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All instruments are shipped on 48-hour approval. If there is damage as a result of the shipping, please contact us immediately and we will deal with the insurance company. If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, then you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition as we shipped them in.

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1931 C. F. Martin 000-28

SN: 46108 ON HOLD. Made in Nazareth, PA during a Golden period in Martin’s history when they simultaneously produced amazing 12-fret guitars braced for steel strings, the earliest `14-fret designs (by shortening the upper bouts of the 12-frets) and an all-new 12-fret dreadnought model. In this short timeframe they produced some of their most desirable and iconic instruments. This 1931 12-fret...
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1933 Gibson L-Century

FON (None). Here is a very compelling package for a vintage Gibson player and collector – a very clean Gibson L-Century guitar circa 1933, a souvenir book from the Century of Progress International Exhibition 1934, a bronze Century of Progress medallion dated 1933 and what I believe is a period-correct hardshell case. This is an outstanding example of a small bodied Gibson with unusual tone woods...
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1930 C. F. Martin 000-18

SN: 42649. Made in Nazareth, PA just before the seismic shift to 14-fret designs, the 12-fret 000 braced for steel is one of the rarest and most desirable prewar models. The body is 7/16” longer than the 14-fret dreadnaught stem to stern and only 5/16” narrower at the waist giving it nearly as much surface area as the dread. The 25.4” scale is identical to the dreads. The tone is present and...
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1946 C. F. Martin D-28

SN: 97172. Powerful D-28 herringbone from the tapered brace era. This guitar has been a staple at the Fretboard Journal’s Vintage Guitar Workshop, an integral part of the Wintergrass Festival. It has held its own against the many prewar stand-outs at the workshop and was declared “the best guitar in the building” by Kenny Smith a couple years ago. This year, it literally went from Critter’s hands...
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1941 Gibson J-55

FON: 3002 G. Here is a super impressive J-55 from 1941 that pushes all the buttons. It’s vintage clean and original as they come. Of the three mahogany slope shouldered dreadnoughts Gibson produced in this era – the J-35, J-45 and J-55 – the J-55 had the most distinctive appointments and possibly the best overall workmanship. Additionally, at 3lbs and 14 oz., it’s surprisingly lightweight for a...
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1952 Gibson J-185

FON: Z1684 27. Here is an outstanding example of a second year Gibson J-185. This fascinating model was made in small numbers in Kalamazoo Michigan between 1951 and 1959. The book “Gibson’s Fabulous Flattop Guitars” notes that “many guitar devotees have fallen in love with this relatively rare model but to the general public is has remained a well-kept secret ever since it’s discontinuation in...
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2022 Marklund Guitars OM-45

SN: 052. Built by Per Marklund in Stenberg, Sweden. Mr. Marklund may be poised to fill the void created by the retirement of Willi Henkes and Rudi Blazer. I see quite a few similarities – super high quality build materials, impeccable fit and finish and rigorous attention to vintage design and construction. Per has visited the Henkes and Blazer workshop numerous times and Willi “has been like a...
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1925 C. F. Martin 0-18K

SN: 23339. Terrific sounding, player grade 0-18K made in 1925 in Nazareth, PA. With their all Koa body, made with wood imported from Hawaii, many were made with a raised nut and saddle to be played Hawaiian style on the lap with a slide. This one appears to have been originally set up for Spanish or standard play as the fingerboard has a proper radius and the side markers look original. The wide...
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1942 C. F. Martin 000-28

SN: 80686.ON HOLD. It is thrilling to play an 80 year old guitar as original and clean as this one; especially one that is set up so well and has such a wonderful voice. It was made in Nazareth, PA in the first half of 1942 and though it fits squarely the “wartime” era, it does have a T-bar and, with the exception of the tuners, all the same trappings and specs as a late 1939 model. No shortages...
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2021 Bagnasco & Casati D-28 12-fret

SN 2109: Bagnasco & Casati (Savona, IT) are small batch craftsmen building prewar and wartime reproductions using period-correct techniques, glues, finishes and tone woods. Every detail is handcrafted and meticulously executed. Their aesthetic sensibility produces gorgeous sunbursts and amber shade tops. The tone woods they source are second to none. They seem to build fewer guitars than most,...
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1931 C. F. Martin 00-28

1931 C. F. Martin 00-28 $1,500 off
SN: 49288. Quality older restoration of a lovely 12-fret 00-28 probably undertaken in the late 1950s or early 1960s. There is some evidence that the refinish, decal and replacement bridge were done by Martin but nothing conclusive. An original pickguard and belly bridge on a 12-fret slotted headstock is a rare and desirable configuration indeed, available for only a moment before Martin...
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1930 C. F. Martin 0-28

SN: 42249. This lovely and rare beast is the resident unicorn of the shop these days. I’ve been reluctant to put it down and write the description. The 0-28 is an elegant little design that, at one time, was the largest guitar C.F. Martin offered. It’s certainly one of the finest and longest lived. The model was first recorded in the Martin sales ledgers as early as 1852 according to Richard...
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1940 C. F. Martin 000-18

SN: 75752. Here is an honest little prewar 000-18 from 1940 that has been a faithful musical companion to just three owners in its lifetime. It’s in wonderful original condition with light checking throughout, only a few errant pick scratches on the top, a few handling dings and a couple of shallow case bites. The years 1938, 1939 and 1940 were transitional years for most Martin models and the...
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1897 C. F. Martin 1-21

1897 C. F. Martin 1-21 16% off
Beautiful, crack-free instrument in exquisite condition. It was built just before Martin began using serial numbers. Inside penciled “J.J.K. Aug 31, 1897” marking the day the build started. It’s pressure-stamped “C.F. Martin, New York, New York” on the back of the head-stock and heat stamped on the inside center strip. The French polish finish is nearly 100% intact and all parts are original...
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1999 Santa Cruz 00

SN 105. Lovely Santa Cruz 00 built near the end of 1999. She has aged gracefully over twenty-four years of playing and is still in EX+ to near mint condition. Very lightly built, she is a reimaging of a late stage Martin 12-fret 00-28 with some updates for the modern player. Materials include a Sitka top, East Indian Rosewood back and sides, herringbone trim, b/w rosette and zigzag center strip...
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2016 C. F. Martin 00-41

SN 1997790. Martin Custom Shop limited edition build for Elderly Instruments for the 2016 NAMM show. It’s one of only five or six made to these specs. It brings together traditional Martin workmanship, very high quality but readily available tonewoods and some fun design choices. It feels like a high end guitar yet is affordable. The top is Italian Alpine Spruce with really nice grain, select...
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1964 Gibson J-50 ADJ

SN 220862. This one owner 1964 J-50 ADJ might be the cleanest 60-year old instrument I’ve had in the shop. And one of the most surprising. It was purchased new by the present owner and dutifully kept in its original hard case when not being played. It’s surprising because it sounds incredibly good especially given the reputation – or my misconception – of the ADJ. It was constructed with the...
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~1910 Wm.G Stahl by Larson Bros. Style 8

~1910 Wm.G Stahl by Larson Bros. Style 8 35% off
No SN: Early Wm. G. Stahl model built by Larson Bros. of Chicago in excellent condition. There is no serial number but the features, particularly the historic “Z” top bracing, date it to 1910 or so. The trim package indicates a Style 8 model designation. The Martin equivalent would be an 0-40 if there had been such a thing. The guitar is a testament to the craftsmanship, quality of materials and...
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1946 C. F. Martin 000-28

1946 C. F. Martin 000-28 15% off
SN: 95486. Friends, here is a postwar 000-28 I purchased from a rock star luthier who kept it as an example of an original, unmolested Martin gently influenced by the effects of aging. It’s a beautiful instrument. Straight grained Brazilian Rosewood with fine Sitka spruce top. Herringbone trim and ivoroid binding on the rims top and bottom. Ebony belly bridge and fretboard with big round position...
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1929 Gibson L-5 Master Model

1929 Gibson L-5 Master Model $2,000 off
SN: 84679. FON: 9306 Friends, A Lloyd Loar L-5, like the Martin OM-28 and D-18/28, is one of the defining guitars of our time. It’s the first f-hole archtop guitar. Most all of the great jazz guitarists played one at some point or one of the many f-hole archtop offshoots from Gibson and other builders. The L-5 played by Maybelle Carter is called, by George Gruhn, “the most significant guitar in...
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2020 Blazer & Henkes Advanced Jumbo

SN 621. Friends, here is a superpower Advanced Jumbo replica from the workshop of Rudi Blazer and Willi Henkes in Tubingen Germany. These two world renowned master luthiers are well known for their authentic replicas and reinterpretations of golden era acoustics built in small batches, by hand, using traditional methods and the highest quality materials. This AJ replica was built specifically for...
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