Intermountain Guitar and Banjo
Leo Coulson

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1924 Gibson RB-1

A Short-Scale [24"] 5-String conversion banjo from a Gibson TB-1 Trapdoor Banjo with All-Original 10 1/2" rim with Ball-Bearing Tone-Ring.Figured Maple neck and Ebony Fingerboard. Typical finish-checking on the peg-head facing. The perfect "A" banjo, Travel Banjo, or Lady's Banjo. Excellent Reproduction 5-String Neck by an Unknown, but Professional Builder. Cool tone, Great action and...
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~1928 Bacon & Day Special #1 Tenor Banjo

A very nice Tenor Banjo by the Bacon & Day folks who made the "Silver Bell" banjos the toast of the 4-string banjo world. This Model is a step down from B&D's top-line, but still a heavy-duty and serious banjo for either Dixieland or Celtic music applications. Straight neck, good action, great tonal response. Modest playing wear. All-Original save the modern replacement tailpiece. Cool '50's...
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~2000 Gibson RB

A basic Gibson Bluegrass banjo that has had a Flat-Head Mastertone tone-ring installed [factory-original?]. One-Piece Flange. 3-Ply Maple rim. Top-Notch banjo for finger-picking "Scruggs Style" without the elaborate pearl inlays that typify the standard Mastertone banjos. Tweed Hard Case. Who doesn't like Blonds?
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1924 Vega Tubaphone Banjeaurine

All-Original Classic Vega Tubaphone 10 15/16" pot with professional short-scale 5-String Neck, appropriately made from Curly Maple and an ebony fingerboard. Nice traditional Vega pearl inlays. Scale Length 22". Neck made by Christian Stanfield in Tennessee. Some folks might call this a "C" banjo because it is often tuned like a regular 5-string capoed at the 5th fret. Versatile and portable.
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Lightly-used Professional 5-String Bluegrass Banjo by the leading banjo-maker in the U.S. Made by The Deering Banjo Co. in Southern California. Maple neck and resonator with ebony fingerboard and Mother-of-Pearl Inlays. Flat-Head Mastertone-Style Tone-Ring.
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~1929 U-King Banjo-Uke

Brass-Body Banjo-Uke, 7" head. Some Gold-Plated hardware, and a Hand-Engraved and Gold-Plated tailpiece. Calf-Skin Head. Nyl-Gut Strings. Cool Sound with Great Playability. All-Original. Very cool original hard case.
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1966 Gibson RB-250 Bowtie Mastertone

The Classic "Bowtie" Mastertone of the 1950's and '60's. Mahogany Neck and Resonator. 1-Piece Flange. Flat-Head tone-ring.The original plywood rim has been replaced with appropriate 3-Ply Maple Rim. Well-Played, this banjo would be described as being in Very-Good to Excellent condition and, aside from the rim up-grade, is quite original. Original Hard Case.
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~1910 Farland, A.A. Professional 5-String Banjo

A Big Banjo for a Big Guy. Made by Rettburg and Lange of NYC for A.A. Farland, the Famous Banjo-Player, Teacher and Luminary during the First Part of the 20th Century. This Banjo represents the Height of Farland's Unique Banjo Design. 12 1/2" Rim, 28" Scale and the full complement of 29 frets required by any Professional Banjoist. All-Wood Rim, Carved Neck-Heel. Straight Neck: a Great Players'...
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1920 Vega Style L Whyte Laydie Banjo-Mandolin

An All-Original Whyte Laydie Banjo-Mandolin with Full-Size 10 3/4" Rim. While Many Banjo-Mandolins are Obnoxious-Sounding Cheese-Slicers, This Vega is in Perfect Condition, with Great Action and Set-Up. Original Jos. Rogers Calf-Skin Head. An Instrument with a Clear, Mellow and Loud Voice... Drown-Out that Scratchy Fiddle that your So-Called Buddy is so Proud of. Nice, Original Hard-Shell Case.
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1980 Gibson RB-250 Mastertone

The Classic RB-250 Mastertone with Flat-Head Tone-Ring. 3-Ply Maple Rim with 2-Piece Flange. Includes Keith D-tuners. All-Original Condition and Properly Set Up.
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~1928 Ludwig Wendall Hall Professional Banjo-Uke

Probably one of the most desirable banjo-ukes ever, the Ludwig Wendall Hall Professional. Famous Ludwig top-tension design. This one has a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, plays like a dream, and has been very nicely restored. Modern German Planetary Geared Pegs.
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~1975 Gibson RB-100

All-Original, Lightly-Played Gibson RB-100 5-String Banjo. One-Piece Flange.
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~2000 Wildwood TROUBADOUR

A True Tubaphone Banjo: The Tone-ring as Well as the Traditional-Design Bracket-Band. Frailing Scoop.
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~1919 Vega Fairbanks Whyte Laydie #2

A rare and un-numbered 12 3/8" Vega Whyte Laydie pot with a Reproduction #2-style 5-string neck by I.G. & B. 27" Scale, tuned a fifth low, 'cello-style. Interesting colorations in the highly-figured Maple neck. A very powerful instrument.
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~1930 Weymann Model 50 Banjo-Mandolin

An Excellent and Original Banjo-Mandolin; Plays Great, Great Sound. Original Dilapidated Hard Case. You don't See a Professional and Playable Banjo-Mandolin of this quality Very Often.
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1920 Gibson A-3

Gibson A-3 Mandolin in White. Near top of Gibson's A-Model Line. This example is Super-Nice, great Playability and Sound. No damage, repairs or other issues. Includes nice, original hard case.
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1996 Roy Noble HD-100

An Exceptional Example of a Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought by the Dean of California Luthiers. Outrageous Figured Wood. Bearclaw Spruce Top. No Cracks, Damage or Repairs. Probably the Nicest One.
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~2008 Collings C-10 Custom Deluxe

4 1/2" Deep Body. Rosewood Back and Sides. Electronics.
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1925 Vega Whyte Laydie #2 Open-Back

Style R Whyte Laydie Rim; 5-String Conversion by I.G.& B. [1994]. 11 13/16" rim. 27" Scale.
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1985 Gibson Earl Scruggs

An All-Original Earl Scruggs Model; Label signed by Earl's hand. D-Tuners; well-played and much traveled. A fine, used banjo.
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1936 Gibson MB-1 Mandolin-Banjo

Mostly Original. Great-Playing Banjo-Mandolin. 10 1/2" 3-ply Maple Rim.
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1966 Martin D-28

A great, all-original Brazilian Rosewood Martin D-28. No Issues.
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1928 Martin 1-17H Hawaiian

All-Original Unconverted Hawaiian Guitar.
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~1968 Gibson J-50

An exceptionally clean Gibson J-50, now nearly 50 years old. All original, no issues.
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1994 Gibson F-5 Bill Monroe Mandolin

Limited Edition Bill Monroe Model F-5. Varnish Finish. #181 of 200. Mint condition with Tags and Special Numbered Loar-Style Hard Case.
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1961 Gibson F-5 Mandolin

An All-Original Top-of-the-Line Gibson F-5 in great Condition.
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1951 Gibson F-12 Mandolin

A very nice Gibson F-Model Mandolin, with elevated fingerboard. A scrape in the finish on lower top.
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1980 Martin D-37K2

All Figured Koa Wood. Fishman Sound-Hole Pick-Up. Nearly Perfect.
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1986 Dobro 60-D Square Neck

The Classic Square-Neck Bluegrass Dobro.
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