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I try to represent all the instruments as accurately as I can. Some things, like sound,are quite subjective. All instruments are shipped on two day approval and are to be prepaid in full. The customer pays all shipping costs,including return shipping if the instrument is rejected. If there is damage when I ship the instrument to you please call me immediately.I will deal with my insurance company.If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition I shipped them in and shipped the same way. Liability is up to the extent of my insurance coverage, which is usually repair plus depreciation,unless totalled.

All instruments are shipped on 48 hour approval, unless otherwise specified.

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1985 D’Aquisto Excel

James D’Aquisto is widely regarded as the preeminent builder of archtop guitars. He made two non-cutaway Excels, one in blonde and this one in Sunburst. Rebound by Cris Mirabella, this guitar is a beautiful example of D’Aqusto’s work. Excellent sound and playability. A rare and fine guitar.
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1957 Gibson LG2

Nice original 50s LG2; x braced, warm open tone. Two small screw holes filled in the rosette ( from a pickup) , otherwise straight with no issues or alterations.
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D’Angelico Excel

This is a 1940’s Excel that was converted to cutaway by James D’Aquisto. D’Aquisto signed the cutaway on the inside. ( both the signature and the serial number are hard to see ). It appears that the guitar was rebound and refinished at the time of the conversion. This guitar was formerly owned by Paul Reed Smith. Fine sound and playability. A cutaway D’Angelico at a lower price point.
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1940 Martin D-28

A very fine sounding classic herringbone D-28. This guitar has had a pro neck set and refret at Brothers guitar repair , as well as a replaced pickguard and bridge plate. The whole guitar shows overspray and some touch up to cover a removed larger pickguard . Now for the good news…. It sounds and plays great !
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1953 Fender Telecaster

A fine , light weight and original black guard telecaster. This model is well known as a true classic of sold body design .the guitar shows a bit of normal playing wear, but remains a great sounding playing instrument .
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1923 Martin 00-44

A fine and rare Olcott Bickford model 0-44. The 44 series was designed to have premium 45 grade woods while eschewing the pearl ornamentation of the the 45 series. The guitar has been set up perfectly by Ken Fallon and all issues addressed . There is an older top crack repair and touch up around a tap plate removal. The guitar plays easily with lovely tone and response.
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1964 Fender Jazzmaster

Fine playing , original finish “ series Jazzmaster. Pickups and interior are correct. The guitar shows honest playing wear .Cool pre cbs guitar.
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1957 Gibson J-200

A very fine sounding 50s J-200.just refretted and set up by Tom Crandall,so it’s plays easily and sounds as it should. Repaired top crack below the bridge and a pickguard crack. Some touchup , but otherwise original . A classic Gibson.
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1931 Gibson L-5

A fine sounding , well played classic L-5; dot neck, original gold tuners with pearl buttons. One or two minor hairline cracks repaired ( f-hole and under the tailpiece) . Otherwise , real playing wear. Modern neck profile, solid braces .Excellent sound and big volume.
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1980 D’Aquisto New Yorker

A stunning master guitar from one of the best ever builders of archtop guitars. The guitar was rebound by Cris Mirabella , otherwise near mint .a very responsive guitar with a beautiful warm tonal palette.18” wide, full New Yorker Deluxe appointments Fine imported maple back ,sides and neck and European spruce top. Calton case. SOLD
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2013 Monteleone 7 String Presentation

A stunning presentation grade master work form one of today’s leading builders. Gorgeous curly maple back , sides and nec, . Eliptical sound holes and geometric fingerboard inlays. This guitar also has Monteleone’s side port. 17” wide body, 3. 1/8” depth, 2 1/8” nut width. Includes is a custom floating pickup assembly. Rich resonant sound.
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1951 Martin D-28

A very fine , crack free early 1950s D-28. Beautiful Brazilian rosewood back and side, fine Sitka spruce top. Correct replacement bridge ; pro neck set and refret. A very responsive and easy to play guitar . Lovely tone .
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1921 Gibson Style U Harp Guitar

Lovely and original Style U harp guitar. All components are intact . There is one hairline crack on the top to the treble side . Otherwise there are cracks or repairs. Huge resonance.
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1960 D’Angelico New Yorker cutaway

A very fine sounding and original , full size New Yorker deluxe. Width is about17 3/4” with a full 1 11/16” nut width, 24 3/4” scale.The guitar is represented for the family of the original owner. The guitar was only played for a few years , then stored. There is a repaired hairline crack under the pickguard( a repro made by LeRoy Aiello) . Otherwise , no issues. Nice straight neck, low action...
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1960 Guild Johnny Smith

A very rare Guild Jonny Smith, the precursor to the Artist Award. A solid carved guitar with attractive woods in very nice condition.The bridge is low, but action is fine and playable. The heel cap needs to be replaced , but body bindings are fine and intact. A nice vintage archtop.
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1951 Gibson L-4C

A beautiful example in virtually unplayed condition. No cracks, repairs or anything. Classic 50s full neck shape. A cool vintage archtop guitar .
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2001 Olson SJ

Handmade by James Olson, this guitar is in unplayed ! Mint condition.the specs are just like the James Taylor model , except for the abalone back strip and end wedge; Western Red Cedar top, Select Indian Rosewood back and sides, multi laminate neck, abalone top inlay and rosette, Dove fingerboard inlays, bound fingerboard, 1 3/4” nut width. Lovely sound, excellent volume , warm but still with a...
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2001 Gibson L-5

A fine replica 16” L-5 made b6 Gibson in 2001 and signed by Hutch. The guitar shows only the slightest sign of play and looks practically new. Perfect setup and choice woods .
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1931 Gibson L-5 special

Possibly a one of a kind 12 fret dot neck L-5 . Fine sound . One minor crack repaired under tailpiece. Modern feeling neck. The label says spc , for special above the L-5 model designation.
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1990 D’Aquisto Avant Garde

One of 5 made , this exceedingly rare modernistic D’Aquisto is a testament to the artistry of James D’Aquisto. Wood bound, on highly figure European maple and a fine grained spruce top. This guitar has all the sophistication of the finest guitars , alone with presence, warmth of tone and volume. SOLD
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1928 Martin 00-40H

A fine crack free example . Converted by noted luthier TJ Thompson . Fine sound and setup . A little wear where a pickguard would be , otherwise extremely clean guitar.
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1930 Martin OM-28

An exceptionally fine , all original ,crack free , no excuses , early OM-28. Pyramid bridge , small pickguard , banjo tuners; all the earliest appointments. One of the three cleanest I have had in over 30 years. Very fine sound , great volume and tone. Inquire .SOLD
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2021 Klein sTele

Brand new from Steve Klein ; this model is his ergonomic version of a Tele style guitar . This is one is one of the first made in Japan versions made to his exacting specifications. New with warrantee. List price $2865. MAP $2550
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2018 D’Ambrosio Noncutaway

A fine handmade guitar by Otto D’Ambrosio. Otto has a great reputation for restoration and building. He is a designer for the Eastman custom shop. This is a guitar made by him alone. 17 “ body width , 1 7/8” nut width and 25 1/5” scale. The guitar has a lovely tone and response. It so fitted with a custom humbucking pickup in the sound hole. New Price ( was $9000) Specifications from the builder...
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~1930 Martin 5K

The top of the line , pearl inlaid koa uke. This is a beautiful, no excuses, crack free original example. Fine sound and action. Lovely curly koa wood top, sides and back. A really nice ukulele .
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~1940 Martin 3M

A fine sounding and playing Mahogany style 3 ukulele. No cracks or repairs, ten use does show some playing wear a new a few scratches. Celluloid ornament on top and stripe down tehe fingerboard. The style 3 was next to the top of the line .
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1999 Gibson Super 400C

Hutch signed Super 400. Fine resonant guitar ,equipped with a modern McCarty pickup. Original COA. Fine curly maple back sides and neck. A little bit of flaking in the finish at the neck , otherwise super clean condition.
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2006 Mirabella Jazz Classic

A fine handmade jazz guitar by noted builder Cris Mirabella . Laminated construction with humbucking pickup, this model is designed for live gigging , plugged in use, though it retains a fine acoustic tone. Specs are as follows: pickup; seymour dunce alnico II with single volume under pick guard wood bindings european maple sides and neck 17” jazz electric standard 3” depth 25.5”...
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1991 D’Aquisto Excel

One of only two non cutaway Excels made by the Master James D’Aquisto. One of the finest sounding acoustic archtops I have had . The guitar was rebound by Cris Mirabella and remains in beautiful crack free condition. Sold !
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1999 Gilchrist 16” Archtop

A virtuallly Unplayed Gilchrist archtop. Known for his amazing mandolins, he has built beautiful archtops for many years. His are a modern interpretation based on the original Loar L-5s. Varnish finish, stunning woods and a huge acoustic voice, 25” scale, a hair under 1 11/16” nut width. X braced.
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