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2017 Tom Anderson Raven

How do you say cool? This Anderson Raven does the trick! Looks, plays and sounds awesome, it's a really versatile guitar that goes from California sun to CBGB grunge without missing a beat. Caramel Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, matching gloss headstock, 1 11/16" nut, heavy frets, even taper neck contour, BFT, chrome hardware, vintage tremelo, locking tuners, PQ1 & PQ3 pickups, 3 way...
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2003 PRS Custom 24

'03 Custom 24, this guitar has the Darth Vader vibe goin on......Bird inlays, "regular" neck profile, 1 21/32" nut width, some edge dings and tarnish on the bridge saddles add "character"..... straight neck, virtually no fret wear, plays and sounds great!
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2007 Gibson ES-339

Smaller bodied thinline that is lighter and more comfortable to play than a 335. Same features as it's "Dot" big brother - 'dual 57 Classic humbuckers, '50's profile neck, tobacco sunburst finish, straight neck with no fret wear...... it looks plays and sounds great.
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1957 Gibson ES-225TD

Sweet 100% original '57 ES-225Two growlin', snarlin', P-90 pickups, bound rosewood fingerboard, nice straight neck, very little fret wear. This one-owner vintage Gibson gem is in excellent condition, it looks, plays and sounds great! Includes newer Gibson brown hardshell case.
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2010 Collings SJ

Collings SJ is a modern take on the very cool '50's small jumbo that came out of Kalamazoo. More focused and harmonic than that jumbo "king of the cowboy guitars", it is equally at home flat-picked or finger-style. Sitka Spruce top, Maple back & sides, ebony bridge & fingerboard. There are some pinhead sized finish dings that are hard to see and do not go into the wood - we call them finish...
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2015 Suhr Classic T Pro

The Classic T Pro marries vintage design with modern improvements resulting in an instrument that is capable of producing iconic tones while retaining the build quality, features and playability you’ve come to expect from Suhr.Alder body, quarter-sawn Maple neck with Maple fingerboard, even C medium neck profile and stainless steel frets - very Suhr receives a PLEK fret dress, ensuring the...
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2015 Suhr Modern Pro

The Modern is Suhr's high-performance take on the 24 fret design.The sleek elliptical neck profile, balanced asymmetrical body, and innovative neck heel deliver unmatched playability and comfort. This Modern Pro features a Basswood body, Flame Maple top, quarter-sawn Maple neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard with rolled edges, 10-14” compound radius, stainless steel frets, Gotoh Floyd Rose...
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2016 Collings I-35 LC

How do you improve on a Collings I-35 LC? Well you can't..... but, you can make it even cooler with their Aged Cherry nitrocellulose lacquer finish and nickle hardware, then add fingerboard binding & dot inlays..... now you have a killer semi hollow with an awesome vintage vibe that plays like a dream and sounds even better! Collings craftsmanship, attention to detail and choice of materials...
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2016 Carr Lincoln

We love this killer sounding new amp! Custom Brittish Slate tolex. From the Carr website..... "The Lincoln concept started with a mint 1964 AC10 we purchased from a collector in England. There is a vibe - an attitude - a nagging simplicity to this semi-obscure amp. So our journey began. The Lincoln embraces the simple Lone Wolf vibe yet goes so much further with ultra expanded tonal range and...
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1972 Gurian H3 J-B

Superb Gurian Jumbo made in the Grand Street New York factory in 1972.Gurian was one of the first "boutique" guitar makers; influenced by the classic vintage guitars of the past century, hand-made using craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality. This was their top of the line instrument at the time - Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood sides & 3 piece back, herringbone binding, gold...
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2008 Martin D-28M Merle Travis

Limited Edition Martin D-28M, #47 of 100 honoring two icons of the guitar by re-creating Merle Travis' 1941 D-28 re-necked by Paul Bigsby. Adirondack Spruce top, Madagascar Rosewood back and sides, 25.4'' scale length, Maple neck with Bigsby shape headstock, playing card suit inlays and Grover Nickel Vintage Deluxe 6-In-Line tuning machines. This superb guitar plays like butter and sounds...
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2015 Carr Sportsman 1x10 Combo

If you like vintage "American" tones the Carr Sportsman is an excellent choice to fill the grab-and-go small to mid sized amp role..... think of it as a more solid, versatile and muscular version of that classic '60's 1x10 combo made in Southern California.Carr Amps feature superb build, best quality components, and vintage inspired design with modern sensibility.Dual 6V6, class A, partial fixed...
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2015 Collings D-1

Superb classic Dreadnaught - Collings style!Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back & sides, ebony fingerboard and bridge, Waverly tuners, Adirondack Spruce braces, 1 3/4" nut width, cut-through saddle, long diamond & squares fingerboard inlays. Includes premium Collings TKL case.Collings craftsmanship, attention to detail and choice of materials add up to the finest guitars available in the market...
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2016 Collings 290

The coolest slab body P-90 guitar on the planet...... in my humble opinion. Collings build quality is second to none - their craftsmanship, attention to detail and choice of materials is superb. Mahogany body & neck, high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, 24 7/8" scale length, 1 11/16th" nut width, Lollar P-90 Soapbar pickups, custom Pearloid pickguard & peghead veneer. This baby...
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1962 Kay Swingmaster

Early 60's thin hollow body, two tone sunburst finish, three "Kleenex box" pickups, lots of mojo and it sounds great. Pro re-fret makes this cool vintage Kay play like buttah! Non original hard shell case.
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Mesa Boogie 5 Band EQ

From the Mesa/Boogie website: Our legendary Boogie® Five-Band Graphic EQ is now available in a Pedal! For well over four decades the Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ has been at the heart of chart topping guitar sounds and it’s hard to ignore the impact its now-classic “V-Curve” has had on modern guitar sounds and popular music. Now we offer this powerful tool in a stand-alone pedal format that...
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Mesa Boogie Grid Slammer

From the Mesa/Boogie Website: The GRID SLAMMER™ overdrive pedal produces a variable boost in gain over a wide range with a classic, guitar-centric midrange bump that enhances many different playing styles. It’s a true overdrive “specialist” that covers an amazing array of what many top players consider the most expressive and musical ranges of overdrive. From sweet, subtle breakup to a...
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Mesa Boogie Flux Drive

From the Mesa/Boogie Website: The FLUX-DRIVE™ is the overdrive pedal for those who want more of all the best things from an overdrive! It has more liquid gain and enhanced sustain that easily feeds into rich harmonic overtones making it incredibly addictive and inspiring to play, whether into a clean amp channel or especially to enhance a crunch or higher gain channel! It also offers a more...
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Mesa Boogie Tone Burst

From the Mesa/Boogie Website: The TONE-BURST™ Boost/Overdrive offers a virtually transparent gain range usually associated with “clean” boost pedals. However, the TONE-BURST has enough gain to boost your guitar to the threshold of clip and slightly beyond, making it far more useful for a variety of applications. It’s incredibly powerful for adding boost, drive and/or EQ to any guitar and amp...
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Swart Fuzzy Boost

From the Swart amps Website: The Swart FuzzyBoost is a hand-wired, point-to-point sonic blast to the past with some extra credit, Swart Magic thrown into the mix. This is no mass market, overseas circuit board, costs us nothing~you something, cloner pop. Fuzzy boost allows you to slide anywhere from slight boost to over the top fuzz at any volume level. Pre Volume Volume before it...
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Swart Night Light

From the Swart amps website: Attenuation settings (4 Attenuation Levels) Filament BULB Compression Mode This mode runs the attenuated signal through a Swart jewel lamp filament, bringing a subtle tube compression/brown sound goodness. Ever wonder what your signal sounded like through a light bulb? You'll be addicted in seconds. NOTE: This switch ONLY works with LEVEL chickenhead...
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Pigtronix Aria

From Pigtronix' Site: This pedal sings! The Pigtronix Aria is smooth and musical. With the Aria pedal, Pigtronix takes a unique approach to diode clipping that retains the expressive nature of your music while imparting creamy sustain and enhanced harmonic content. More powerful than a modded Screamer and tastier than an old Muff, Pigtronix Aria delivers the goods, no matter how you turn the...
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Subdecay Super Nova Drive

New old stock. From Subdecay Website: A little overdrive pedal with lots of punch that makes your guitar honk, bark and scream. The gain range is huge, but smooth and refined throughout. Low gain settings have great dynamic response and note definition. Powered by a 9 volt battery or 9 to 18VDC adaptor with a negative center 2.1mm barrel style plug. Power supply is not...
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HBE Doomsday Device

New old stock. The most lethal feature of the Doomsday Device is the Doomsday footswitch which allows the user to footswitch between the two Diode Select settings, each yielding different overdrive characteristics. True bypass switching Metal, open frame, chassis mount input/output jacks Chassis mount 9V DC adapter jack (adapter not included) Heavy duty chassis mount metal...
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HBE Skull Crusher

Gary Hoey wanted his HBE Skullcrusher Signature Model to be a simple yet effective pedal that he could use as a standalone overdrive/distortion or as a boost for the dirty channel of his amp True bypass switching Metal, open frame, chassis mount input/output jacks Chassis mount 9V DC adapter jack (adapter not included) Heavy duty chassis mount metal shaft potentiometers and...
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~1978 MXR Phase 100

Good cord, some lettering missing/smudged. Great sounds, cool vintage vibe!
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National Californian

No pickguard, no logo, great vibe! Bridge has been soldered. Comes with chipboard case.
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2015 Martin 000-28k

Stunning flamed Koa top, back & sides grab your eye, but playing this gem is the real prize .... articulate and balanced with plenty of volume. From the Martin website..... Based upon a pristine 1921 000-28K from the Martin Museum collection, this slotted head 12-fret is a completely faithful recreation of the original, featuring flamed Hawaiian koa top, back and sides, hide glue construction...
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2015 Suhr Classic J

Our vote for best "J" style bass on the market! Great vintage vibe, plays like butter and sounds fantasctic. Suhr's build quality is the best!
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2015 Suhr Corso

Killer 5 watt amp, super versatile for recording, small club gig, practice, etc. You wont want to stop playing, it sounds so good!
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