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~1969 Fender Artist 5-String Banjo

Top-Grade Mastertone-style Bluegrass Banjo, made by Fender in California. Flat-Head Tone-Ring. Walnut neck and Resonator.
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1925 Vega Tubaphone Style M 5-String

Nice original Vega Style M Tubaphone pot, 11 13/16" head; Reproduction Maple 5-String neck with Flowerpot head-stock by I.G. & B. 26" scale. Engraved pearl inlays. Minor playing wear. Beauty and Power.
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1892 Lyon & Healy or Buckbee Columbus

Interesting late 19th Century banjo celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus' putative discovery of the New World in 1492. 10 7/8" head. Inlays of pearl and brass and other metals showing one of the three Caravels that sailed from Spain [is it the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria?], the Italian and American Flags, the American Eagle and other important symbols. A few cosmetic...
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1938 Martin 0-17

Good Pre-War All-Mahogany Martin in Very Good to Excellent Condition. Nice original guitar, great action and playability. Some finish issues on the back.
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~1935 Gibson TB-11 TENOR BANJO

An all-original TB-11 Tenor Banjo, excellent used condition. Un-warped original 1-piece flange. Silk-Screened Pearloid resonator, peg-head facing and fingerboard. Back of neck and resonator sides and inside resonator back are painted blue. Excellent 'as-found' condition. Perfect for Jazz and Celtic Music or for 5-string conversion. This is the model that Earl Scruggs famously played in the...
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1926 Gibson TB-3 Mastertone Tenor Banjo

All-Original Gibson Mastertone Tenor Banjo with Ball-Bearing Arch-Top Tone-Ring. Maple neck and resonator, Diamonds and Snowflake pearl inlays. Presto tailpiece. 2-tab Grover geared pegs. Perfect for Jazz and Celtic Music or for 5-String Conversion. No Issues. Original Hard Case.
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2006 DEERING Deluxe 5-String

Top-grade bluegrass banjo from America's premiere banjo-maker. Mahogany neck and resonator. Very minor playing wear, small ding on resonator. 3-ply maple rim with Flat-Head Mastertone-Style Tone-Ring. Blow them all away with this professional and attractive instrument.
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~2015 BISHLINE Patriot 5-string

A great bluegrass banjo from one of the newer banjo-makers. A serious, yet lighter-weight professional instrument. Walnut neck and resonator. As-new condition with hard shell case.
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~1979 Vega #9 Tubaphone Deluxe 5-String

Top-of-the-line Vega Tubaphone 5-string banjo from the immediate post-C.F. Martin era. An imported but genuine Vega Tubaphone. Mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays. Tradition pie-section resonator. Resonator and Flange can be easily removed to make an open-back. Un-played condition.
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~1969 Framus Guitar-Banjo

German-Made Guitar-Banjo, good neck, good action and playability, some playing wear. Goofy-looking to New World eyes, but a competent instrument. Heavy Gibson-style arch-top tone-ring. All-original. Gig-bag provided.
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~2008 Ramsey Whyte Laydie Five-String Banjo

Chanterelle Whyte Laydie from Mike Ramsey, Pittsboro, N.C. Famous Whyte Laydie Scalloped tone-ring. Planetary Geared Pegs. Engraved pearl inlays, frailing scoop. Un-played.
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~2004 Ramsey Fretless 5-String Banjo

Chanterelle Fretless Banjo by Mike Ramsey, Appomattox, VA. Frailing scoop; 5-Star Planetary geared pegs. Brass hoop tone-ring. 12" head. Almost Un-played. TKL Hard case.
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A mostly original near-top-of-the-line Vega Artist Tubaphone tenor banjo. Straight neck, good action, old-gold plating, professional modern re-fret. Engraved pearl inlays, carved heel. Bad-to-the-bone pearloid resonator with gold-sparkle binding.
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~2012 Ramsey Tubaphone 5-String

A Top-Flight Chanterelle Tubaphone from Mike Ramsey. Flowerpot Headstock, 5-Star Planetary Geared Pegs. 12" Rim, Mahogany neck with 25 1/2" scale. Frailing 'scoop'. TKL Hard Shell Case.
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1903 Fairbanks Whyte Laydie #2 Five-String Banjo

A Hard-to-Find Pre-Fire Whyte Laydie #2 5-String. Repaired heel-crack and amateur refinish. Offered on an As-Is and As-Found basis. Plays and sounds great, but with cosmetic issues. A worthy restoration project or just play it. Original friction pegs are damaging the peg-head facing... would benefit from a good set of planetary geared pegs.
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1929 Gibson UB-3 Banjo-Uke

8" Banjo-Uke with Tobacco Sunburst Finish and Pearl Inlays. Excellent Used Condition. Offered with New Hard-Shell Case.
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1928 Gibson Granada Tenor Banjo

An all-original Gibson Granada tenor banjo in Excellent and As-Found Condition. 40-hole Archtop Tone-Ring. 2-Band Grover Geared Pegs. Armrest needs repair. One-Owner. Suitable for playing or 5-string Conversion.
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~1930 Gibson GB-1 Guitar-Banjo

Gibson GB-1 neck, ca. 1929, nicely married to a 1930 Gibson Recording King banjo pot, 1-piece flange, full-depth resonator, plays and sounds great. Hard-shell case
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1949 Gibson RB-150

Arch-top Gibson Banjo. Originally a 4-string plectrum banjo magically transformed into a 5-string by Dick Powell. Bowtie Inlays. Near pristine condition. Original hard case.
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1930 Gibson Studio King

Original Studio King, 1-piece flange, 40-hole arch-top. Original Tenor Banjo; New 5-String neck by Wyatt Fawley. the Best of the '30's. Cross between a 1930 RB-3 and RB-4. Original 4-string tenor neck included.
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1925 Gibson PB-3 Plectrum Mastertone

An all-original 1st year Ball-bearing arch-top Mastertone plectrum banjo. 22 frets, 26 1/4' SCALE. "Shot-gun holes" in tone-ring skirt. Ready to go, to play or to convert.
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1920 Vega Tubaphone #3 5-String

An Original 5-String Tubaphone Banjo. Carved Heel.
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~1929 Weymann Style A Tenor Banjo

An All-Original straight Style A tenor banjo. 19 frets 11' HEAD. MADE IN PHILLY. a Nice Example, Plays great.
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1953 Gibson J-45

This is certainly among the very best J45s we've ever seen. And we've had our share. Original everything except for replacing the crumbled tuner knobs, including original saddle and neck angle, everything is just absolutely straight as an arrow, no cracks or issues what so ever. It is hard to stress what a great sounding and playing one this is.
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1961 Martin 00-28G

this is an absolutely stunning guitar, unplayed out of the closet. It is pretty much as it left the factory, Original arched hard case in perfect shape.
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1966 Martin 0-18

Just a perfect unplayed guitar, fresh neck set, just as it left the factory, the quintessential closet queen!
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2017 Ome Juniper 5-String

As New, OME Juniper 5-String Banjo and Hard-Shell Case. 11" Rim with Brass-Hoop Tone-Ring, Walnut Neck and Ebony Fingerboard with 26" Scale. Attractive Pearl Inlays. Frailing Scoop. A Great Banjo with Great Sound from one of America's Greatest Banjo Makers.
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1946 Fender Dual Professional Steel Guitar

Early Fender Instrument, one of the First Fender instruments produced in the first year of Fender's production. Later called the Dual 8 Professional. Aftermarket legs. Possible refinish. Great condition and playability. Great electronics. Sorry, no case.
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~1925 martin ditson dreadnaught style 0

this super rare dreadnaught style 0 is in super duper shape, bright shiny finish. The issue are one peg has an edge broken and there are 3 very tight repaired dehydration cracks on the back.
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1950 Martin 000-18

This is a guitar that has seen very little use, almost no fret wear, all original, plays and sounds great. It has 3 extremely tight hairline cracks on the top, hard to see, and one obvious one on the back. At some point it had a very light overspray. The original tuners were off of it, but are back on at this point. A very clean nice guitar
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