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2015 Lerxst CHI custom head # 5 of 5

Super limited production model 15 watt head and matching 2x12 speaker cabinet. The other four of the production run were purchased by the band Rush.This model was commissioned by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and this is the single example released onto the market.
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1965 Hammond B3 Organ

This organ is located in a home in Omaha Nebraska and belongs to a family member of mine who is the original owner.This organ is in exceptional condition and I have been assured it is working well. There is a speaker included but it is not a Leslie.The pedals and bench are also included. The organ is available for 3800 dollars if you are able to pick it up in Omaha or arrange your own shipping....
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1964 Fender Bandmaster

Early black tolex amp still in excellent condition with the original RCA. power tubes.The speakers have been changed to heavy duty Twin reverb or Bassman speakers from circa 1969.It is original otherwise.
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1974 Fender Vibrolux Reverb

This seems to be the ideal size Fender amp for many guitar players. This amp is still in excellent original condition. This model is from 1974 before the circuit was changed to the push/pull boost. We may re-photograph the amp soon due to the glare on the faceplate, the letters are all there and easy to read, just not in this picture.
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2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Jimmy Page JPP Vintage reissue

This guitar has had an interesting journey on its way here. Initially, this guitar was riding on the Gibson trailer that they take to NAMM or other guitar show type related events to promote the current line of instruments. One interesting and odd feature of this Jimmy Page model is that it never had and does not have that the push -pull control pot that these are known to have.I took this...
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1999 Fender Telecaster 1953 re issue

Super duper high quality guitar made in Japan. This guitar has a sort of large neck very much like the early 1950s models and is very comfortable. The pickups have been replaced with pickups made by Kinman. The original pickups are being sent to me.
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1998 Guild Starfire IV

Heavily figured maple, top back and sides, this guitar is still in excellent all original condition with minimal playing wear. The neck is sort of wide and medium shape, this guitar was built in the Westerly Rhode Island factory before the company was acquired later on.
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1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio

Rare color for this nice guitar in BLUE with an Ebony fingerboard. No breaks or damage but changed pickup rings.
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2016 G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow

Lightweight telecaster style guitar, semi-hollow body, the neck is large with a satin finish and large frets. This is a very well thought out and well executed guitar from G&L. If you are reading this, you may be a G&L owner, some of us are. These G&L guitars are some of the best guitars you could buy for the money.
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1991 Heritage HFT-445 acoustic/electric

Another great sounding guitar from Heritage . This guitar does have a pickup installed with an endpin jack. The condition is excellent with minimal playing wear, just some light pick scratches. The sound is on the bright side with good deep bass.
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1963 Gibson J-50

This guitar has a very big, loud tone. Sounds great. The neck is typical of an early 60’s Gibson, sort of wide and medium sized. There is a repaired pickguard crack near the sound hole. There is also a large repair crack on the back. All parts and finish are original.
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1964 Fender Super Reverb Amp

Early example from Fender Electric Instruments. This amp is in reasonable original condition but does have a hole in the original grill. The speakers and transformers are also original and the amp is from late 1964.
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1955 Gibson ES 175

Rare two pickup example in natural finish and this guitar is in stunning nearly unused 100 percent original condition. The color is still light as if it just left the factory.
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1966 Kay Model 650 Guitar

Top of the line ES 330 style guitar from Kay, this guitar came from the factory with stock Grover tuners and a Melita bridge. This one is all original and still in excellent condition.This is sort of a rare guitar.
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1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Totally original Gibson guitar with attractive popular finish of the day. We may lower our prices, we should lower our voices at times but never our standards.
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1962 Oxford 10k5-4

If you are missing the speakers for your brown Vibroverb or super amp, help is here. The set of speakers just arrived here at our shop and these are original cones 10 k 5- 4 model Oxford speakers date coded 45th week of 1962.
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1916 Gibson L4

Antique guitar with a very large neck. This guitar is very complete and has two large repaired top cracks and a medium sized one. There is also a repaired back crack. The original case is also included.
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1961 Guild T 100 DP

Early example Guild D100 with two pickups. The tailpiece on this guitar is not original. The headstock overlay is shrinking a little as well.
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1968 Gibson Country Western

Very intact original guitar. There are some tiny cracks behind the bridge, not repaired but not moving and an added strap button. We do not make the news we just report it. The top is still totally level and nothing is missing. This is the no frills version of the Hummingbird, same guitar.
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1954 Fender Pro Amp

This one was sent back to the factory sometime around 1960 to be recovered and a later badge was installed. The speaker is a 1968 Jensen. Great sounding amp.
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1957 Fender Precision Bass

All original metal pickguard Precision bass with a very straight neck. This is a clean bass with some wear on the pickguard and includes the original tweed "righty" case.
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2016 Gibson R6 Les Paul Standard

Recent custom shop guitar that has a relic look to it. Interesting color combination this looks cool.
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1965 Fender Jazz Bass

All early pre-CBS features, L-series serial number, unbound neck with pearl dots, early style tuners. This one is sunburst with an ash body. It has just been refretted, The finish and parts are all original except the pots.
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1996 G&L ASAT

Excellent condition all original model in rare original Sea Foam Green finish. The guitar weighs in at 7 pounds 5 ounces.
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1973 Carvin CM 95

1973 Electric Guitar model Maple body solid body guitar with single coil neck pickup and double child bridge pickup.I think Carvin was supplied with necks from Hofner at this point.
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1966 Carvin Electric Mandolin

Rare interesting item from the Carvin company circa 1966. Includes original case and Carvin catalog.
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1963 Fender Showman Amp

RARE showman variant, this is one of the first skirted knob models with original 7355 power tubes and no middle control. I have seen two or three of these ever. This one is in reasonable condition with the original white tolex, original JBL D130 f speaker and no modifications except for the added casters.
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1964 Fender Dual Showman

1964 Fender Dual Showman 21 % off
Rare top of the line amplifier. This was a very expensive amplifier when purchased new from the dealer . This is a nice original example. The speakers are the original D 130 F model JBL speakers. They have been re coned. The original white tolex is still in good shape. This amp is missing the tilt legs and one logo on the cabinet.
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1956 Gretsch 6120

1956 Gretsch 6120 11 % off
Nice playing early example with the G brand. This guitar is expertly refretted and the pickguard is new. Includes original grey case.
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1954 Epiphone Zephyr Emperor Regent

Attractive top of the line natural finish figured maple guitar with no cracks or repairs. There is a stain in the finish near the controls from the original pickguard gassing out. The original pickguard is included and there is a new one on the guitar.
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