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1973 Fender® Precision Bass®

This bass is in tip top all original condition and is a lightweight example. Sunburst with the tortoiseshell pickguard. The bass weighs 8 lbs 13 oz and includes both covers and the original tolex case.
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1969 Fender® Super Reverb®

Nice original amp with minimal bunny business.
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1971 Gibson Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1954 Reissue

This guitar might have been called a 1958 Reissue when it was originally put on the market in 1971. It is a rare model that features a one piece neck and one piece body. The guitar feels very lightweight and weighs 9 pounds exact. The original finish is still in great shape but there are some modifications. The pickups have been changed to humbuckers. The bridge and tuners are not original. The...
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1994 Fender® 40th Anniversary Stratocaster®

Limited edition American made Stratocaster in attractive Midnight Blue
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1958 Gretsch Cowboy Case

Circa 1958 white cowboy case missing most of the covering, some of the leather trim remains. This is functional but rough.
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1965 Fender® Jazz Bass®

Early 1965 Jazz bass in exceptional all original condition. No binding on the neck very little wear
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1963 Fender® Jaguar® Case

Rare brown "SUNGLASSES" style case. Still in nice decent condition with a new handle.
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1984 Gibson EXPLORER

Rare color camouflage you may or may not be seen with this guitar. It is original but has scratches and wear.
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1984 Guild® Flying Star SB-608

Very rare instrument with exceptional style. The finish is blue and silver with red highlights. The back pickups has been replaced with an EMG.
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1967 Gibson EB0 Bass

Original late 1960s bass with no major damage or issues just wear.There is a thumb rest added.There is some fret buzzing.
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1968 Fender® Twin Reverb®

100 percent original example including the original footswitch. This amp is still in excellent condition, a little dusty with no major wear or damage.
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1979 Fender® Precision Bass®

International colors bass in Maui Blue.This bass was purchased and never played by the original owner, just stored under the bed.This is in exceptional unused condition with the original tags. I think these came out after 1979 perhaps 1981 or 1982 but serial numbers start with 79.
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1965 Gibson Melody Maker

Rare Pelham Blue finish guitar all original. No repairs or issues. Non SG body shape.
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1975 Guild® D-55

Exceptionally clean all original example with original hang tag, strap and unusually clean original case,it would be hard to find a nicer one.
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1967 Vox Cambridge Reverb amp

Near mint condition Vox amplifier not tube ,but vintage. Includes original cover,amp stand and footswitch.
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1963 Fender® Fender® Electric Instruments Clock

Jaguar or Jazzmaster guitar shown on clock face. Fragile promotional item still in excellent condition. Webb's Music in Antioch CA was the home of this clock for decades. Mr. Webb was a friend of Leo Fender.
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1967 Fender® Coronado

All original trade show or promo model labeled "special",black headstock with vibrato
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1962 Fender® Reverb Unit

Brown Fender reverb unit still in decent shape, original except the tank
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1969 Fender® Dual Showman® Amp

Working but worn original dual showman amp. The back panel is missing and the grill cloth has been painted.
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1974 Guild® Model F 412

Jumbo size 12 string model with maple neck and maple back and sides. High quality top of the line model. Missing binding at fret one.
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1948 Gibson J-45

This one has to be one of the nicest condition J45 guitars available. Excellent all original condition, no cracks or repairs. Still very crisp.
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1999 Fender® Jaco Pastorius Signature Model Jazz Bass®

Still as new condition with all tags and original shipping carton. Made in USA, very high quality resonant bass.
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1931 National Style 0 Guitar

Nice nickel plated guitar with Hawaiian scenes on it,square neck model. There is a jack hole on the side and a minor headstock repair . Original otherwise with some wear.
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~1965 Gibson Hummingbird

This guitar has had numerous modifications. The tuners are changed, it has been refinished at least once and the pickguard is changed. The fingerboard is high quality but also may not be original. This is a great sounding guitar and it works good.
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1966 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®

Very clean original example of this very popular model, the speaker is replaced with a recent Mojo tone speaker (eminence)
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1957 Fender® Stratocaster® or Telecaster® case

Original vintage case that has had the exterior re covered.
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1963 Fender® Bassman®

This could be the best guitar amp Fender ever produced, just ask Joe expert aka me. This one is in excellent original condition with rolling casters added to the speaker cabinet. The canvas covers are nice and home made.
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1959 Fender® Bassman®

Very worn Basssman with recent Fender speakers. This is a working amp with the original tweed covering. The cabinet has some damage as well. This is not a relic, it is just used but not used up.
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1959 Gretsch Duo Jet

Solid original example with Filtertron pickups, missing the pick guard,,no cracks or breaks.
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