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1961 Epiphone Frontier

Very early Gibson built transition model Epiphone dreadnaught model from 1961. The neck is a V shape with a maple center and a small heel shape. The guitar sounds great and is in nice all original condition but missing the truss rod cover.
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1965 Mosrite Ventures Bass

This bass is missing parts and strings. The blue finish is original and the bass is not broken. I do not have the parts, I purchased the guitar as it is shown.
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1962 Fender Reverb Unit

RARE reverb unit in rough blond tolex with the flat logo and original leather handle. This is the nicest reverb unit I have seen in a long time. It is all original and in excellent condition.
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1970 Guild WEM Copicat Tape Echo unit

Circa 1970's, we tested this echo unit and the motor is running. Seems like it is missing nothing but we did not get an echo in here. If you think you know how to fix this we are selling it as is, but feel there is a lot of hope based on the condition. As is.
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1965 Gibson Hummingbird

This is one of the two Hummingbirds I have that belonged to two brothers.The guitar has the early good nut size and has no issues other than the pick wear that is seen here. Great sounding guitar, as you might expect.
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1964 Fender Princeton Reverb

This one is super clean and original including the Victoria cover and foot switch. The speaker is original but has just been re coned. The serial number is very low 00315, Fender Electric Instruments so perhaps this is a very early example of this model.
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1947 Gretsch Synchromatic

This guitar needs a neck reset, for sure. No doubt. The instrument is not cracked but there is also some small binding separation at the waist. There's nothing missing, all of the parts are original This is a nice looking guitar but needs a neck reset.
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1969 Fender Jazzmaster

Great guitar from early 1964 with the spaghetti logo and clay dots. This is all original with the original no logo case except there is an extra hole from a second string tree.
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1969 Gibson J45

One of the last slope shoulder models, this one is really clean and crisp but with the tuners changed to Grovers. It also has a Snoopy sticker on the front.
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1976 Music Man Stingray II

Early Music Man guitar. This is all original except the tuners. The guitar has active electronics
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1956 Fender Stratocaster

This one is either late 1956 or early 1957...the greatest moment in production of this model. This example has a nice sort of large v shaped neck and very contoured alder body with bakelite parts. This guitar is still in excellent original condition.
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1966 Fender Telecaster

Rare sunburst telecaster. This is a very lightweight guitar with the original finish and a nicely figured maple neck. This guitar is delightful.
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1969 Fender Mustang

All original guitar no modifications or repairs. The color has some fading and the arm is missing.
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1976 Gibson ES 335

Nice all original condition guitar. The top is a figured one piece maple top. This guitar has a sort wider neck profile that the late 60s models. There are no repairs or damage, just some normal playing wear.
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1975 Fender Jazzmaster

Super clean all original with original case and hang tag. This one is also not heavy, it is light weight and easy to play.
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2019 Vintage Technologies Tracy Sands Orange Sunshine

Tracy Sands has been working in amplifier design and production for decades at companies including Bad Cat and Rickenbacker. This is a pedal he designed and produces from time to time .This is a brand new pedal sold in it's original packaging.
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1963 Fender Fender Bass VI case

1962 or 1963 rare bass VI case still in excellent condition, brown tolex with some wear on the leather the case has the orange interior.
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1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp

Nice early pre logo example tube chart is dated NE , an early example with no numbers above the inputs.This one is in excellent condition and includes the original foot switch.
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1967 Gibson J 45

This has had some sort of odd repair done around the bridge and also has an extra something on the inside perhaps from a pickup system. I can send detailed pictures if desired. The guitar has a nice sound and has low comfortable action.
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1956 Gibson ES 295

Nice all original example with modest wear and some finish greening on the neck. There is nothing negative to say, the guitar is very clean and the original case is spectacular.
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1966 Gibson Melody Maker

Totally original and intact guitar in attractive Cardinal Red finish.This is the single pickup model.
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1969 Fender Mustang

All original guitar no modifications or repairs. The color has some fading and the arm is missing.
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1974 Fender Mustang

Nice all original guitar no modifications but missing the trem arm. The neck is figured maple with a rosewood fingerboard.
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1957 Gibson J 50

Great condition all original guitar that has a very big sound. This is an early one with the non adjustable bridge. The action is nice and low and the guitar has really good geometry all around. Someone will really like this.
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1966 Guild T 100

Basic one pickup model, still in nice condition free of damage or repairs. This one has an interesting small pickup, there seem to be many versions of this model guitar.
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1966 Fender Super Reverb

Nice all original example with the original cover and foot switch. The amp is still very nice with no modifications and the speakers are the CTS alnico speakers which really growl. This is a great sounding amp.
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1968 Fender Pro Reverb Amp

Nice clean original example with the original speakers and transformers etc.The power cord is upgraded to grounded plug.I think this looks really nice too.Includes original foot switch.
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1998 G&L ASAT

Rare ASAT with optional original factory installed Bigsby tailpiece. What is interesting about this one is that the body is different and contoured around the bridge and tailpiece allowing the proper angle for string break over the bridge. This is a well engineered and designed guitar not like any we have seen.
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1964 Gibson Thunderbird

All original crack free no repairs bass with the original hard case. This is still in nice condition with a good neck angle etc. Every one should have one of these.
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1962 Fender Bassman Amplifier

Nice set with the amp and speaker cabinet from late 1962.The grill clothing is light colored but painted dark.The speakers are later 1960's Oxford but are the correct model speakers. Is there a better sounding guitar amp ever made? No.
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