Players Vintage Instruments

Players Vintage Instruments

More Tenor guitars than anyone and banjos and mandolins too ... guitars even.

Howdy. I'm Banana (aka / Lowell Levinger) the proprietor of Players Vintage Instruments. Players Vintage Instruments is
the logical evolution of my instrument collection. I started collecting vintage instruments in the 60's and turned it into an Internet business in 1997.
Testing / playing a nice old guitar or banjo in a store or at a show can be frustrating. When you have a guitar shipped to you and you have an approval period, you can try it out in your own familiar environment, take it to your luthier, see what your picking partners think of it, etc. If the guitar is a good one for you, you'll know it. If it isn't, then send it back.
We want all our customers to enjoy playing the instruments they buy from us.
We only sell what we know and what interests us. That basically means acoustic fretted instruments made from the late 1800's through the late 1940's. There are, of course, some exceptions along the way.
Please visit my website to find out about my music.

Players Vintage Instruments
Lowell Levinger
Inverness, CA
4:01 AM
We are open 'virtually on the web' 24 hours a day. We do sleep at night, here in California however. In person hours are by appointment. Call 415-669-1107

US Postal Money Order, Us Bank Cashiers Check or Direct Bank Wire Transfer

We ship insured via UPS ground unless otherwise specified. Buyer pays shipping and insurance charges. We pack carefully and securely.

We offer 24 hour approval on most deals. If you are not satisfied with the instrument you may return it and when it arrives back here in the same condition as when it left here we will refund your money less the shipping charges.