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2005 G & L Bluesboy Tribute

Solid, nice playing Tele style guitar with no issues. This one has a 4-way switch installed.
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1998 Mesa Boogie Subway Blues

This is the smallest combo Mesa has ever produced. This 2 x EL84 amp is suitable for intimate venues or practice-- and can be carried between these destinations with little to no physical strain.
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2001 Gibson Explorer

This looks like a reissue of a 1976 explorer with a natural mahogany finish with gold parts. The guitar is in excellent original condition with original case.
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1920 Gibson A 3

Cool looking fantastic sounding mandolin from circa 1920. Nice original example with no cracks or repairs, the case is original.
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1955 Fender® Stratocaster®

The body of this guitar is refinished. Most all of the parts are replaced and the body has extra routing. The decal and is original and the neck has some original finish remaining.
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1936 Gibson L 00

This guitar is still in nice condition with one or two small cracks. The sound is sweet and the guitar is all original.
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1988 Rickenbacker 360 C63

this is a cool re issue of the George Harrison 12 string.This one has a vintage look now it has some natural aging to it.
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1963 Fender® Esquire

Really excellent condition all original Esquire. Fender made some their nicest guitars in 1963. This guitar has a nice neck shape and size with comfortable frets.
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1964 Gibson Firebird V

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1964 Gibson Firebird I

GREAT early original light weight Firebird with no repairs or damage and the right amount of pickups and hardware. The Firebird I is now promoted to the top of the Firebird line...of guitars.
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1999 Guild® Blues 90

Circa 1999 Guild guitar in excellent condition with original case and hang tags. This guitar was made in the original Rhode Island factory with stock original Seymour Duncan pickups. This is a light weight chambered guitar like the Guild Bluesbird of yore.
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1975 Travis Bean TB-1000S

Early Travis Bean guitar made from Koa wood with some metal involved as well. The guitar is still in nice original condition with the original case and the knobs are not original.
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Heritage H-150

Top quality guitar with attractive figured maple top. Built in Kalamazoo by folks who have experience with things of this sort.
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1959 Gibson ES 335 Case

Excellent original condition for your 1959, 1958, 1960 ES 335, ES 345 or ES 355 Gibson electric guitar.
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1957 Fender® Precision Bass®

Early gold metal pickguard model Precision bass with a comfortable V shaped neck. Half of the front of this guitar has been refinished in brown stain.There is some original finish on the rest of the front. The neck and the back of the bass have the original finish.This bass is a delight to play,the parts are not changed and the weight is 8 pounds 2 ounces.
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1971 Fender® Bandmaster Reverb

Original 1971 Fender Amp Head, but with a few extra screws to secure the front baffle.
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1958 Fender® Stratocaster®

Great looking all original three color sunburst guitar with minimal fingerboard wear. There is some capo wear on the back of the neck and the original tweed case is included and also in reasonably nice condition.
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2004 HOFNER Verythin Standard

Top quality figured maple guitar made in Germany in 2004. This one is in excellent original condition. It is easy to play and to look at.
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1965 Fender® Jazzmaster™

Body only refinished in natural with original finish on the neck. This one seems complete and comfortable.
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1945 Martin OOO 18

Clean original example still in great shape with no damage or repairs, all original finish and parts. This one is from early 1945 and the serial number is 90088 .
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1965 Fender® Jazz Bass®

This one is in exceptionally clean original condition.The bass is all original with very little wear. This has the un bound fingerboard with dot inlays.
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1965 Fender® Jazz Bass®

Nice original pre cbs model with the un bound neck. There is a repaired pickup route where the front pickup is located, original otherwise.
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1959 Gretsch® 6120 model

This guitar is better than expected. The guitar is clean and original but the neck has been replaced. The work was done by Blom guitars in Nashville. The neck looks original, is straight and feels great. The original white western case is included and also very nice.
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1958 Fender® Jazzmaster™

Nice condition gold guard model.This is a comfortable guitar with the original tweed case. There is some small residue left from a Fender body guard.
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1964 Guild® X 50

Nice non cutaway guitar with a medium to deep body thickness. All original with no modifications. Includes original hard case
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1960 Gibson EM-150 Electric Mandolin

This instrument has a nice maple wood back and sides. Some binding is a little bit loose on this near the heel.
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~1923 Wurlitzer Mandolin

Circa 1923 rosewood back and sides mandolin with nice inlay and binding.This is still nice, not damaged.
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1972 Rickenbacker 4001 bass

Jetglo,the Cool one.This one has the crushed all the way across inlays and checkerboard binding. All original example still in nice condition.
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1975 Music Man Sixty Five reverb amplifier

Compact yet powerful guitar amplifier that can provide sound reinforcement for your electric guitar.
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1983 Mesa Boogie Mesa Boogie Mark II B amplifier

High quality reverb version of the versatile Mark 2 B.This one is in nice shape and can be shipped to you.
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