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2015 Fender® American Vintage '52 Telecaster®

Clean!!!!!! 9.999999 out of 10 condition for this 52 AVRI! Zero Fret wear. Sounds/plays like Butta. Super light weight. Nice Chunky neck. Cant say enough about how nice this guitar is. A ton of case candy! The guitar weighs 7.1lbs A faithful reissue of the iconic guitar that started it all. The enduring strength of the Telecaster® guitar is its elegant simplicity. One of the...
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2007 Dr. Z MAZ 18 Jr

Real clean 1x12 combo w/reverb. A few scuff marks. Great sounding! Celstian G12H 30 12" speaker. Originally designed as a “grab-and-go” studio and small club amp, the Maz 18 has made its way to some of the largest stages in the country. Don’t confuse “18 Watts” with “weak and flabby”. The Maz 18 will amaze you with its definition and headroom, all the way down to the low E…plenty of power for a...
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2013 Fender® Fender® American Standard FSR Stratocaster®

9.999999 out of 10 condition, virtually new. Finish is unbelievable. Think of a candy metallic finish in a 3 tone burst! Zero fret wear. Exceptional playability/tone!! OHSC is mint also! All case candy! Weight is 7.6 lbs Looking for a hot-rodded Strat to add to your rig? You need to check out the limited-edition FSR American Standard Stratocaster "V" Neck solidbody electric guitar. This...
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2001 Fender® 1956 NOS Stratocaster® Custom Shop

9.7 out of 10 condition. A few small dings ( 1x2 mm) and some swirl/very fine scratches from a polishing cloth. This guitar is a stunner as far as looks go, Bronze guard and gold hardware accent the black body color nicely. . Great tone/playability. Nice full "c" neck (nice subtle flame) w/7.5 radius and vintage fret. Very easy to play. Some case candy including COA, 5 way switch and...
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1973 Fender® Mustang®

I call this one "Scarface" due to the scrape on the top (see pic of top). 100% original. Real clean! Dings scattered throughout body and fine scratches (no button worming). Plays/sounds great. String bending is a cinch on these guitars!! The medium chunky "C" neck is real clean (no dings). Minor fret wear on the first 5 frets.Neck date is March 1973. Pot dates are the 5th week of 1973. All...
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1998 Gibson 1959 Les Paul Custom Shop Historic R9

This r9 was made during the "GOOD WOOD " era!!!! OUTSTANDING FLAME!! 9.8 out of 10 condition a few very small dings (1x1mm, nothing through finish, only seen at certain angle, impossible to capture on photo). Not only does it look incredible but it sounds unbelievable (the magic of the original Classic 57 pups). Fat, creamy defined tone! Nice big C 59 neck, makes string bending a breeze....
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2014 Gibson Les Paul Historic Custom Shop 1958 R8

9.999 out of 10 condition. On ding is all I could find on the treble side edge where the guitar rests on the leg while sitting to play. This one sounds killer, must be the Custom Buckers. The guitar sustains forever. The bottom notes are tight and articulate, mids are clear and fat, highs have good presense but won't cut your head off. Subtle flame/color/VOS makes this look like a real one....
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1998 Gibson ES-335 1959 Reissue

9.999 out of 10 condition. Collector owned! Some pick scratches on pickguard. This one was made in Nashville Custom Shop. Nice big 1959 neck. Long pickguard. Orange label. No "Made in the USA" on back of headstock. Beautiful faded cherry finish! Minimal fret wear. Plays and sounds incredible! Something magical about the PAF Classic 57 pups. No COA's issued by Gibson in 1998. OHSC is real clean...
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2017 Gibson LES PAUL T Traditional

9.99999 out of 10 condition, only because I don't rate any guitar a perfect 10. Be the first one on your block to own an LPT w/this Great new color. Nice full 59-like neck! Zero fret wear! Great sounding Pups! All case candy!! OHSC is mint also!! Save a few 100 and get a mint guitar!!!! The guitar weighs 9.5 lbs. This beauty is a blast from the past, but with some great modern touches. The...
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Here we have a Yamano Les Paul Custom!!! Arguably some of the best guitars Gibson makes go to Japan (Yamano). 9.0 out of 10 condition. To sections of button worming on the back (~3"x3" and 1"x4", will not show up in photos, nothing through finish). Some oxidation on gold hardware, one small stain on back and Some small dings (see pic). Nice slim/medium C/D neck. Minor fret wear. Plays and sounds...
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1973 Fender® VT Bassman® 2x15 Cab

Fantastic sounding (punchy, articulate) with two 15 inch CTS original speakers (speaker date codes 30th week of 1973, see pic). Huge magnets on the speakers. Typical oxidation/pitting on hardware, scuffs, small tears on edges, scrapes and smudges. Structually sound. Previous owner added casters to the amp. In addition, there are some holes on the back panel from possibly some kind of sign. A few...
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1976 Fender® Bandmaster Reverb 2x12

Fantastic sounding cabinet with two 12 inch Utah original speakers (sorry no date codes on speakers) Typical oxidation/pitting on hardware, scuffs, small tears on edges and smudges and typical shrinkage of grill cloth. In addition there is a small pro speaker paper repair patch ~ 1in. Patch has no affect on the sound of speaker. The cab is not to heavy, it weighs 57 lbs. It sports casters so it...
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1975 Fender® Bassman® 2x15 Cab

Fantastic sounding with two 15 inch Utah original speakers. Huge magnets on the speakers. Typical oxidation/pitting on hardware, scuffs, small tears on edges and smudges. Also someone sprayed the grill cloth silver. The cab is not too heavy. it weighs 75 lbs. It sports caster so it is easy to move around. Both speaker date codes are the 11th wk of 1975. Speaker cab resistance is 4 ohms. It sounds...
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2015 Gibson 1959 ES-175D VOS

This one is in as new condition. Beautiful VOS golden patina, makes it look like a real 1959 ES-175 Full 59 neck but not too big. Zero fret wear! All case candy including COA booklet. Tone is unbelievable on this one. You too can sound like Pat Metheney. The guitar weighs 6.5lbs This legendary archtop features laminated maple/poplar/maple for the top, back & sides. Period-correct features...
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2015 Fender® Telecaster® Custom Relic® 61 reissue

This Custom Shop Tuxedo Tele is super cool!! All sealed case candy. Zero fret wear. Fantastic color. Pups sound incredible Slim 60s "C" neck. Super dark board w/clay dots. 9.5 radius w/6105 frets. Real light weight. Real clean OHSC still has protective foam on case handle. Great tone/playability. Make a statement when you are on stage w/this guitar! The guitar weighs 7.0 lbs.
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2001 Gibson 56 Goldtop Custom Shop Historic Murphy Aged

P-90s sound magical on this guitar Real creamy defined notes. These pickups detect all a players nuances. Gibson nailed the Gold color on this one. Typical Murpy checking/dings ( aging is slightly on the mild side). Real nice full neck! Minimal fret wear. COA is included w/Murphy's signature! The guitar its very resonant. OHSC is real clean also. The guitar weighs 9.125 lbs
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2006 Paul Reed Smith Private Stock Santana II

9.999 out of 10 condition!!! Incredible Quilt on top AND BACK!!!! Outstanding color!!! Unbelievable Brazilian board/neck!!! Plays fantastic Full C neck, makes bending incredibly easy. Minimal fret wear on these jumbo frets. All case candy!!! Suede Private stock case is real clean also. This Black Cherry Santana II Private Stock guitar was designed and handmade by JOE KNAGGS and other top...
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2005 Fender® Deluxe Vintage Player 62 Stratocaster®

9.5 out of 10 condition. Some dings and very fine scratches on the back.(nothing through finish, unable to capture in photo). Protective plastic has stained the back plate ( can be seen in photo). This color is STUNNING! With this guitar the player gets the best of both worlds, vintage feel and modern playability. 62 slim c neck. Minor fret wear. Guitar plays great. Action can be set real low if...
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2016 Suhr Classic Pro

9.9999 out of 10 condition for this Suhr Strat. Plays/sounds incredible! All case candy. Great fit and finish on these guitars! This guitar has the silent single coil system (SSCII). Zero fret wear on the Stainless steel medium jumbo frets. Sports V70 pups. Original gig bag is real clean also. All shined up setup and ready to be played. Guitar weighs 8 lbs
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2005 Marshall Lead & Bass 20 2061x

9.9999 out of 109.Great sounding Point to point (hand wired) amp. Barely used! All case candy including original shipping box. 20W of tube-tone heaven. The Marshall 2061X 20W Amp Head is a hand-wired reissue of the model 2061, a "Lead and Bass" head originally produced from 1967 to 1973. With 20W of power, it churned out golden crunchy tones with depth and character. The Marshall 2061X...
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2000 Marshall JTM 45 Offset Limited Edition

Collector alert! This one is clean!!! 2 of 300 made of the 1962 MARSHALL JTM 45, Wow! Sounds incredible!! Included are the covers with edge piping made for both head and cab. He would place two leather strips (from a modified leather belt) underneath the feet of the head prior to placing on the cab to protect the cab from impressions. All case candy including COA. Also has the original box for...
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2006 Fender® Super-Sonic™

THIS AMP IS MINT!!! Only played for a few hours. Sports foot switch cover and instruction card/diagram (see pics). Great versatile pro gigging amp. Great cleans, tweed like distortion. Blond telex is arguably the coolest color of tolex. The amp looks vintage! Vintage 30 celestial sounds fantastic! Please submit postal code for international shipping!!! Fender Super-Sonic amplifiers are the...
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Used but not abused! Small dings throughout, shallow button worming on back (~2x6in area, only seen at a certain angle, nothing through finish), some gold hardware oxidation and stress check marks on binding from fret tangs which is very common w/Gibsons. Plays great (action can be set real low on this one)! The pickups are Gibson’s 490R in the neck position, which offers the tonal...
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1997 Fender® American Standard Stratocaster®

9.999 out of 10 condition. Super Clean! Great color Plays and sounds incredible! Nice slim "C" American Standard neck. Minimal fret wear. Some case candy. Nice clean OHSC! The guitar weighs 7.9lbs.
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1994 Fender® 1960 Custom Shop Stratocaster® NOS

9.5 out of 10 condition. A few shallow small dings on the body and some fine scratches (only seen at certain angle and will not show up in photos). What a great color, burgundy mist! Nice fuller "C" flamed maple neck w/rosewood board. Medium jumbo frets w/minimal fret wear! Guitar plays and sounds great. The COA has been enclosed in a clear plastic laminate. OHSC (G&G) has a few scratches and...
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1997 Fender® Voodoo Stratocaster®

9.8 out of 10 condition. A few superficial shallow short scratches on the back of guitar. Protective plastic still on guard and back plate. Nice full C neck. Minimal fret wear All case candy including original sales receipt and shipping box (see case pic). OHSC is mint also The guitar weighs 7.9 lbs You could also graft a lefty neck to a righty body. But that only gets you halfway to Electric...
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2004 Dr. Z Amplification Z28

Real clean!!! A few scratches on the handle screw covers. Great clarity, breaks up real nice on the magic 3,3,3 position (all knobs at 3 o'clock). The Dr Z 2 x10" speakers sound incredible. Great amp for a recording studio. Great pedal amp! Simple is better! All Paper work! The Z28 shares the same EF86 front end as its bigger brothers the Route 66 and KT45. Pairing this front end with a pair...
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2008 Dr. Z Amplification SRZ-65

Spectacular sounding Dr Z amp! a few minor small scratches on face plate and corner brackets. This one is the 20th Anniversary version. Real nice fat creamy midsy tone/distortion. Cool 20th Anniversary oval plaque on top side of head. AC Power Cord included (not shown) The SRZ-65 is one of Dr Z's first designs going back 20 years. This amp was ahead of it’s me. You get a tube rec fied EL34...
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1966 Epiphone Triumph Regent

Collector Alert! Super clean!!! Some fine dings. Very light checking on the headstock and a few check marks on the top. Beautiful sunburst finish! Slim/medium "C" neck. minimal fret wear. Nut width is 1 9/16 inch. Sports two pick guards, the original guard is in great shape the Epi is has separated from the guard but not broken. The owner had a custom guard made w/a pup and 1/4 inch jack attached...
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2004 Victoria Victorilux

Real clean amp. Grill cloth has two small stains on it, tolex is real clean. Sounds incredible. real nice Tuki padded cover. A 2004 Victoria Victorilux 3x10 tube combo amp in fantastic cosmetic condition. This is the earlier version of the Victorilux, featuring a cathode-biased 30-watt output section. The Victorilux features a tone that rides the line between two eras of Fender amps--with a...
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