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We represent the instruments as accurately as we can. All instruments are shipped on 48-hour approval. If there is damage as a result of the shipping, please contact us immediately and we will deal with the insurance company. If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, then you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition as we shipped them in.

All instruments are shipped on 48-hour approval. If there is damage as a result of the shipping, please contact us immediately and we will deal with the insurance company. If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, then you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition as we shipped them in.

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1936 C. F. Martin D-18

SN 63590 – Among the most desirable instruments on my personal list is the prewar D-18. It’s my desert island guitar. This particular guitar came to me nine years ago from the Mohave Desert where it resided happily with the same family until I bought it. For much those nine years I’ve been in denial, thinking and sometimes believing that the guitar was actually mine knowing that one day…and that...
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2004 Wayne Henderson Style F Mandolin

SN: 90. From the shop of Wayne C. Henderson somewhere in Virginia we have this near-mint Style F Mandolin very much upholding the traditional of the Gibson Lloyd Loar mandolins from the twenties. Wayne maintains that building a mandolin is just as labor intensive as building a guitar and there are far fewer. The maple back and sides are gently figured, the spruce top is shaded in what appears to...
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1941 C. F. Martin D-18

SN 79480 – A quick note to let you know the owner has reduced the price on this exquisite guitar. This consignment instrument is the cleanest prewar dreadnought I’ve ever had in the shop – and one of the best sounding. The 1941 Martins were the highest expression of the post-1938 years, employing the best materials and design ideas available before the wartime shortages-- Adirondack top with thin...
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1943 Gibson J-45 Banner Headstock

NO FON: An outstanding guitar in every way, this J-45 comes from the well-documented banner period where Gibson, facing a wartime labor and materials shortage, managed to cobble together the materials to make some of the greatest flattops in their history. In a way, this guitar is the epitome of that period with is four-piece Adirondack top and the hand rubbed look of the light sunburst. The rest...
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1954 Gibson J-50

SN X8891. Here is a remarkably clean, great playing and sounding time machine that has been in my private collection for years. Introduced into production 1947, following a single batch in 1942, the J-50 is essentially a J-45 with a natural top. The architecture of 1954 edition is much the same as the banner years and one year before some unfortunate changes began to happen to the J-45 and J-50....
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2016 Wayne Henderson OM-42K

SN: 685. Here is a magnificent 2016 collaboration between master builders Wayne Henderson and Jayne Henderson working out of Wayne’s studio in Rugby, VA. Wayne, of course, is the master luthier, rural route postal working, world class musician who has toured internationally, played at Carnegie Hall, and been honored by the White House. He is, to me, a national treasure. Jayne is...
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1962 C. F. Martin 0-18T

SN 184177. Cool little tenor guitar in excellent condition from the heart of the folk era. Sitka top, mahogany back and sides, rosewood bridge and fretboard, bone nut and saddle. Lower bout measures 13.5”, upper bout just under 10”. Scale length is approximately 23”. The finish is original and in nice condition with light playwear and a ding or two. Typical outside pickguard crack which I’m...
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2015 Arcara (Matt) MGA Guitars OM-18

SN 108 Here is a great sounding custom built artisan guitar by Maine-based luthier (and Winfield flatpicking champ) Matthew Grant Arcara. Adirondack spruce over mahogany with jet black binding with a subtle stained wood trim. Simple, elegant rosette with pyramid bridge, plain ebony fingerboard. The nut measures 1 ¾” with 2 ¼” string spacing at the bridge. Great clarity and attack when flatpicked....
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1951 C. F. Martin D-28

SN 118738. Earlier this year I sold an outstanding 1951 D-28 and I’ve wondered if that was just a freaky good guitar or was ’51 a crazy good year? When I had the chance to buy another, I jumped on it. Sure, it’s a small sample but I’m ready to declare ’51 a crazy good year for the D-28. In '51 Martin was still making guitars by hand in the old North Street factory with super high quality...
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2009 National Style N

SN: 18506. German Silver Style N constructed with the same material and style as the Style N's of the late 1920's. The body, coverplate, and tailpiece are highly polished and nickel plated steel. A traditional sunburst maple neck in matte finish is bound in ivoroid, with a wide 1 13/16ths” nut, solid headstock fitted with vintage-style engraved tuners and 14 frets clear of the body. Single cone....
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1997 Ron Phillips Tricone

SN: 16. German silver, curly maple neck with binding and simple inlaid woods. Ebony fretboard. Florentine style cutaway and woven grates. Hand spun cones installed with a sculpted t-bar from a proprietary alloy. The bridge, cover-plate, and headstock reflect Ron’s love of art deco style and mastery of materials. He details are immaculate down to the position markers which show a square detail...
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2006 William "Bill" Moll OM-42K Prototype

SN P200601. Prototype flattop guitar hand from renowned archtop luthier William E. Moll III. This one-of-a-kind prototype is kind of a formal presentation or performance edition incorporating every feature available on his guitars with the exception of a cutaway. Every detail is meticulously executed. And there are lots of them. The top is a select Sitka, the back and sides an ultra-flamey, very...
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1927 C. F. Martin 0-28K

SN 33068 – The 0-28K played a leading role in Martin history as one of the first steel string models offered under the Martin imprint. The unique tone of Koa wood has given the guitars an appeal wider than the original Hawaiian music for which they were originally developed and many have been converted from Hawaiian to standard play. The 0-28K is the fancier of the two models Martin offered and...
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1947 C. F. Martin D-18

SN: 100391 – This 1947 D-18 will be a terrific player’s guitar for the bluegrass picker, singer-songwriter or casual strummer. It’s very clean and architecturally solid despite some honest playwear on the top. It plays easily up and down the neck with great volume, nice chordal blooming, and crisp note separation. It’s had a neck reset sometime in the recent past and and very recent refret and...
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~1925 Weymann Orchestra Style 2 Model Guitar Banjo

Weymann Orchestra Style 2 Model Guitar Banjo (1925), made in Philadelphia, PA. An extremely rare instrument; Weymann's 1920's banjos are fairly well known in tenor form, but 6-string guitar variants hardly ever surface. The Style 2 Orchestra model Guitar-Banjo was a catalog item briefly in the mid-1920's when the Megaphonic line was line was introduced but was only made in very small quantities....
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1946 C. F. Martin 5-18

SN 95705: The Martin style 5-18 is the smallest guitar in Martin catalogs; at the lower bout, it measures 11.25″, while at the upper bout it is 8.25″. And its body is just 16″ in length, with a scale of 21.4″. In 1930s catalogs, the style 5-18 and the less expensive matching size 5-17 were listed with the caption “Junior, or three-quarter, sizes fine for children; easy to hold and to play.” They...
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1942 C. F. Martin 0-15

82375 – A very nice example of Martin’s simplest production model that was designed to meet the needs of a nation struggling to come out of depression. I’ve read that Martin prototyped a couple of these in birch and/or maple but decided on mahogany. An entry level or student guitar to some, the 0-15 would be a big step up for someone playing a birch flattops with a tailpiece. This one has a...
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2005 Santa Cruz Guitar Company D/PW

SN: 4984. NEW PRICE. Here is a very finely crafted dreadnought in showroom condition with the forward X and scalloped bracing of a prewar Martin dread with East Indian Rosewood back and sides and style 18 type appointments. Santa Cruz considers this an entry-level guitar but the quality is comparable to their high end, particularly the tone woods. The Sitka top is quite select with fine, even...
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1956 C. F. Martin D-28

SN 152776: NEW PRICE: In the 50s Martin was still making guitars largely by hand in its old North Street plant and the quality is quite evident. Here is a gorgeous and very rare Martin sunburst in excellent condition from that period. The rosewood is quite select the Sitka top is very lively and resonant. There is the slightest bear clawing in the top, perhaps the reason for the sunburst. There...
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~1928 Washburn 5238

SN: 1809. Washburn 5238 from the late 1920’s made in the Lyon & Healy factory in very nice condition. Many of the impressive instruments from lesser known brands of the 20’s and 30’s compete very favorably with Martin and Gibson in workmanship and tone. This 14" 00-sized competitor to the 00-28 is no exception. The very lightly braced top combine with the rosewood back and sides to provide rich...
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1935 National Style 0

SN: S6442. Killer sounding and rare 13 ½ fret National Style O with slotted headstock. Seeing the future the Dopyera brothers sought to create a 14-fret guitar without retooling the body. The result is a longer scale Style 0 made only a short period of time. The added scale length got them almost to 14-frets clear (but not quite) but it gave the guitar a different character. It has the bound...
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1954 Gibson J-50

One owner guitar from the heart of bluegrass country. At one time sported a Lester Flatt-inspired second pick guard . Some finish distress and playwear in that area sealed with french polish. Otherwise in excellent, played condition. Recent neck set and refret. Full height exact repro bridge. One case bite that turned into a 3" crack has been cleated and drop-filled. Fun player with great tone...
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