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1952 GIBSON Les Paul Goldtop (52 - 59 Burst Conversion)

Original 1952 to 59 Plain Top Burst PAF conversion. The conversion started with an original 1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop that had no breaks, cracks or repairs. Conversion work includes: neck reset and neck plane on body set to 4 degrees, neck tenon changed to 4 degrees, Neck reset and neck plane on body set to 4 degrees, plug and route for humbuckers, Install ABR1 bridge and stop tail piece,...
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1957 GIBSON Les Paul Goldtop (53-57 Conversion)

*****SOLD***** Original 1953 to 1957 PAF conversion. Neck reset and neck plane on body set to 4 degrees, plug and route for humbuckers, Install ABR1 bridge and stop tail piece, recut original pickguard for PAF’s, guitar weighs 8lbs 10 oz. Lots of original parts and include: All wood, bindings and inlays, Headstock face kept, backplates, strap buttons, pots and caps, recut pickguard and...
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Scumbak M75-25 watt, 16ohm Speakers Quad

I'm selling my quad of Scumbak M75-25 watt, 16 ohm Speakers. Since my back surgery in 2010 I haven't used them. The speakers have about 100 hours on and only in my home studio. $475. shipped to lower 48 states.
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1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (56-57 Conversion)

****** SOLD ****** If you’re looking for a 1957 PAF Les Paul Goldtop but don’t want to spend $125K this guitar might be the one! Original 1956 P90 to 1957 PAF conversion. (plug & route for PAF’s (the correct way), the mahogany plugs were made from a 1957 LP Jr body, recut original pickguard for PAF’s, installed original 1957 no sticker PAF’s with Thro Bak rings, new tusk nut and 6100...
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Gibson 1953 Les Paul Goldtop

Original 1953 Les Paul Goldtop with amazing woody tone. The guitar is 63 years old and the finish has weather checks, greening, nicks, dings, scratches and lots great vintage vibe. It weighs 8lbs 13oz. I installed a MoJo bridge on the guitar and the original is included. With the MoJo bridge it plays like a dream. I had it refretted with Jescar 6100 and is ready to rock. The switch ring is...
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1952 Gibson Les Paul P-90 Pickups

FS: Vintage set of 1952 Gibson Les Paul P-90 pickups,covers & mounting screws. These are Originals and not rewinds. This is a great sounding set and has the highest output of any set I've pulled. The bridge output is 8.22 and the neck is 8.33. Check out the link below for more HD pics and the guitar they came out of. $1,250. shipped to lower 48.
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Gibson 2003 Verified Brazilian R9 Les Paul

Beautiful 2003 verified Brazilian R9 Les Paul. With the price of the 2015's around $12K these are a great value. Add in the Brazilian fingerboard and it's the perfect collector or player Les Paul. Plays and sounds as great as it looks! Excellent condition with documentation. $8,000. plus $65 shipping to lower 48. Bank wire payment only.
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1953 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

*** SOLD *** FS: 1953-59 Les Paul Conversion. If you love the tone of an all mahogany Les Paul here is a great one. The body and Brazilian fingerboard are from a 1953 goldtop. I made a new neck and book matched the mahogany top. The seam is almost invisible and it looks like a one piece top. I planed the body down 3/16” to reduce the weight and the guitar weighs 8lbs. 4oz. (with Groveres)....
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OX4 PAF Style Pickups

JamCity is now a dealer for OX4 pickups. Stocking PAF style humbucker pickups with lightly aged nickel covers. $360. a set plus shipping
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1952 - 1959 Gibson Les Paul Burst Conversion

***** SOLD ***** FS: If you are looking for old wood check this retop Burst conversion out. 1952 Les Paul Goldtop converted to 1959 Burst. (all work done by me) Includes: Hide glue construction, Aniline dyes, nitrocellulose lacquer, Michigan flame maple top, 1” Retrospec bushings, 1-1/2” screws, ThroBak rings. Lots of original and 50's parts to include: original neck, fingerboard,...
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1980 Jim Kelley 30/60 Single Channel Combo

***** SOLD ***** Why buy a reissue when you can get an original... FS: 1980's Jim Kelley 30/60 single channel amp in a stunning flamed koa hardwood combo cabinet. This is one of the most beautiful flamed koa cabinets to come out of Jim's shop. The amp and cabinet are in excellent condition for being 33 years old, just check out the pics. The amp comes with reverb, Celestion G12-65 speaker,...
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