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1958 Gibson L-5 CT

This L 5 Model is one of the rarest of Gibson's top of the line instruments. This example is still in excellent original condition. An end pin Jack has been installed for a floating pickup that could live here. This guitar is also know as the George Gobels model. George was often seen on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson or Dean Martin specials and this guitar was designed for him.
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1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Exceptional natural finish example in somewhat pristine condition, this one is all original and looks great. More like an under the bed guitar than most.
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1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Clean original natural finish model. This guitar does not have much wear but is missing the pickguard. It is all there other than that.
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1957 Martin D 18

This is one of the nicer 1950s Martin guitars I have seen in recent times. There are no cracks or repairs and just a little wear. The neck angle is still comfortable and no neck re set has been done. The original green lined case is also included.
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1956 Gibson ES 125

100 percent original example still in excellent condition with very little wear of any kind. This is really clean.
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1951 Gibson J-45

This guitar is in excellent condition with no damage or cracks. The pickguard has been replaced and the original pickguard is included.
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1998 Gibson Firebird VII

I guess I have not seen a lot of these but this is a very accurate re issue of the Firebird VII from 1998. This guitar does not seem used, the plastic is still on the back cover plate and all the original tags and case are included. I think whoever bought this originally must have had too many guitars (is that possible?) So if this is your kind of thing, give me a call or email.
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1962 Fender Concert Amp

This one has replaced speakers and extra handle holes but is otherwise original.
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1962 Fender Concert Amp

This amp is is in decent condition with all four of the original gold oxford speakers. The grill is redone and the handle is new but original otherwise.
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1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Clean pre CBS Fender Electric Instruments amplifier that is really in excellent all original condition with the original foot switch.
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1950 Fender Telecaster, Broadcaster, Esquire, Nocaster

Original thermometer case with some cosmetic wear, still sturdy enough to move the guitar around every now and then but not going on tour.
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1964 Gibson J-45

Very clean guitar but has some major pick wear near the pickguard. This is a nice original example.
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1964 Gibson J-45

Very warm sounding J 45 with lots of finish checking. This one is all original with no damage or repairs, just normal patina.
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1969 Gibson EB-2

This bass is all original and still in excellent condition.
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1958 Fender Precision Bass

Three tone sunburst, original but has some extra screw holes from a different pickguard.
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1975 Fender Stratocaster Roy Buchanan

He was not just another Nancy boy, this 1975 Stratocaster was owned and used by noted Telecaster player, Roy Buchanan. The guitar is an original example, non trem model. The instrument includes written and photo documentation of the provanance.
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1962 Fender Tremolux

Clean original white knob amplifier, nice compact size. This amp has 1965 Oxford speakers but is otherwise not modified or damaged.
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1959 Gibson ES-335, ES-345 or ES-355

This case will fit most of the thin body ES guitars. This case is solid and functional with some scuffs and scrapes. Brown with pink lining.
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1964 Fender Pro Amp

Clean original example with a new power cord. The speaker is a late 1963 Jensen, but is not the original speaker.
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1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb 15 % off
Super early example from January 1964 and this is the only one I have ever seen with an original tan Victoria cover. The amp is all original. The condition is excellent but not mint, just very nice. These earliest ones have no logo, no numbers on the inputs and usually a gold or silver oxford speaker. The serial number is A00543
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1995 Fender Telecaster Custom Shop John Page

1995 Fender Telecaster Custom Shop John Page 20 % off
Rare gold sparkle John Page Custom Shop guitar. Still in excellent condition. Hardly used.
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1966 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary

This guitar is pretty good. The neck angle is good and the neck is super straight. The added Bigsby just completes the fun. All of the binding on this guitar has turned brown. Most of it is still retaining its hardness but some has crumbled off in the back cutaway.
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1962 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary

1962 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary 10 % off
This guitar is still in pretty nice condition. The body binding is perfect with no cracks or erosion. The fingerboard binding has a few cracks on the bass side. The guitar is very clean with many tags, strap and related items with clean original case. The bridge is low but the guitar is still functional.
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1961 Gibson SG TV Special

Available now is this ultra rare 1961 TV yellow finish SG model. This guitar does not say Les Paul on it. It seems the Special was the first to lose the Les Paul name. This guitar is in exceptional 100 percent original condition. Only an handful of these TV finish SG shaped guitars exist but the exact number is not known.
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1939 Gibson EH-150 Amp

Back cover is missing and the handle is incomplete. Good working amp with new power tubes.
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1940 Gibson EH-125

This one has three controls on it. There is some wear on the handle and covering.
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1955 Fender Twin Amp

1955 Fender Twin Amp 15 % off
Early narrow panel Twin with original transformers and late 1954 Jensen speakers. This amp has been re covered and serviced. The back panels are new. The lettering on the control panel is still in excellent condition.
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2006 Fender Woody Pro Jr. 60th Anniversary

Late model Fender Amp still in excellent condition.
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1961 Fender Champ Amp

1961 Fender Champ Amp 10 % off
Nice original example with original tweed, still in reasonable condition. Includes new Victoria cover.
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1968 Fender Super Reverb

1968 Fender Super Reverb 15 % off
This one is really in excellent all original condition including the original Victoria cover, footswitch, and owner's manual.
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