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2011 gibson festival F

This is probably one of the last flatiron mandolins Gibson made.  Unlike the earlier Festival Fs, this one has an elevated fingerboard and is quite high grade, made in nashville, perhaps a special order, really a neat mandolin and great sounding, really has that punch.  Quite good shape, the odd ding, original hard case.  this one will not dissapoint.
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~1925 Larson fancy

Here we have a Larson mandolin bearing the Stahl lable.  This is a particularly nice example,  There is one repaired tight back crack and one scratch on the top.  As well as being lovely, it plays and sounds extremely well, comes with the original end loading case.
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~1938 martin 3M

Here we have an early, we are thinking late 30s, martin 3m in excellent condition, has the desirable fancy fingerboard stuff.   There is one exceedingly tight hairline on the back, hard to photograph. It comes in a very cool original arched semi-hard case
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~1925 larson mandolin

although this is unlabeled we believe this to be Larson made.   It is in super cosmetic and playing condition and has a wonderful big voice, really a fine mandolin in a nice hard case.
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1920 knutsen weissenborn kona

Here we have a stunning Knutsen creation in the style of a weissenborn kona style 3, although it is a bit larger.  It is in excellent shape and sounds great, extremely clean with only one tight hairline crack on the back.  non original hard case.
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1957 Gibson Epiphone zenith

Here we have a gibson made epiphone zenith in near mint condition.  Plays very well, just an issueless guitar.
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1984 Stelling Staghorn

The Impressive and Desirable Stelling Staghorn. Figured Claro Walnut Neck and Resonator. The original rim has been replaced with a Tony Pass Lost Timbre rim. Two of the Stelling pegs have been replaced with Keith D-tuners. Condition is excellent with some modest fret-wear and light buckle-wear around the center of the back of the resonator. No damage or other alterations....
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1925 Gibson UB-Trapdoor Banjo-Uke

Excellent Gibson Trap-Door Banjo-Uke with 8" Calf-Skin head. All-Original and Excellent, Both in Condition and Playability.
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1932 Vega Vegaphone Deluxe Tenor

Vega's Top-of-the Line Tenor Banjo with Custom and Possibly Unique Vega Vox-Like Treatment of the Resonator-Back and the Peg-Head Facing on the Neck. Gold-Plated and Engraved Hardware. Finely engraved M-O-P fingerboard Inlays. Fully-Carved Heel. Excellent and Original. Nice Original Hard Case.
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1922 Vega Stye M Tubaphone Tenor

Short-Scale Vega Tubaphone Tenor Banjo. 11 13/16" rim. 16-Fret neck with 20 3/4" Scale Length. All-Original and in nearly Un-Played Condition. Straight Neck, Great Playability, Presently in Celtic Tuning. Spin-On Pie-Section Resonator Back. Nice Original Hard Case. Only 98 Years Old.
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~1930 gibson UB-#

here we have a very nice UB-3 owned by a very fine player and extremely well set up, in the desirable cremona brown sunburst from around 1930
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~1935 harmony 30s aluminum lap steel

Here we have an extremely rare 30s harmony aluminum lap steel in great shape in the original hard case.  It sounds great with no hum like so many of the early first electrics.
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1926 Vega Whyte Laydie 5-String

A Nice and Original Vega Style R Whyte Laydie with a 10 15/16" rim. A Professional-Grade reproduction 5-string neck made by Rhode Island luthier Steve Senerchia, according to a 1980's Mandolin Bros. Appraisal certificate included with this banjo. Serial: #70065 Condition: Excellent and Original Case: hsc Price: $1495.00
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1918 Orpheum #1 Five-String

Orpheum #1 Cello-Banjo The rim dates from the late 'teens and probably originally bore a 6-string guitar neck. Large Rim 5-String Banjo Figured Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard and traditional Orpheum pearl inlays. 14" Rim with 26" Scale length. Calf-skin head. New 5-String neck by I.G.& B. Presently strung with heavy strings and tuned a fifth low. Serial: #11002...
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1975 Dobro 66-S

Great Square-Neck Dobro from the Company that Invented The Dobro. Eye-Popping Sand-Blasted Design on Front and Back. A few minor dings and scratches, otherwise extra-fine and without issue. Fits great in the new hard case.
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1928 Gibson TB-4

Mahogany Neck and Resonator. Hearts and Flowers Pearl Pattern. 40-hole Arch-Top Tone-Ring. Tube and Plate Flange. All-Original. Well-Played.
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1928 Bacon & Day Peerless Tenor Banjo

Mid-range B&D product, full 19 frets. Minor finish wear in first position, but little or no fingerboard and fret wear. Original Grover Geared Pegs and Presto Tailpiece. Totally Original with great playability. Original hard case. You don't find 90-year old instruments in this kind of condition very often.
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1895 Lyon & Healy Washburn Presentation

1895 Lyon & Healy Washburn Presentation 12 % off
A fancy "Presentation" banjo from the 1890's. 12" rim with 27" Scale length. An elaborate pearl inlay pattern on the fingerboard and peg-head facing, featuring some sort of leafy bush or vine with pearl and brass-wire inlays. The back of the mahogany neck is graced with possibly the longest heel-carving you or I have ever seen. Near the heel, a fearsome sea monster lurks, [or maybe it's a...
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1920 Vega Tubaphone #3 5-String

An Original 5-String Tubaphone Banjo. Carved Heel.
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1994 Gibson F-5 Bill Monroe Mandolin

1994 Gibson F-5 Bill Monroe Mandolin 11 % off
Limited Edition Bill Monroe Model F-5. Varnish Finish. #181 of 200. Mint condition with Tags and Special Numbered Loar-Style Hard Case.
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~1920 Schmick Lyric 5-String

~1920 Schmick Lyric 5-String 20 % off
A Rare Original 5-String Banjo, probably made for Schmick by the Vega Banjo Co. of Boston. Surely the inspiration for Vega's iconic deep-resonator Vega Vox models. Curly Maple. 10" head with 27" scale. All-Original and Excellent in Condition, Playability and Sound.
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