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2010 Gibson Les Paul Special

Nice affordable great sounding Les Paul. This one has some playing wear but is all original with no problems or issues.
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2005 Gibson Les Paul Special

This guitar has original thin satin finish. It seems to be sanded off the back of the neck. This is a comfortable guitar, easy to play.
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1961 Gibson SG TV Special

Available now is this ultra rare 1961 TV yellow finish SG model. This guitar does not say Les Paul on it. It seems the Special was the first to lose the Les Paul name. This guitar is in exceptional 100 percent original condition. Only an handful of these TV finish SG shaped guitars exist but the exact number is not known.
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2016 Ceriatone Plexi50 Lead

Ceriatone's version of the Marshall JMP 50 watt head that was produced between 1968 and 1973. This amp is in great shape. A master volume control has been added to this one.
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1967 Fender Telecaster Custom

Body refinished, front hum bucking pickup added. This guitar is a tribute guitar in the style of Albert Collins’ Telecaster, capo not included. The pickups are Seymour Duncan. Professionally refretted.
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1963 Fender Bassman

Fender Electric Instruments sure made some great sounding amplifiers. If I had to pick the best one I would say this version of the Bassman amp is the one. This example is nice looking. The speakers are 1966 oxfords. There are extra handle holes on the speaker cabinet. Other than that it is original.
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1939 Gibson EH-150 Amp

Back cover is missing and the handle is incomplete. Good working amp with new power tubes.
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1940 Gibson EH-125

This one has three controls on it. There is some wear on the handle and covering.
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1939 Gibson EH-125

This one is in excellent original condition with a light brown covering and leather corners.
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1955 Fender Twin Amp

Early narrow panel Twin with original transformers and late 1954 Jensen speakers. This amp has been re covered and serviced. The back panels are new. The lettering on the control panel is still in excellent condition.
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2006 Fender Woody Pro Jr. 60th Anniversary

Late model Fender Amp still in excellent condition.
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1961 Fender Champ Amp

Nice original example with original tweed, still in reasonable condition. Includes new Victoria cover.
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1968 Fender Super Reverb

This one is really in excellent all original condition including the original Victoria cover, footswitch, and owner's manual.
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1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb

Great perfect size amp. This is original except for the grill cloth. This one has the original Jensen speakers.
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1960 Tonemaster by Magnatone 280 Custom 381

Rare amp as used by Buddy Holly. This is a must have for any amp collection. This is a good working specimen with the original footswitch, stereo vibrato and original Oxford speakers. The amp has small edge wear and small casters have been added to the bottom.
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2008 Gretsch 6131MY Malcom Young

This guitar has been professionally refinished in silver sparkle with some updates to the wiring. This is a very well-made guitar.
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1962 Fender Jaguar

Early Fender Jaguar from October 1962 still in excellent original condition. The guitar includes both hang tags and the original polish cloth with instructions and a very clean original brown tolex case. There are no modifications or missing parts, just some light wear.
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1960 Gibson ES-125TDC

Exceptional condition maybe not used much at all. Nice wide neck example that really has that perfect feel of Gibson at it's best. This guitar is 100 percent original and ready for action.
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1951 Gibson ES-5N

This is a really nice looking figured Maple guitar. There are no cracks or repairs and the original finish is still in great shape. If you like this kind of stuff, give me a call.
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1967 Guild Starfire

Rare all original Ebony finish guitar. This guitar has some normal wear but is all original with the original factory Bigsby and original case. This is a very comfortable instrument with a nice patina to it.
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1972 Gibson J-50

Great sounding guitar at a reasonable price. This guitar just has had a neck re set. The action is nice and low and the guitar is all original.
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1972 Fender Telecaster

Early 1970s single string tree era light weight Tele in custom color Olympic White. This guitar is all original and super comfortable to play with a very straight rosewood fingerboard neck (that has a skunk stripe...).
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1955 Fender Esquire

Very early 1955 Model with a somewhat early butterscotch finish, not the light color of late 1955. This one has the flat pole pickup and weighs 6 pounds 12 ounces... very light. The guitar is all original except for two small screw holes in the front pickup cavity. The case is the original tweed which is worn but not defeated.
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1969 Gibson ES-175DN

Super comfortable guitar still in nice condition. A sound post has been installed under the bridge other than that it is all original.
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2013 Fender Telecaster Custom, Custom Shop Edition

This one is Fiesta Red with binding and all the tags still in excellent condition and also a light weight example.
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1965 Fender Jazz Bass

Custom color white bass original finish on the headstock but refinished on the body. The body was originally sunburst so not the original combo. All parts are original except the pickups.
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2018 Vox Mark VI

There seem to be many versions and variety of these guitars. This guitar was completed in the UK from the remaining supply of original Italian parts and newer parts made to original spec. I think this is the best made version of the Vox guitar I have handled. This Mark VI in white is great looking and fun to play instrument.
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2018 Vox Phantom

There seem to be many versions and variety of these guitars. This guitar was completed in the UK from the remaining supply of original Italian parts and newer parts made to original spec. I think this is the best made version of the Vox guitar I have handled so let's get excited. Very comfortable to play and great looking as well.
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1967 Vox Hurricane

Body repainted yellow but original otherwise. The trem arm is missing.
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1922 Paramount Style B Tenor Banjo

1922 Paramount Style B Tenor Banjo 25 % off
Clean original condition with the original case, made of light colored maple with a light colored wood resonator.
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