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The web is 24/7. Ain't it wonderfull.

Personal checks are fine. Out of state checks clear in a day or two now. Wire transfers will work. Sorry, no credit cards.

UPS mainly. In 30 years I've had one claim and they paid it. I don't like Fed Ex but I'll use them if you want. Don't expect them to pay a claim on a vintage guitar. Proper packing will prevent problems. You got to double box expensive guitars and amps.

I don't buy anything I wouldn't want for myself. It's very rare I'll buy something that's not 100% original, but if it has changed tuner buttons or been refretted, I'll tell you. Detailed, accurate descriptions only. I go to a lot of trouble to pack this stuff right for shipping so it will arrive undamaged. I sell only really nice amps, fully serviced, no return on amps.

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1976 Ibanez Destroyer Bass

Ibanez Destroyer Bass, Excellent +, 9.0, one extra strap pin and some user friendly knobs are the only changes, cool art work on the original case. We used it for our jam session at Vision studio in Atlanta the other night and it sounded wonderful but I'm having my tech put new strings and his magic touch on it this week so it will sound even better. "GREAT GUITAR"
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1971 Fender Telecaster

'71 Telecaster, EX+ (9.0 condition), Unfaded See-Thru Blonde, 100% original, big baseball bat neck, super light (6lbs. 14ozs.) This 47 year old Tele has the feel and sound of an older one. The notes are clear all the way up the neck and it's acoustically highly resonant. The really light ones usually are. Big neck, clean, light, pretty, plays good, sounds good, YEP! It's a winner. Includes...
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1975 Ibanez Professional

'75 Ibanez Professional, EX++ (9.25) First year for this wonderfull Ibanez. Only the early ones had the single cut away and this one has the attractive block inlays. 100% original with very little play wear. You Ibanez collectors know how few of these guitars are around and how good they play and sound. The mid 70's Ibanez guitars are quality instuments at a very reasonable price. Way undervalued...
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1975 Ibanez Rocket Roll Sr Bass

Ibanez Flying V Bass, 1975, Excellent+, (9.0) No serial # on first year. 100% original. These Basses have an impressive woody tone. Very rare, very cool. Quality instument from the mid 70's. Way undervalued! I just put new strings on it and detailed it. It's set up perfect. Plays great, sounds great, looks great. Big time cool factor. This 42 year old Bass should be priced twice what they go...
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