjo. A Basic Model with 1/4" Hoop Tone-Ring. Modern German Planetary pegs and a Replaced Tailpiece. 10 11/16" Rim with 26" Scale. Good Action, Straight Neck. Near Pristine Condition.
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1928 Martin 1-17H Hawaiian

All-Original Unconverted Hawaiian Guitar.
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1936 Martin 0-17

1936... A great Year for any Martin Guitar. All-Original In Near-Pristine Condition.
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~1968 Gibson J-50

An exceptionally clean Gibson J-50, now nearly 50 years old. All original, no issues.
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~1924 Epiphone Vintage 5-String

A Fine Original 5-String Epiphone Banjo. Pretty much all original with some wear on the back of the neck and minor repair to the resonator side-wall. Finish checking. Straight neck, great action, good volume and crisp tone. Modern Planetary Pegs. Choice of tattered original hard case or modern hard case or both.
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