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1977 Music Man 112 RD Model

This amp is in exception condition showing very little wear and no modifications. Includes generic amp cover.
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2008 Vox AC 15

Nice hand wire amp made overseas, re issue of an early 60s model with the Fawn covering.
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1967 Martin OO-18 C

Nice original condition Martin guitar from the 1960s no stories or issues.
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1950 Gibson ES 150

Clean original circa 1949 or 1950 Gibson guitar with original hard case. Everything is original except the bottom of the tailpiece . There are no cracks or breaks and the original finish is not worn. This is a nice over 65 year old guitar ready to enjoy.We will sell no wine before it's time.
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1978 Gibson RD Artist

Black guitar with the original tags and case. This guitar is original but there is a small wood repair on the top of the guitar,not sure why.
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1966 Fender® Performer Bass

The Performer bass is a fun instrument made by Fender Japan for a limited time in the mid 1980's . this one has a Pearl White metallic finish and a very slim neck.
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1966 Epiphone Casino

This one looks very much like the John Lennon one to me.This guitar is in excellent condition with no repairs or much wear.
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1994 Gretsch® 6120 Model 1959 re issue

High quality guitar made in Japan this guitar seems as good as an old on to me. Easy to play with low action and the filtertron pickups.
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1966 Silvertone model 1478 Silhouette guitar

This is about as close to new or un used condition as you might find.Silvertone guitar made by Harmony in the USA and sold by Sears (a store...remember those?) The guitar and case are both crisp and clean.
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2008 G&L ASAT Classic

High quality Telecaster style guitar from the G & L company of California USA.
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2011 Fender® Telecaster® Cabronita

Limited production guitar of the month from Fender.This guitar has not been used much and has the original case and tags.
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1956 Martin D 21

Here is an intact example, all original but with plenty of finish checking. Great sounding rosewood guitar.
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1966 Epiphone Frontier

Near mint all original instrument with cactus motif pickguard. Guitar is in exceptional condition, it would be hard to find a cleaner one.
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2005 James Trussart Steelphonic

This is a very interesting electric guitar with its original hangtag and catalogue. The fellow who we purchased it from did not use it very much.
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2007 Fender® Stratocater 1960 Reissue,Closet Classic Ltd NAMM Edition

This one is a bit unusual it is a limited edition NAMM show guitar from 2007. Includes the original case, certificate, tags and cord. The color looks like Sherwood Green or some other green. The guitar has a rather large neck with a slab rosewood fingerboard
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1965 Fender® Jaguar®

The body and headstock are refinished lake placid blue,the back of the neck has the original finish. It seems to be a spray paint finish over original white finish. The parts are all original and the guitar has comfortable low action.
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1966 Fender® Telecaster®

All original example, transition logo, Kluson tuners early features example with a rosewood fingerboard and blond nitro finish. This tele has a good size comfortable neck too.
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1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior

The condition of this guitar is stunning,near mint , very crisp. The original case,hang tags and allen wrench are included in this remarkable original example.
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1957 Gretsch® Duo Jet Case

This case is in excellent condition. No major damage or issues
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1968 Epiphone Riviera

Super clean all original example with a figured mahogany neck. No repairs or modifications. Attractive red color.
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1964 Gibson Es 335

All original stop tailpiece 335 no modifications or repairs. Color on this once is vibrant and the guitar has a good sized neck. The guitar has some finish checking Great guitar.
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2011 Rickenbacker 12 String Acoustic

Handmade high quality acoustic Rickenbacker 12 string made in California USA. factory installed L.R. Baggs pickup. Shaded spruce top with Rosewood back and sides.
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2014 Dwight Eliminator 1959 explorer style

Dwight Guitars are the creation of well renowned and respected guitar restoration maestro, Clive Brown. Clive is known worldwide for his expert restorations of Fender and Gibson guitars . The Dwight guitars he has designed and crafted by hand take traditional design one step beyond.These guitars are very limited production and are all unique. The Dwight Eliminator is made of lightweight Korina...
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1963 Gretsch® #6119 Chet Atkins Tennessean

Nice solid example with a very straight neck and hangtags. The top finish is faded. The binding is still good on this guitar except on the heel cap.
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1961 Rickenbacker 345

This guitar is still in really nice condition with no modifications or repairs. There is some cracking in the pick guard.
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1961 Rickenbacker 365

Rare early Rickenbacker guitar. All original with some playing wear and a few cracks in the pick guard. This is a very cool looking guitar.
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1996 Gibson Nighthawk Standard ST2

Highest quality guitar from Gibson Guitar company. This guitar has nice figured maple on the top and is easy to play.
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2009 Fender® Reverb Unit

Somewhat unusual looking Fender Reverb Unit in Tweed flavor, clean original example
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2008 FREEDOM CUSTOM GUITAR RESEARCH Slab Body Precision Bass® Copy

This is a very well made precision bass style instrument with a slab body. Original slab body precision bass was made by Fender circa 1968 and was famously used by John Entwhistle during that time period. Very few of the original slab body basses were made and were only sold in Europe.
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1947 Gibson J-45

This guitar is rare and in exceptional all original condition.Early post war J 45 with Maple back, sides and neck.This guitar has a large neck and sounds great.
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