I first got interested in buying and selling vintage guitars in 1971 when I was studying at URI. I could buy 1950's Les Paul Juniors and 60's Strats from URI students, and sell them to Mike Allison at Providence Guitar & Banjo Co. who already was connected to vintage market back then. At that time you could rent a house in Rhode Island near the ocean for $125 a month, and LP Gas to heat with was only 35 cents a gallon. So I saw there was a way to play with guitars every day, and make a living too, and have been at it ever since. I played the guitar in bands during the 1970s, and I continued buying selling trading guitars and amps with other musicians. I found that I was making more selling them then playing them.
In 1984 I got my first store front, a tiny 325 square foot store on Broadway, Rt. 1 in Pawtucket, RI. right off Route 95 near the Massachusetts Border. I was there 10 years. I hung over 100 guitars on hooks from the ceiling. Visitors would say "It's like looking up into guitar heaven".
In 1994 I bought and moved into the former Columbia Furniture Building, an Elegant Late 1920's building with 12' tin ceilings and yellow pine floors and right in the center of the Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution in Historic Downtown Pawtucket RI.
My space occupied 4,000 sq ft on the ground floor. Providence Music Service was next door at 64 Exchange Street, and they serviced all sorts of musical instruments and devices.
I opened there on May 1, 1994 with a main "guitar wall" of 150+ electric guitars and basses, a showroom floor with 100+ amps, new and vintage, and an acoustic room with 65 acoustics on the wall. I had all the makes new and used. We were the largest store in the region, and I met all the local stars like Johnny A, J Geils, Elliott Easton, Duke Robillard as well as many folks on the phone. I sold a 1969 100 watt Marshall Model 1959 to Eric Johnson. Sold a Gibson 1976 Explorer Re-Issue to Metalica for James H. All the hot local players and all the players in general and many others frequented my shop before the chains and the internet changed things forever.
We served our local musician and collector clients well until 2005, when changing markets, and changing customers forced me to look at the way I was doing business, and change. I made the decision to lock the front doors, and go to a new format. My online sales had become 70+% of my business, and walk in traffic seemed to consist of sightseers, so I made the decision to be mainly an online business.
Because I made so many friends during those years, I still frequently receive visits from old friends to sell me guitars and amps.

I attended many guitar shows from the early 1990's until 2005 as a buyer. Met lots of cool people like Jim Marshall who signed a poster and gave it to me, George Benson at the Long Island Guitar Show, and so many others . It became clear by 2005 that all real business had gone online, and paying customers no longer went to guitar shows, so I stopped going to shows that year.

I put up my first website at in 1999.

I've been on ebay since 1999 with 100% Positive Feedback seller name pmblues.

I sold my building early in 2022 and will now operate without a commercial storefront.
I am still the largest buyer of vintage guitars basses and amps in the New England Region.
I pay the highest prices for vintage Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, P Bass, J Bass, Tele Bass, vintage Gibson Guitars, Mandolins, Martin Guitars, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Mosrite, vintage pedals.
If you are interested in something I have, just call me at 401 722 5837, leave a message, and I'll call you right back.

If you want to get the most money you can for your old guitar, bass, or amp, just call me at 401 722 5837 leave a message, and I'll call you right back.
If you have one item or a large collection you want to sell, call me at 401 722 5837 to find out how you can net a higher % of retail.
I also do professional musical instrument appraisals for Trust Attorneys, Insurance Adjusters, and Owners seeking insurance.

Paul Moskwa
401 722 5837
Online Only
4:16 PM
Monday Through Saturday by Appoinment Only Please call for availablility of the item you are interested in. Call Paul Moskwa 401 722 5837

Visa, Mastercard, cashiers check, money order, personal check (US only), wire transfer, barter, trade. ............Our international customers use wire transfer.

We ship UPS unless otherwise specified. We have sucessfully shipped hundreds of guitars and amps all over the world. We will ship to you in a professional manner. Special packing is available.

I do not ship on approval. I am willing to give extensive phone descriptions so that you know exactly what you are getting, and you get exactly what you want. When you get the item, it will be exactly as I described it, or your money cheerfully refunded. Anything shipped to me that does not bear a return authorization number provided by me will not be accepted by the receiving department. No new merchandise will ever be accepted back if it has parts missing or is damaged or the original packaging is missing or if the item is in any way altered. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of pm blues.