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We represent the instruments as accurately as we can. All instruments are shipped on 48-hour approval. If there is damage as a result of the shipping, please contact us immediately and we will deal with the insurance company. If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, then you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition as we shipped them in.

All instruments are shipped on 48-hour approval. If there is damage as a result of the shipping, please contact us immediately and we will deal with the insurance company. If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, then you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition as we shipped them in.

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2009 ARK New Era Senorita S6

NO SN: Wow. Proud to have on consignment this Senorita 6 from ARK New Era Guitars. Inspired by John Fahey’s Bacon & Day Senorita, builder Tony Klassen has created a reproduction that is both faithful and inspired. The wait time for a new one of these is three-plus years. Adirondack spruce top with hide glue top bracing, vintage style sunburst finish, bound top and soundhole. The bridge is...
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1939 C. F. Martin 000-28

71961 – Here is an uncirculated prewar 000-28 in stunning condition brought back to original playing specs by Dennis Berck of Eugene, OR. It is a veritable time capsule. Book matched Brazilian Rosewood back with some figuring, zigzag center strip, and ivoroid binding. Straight grained Brazilian sides joined at the butt end by white ivoroid and original end pin. Adirondack spruce top with a fine...
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1944 Gibson LG-2

FON illegible. Here is a banner LG-2 from 1944 in excellent plus condition and playing shape. It is the quintessential wartime banner utilizing almost all North American materials: four-piece spruce top, multi-piece mahogany back, gumwood bridge and fretboard, and maple and walnut neck with ebony reinforcement. Oh yeah, a poplar neck block. Despite the mutt-like pedigree, it plays and sounds like...
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1942 C. F. Martin 0-15

82375 – A very nice example of Martin’s simplest production model that was designed to meet the needs of a nation struggling to come out of depression. I’ve read that Martin prototyped a couple of these in birch and/or maple but decided on mahogany. An entry level or student guitar to some, the 0-15 would be a big step up for someone playing a birch flattops with a tailpiece. This one has a...
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1944 Gibson J-45

NO FON – Powerful sounding banner J-45 in excellent playing and structural condition with some capable repairs and maintenance. It was purchased fairly recently from Carter Vintage, the very fine shop in Nashville, TN and had a nice life in the Midwest until it was traded to me. It’s had a recent neck reset and complete refret, courtesy, I suspect, of the Carters. The neck angle is perfect; the...
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1939 C. F. Martin 0-18

72324 – Very crisp and clean example from an interesting transitional period for Martin – late 1938 and early 1939. This little beauty has mahogany back and sides, red spruce top, ebony bridge, fretboard, and rosewood headstock overlay. No repairs but the usual maintenance – neck reset, new frets, and exact repro bridge. The bridge plate appears to be a replacement but it’s the correct thickness,...
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2015 Arcara OM-18

Rare OM model from master luthier and former Winfield champ Matt Arcara. Mahogany back and sides, master grade Adi top, Waverly’s G-98 style tuners, sound port. An elegant guitar with fine articulation when fingerpicked and, as you might expect, a terrific flatpicker. Matt was mentored by many fine luthiers and currently shares shop space with John Slobod’s Circa guitars. Perfect set-up. Will...
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1950 Gibson J-45

FON: 5635_19. This was something of a barn find I took in trade. It seems like I’ve been working on it a little every day for six months and finally have it to the point where it’s presentable. Underneath all the wax and grime is a 1950 J-45 in very good original condition. The top has miles of spider webbing, some scrapes, scratches, and playwear but no abuse. There was even some shine remaining...
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1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe

FON: 366A-4. Fans of the Stage Deluxe claim the early configuration with the smaller sound hole and two tone bars is superior to the later ones. They’ll get no argument from me. Converted in the shop of Alan Perlman, this is a virtual powerhouse that also has great nuance and complexity. The conversion included neck reset, frets installed, new bridge, nice tall compensated saddle, and new fitted...
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1930 C. F. Martin 0-18K

SN: 42470. Hawaiian Koa back, sides, and top with a matte finish, twelve fret mahogany neck with slotted headstock, ebony fretboard and bridge. Multi-ply top binding and single ply back binding still rosewood. It’s hard to imagine the passion felt for Hawaiian music in the early 20th Century when Martin was using more Koa than rosewood. This one started life in 1930 set up for Hawaiian play with...
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1946 C. F. Martin D-28

SN: 97969. Very fine example of a late herringbone era D-28. Identical to the wartime D-28s with the exception of a heftier neck profile, Sitka spruce top, and the introduction (in 1945) of tapered bracing. The tapered bracing combined with the Sitka offered a stiffer top with more stability than the Adirondack and scalloped bracing. The resulting tone is more focused, particularly on the bass...
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2001 Collings D2HV BaaaA Brazilian

SN: 6974. Fifteen year old Collings D2HV BaaaA made with book matched master-grade Brazilian rosewood (AAA-rated) and Adirondack spruce top. The quality of the materials harkens back to an earlier age – notably the wartime Martins – where the mostly tight grains were punctuated by a dark stripe. The grain is not as straight as the golden era examples but head and shoulders above most of what’s...
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2015 C. F. Martin 000-28K Authentic 1921

SN: 1872303. This faithful reproduction of the 1921 000-28K that resides in the Martin Museum is perhaps the most impressive small-bodied guitar in the Authentic series. It’s a dynamic finger style solo guitar with great response, dynamic range, and wonderful sustain and overtones. This one was hand selected from five at Elderly Instruments. True to its roots, it has crazy flame Koa wood, small...
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1940 C. F. Martin D-18

SN: 74472. Mojo approved. Wonderful playing and sounding prewar D-18 with playwear in all the right places. It responds to a light touch and won’t break up under heavy attack. A wonderful tone that is incisive and rich which an attacking bluegrass bass and wonderful chordal blooming. It certainly has seen its share of action. The top seems to be crack free, at least the kind that go through the...
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2005 Santa Cruz Guitar Company D/PW

SN: 4984. Here is a very finely crafted dreadnought in showroom condition with the forward X and scalloped bracing of a prewar Martin dread with East Indian Rosewood back and sides and style 18 type appointments. Santa Cruz considers this an entry-level guitar but the quality is comparable to their high end, particularly the tone woods. The Sitka top is quite select with fine, even grain. The EIR...
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1936 C. F. Martin 000-18

SN: 63900. Mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge, red spruce top, advanced X bracing, factory scallop, hefty wide neck and string spacing. The tone is open, woody, longish sustain, with a low end surge. It’s fun to play and sounds great. Issues include a replacement bridge 1/8th inch oversized in each direction probably to correct intonation and replacement maple bridge plate that...
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1927 C. F. Martin 000-18

SN: 31429. This guitar has everything a great vintage guitar should have -- bass, mid, treble, response, sustain, volume — and curb appeal. The large body – very near the size of a dreadnought – and the 25.4” scale provide drive and power. The impeccable Adirondack top responds to the lightest fingerpicking or the most forceful right hand. The 1 7/8” nut and wide string spacing at the bridge make...
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1997 Ron Phillips Tricone

SN: 16. NEW PRICE. Handcrafted resonator by master builder Ronald E. Phillips of Martinez, CA. German silver, curly maple neck with binding and simple inlaid woods. Ebony fretboard. Florentine style cutaway and woven grates. Hand spun cones installed with a sculpted t-bar from a proprietary alloy. The bridge, cover-plate, and headstock reflect Ron’s love of art deco style and mastery of...
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1957 C. F. Martin D-28

SN 152776: The first guitar made in 1957 happened to be a D-28 and a sunburst. And it happened to be this one. Possibly a special order, Martin sunbursts in the 1950’s are few and far between. It’s important to note that in the 50s Martin was still making guitars largely by hand in its old North Street workshop and the quality is evident. The rosewood is quite select the Sitka top is very lively...
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~2007 Beard R Series

NEW PRICE. Here is an attractive, high-end resonator squareneck from the workshop of Paul Beard. The Beard R Model is positioned for the player seeking the classic style and sound of the 1930s resonators with a smaller body shape and open soundwell. It features a solid mahogany body, mahogany neck, curly maple binding, classic burst finish, front, back and sides, fancy back center strip and...
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1940 C. F. Martin 00-18

SN 74787. I’ve been very fortunately to find some great guitars this year in both the player and collector category. Here is an excellent players guitar purchased from the same family as the 1946 000-21 and clearly this one got the majority of the playing time. It has the open, woody, and sparkly sound I love from the Martin mahogany small bodies. It appears to have had a lifetime of strumming...
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1946 C. F. Martin 000-21

SN: 93875. Very clean one-owner example of one of Martin’s long running models made in small quantities. I think of the 000-21 as the photo-negative image of its cousin the 000-28; with herringbone inlayed around the sound hole rather than the top, black pins with white dots as opposed to white with black dots, black and white binding versus the black and white rosette of the 28. But they are...
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1925 Weymann Orchestra Style 2 Model Guitar Banjo

Weymann Orchestra Style 2 Model Guitar Banjo (1925), made in Philadelphia, PA, natural varnish finish, laminated maple rim, neck and resonator, original black hard shell case. An extremely rare instrument; Weymann's 1920's banjos are fairly well known in tenor form, but 6-string guitar variants hardly ever surface. The Style 2 Orchestra model Guitar-Banjo was a catalog item briefly in the...
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~1928 Washburn 5238

SN: 1809. Washburn 5238 from the late 1920’s made in the Lyon & Healy factory in very nice condition. Many of the impressive instruments from lesser known brands of the 20’s and 30’s compete very favorably with Martin and Gibson in workmanship and tone. This 14" 00-sized competitor to the 00-28 is no exception. The very lightly braced top combine with the rosewood back and sides to provide rich...
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~2009 National Style N

SN: 18506. German Silver Style N single cone constructed with the same material and style as the Style N's of the late 1920's. The body, coverplate, and tailpiece are highly polished and nickel plated. A traditional sunburst maple neck in matte finish is bound in ivoroid, with a wide 1 13/16ths” nut, solid headstock fitted with vintage-style engraved tuners and 14 frets clear of the body. An...
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1935 National Style 0

SN: S6442. Killer sounding and rare 13 ½ fret National Style O with slotted headstock. Seeing the future the Dopyera brothers sought to create a 14-fret guitar without retooling the body. The result is a longer scale Style 0 made only a short period of time. The added scale length got them almost to 14-frets clear (but not quite) but it gave the guitar a different character. It has the bound...
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1957 Gretsch® 6120 Chet Atkins

SN: 22424 Iconic early-1957 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 in terrific condition with a transparent red amber (orange) finish. Though technically a '57, the guitar has the right combination of features generally associated with a '56; humpback inlays, horseshoe inlay on the headstock, Chet Atkins signpost pickguard, G-brand, DeArmond single coil "Dynasonic" pickups, and second generation Bigsby with...
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1947 C. F. Martin 000-28

SN: 99451. Gorgeous postwar 000-28 in remarkable condition and crazy good tone. The voice has some dreadnought characteristics with overtones up and down the neck, nice volume and no dead spaces anywhere. I’ve had two luthiers tell me the top is Adi and it may be but it is developing that wonderful dark look that old Sitka gets. This is the year after the herringbone so the top is bound with a...
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2013 Jet City Guitars Limited Edition Tee Shirt

New limited edition logo tee in black sizes S, M, L, XL. Organic cotton. Somewhat fitted but true to size. Nice!
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1954 Gibson J-50

One owner guitar from the heart of bluegrass country. At one time sported a Lester Flatt-inspired second pick guard . Some finish distress and playwear in that area sealed with french polish. Otherwise in excellent, played condition. Recent neck set and refret. Full height exact repro bridge. One case bite that turned into a 3" crack has been cleated and drop-filled. Fun player with great tone...
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