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~1920 weissenbourne style 4

Early varnished example ( in distinction to the later lacquer), a couple of minor little cracks. We have had cleaner less used wiessenbournes but hard to recall one as lovely as this one. It comes with a custom Calton case.
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~1943 Gibson J-45 Banner

Great shape, bright shiny finish,excellent playing and sounding guitar, one tiny hairline crack in the lower back and some old capo wear, a really nice one. Big neck, but by no means as huge as some. HSC, shipping $65
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1895 Lyon & Healy Washburn Presentation

A fancy "Presentation" banjo from the 1890's. 12" rim with 27" Scale length. An elaborate pearl inlay pattern on the fingerboard and peg-head facing, featuring some sort of leafy bush or vine with pearl and brass-wire inlays. The back of the mahogany neck is graced with possibly the longest heel-carving you or I have ever seen. Near the heel, a fearsome sea monster lurks, [or maybe it's a...
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1921 Vega Style L Banjo-Mandolin

Who doesn't like a well-played banjo-mandolin? Vega Style L Whyte Laydie banjo-mando, 10 1/8" rim, all-original and in Very Good to Excellent condition; Straight neck with low action. Nice original calf-skin head. Nice original hard case. The Whyte Laydie rim is also a desirable target for a 5-string conversion banjo...A new neck with a 24 3/4" scale makes a great "A" banjo or what used to...
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2003 Gibson Earl Scruggs '49 Classic

In 1949, Earl Scruggs sent his '30's flathead Mastertone banjo back to Gibson for worn frets and fingerboard and Gibson sent it back to Earl with a new fingerboard and the fancy pearl inlays of the day, often called "bowties". One of the several Earl Scruggs models that Gibson issued in the '90's was the Earl Scruggs '49 Classic, commemorating the modified Mastertone which Earl is often pictured...
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1949 Martin 00-28G

A fine Brazilian Rosewood Martin 00-28G nylon-string Classical guitar. "G" , possibly for "Gut", was Martin's designation for their classics until around 1960 when they changed the body-shape and the designation became "C", presumably for "Classical". Excellent and original with a few dings and signs of usage. Original tuners have been replaced with Schallor pegs. NO cracks or damage. Great to...
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1964 Gibson TG-25N Tenor Guitar

Gibson's tenor version of the model B-25N. X-Braced. Excellent original condition with a few dings and a nicely-repaired back crack. Note adjustable bridge with desirable ceramic saddle. Plays and sounds great. Tune it traditional tenor-banjo tuning, Kingston Trio Baritone-Uke tuning, or the increasingly-popular Celtic tuning. The blond baby will accommodate all. A new hard-shell case is...
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1956 National Reso-phonic Model 1133

Solid-body Resonator guitar. No pick-up, but puts out a lot of gritty volume. A 3/4" size guitar which combines portability and professional playability and response. Try one! Includes a useful but non-original chip-board case.
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1962 Martin 000-28C

Hard-to-find 000-28C large-body Classical Guitar by Martin. Brazilian Rosewood body, not Mint, but pretty darn close. No issues. Great Playability. Original Hard Case. A custom-made SKB Series 1 waterproof travel-case is available for this guitar. Please inquire.
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1968 Martin 000-28

Almost unplayed, all the case candy,pretty much spent its life in the closet. Last of the small maple bridgeplate, a really superb example in every way, the only thing that could be an issue of any kind is a replaced pickguard. There is also a letter from CF Martin from when it was originally purchased. Shipping 65
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1951 Martin D-28

Well played and understandably why: It has an ad top, recent neck set. The oversize pickguard and the big cleat on the inside are most likely martin work from the 60's or so, we have seen this many times in the past there is a small added piece of wood on the bridgeplate where the balls of the strings wear the plate, as well there is a little hairline near the healcap of the neck, there are no...
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1942 Martin 0-17

Extremely nice crack free example just back from a neck reset. There is finish crazing and the tuners have been replaced with waverlys. Very nice original, issue free scalloped braced guitr in the original soft case.. It has the rare tortoise material peghead facing. shipping 60.
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1942 Martin 0-18

Super clean, just had a neck set, comnpletely original and almost no playwear.
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~1972 Gibson TB-800 Mastertone Tenor Banjo

A Possibly Unique Top-of-the-Line Gibson TB-800 Tenor Banjo. Gold-Plated and Engraved Hardware. 2-Piece Flange construction, Flat-Head Mastertone Tone-Ring. Mother-of-Pearl inlays in the desirable Hearts & Flowers Pattern. Gold and Engraved Gibson Geared Pegs. One Piece of Resonator Binding possibly replaced, but the banjo is in basically All-Original and Nearly Un-Played Condition. Adjustable...
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~1915 Lyon & Healy Washburn Style C

10 3/4" Rim, 24 3/4" Scale. Washburn's Best Rim Design: So-called 'Doughnut' or 'Kielbasa' Tone-Ring delivers the goods, while the Maple rim with cool bespoke hardware shows off it's aesthetic chops. Conversion 5-String Neck by I. G. & B. Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard with finely-engraved pearl inlays. Note the ivory "feet" on the rim-capping to minimize the chance of scratching the surface of...
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2015 White Mountain Sholo

Well-made Pete Seeger-length folk banjo, made by a respected Arizona maker. Planetary Geared Pegs. Curly-Maple neck and rim with maple back. Frailing Scoop. N.Mint and Un-played. TKL Hard Case.
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~1918 Larson Stahl style 9

This is one of the finest '0' size guitars we've had, an ornate little jewel,  with a huge sound.  Non laminated 'X' braced, recently given a neck set and set up to by the great Larsonest Tony Klassen.  Plays like a dream and and sounds amazing. one tight hairline in the back, reglued center seam in the top.  Not sure about the originality of the bridge, it is very correct.  Some play wear on...
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~1916 Larson Stetson

I believe this little jewel was considered the 'standard model' at the time. Non laminated X braced 24 5/8" scale, full 1 3/4 nut.  It appears to have had a neck set and plays well.  It sustained a little crunch on the lower treble bout on the top, close examination reveals that when examining the pearl and the purfling, there are also a couple hairline tight cracks on back, a couple on the sides...
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1951 Gibson CF-100

This is one of the nicest CF-100s we have seen. Very early, firestripe pickguard. Just back from a neck set, it is excellent in every way, original soft case.
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1951 Gibson TU-3 Tenor Uke

Gibson's Best Uke. Solid Mahogany Body. Sunburst finish, Multiple Bindings. Wonderful Original Condition. Aquila Strings. Original Alligator Chip-board Case in salvageable condition. Great Early Post-War Period.
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~1969 Fender Artist 5-String Banjo

Top-Grade Mastertone-style Bluegrass Banjo, made by Fender in California. Flat-Head Tone-Ring. Walnut neck and Resonator.
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1925 Vega Tubaphone Style M 5-String

Nice original Vega Style M Tubaphone pot, 11 13/16" head; Reproduction Maple 5-String neck with Flowerpot head-stock by I.G. & B. 26" scale. Engraved pearl inlays. Minor playing wear. Beauty and Power.
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1892 Lyon & Healy or Buckbee Columbus

Interesting late 19th Century banjo celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus' putative discovery of the New World in 1492. 10 7/8" head. Inlays of pearl and brass and other metals showing one of the three Caravels that sailed from Spain [is it the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria?], the Italian and American Flags, the American Eagle and other important symbols. A few cosmetic...
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~1935 Gibson TB-11 TENOR BANJO

An all-original TB-11 Tenor Banjo, excellent used condition. Un-warped original 1-piece flange. Silk-Screened Pearloid resonator, peg-head facing and fingerboard. Back of neck and resonator sides and inside resonator back are painted blue. Excellent 'as-found' condition. Perfect for Jazz and Celtic Music or for 5-string conversion. This is the model that Earl Scruggs famously played in the...
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1926 Gibson TB-3 Mastertone Tenor Banjo

All-Original Gibson Mastertone Tenor Banjo with Ball-Bearing Arch-Top Tone-Ring. Maple neck and resonator, Diamonds and Snowflake pearl inlays. Presto tailpiece. 2-tab Grover geared pegs. Perfect for Jazz and Celtic Music or for 5-String Conversion. No Issues. Original Hard Case.
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2006 DEERING Deluxe 5-String

Top-grade bluegrass banjo from America's premiere banjo-maker. Mahogany neck and resonator. Very minor playing wear, small ding on resonator. 3-ply maple rim with Flat-Head Mastertone-Style Tone-Ring. Blow them all away with this professional and attractive instrument.
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~2015 BISHLINE Patriot 5-string

A great bluegrass banjo from one of the newer banjo-makers. A serious, yet lighter-weight professional instrument. Walnut neck and resonator. As-new condition with hard shell case.
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~1979 Vega #9 Tubaphone Deluxe 5-String

Top-of-the-line Vega Tubaphone 5-string banjo from the immediate post-C.F. Martin era. An imported but genuine Vega Tubaphone. Mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays. Tradition pie-section resonator. Resonator and Flange can be easily removed to make an open-back. Un-played condition.
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~1969 Framus Guitar-Banjo

German-Made Guitar-Banjo, good neck, good action and playability, some playing wear. Goofy-looking to New World eyes, but a competent instrument. Heavy Gibson-style arch-top tone-ring. All-original. Gig-bag provided.
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~2008 Ramsey Whyte Laydie Five-String Banjo

Chanterelle Whyte Laydie from Mike Ramsey, Pittsboro, N.C. Famous Whyte Laydie Scalloped tone-ring. Planetary Geared Pegs. Engraved pearl inlays, frailing scoop. Un-played.
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