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1957 Gibson J-200

Super clean original. J 200 natural, crafted from figured maple. This guitar has a good amount of volume and the neck shape is full. There are two hair line crack repairs each near the edge of the lower bout. The original hard case is included and in excellent condition.This is the same model and features, perhaps the same year as the guitar you see Elvis Presley using often in films and...
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1968 Fender Telecaster

Factory Bigsby guitar with all original parts. The headstock decal has been replaced. The neck may be oversprayed or refinished or some combination of the two. The guitar weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces.
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1969 Kustom Bass Guitar

These are sort of rare basses from circa 1969-1970. I am not sure how many were made but much fewer than the six string. This one has a nice subtle sunburst finish and the bass in is excellent all original condition. There is a decal on the pick guard.
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1952 Fender Twin Amp

Very early Fender Twin to match your early Fender guitar.This looks like a very nice re tweed with the original speakers and transformers.The lettering and control panel are also in excellent condition.
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1981 Gibson Firebird

This seems to be the same guitar as a Bicentennial Firebird. It has the same features and same gold parts. The guitar is in excellent all original condition. It is a great guitar. The finish is a see through red color and the original Gibson hard case is included.
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1965 Fender Showman Amp

Early model either from 1964 or 1965 that has the Fender Electric instruments designation on the face plate. This is in very good un modified condition.
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1969 Fender Swinger

Rare one year only model guitar, Fender created this model from unused parts of the bass V and Duo Sonic. This one is original except the nut has been replaced.
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1953 Fender Precision Bass

Very clean all original early Precision bass with attractive grain of an ash body.This bass is in excellent condition but does has some edge wear near the strap button
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1959 Fender Stratocaster

Nice all original slab board model with the so attractive two tone sunburst.This one has the original case and strap and the weight is 7 pounds 11 ounces. I can not decide or determine if the frets are original, they are not very worn and are the correct size.
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1971 Fender Mustang

Competition Blue sunburst all original example. still in excellent condition. The original case and arm are also included and the guitar is very comfortable and intact.
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1966 EKO Rokes model

Rare EKO Rokes(Rocket) Model guitar.This one is in excellent original condition with the original hang tags. The hard case may also be original but I am not sure.
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1965 Harmony Holiday guitar model unknown

This is perhaps one of the rarest guitars to come through my inventory. I have never seen this model of guitar before anywhere.The body is the same body Harmony used for the red Roy Smeck guitar.The guitar has a factory stock Bigsby tailpiece and is in near mint condition with the original case.
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1980 ESP Navigator ES 335 Copy

This guitar has been in the local area for many years. It is a very accurate copy of an early Gibson ES 335. Sometime 20 or so years ago, the fingerboard was replaced, with an original Gibson ES 345 fingerboard. Everything else is original including the original case.
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1962 Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster case

Original brown tolex case with dark orange lining in excellent condition
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1988 Rickenbacker 370/12 RG Roger McGuinn signature model

Limited edition guitar with built in working compressor. This guitar does sound amazing, not like anything I have heard before, with the compressor on. This guitar is in excellent original condition.
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1959 Fender Jazz Bass Prototype (Jazzmaster bass)

A friend of mine bought this bass used in the 1970's. When he met and showed the bass to George Fullerton, George told him that five were made and it was going to be called the Jazzmaster Bass. This one is refinished and the pickguard is mid 60s. It is original otherwise.
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1966 Rickenbacker Model 1997 Rose Morris

Big month for Who fans here around our shop. This guitar reminds me of the great early footage I have enjoyed of The Who with Pete playing these F hole guitars. These were sold outside of the US, not here and are somewhat rare. This one has a nice dark red sunburst finish and is in all original condition with a few dings and scuffs.
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1959 Rickenbacker 335 Capri

Early deep body Rickenbacker guitar. The original pickguard is cracked and included, with a new one on the guitar at the moment. These early Rickenbacker guitars are very low production and well made instruments.
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1957 Fender Precision Bass

Here comes another two tone beauty! This one is 100 percent original with the original tweed case and a super nice looking not worn gold guard and no fingerboard wear. There are some chipping and dings but overall this is very nice.
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1960 Fender Stratocaster

I just purchased this guitar from the wife and son of the original owner... nice people. Everything on this guitar is original and as it left the factory, only the vibrato arm is missing. The case is original too but only has one working buckle. The neck on this guitar is super comfortable...it is so easy to play. The original finish has faded on the front to an attractive two tone color, the...
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1967 Mosrite Ventures Mark V

If you ever wanted one of these, for sure it would be a blue one.This is an iconic guitar for some of us who have seen this guitar on the yellow B-52s album cover. This guitar is original except for the knobs and switch tip.
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1965 Epiphone Broadway

Nice resonant easy to play guitar built in Kalamazoo USA.This guitar is still in nice shape . The tuners are changed to Schallers and there is a strap button added.So it is fun.
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1971 Barth Fretless Bass

Made by Paul Barth circa 1971 and this one is still intact and only missing the name badge.Nice light weight instrument.
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1961 Fender Deluxe amp

Clean original early example from late 1961. The speaker has been replaced with a Celestial model G 12 alnico gold.It looks like it would sound really good
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1979 Fender Stratocaster Silver 25th Anniversary Model

This silver anniversary model has very nice paint on it that is not falling off. It is still in excellent original condition and not faded to gold.
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1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom

One piece body, three piece neck, no volute or Made in USA stamp. This guitar is original with no damage or modifications other than very nice refret job.
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1967 Fender Jaguar

100 percent original example still in excellent condition, the color is still red, not faded , Nothing has been changed or repaired it is totally intact with the original hard case.
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1963 Fender Jazz Bass

This is a great early Jazz Bass that is worn but very comfortable and functional. I could never have too many of these and usually have too few or none. All the parts and finish are original but one pickup is rewound.
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1954 Rickenbacker M Series

Rare early Rickenbacker electric guitar amp still in reasonable cosmetic condition. I have not seen too many of these so let's call this a MUST HAVE item.
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1946 Rhodes Pre Piano

1946 Rhodes Pre Piano 27 % off
I think the instrument is called a pre piano and was built by Harold Rhodes circa 1946. These are very rare and somewhat of a milestone in electric instrumentation development. This one will need work to be fully functioning and is missing a few parts. Please only buy this if you understand it is not complete or working.
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