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I try to represent all the instruments as accurately as I can. Some things, like sound,are quite subjective. All instruments are shipped on two day approval and are to be prepaid in full. The customer pays all shipping costs,including return shipping if the instrument is rejected. If there is damage when I ship the instrument to you please call me immediately.I will deal with my insurance company.If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition I shipped them in and shipped the same way. Liability is up to the extent of my insurance coverage, which is usually repair plus depreciation,unless totalled.

All instruments are shipped on 48 hour approval, unless otherwise specified.

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1918 Gibson F-2

A beautiful example, in near mint condition. The F-2 is slightly plainer than the F-4 model but was made with the same construction. It has a bell like oval hole tone and fine action. Inlaid Handel tuners. In the original hard case.
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1929 Martin 000-28

A rare 12 fret 000-28. The instrument shows some playing wear but there are no cracks. The guitar has had a pro neck set and replica bridge by Ken Fallon. Huge voice and perfect playability. More photos soon.
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~1930 Martin 5K

A fine nd attractive pearl inlaid Martin ukulele. Top of the line uke with no cracks.f Fine sound.
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1930 Martin 00-28

True steel string 12 fret 00-28. Replaced bridge by TJ Thompson, repaired center seam crack. All original finish , bracing and bridge plate. Fine sound and setup.
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1951 Gibson ES-5

A stunning , highly flamed T-Bone style ES-5.Three P-90 pickups. This guitar is as nice as one of these gets. No repairs or changes.perfect neck angle. This guitar speaks for itself.
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1937 Martin 00-18H

Beautiful shaded top 1937 00. Pro converted,I believe by John Arnold. No cracks or issues. Fine sound and playability.
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1963 Gibson Super 400CES

A great looking and playing top of the line Gibson electric archtop.,carved Spruce top, maple back , sides and neck. Patent Sticker humbucking pickups . A few tiny nicks keep this from mint condition.All original with no changes or repairs . A classic sound .
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1930 Martin OM-18

1930 is the first year for On-18s and only 89 were produced. This guitar is in excellent original condition.A small hairline at the top seam is repaired and nearly invisible otherwise no cracks. Perfectly setup by KenFallon. A fine instrument. SOLD
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1973 D’Aquisto New Yorker

A fine and rare oval hole New Yorker, from the master , James D’Aquisto. Beautiful condition and huge rich sound. A lot of volume and projection. (Ebony part of the tailpiece replicated by Tom Crandall, original in the case) 17” wide, imported woods .
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Sadowsky Semi-Hollow

Previously owned by John Abercrombie and obtained from his estate sale. Near mint Sadowsky semi-hollow prototype. 24 3/4” scale ,1 11/16” nut width, center block construction. A fine gigging guitar.
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2017 Gibson Le Grand

Custom shop high end Gibson. Perfect playability. Near mint ,one little Nick keeps it from mint. Beautiful flamed maple back sides and neck. 25 1/2” scale, full 1 11/16” nut width, 17” wide body. A fine modern instrument.
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1938 Gibson Advanced Jumbo

A stunningly clean and original AJ . About the cleanest one I have seen. Huge sound.Rosewood back and sides.. A rare model. Original red line case.
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1991 D’Aquisto Solo

A master work by the greatest , James D’Aquisto. This guitar design revolutionized the modern archtop guitar. An important instrument. 17”. Wide . Beautiful tone and response. Previously owned by George Benson. All original.
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1938 Martin 000-21

A rare wide neck 000-21 . Herringbone rosette. Nice Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Rear X .A little wear but no cracks.lovely response.
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1930 Martin OM-28

A fine and early 1930 OM-28. Pyramid bridge. Repaired center seam with touchup by TJ Thompson. The back looks buffed .fine sound.
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1941 Martin D-28

Fine sounding classic Herringbone D-28. Top crack repaired and some normal pick wear. A small filled screw hole on the back of the headstock. All straight and repaired, pro neck set by David Musselwhite. All bracing and bridge plate original.
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1936 Martin D-18

A big sounding classic , forward X D-18. Super clean except for two glued dryness cracks below the bridge. Pro neck set and repair by David Musselwhite. All ready to go . All interior correct.
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1998 Musselwhite 00-45

A beautiful Brazilian rosewood , Adirondack spruce 00-45 style guitar hand built by noted Martin expert and craftsman David Musselwhite . Old growth Brazilian. The spruce top is from the old Martin factory ( probably ca 1930) Big rich sound. 1 7/8” nut width.Unplayed condition. Calton case.
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1937 Gibson Nick Lucas

A fine sounding 14 fret maple Nick Lucas . A rare guitar , this is an original example with some repairs and playing wear. The top center seam is repaired and there is a back crack that is glued and stable but a little uneven. A large part of the neck finish has been sanded , however , the contour and size of the neck is unmodified. Action , playability , tone are all there , just more of a ...
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1930 Martin OM-28

1930 , small pickguard , banjo tuner OM-28. A classic guitar. Sound is very fine . The guitar has an oversized bridge and overspray to the top. Bridge plate is original , though repaired. Cool store emblem on back of the headstock.
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1986 D’Aquisto Excel

James D’Aquisto is widely regarded as the preeminent builder of archtop guitars. He made two non-cutaway Excels, one in blonde and this one in Sunburst. Rebound by Cris Mirabella, this guitar is a beautiful example of D’Aqusto’s work. Excellent sound and playability. A rare and fine guitar.
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1957 Gibson LG2

Nice original 50s LG2; x braced, warm open tone. Two small screw holes filled in the rosette ( from a pickup) , otherwise straight with no issues or alterations. ( new price, was $4500)
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1923 Martin 0-44

A fine and rare Olcott Bickford model 0-44. The 44 series was designed to have premium 45 grade woods while eschewing the pearl ornamentation of the the 45 series. The guitar has been set up perfectly by Ken Fallon and all issues addressed . There is an older top crack repair and touch up around a tap plate removal. The guitar plays easily with lovely tone and response.
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1957 Gibson J-200

A very fine sounding 50s J-200.just refretted and set up by Tom Crandall,so it’s plays easily and sounds as it should. Repaired top crack below the bridge and a pickguard crack. Some touchup , but otherwise original . A classic Gibson.
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1980 D’Aquisto New Yorker

A stunning master guitar from one of the best ever builders of archtop guitars. The guitar was rebound by Cris Mirabella , otherwise near mint .a very responsive guitar with a beautiful warm tonal palette.18” wide, full New Yorker Deluxe appointments Fine imported maple back ,sides and neck and European spruce top. Calton case. SOLD
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2013 Monteleone 7 String Presentation

A stunning presentation grade master work form one of today’s leading builders. Gorgeous curly maple back , sides and nec, . Eliptical sound holes and geometric fingerboard inlays. This guitar also has Monteleone’s side port. 17” wide body, 3. 1/8” depth, 2 1/8” nut width. Includes is a custom floating pickup assembly. Rich resonant sound.
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1921 Gibson Style U Harp Guitar

Lovely and original Style U harp guitar. All components are intact . There is one hairline crack on the top to the treble side . Otherwise there are cracks or repairs. Huge resonance.
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1990 D’Aquisto Avant Garde

One of 5 made , this exceedingly rare modernistic D’Aquisto is a testament to the artistry of James D’Aquisto. Wood bound, on highly figure European maple and a fine grained spruce top. This guitar has all the sophistication of the finest guitars , alone with presence, warmth of tone and volume. SOLD
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1928 Martin 00-40H

A fine crack free example . Converted by noted luthier TJ Thompson . Fine sound and setup . A little wear where a pickguard would be , otherwise extremely clean guitar.New Price, was $32,000)
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2021 Klein sTele

Brand new from Steve Klein ; this model is his ergonomic version of a Tele style guitar . This is one is one of the first made in Japan versions made to his exacting specifications. New with warrantee. List price $2865. MAP $2550
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