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We are opened on appointment only . Please send an email if you wish to pop by to try and play some guitars. US-Customers please understand that there is a time-lap between Europe and the USA . That is why you will not find any phone-number on Gbase to call us. thank you

For payments from non-EU-countries we prefer PayPal. For Payments from EU-countries and Switzerland we accept PayPal and bank wire. Of course you can pop by , pay cash and pick up your guitar.

We ship from Germany to nearly every place in the world and prefer to ship your valuable and fragile vintage acoustic by Express shipping , carrier of your choice , fully insured against loss and damage. All costs for and connected with shipping(like custom fees , taxes)are payed by the buyer. shipping costs for returned items are also fully payed by buyer.

We offer a 48 hour return-policy. If the instrument is not like described and you wish to send it back , please send an email to inform us and ship back the guitar in the box and on the way you received it (insured,express). As soon as the guitar has arrived back in the shape it was sent out by us, we refund the full buying price, same way you payed it.

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1959 Manouk Papazian classic concert guitar

Manouk Papazzian 1959 One of the great master builders from NYC, Manouk Papazzian moved to his own facility in NY around 1956, where he began building his master level instruments. The records indicate that he only used the best of materials available to him at all times. He was most definitely an “old world” artisan, demanding the best of everything and of himself, whether he was building...
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~1936 Bronson & Oahu Deluxe & Deluxe Jumbo

A nice pair… Bronson Deluxe & Oahu Jumbo Deluxe Oahu and Bronson are closely related, started by half brothers (Oahu) who later, in the early 30ies, split up into the two companies. Their guitars were Chicago made, by Regal, Stromberg-Voisinet or the Kay Custom Shop (in which the top end guitars were made by old world immigrants who had made guitars in Europe). Both guitars have the same...
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1940 Gibson J-100

Mahogany Jumbo (17 ') by Gibson from 1940. The instrument is partially restored, the sunburst top was refinished, as well as the back of the three-piece maple neck. The rosewood fretboard and the frets have been renewed, the bat-wing bridge replaced with an exact copy of the original, as well as the tiger-stripe pick-guard. Back, sides and the black veneered headstock with the inlaid script-logo...
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