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2008 Framus AZ 10

The Framus AZ 10 is a German made guitar and the AZ stands for a noted jazz musician Attila Zoler. The scale is 24 3/4 and the body is 17". The hardware is gold which is rare. The carved top is spruce, and the back and sides are carved maple. This guitar is in near mint condition.
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2014 Triggs New Yorker

This 2014 Triggs New Yorker is in excellent condition, and one of the sweetest archtops I've ever played. The guitar would be in near mint or mint condition if not for lacquer checking in several areas. The guitar has a 25 1/2 scale and 1 11/16 nut, the finish is natural and weighs only 3lbs. A real beauty.
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2009 Gibson 165 Herb Ellis

Gibson 165 Herb Ellis in excellent condition. Same guitar as a 175 except with a floating pickup.
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