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I try to represent all the instruments as accurately as I can. Some things, like sound,are quite subjective. All instruments are shipped on two day approval and are to be prepaid in full. The customer pays all shipping costs,including return shipping if the instrument is rejected. If there is damage when I ship the instrument to you please call me immediately.I will deal with my insurance company.If the instrument is damaged in transit from you to me, you are responsible for dealing with the damage and insurance. For refunds, all instruments must be returned in the same condition I shipped them in.Liability is up to the extent of my insurance coverage, which is usually repair plus depreciation,unless totalled.

All instruments are shipped on 48 hour approval, unless otherwise specified.

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1931 Gibson L-2

The cool and responsive hold sparkle binding version of the Gibson. L-2 , only made for a bit over a year ca. 1931. These guitars are lightly built and very responsive. Repaired center seam and one other small crack below the Bridge . Some light overspray over the repairs. Replaced tuners ( modern vintage style ) . Mahogany back and sides, 12 frets to the body.A very good sounding guitar.
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1931 Gibson L-5

An extremely fine sounding and clean dot neck L-5. This guitar is from the most desireable period, with three on a strip pearl button tuners, solid carved bracing and a very modern neck profile. This is old school 1928, revised Spann date 31. A repaired hairline f-hole crack and a some minor wear. Beautiful curly maple back , sides and neck. A classic and rare guitar.
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2013 Martin M custom

A custom shop Martin in M size with a cutaway Adirondack top and Madagascar Rosewood back and sides. The woods are very high grade, including a curly mahogany neck. 1 3/4” nut width. Fitted with a Fishman pickup, this guitar is ready to go and use in stage,
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2001 Kim Walker SJ Style B Special

A fine hand built guitar from master craftsman Kim Walker. Adirondack spruce top, Choice Indian Rosewood back and sides. Lovely tone and response. Ornate floral inlay to the headstock, wood bound body. 1 3/4”nut width. A joy to play and hear.
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1934 Gibson L-5

A later 16” L-5 in fine condition , setup and sound. The fingerboard is a dot replacement, as is the pickguard , all done at Gruhn Guitars. No cracks or other repairs, just some playing wear . Attractive curly maple back and sides. Interesting bracing ; solid with a cap , like they did in the kerfed bracing, but not kerfed. Red Line ohsc.
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1962 Fender Super

Excellent plus original Brown Super. Sounds great . Still has original two prong plug and foot switch. No alterations, no tears in the tolex.
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2006 Campellone Special

A beautiful and virtually unplayed hand built Arch top. From Mark Campellone. Perfect workmanship, fine sound and playability. This guitar has lovely figured maple back and sides and a fine grained spruce top. 17”wide, 2 3/4” depth, 1 11/16” nut widths nad 24 3/4” scale. Floating Smith style pickup. Ready to play !
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1936 Martin 000-28

A very fine sounding 1936 000-28 herringbone. Original finish with a few crack repairs . Bridge plate is original with a small reinforcing plate saver. Cracks are cleated and fixed.repro tuners with originals in the case. Pro neck set. Excellent setup and wonderful tone and volume. Original owner stamped his name and address on the top edge of the headstock, a bit of vintage mojo.
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1908 Fairbanks Whyte Laydie #2

Amazingly clean and original classic Whyte Laydie #2 original five string. Gryphon headstock inlay . No visible playing wear. Over 100 years old and incredible condition. Straight neck. Fine sound and playability.
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1970 Gibson Johnny Smith

A very clean and healthy Johnny Smith. Repro guard, single floating pickup. Perfect action and playability. 25” scale, wide flat neck.
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1929 Martin Employee 00-28custom

Made for Martin Employee Floyd Young who worked for Martin from 1926 into the 1930s. A very cool combination of appointments.Since Employee Guitars had to deviate from standard model specs , Lloyd made a 00-28 , with herringbone, style 28 backstrip, pyramid bridge and ivoroid binding, but with a very high grade of mahogany for the back and sides. The guitar remains in lovely original condition,...
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1932 Martin OM-28

A well played but original OM-28. Pro neck set and only two small repaired side cracks. Original finish , original bridge plate and bracing. The tuners look like mid thirties , but appropriate. Otherwise a bunch of pickwear and wide open soulful sound. Someone loved and played this guitar.
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~1935 Euphonon Jumbo

A 16” wide small jumbo made by the Larson brothers in Chicago. Spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Multi ply binding on top and back. No top cracks and excellent original neck angle with plenty of saddle. There is one very small back crack; repaired. I believe the bolts in the bridge to be original. I have seen this before . Excellent tone with a full open bass and good volume. There is some...
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1996 Monteleone Montequisto

I am proud to offer the Montequisto guitar. This notable instrument was made from components I procured from the estate of James D’Aquisto and completed by John Monteleone . It was made as a tribute to D’Aquisto and is an interpretation of his Solo model. This guitar was featured in an article in the New York Times . It was originally made for NY session musician Craig Snyder and is a superb...
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~1968 Gibson ES-175

1960s ES-175. Very clean guitar except for small crack repair at jack. Otherwise very straight with fine setup and straight neck. In a later Gibson brown case. 1 5/8” nut. ( new lower price, was 4500)
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1965 Gibson Johnny Smith

Very clean and big sounding 60s Johnny Smith double. Two floating pickups now set on a handmade ebony guard made by Cris Mirabella. Low action and excellent setup. Nice figured maple. 1 3/4” nut. Plenty of room at the bridge.( new lower price , Was $10,500)
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1999 John Arnold D-42S K

A stunning modern guitar . I seldom go Wild over a modern instrument but this is just a superb sounding, playing and looking guitar. The workmanship is impeccable and every detail is perfectly executed. John Arnold’s Guitars seldom come on the market and he does not make very many. He has made them for Doc Watson and Norman Blake. This guitar has a finest grade Adirondack spruce top, highly...
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1913 Gibson A-4

A lovely black top A-4. Inlaid tuners, pro refret, perfect setup. Alittle light playing wear, but very clean overall. Sweet tone.
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1944 Gibson SJ

Probably the cleanest one of these I have seen. Perfect action, chunky mahogany neck, 1 3/4" nut, adjustable truss rod. (FON 2694)Great warm sound.eveything you could want In a banner small side crack, otherwise practically perfect, including a mint original brown case. SOLD
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1947 Selmer Modele Jazz

The classic gypsy jazz guitar; a petit bouche Selmer modele jazz. The guitar has led the gypsy life and shows playing wear, a lot of character, and several repaired top cracks. The guitar is very healthy , structurally, and has a huge volume and full Django style tone.
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1960 D'Angelico Excel Cutaway

A stunningly clean and fine example. No cracks or repairs. No binding issues. Beautiful smooth sound wit that warm midrange that these are known for. A few New Yorker features, like extra binding on the f holes and any style headstock. Cool alligator case.Highly figured imported woods. SOLD.
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1969 Gibson Byrdland

A nice original late 60s Byrdland. Standard specs ;23 1/2" scale, carved spruce too, curly maple back sides and neck, and two humbucking pickups . The guitar shows some light playing wear , but no issues ( Priced to move ,was $6750)
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1998 Martin D-45 custom

A very fancy deluxe version of the D-45 . Custom ordered with Brazilian rosewood back and sides, tree of life fingerboard inlay, scroll bridge inlay, and inlaid pickguard. Abalone backstrip, and vine inlay in the headstock. Scalloped bracing. A real presentation grade stunner.
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1957 Martin D-28

Cool ,bluegrass style 50s Brazitian D-28. It looks like the guitar went back to the factory for a large pickguard. The guard is under the finish, and there may be some overspray on the top. Bridge is reglued and bolted down. Classic sound. Original bracing and bridge plate.
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1986 Gibson Johnny Smith

Mint condition 25th anniversary model Johnny Smith. Single floating pickup. Highly figured maple . Attractive dark brown sunburst finish. Perfect playability. Original 1 11/16" width nut.
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1924 Gibson F-5

1924 Gibson F-5 21 % off
Fine original signed Loar F-5, dated March 31, 1924. Virzi equipped , this F-5 has a lovely warm and balanced tone but still retains some good punch and projection. The mandolin shows some scratching on the face but no cracks or any structural issues. A fine musical instrument.(new lower price, was $155,000, Motivated seller )
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1949 Gibson ES-350

A warm and full sounding ES-350 . Two P-90s . plays effortlessly. Some normal playing wear and one replaced pot. Pro refret. No cracks or other issues. A fine musical instrument.( new lower price , was $7000)
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1923 Gibson F-5

This Loar signed F-5 was owned by Eric Weissberg and used on many shows and recordings. It is in fine original condition with no cracks or repairs , other than a refret. It does have a reproduction tailpiece cover. It is a fine musical instrument , as one would expect from a prime period 1923 F-5 mandolin. Quarter sawn maple, Cremona brown sunburst.( new lowered price , was $170,000)
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Kamaka HF-2

Concert uke. These are from hand made koa ukes from Hawaii.
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