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Fender Jazz Bass

Very clean all original example. The neck is straight on this bass, really straight. The bass has not much wear and is easy to play. Includes original strap and polish cloth.
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1963 Standel 52J12V

Rare Standel combo amp with some unusual pre amp tubes and the original Jensen Alnico p 12 p speaker.
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This guitar is 100 percent original, just purchased from the original owner. There is no repair or damage and nothing is changed. The guitar feels light at 9 1/4 pounds. The guitar is easy to play like the kind you would not set down. If you are into this kind of thing, give us a call and you might buy it.
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1969 Fender Precision Bass

This is one heck of a bass, light weight ave very easy to play with a comfortable neck. The bass had a BADASS bridge on it so there is wood routed below the bridge.
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1961 Fender Stratocaster

Clean case that is for the Stratocaster, Telecaster or Esquire models. The buckles work but the springs are worn.
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1967 Gibson B-25 12

Super clean example with an attractive cherry sunburst finish. The neck on this instrument is straight and very wide at the nut for comfortable twelve string navigating.
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1971 Univox Dan Armstrong Copy

This copy guitar might be more rare than the Dan Armstrong, I don't see much of these... Claude Rains model. Tuners changed to Grovers.
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1937 Gibson EM-150

This instrument is original and in great shape. If we said it had a Charlie Christian-style pickup would mandolin players get the reference? We like this mandolin.
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Martin 000-28C

Very well maintained guitar in excellent overall condition.
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Gibson EH-185

Original Gibson high-end steel guitar in great shape. Case is attractive and intact but has a broken hinge.
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1956 Gibson ES-175 DN

This natural finish 175 is 100 percent original and still in nice condition with a small amount of playing wear. There is no damage or repair and the original case is also nice.
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1965 Gibson SG Junior

This jr. does weigh less than any (5lb 14oz) and has the very wide nut. Super resonant guitar with a pleasing color that is still red. There is some finish checking all around.
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2010 Gibson ES-335

Recent high quality guitar from Gibson custom arts division. Still in excellent shape, not used much, dot neck re issue.
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1966 Gibson J 45

Somewhat worn example that has a headstock repair. The tuners are original with changed buttons from some other time and place.
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1969 Gibson J 45

One of the last slope shoulder models, this one is really clean and crisp but with the tuners changed to Grovers. It also has a Snoopy sticker on the front.
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1964 Airline by Kay Double-Cutaway

This mostly original archtop features Barney Kessel Kleenex Box pickups and slightly customized electronics (a switch has replaced one of the tone knobs). Tuners have been replaced; the missing pickguard has not. Shows wear, but nothing's broken.
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1964 Vox AC 10

Clean original amp missing the vent covers. I am even tempted to plug it in..... Who knows, it might even work. UPDATE: plugged it in. Sounds glorious
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1960 Gretsch 6120

this is a really clean original guitar with original tags and cowboy strap from the 75th week of 1959.
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1963 Gibson ES 330 TD

This one is in exceptionally fine, near mint condition. It is 100% original except for an added strap button.
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1960 Epiphone Frontier

Rare early maple body guitar from the transition period. This guitar sounds great and is still in excellent condition. I think it may be re fretted.
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1972 Gibson Es 335

Clean all original guitar very comfortable. There is a repaired headstock crack and no other issues here.
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1965 Vox AC 30

Not pristine, but intact and mostly original. Original vintage Celestions, if you're into that kind of thing. Includes foot switch.
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1968 Fender Stratocaster

1968 Fender Stratocaster 11 % off
Great guitar somewhat rare with transition logo and F tuners. The wiring is cloth and the finish is still nitro. This is original except the saddles and the obligatory five way switch.
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1960 Martin D 18

This has had a neck re set and there is some overspray around that area. I am not sure if other work was done. This is a very warm sounding and easy to play instrument.
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1941 Gibson ES 150

1941 Gibson ES 150 13 % off
Rare early electric guitar from Gibson, second variant of this model. This one is original except the tuners and has no damage or repairs.
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1957 Fender White

This rare little gem is in top working order. Original condition except for a small hole in the back panel. Tweed Princetons wish they could be as cool as this amp.
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1963 Selmer Zodiac Twin Fifty

1963 Selmer Zodiac Twin Fifty 25 % off
Clean all original example with push button tone selector; This one has the original Celestion G12 T0652 speakers. Great sounding and looks nice too. Includes original foot switch.
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2011 HOFNER HVSP Verythin Special

Highest quality German made Hofner guitar still in like-new condition.
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Polytone Mega Brute

We are told that this is the most desirable Polytone amp ever made: the smallest, loudest, lightest, and best sounding combo amp for jazz. It is 80 watts (some list it as 130 watts) with an 8-inch speaker, reverb, and a distortion channel nobody uses.
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2009 Paul Reed Smith McCarty

Clean and flamey. 'Paul Reed Smith McCarty' sounds like the name of a law firm. It is also the name of this guitar. Here are the facts: fast neck, good balance, great feel, exceptional design and attention to detail. Also, not difficult to look at. We rest our case.
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