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1965 Fender Jaguar

This one is in exceptional 100 percent original condition with the least amount of wear. The neck is no binding with pearl dots and has that pre-cbs feel to it. The original case is included.
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1968 Fender Telecaster

Pink is not just a singer anymore, but she is good too. Pink is the original color of the 1968 Fender Paisley Telecaster guitar but you could hardly know that anymore. This very clean original example has not faded, it still retains its original color. There is some checking on the back, It does not come across in the pictures but does exist. The guitar shown here is all original but the bridge...
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1954 Fender Deluxe Amp

This is a well worn but great sounding tweed deluxe. The amp is a later wide panel model so it has the modern 10 pin tubes. The amp is re grilled. The tweed is original. The output transformer has been replaced with a larger fender one. I think the speaker and power transformer remain original. There has been a lot of servicing and re wiring so I will include many pictures here. I did not perform...
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1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb

If you play guitar and you are making a list of must have items, I have to think this one would be on the top of a person's list. The tone of this model seems to be a perfect match for most electric guitars, the size is easy enough to move around and there is enough power for many or most situations. But W.A.I.T....why am I talking? This one is original, includes original footswitch and home made...
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2018 Fender Jeff Beck Signature Model Stratocaster

This guitar was purchased new a few years ago and perhaps never used. It includes tags of many shapes and sizes and the original tweed case, still crisp.
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1953 Gibson Southern Jumbo

Sometimes you see a picture of Hank Williams playing one of these in the early 1950s. This one has a lot of wear but perhaps not so much in the way of cracks or damage. The neck is a normal comfortable shape and the guitar has a nice warm sound. The tuners are the right kind but replaced with circa late 60s ones. There were no larger tuners it seems.
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1964 Fender Jazz Bass

Clay dot alert. These 1964 Jazz Basses turn me on, it seems like the Fender company had a good thing going at that time. This one is all the rage and I would like to mention it has clay dot inlays, a must for the serious player. I would not be caught dead with any other kind of dots at any time, nor should you. The "pick " + "guard" is also very dark with large color particles to focus on when...
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1956 Gibson J 200

Great guitar... but wait... I can explain. This guitar has no issues or repairs. It has some plectrum wear. The sound is great. One reason (main reason) it sounds great is because the bridge and saddle ratio are correct for getting the best sound from a J 200. I have had many of these, this one really rates. The sound is warm and clear with a nice low end bass.13650
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1966 Fender Stratocaster

A long time ago I had an Olympic White 1966 Stratocaster. I really liked it since I saw pictures of Jimi Hendrix with one like that. After a while I realized that I am not Jimi Hendrix and sold the guitar. Here comes another one. This one is original Olympic White finish but someone painted black paint over it later. Now that black paint is removed so that is why it looks as it does. It is...
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1998 Fender Darryl Jones Prototype Bass Rare One

In 2011 I was contacted through a mutual friend by bassist, Darryl Jones. I purchased two Fender basses from him and he shipped the instruments to me from LAX on my Southwest airlines account. Then I forgot to sell the basses. Three years ago I sold the 1966 Jazz bass. The other bass is for sale now. When he offered it to me he told me it is a Fender Darryl Jones Model prototype. That is what...
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1997 Rickenbacker 660 12 Tom Petty

These are great 12 string guitars with a wide nut that makes a 12 string guitar an instrument of great use. This one in in excellent condition with the original silver case and certificate. The Jetglo finish is also rare for this model.
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1968 Silvertone by Harmony H1260

Circa mid 1960's top of the line Harmony H 1260 model that was originally sold at Sears. This one is really in excellent shape, with good neck angle, flat top and very little wear of any kind. The color is nice too.
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1966 Fender Esquire

I think someone out there is really going to like this one. The guitar is really in excellent original condition. The color has not even faded to yellow, it is still very white. The guitar is all original and very light weight. The model is somewhat rare for this model year since Fender did offer many lower priced guitars in the 1960s, not many chose to buy this one pickup guitar. This one has...
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1962 Fender Jazz Bass

It looks better in person. Late 1962 all original Fiesta red, really bright vibrant color on this one. There is plenty of edge wear and stuff. All parts and finish are original. There is a little extra side markering that can be seen in the detail picture here. Brighten up your collection, it makes you happy.
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1965 Fender Bandmaster

This one is a very late 1965 model. The tube chart says Fender Electric Instruments and is date O K so November of 1965. The faceplate says Fender Musical Instruments, so very transitional. The speakers are the original Oxford ceramics. The power transformer is either late 1962 or maybe 1972. The others are dated 1965. The amp is still in reasonable condition and I can ship it.
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1963 Fender Bandmaster

Really transitional example not often seen. This one is from August 1963. It is the smooth white tolex with the flat logos later style handles. This is the early white knob version with the presence control. The speakers are recent Jensens. The transformers are all original. There is an extra knob added to the back.
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1962 Fender Reverb Unit

1962 Fender Reverb Unit 17% off
These are very uncommon to say the least. This one is still in nice original condition. I think the tank is from a different year.
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1968 Fender Esquire

I think this one is from 1968... sort of a rare late Esquire. Fender did not make many of these as the 1960s concluded. Whyamidoingthis.net.org? I love this guitar. It has issues but has charm. The neck has a lot of birdseye figuring. The tuners are not original. The body has a humbucking route in the front position. I was actually able to buy an original pick guard for this guitar 60 miles away...
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1963 Gibson Tal Farlow

This is one of the few produced still in excellent original condition. The wood is attractive figured maple. There is a strap button added to the heel. I think Gibson made about 200 of these originally.
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1979 unknown Explorer

Not by Gibson, but a hand made perhaps luthier made guitar. The guitar is neck through body construction of figured maple. The fingerboard is a thick slice of ebony. This is a well made instrument. I do not know where it was made or when, it seems like late 1970s or 1980s. The top of the guitar is painted white.
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1971 Fender Telecaster

Welcome it back! I sold this one a while ago and now it is back, just re purchased August 2022... (what we do)... I have had a lot of these and this one is my favorite. It is very complete and original except the clear finish. The guitar was refinished long ago and perhaps the finish is not as thick as the original finish. That is better, the original finish on these seems very thick. The...
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1935 Rickenbacker Model B Bakelite Guitar

Circa 1935 early electric guitar this is an important historic instrument. This is a Spanish guitar with a round neck also somewhat rare with the vibrato tailpiece. This guitar is featured in the pages of the new PINECASTER book by Mr. Ignacio Banos... not soon to be a major motion picture butvwell worth the price of admission nonetheless. This guitar is all original with the original hard case.
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1966 Vox Phantom VI

I am not sure what year this guitar should be listed as. This is built from NOS Italian Vox parts and newer parts. The guitar is brand new and was completed in 2021. Is there any better looking guitar than a red Vox Phantom?
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1969 Fender Super Reverb Amp

1969 Fender Super Reverb Amp 11% off
Early silver face model still has the 1960s circuit and the alnico speakers. These are great sounding well made amplifiers! This one is still in nice original condition with minor wear.
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1965 Gibson Reverb III

Circa mid 1960s reverb unit from Gibson includes built in cord and footswitch. This is dusty but is working.
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1958 Fender Pro Amp Cabinet

Tweed amplifier cabinet with some of the original tube chart still attached. The tweed is redone, the baffle is replaced. I think the badge is original. I am not ever going to need this until after I sell it.
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1965 Fender Jazz Bass

1965 Fender Jazz Bass 16% off
Nice original custom color bass. Black is actually a rare custom color, it became more common in the late 1960s or 1970s. This bass is all original. The logo is original but has weathered. The neck is pearl dots with no binding. An exciting find.
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1949 Fender Deluxe

This is one of the first tweed covered Fender Deluxe amplifiers. The tweed is the non diagonal pattern tweed that Fender used for a year or two in the late 1940s. This amp is pretty original. The lettering on the control panel has had some additional highlighting in red sharpie. The handle is replaced and there is some wear one the amp but not bad for 74 years of use.
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1960 Gibson ES 335

1960 Gibson ES 335 30% off
Dave Edmunds and a blond es 335 seem to exist in the same thought bubble for most of us. This is that guitar. Mr. Edmunds utilized this dot neck 335 as his main instrument for live performance, recording, album covers and the like for nearly 40 years until selling the guitar in 2003. Since then it has been is safe storage. Dave Edmunds is a brilliant guitarist, performer, recording artist and...
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1966 Fender Precision Bass

I originally advertised this bass as Ice Blue Metallic. When I parked it next to my Ice Blue Metallic Jazzmaster I realized it is not the same color. Both start life as a very light blue. Firemist Silver has less blue in it than Ice Blue. Both can become green when the clear yellows but Ice Blue is darker. Firemist siver is a rare color. This bass is in excellent 100 percent original condition...
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