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1965 Fender Princeton Reverb

Early example from Fender Electric instruments with the tube chart date of OC for March 1965. This one is all original except for the added logo and in really nice condition. Fender Electric, dude.
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1967 Vox 261 Delta

Rare model variation of the iconic Phantom model. This might be one of the better looking guitars available on the vintage market...if you are into that kind of thing. The body of this guitar is refinished white.I have seen another guitar like this.It was white .. If this guitar was a doggie I would name it Buttons.
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1948 Gibson A-50

This is one the the cleanest nicest looking instruments I have seen. The back is figured maple and the mandolin and the original case are very tidy and intact. All original with nothing missing and very little wear of any kind.
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1964 Fender Concert

Everything original on this one, including Speakers and Transformers. Includes original cover. Casters have been added for convenience-- maybe yours.
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2017 Fender EOS Sustainer Stratocaster

Well built guitar from Fender, Mexico. Designed by Fender and Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien. Fender literature states: 'This inspiring guitar is perfect for creating lush, layered soundscapes and finding your own creative voice.' Anyway, the neck feels good. Guitar is as-new, still has the plastic on the pickguard.
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1963 Gretsch Silver Jet

Nice playing guitar that has some modifications. The tuners and bridge are changed. The Bigsby tailpiece replaces the original tailpiece ...some would consider this an acceptable upgrade. This Sparkle Jet has a nice original case.
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1964 Gibson Firebird I

This is the guitar Gibson should have made more of but this one is rare. This guitar is all orginal. The factory tuners are Kluson six in line and NOT banjo tuners. The result... this guitar is not neck heavy and the headstock is intact. I think that is preferable. Also this Firebird has the one piece tailpiece and no vibrola. This is a very light weight and resonant example still in nice shape....
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1999 Fender Jaguar

Rare unfaded Burgundy Mist original finish. I have had a few guitars in this color but this is the first Jaguar I have had that was not faded to a brownish tint. This one has some added visual interest near the decal but is original other than that. This is an exceptional find if you are into this kind of thing.... I am.
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Fender Jaguar

Rare color original finish early Jaguar. This guitar has a lot of wear and the frets are low. The neck on this one seems large for a Jaguar with some girth to it. These early Jaguars from 1962 and 1963 have the superior sounding flat pole pickups.
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1964 Martin 0-16 New Yorker

1964 Martin 0-16 New Yorker 12 % off
Nice sounding small Martin. There is a top crack that has not been repaired. The guitar is original except the added strap button.
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1980 Fender Precision Bass "special"

Ultra rare top of the line all walnut Precision Bass. Still in Excellent all original condition. This bass was made for a very short time. The neck is narrow nut A-width nut, like a Jazz Bass.
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1939 Recording King by Gibson Ray Whitley

This guitar IS in exceptional condition considering its age and condition, really nice. The guitar has easy action due to the geometry of the bridge and neck angle. I think there is a side crack repair that is not major. This is a clean original example of a pre war rosewood guitar built by Gibson.
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1957 Gibson LG-1

Nice guitar with good neck angle and not much wear. There is a long back crack that seems to not be moving but has not been repaired. This guitar is all original with no modifications.
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2016 Fender Custom Shop 1951 Telecaster Relic

2016 Fender Custom Shop 1951 Telecaster Relic 10 % off
This has a very nice looking thin finish on it and the neck is unusually large. Well made instrument form the Custom Shop boys!
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Fender Princeton Reverb

This amp is very clean and not beat up. The output transformer is replaced with a reasonable replacement and the speaker as well is replaced.
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1959 Fender Jazz Bass

Early prototype Fender Jazz Bass, well documented and very potentially the first example of this iconic instrument. The bass has the original label "Precision Bass" on what is clearly a Jazz Bass neck, very narrow at the nut. The body only has been refinished. The pickups are very interesting, not at all looking like the production model pickups.
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1996 Rickenbacker 381 V69 12

Rare and exciting model from the Rickenbacker boys. This guitar has hardly been played and is still in excellent all original condition. The guitar is constructed from figured maple and has the original silver case that is also not worn.
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1956 Fender Pro

Vintage tweed amplifier for sale here, the original tweed is still in nice shape on this one. The speaker is a vintage 1950s alnico but not a Jensen we think this is a Utah which we installed. Nice working example for using
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1956 Gibson GA-45T

Exceptional condition all original example. This is the model with 4 x 8 inch Jensen speakers. Not a common find, great for amplified harmonica or guitar playing.
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1953 Fender Champion "600

1953 Fender Champion 17 % off
Decent original working example with some stains and a new leather handle.
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1971 Fender Pro Reverb

1971 Fender Pro Reverb 13 % off
This one is in very nice all original condition with no modifications and very little wear of any kind.
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1988 Heritage HFT 445

Early model from the Heritage Guitar Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This guitar sounds like the other guy's guitars made in Kalamazoo by the same guys. This guitar is in excellent condition, not used much.
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2008 Rick Turner Renaissance Deluxe Steel String

Designed to be an 'acoustic' guitar that is meant to be amplified, this well built guitar is in pretty good shape overall, but there is damage on the side. It is not cracked or broken but it is visually very distracting. Dazzling figured top and back.
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1949 Gibson ES-150

This guitar has a nice sort of large neck and is very easy to play. There are no cracks or wood repairs on this guitar. The bottom of the tailpiece has been replaced. This is a very solid instrument and would be a welcome addition to any music room. Original case.
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1957 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins Model

Great model still intact,not broken or cracked but with some modifications. The pickups have been replaced with vintage Filtertron pickups. The wiring has been changed and simplified.The tuners and bridge are not original... The original white cowboy case is included.$5950
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1953 Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo

This is a beauty with some wear but still intact. No repairs or damage but a strap button is added.This is a great sounding guitar and really a good year for this model. I have noticed many pictures of Hank Williams with a guitar very much like this. I like his music too.
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1966 Vox Phantom

Black Phantom made in Italy,This is a great looking guitar but it does feature a lot of fret buzz perhaps some are loose.
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1984 Rickenbacker 360 12

Well cared for guitar that is ready for any situation. Classic Jetglo finish still in nice condition. There is a small buckle wear on the back.
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1964 Gibson J-160E

1964 Gibson J-160E 39 % off
The Beatles had one with the serial number 64309. I guess that is interesting for some of us. This guitar has a changed bridge and tuners. The guitar that John Lennon had was used on "Give Peace a Chance". This guitar was not used on that record at all.
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1967 Gretsch Astro Jet

1967 Gretsch Astro Jet 13 % off
Rare version with the built in effect module. This guitar is still in all original condition with no repairs or modifications.
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