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1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior

1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior 13 % off
1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior Older White Pro Refinish Excellent Condition with 99% Original Parts This sweet 1961 LP Jr has a 6 year old refinish. The refinish is pro, put on in a thin coat, and pulled into the mahogany pores like the original would be. The compensated bridge, and the input jack are replaced. All else original. The neck is straight. The P-90 pickup and pots are original to the...
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1965 1963 Hammond and 1965 Leslie A-100 and 251

1963 Hammond A-100 & 1965 Leslie 251 are offered for sale. The A-100 has all the same parts as a B-3, but in a different cabinet that has built in speakers & reverb, which the B-3 doesn't have. They sound the same. The A-100 is the B-3 without the Big B-3 Price. I'm offering my mid-1963 Hammond A-100 Serial Number 34087 with Bass Pedals and mounted Leslie Controls and a headphone jack and all...
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1978 Marshall 1982B

White 1978 Marshall Cabinet Model 1982B Straight Cabinet Loaded with Matched Set of Four (4) 30 Watt Celestion Greenbacks All Dated December 9, 1971 Rough White Tolex White Handles White Corners White Speaker Cloth Black Casters Black Wheel Cups Black Input Jack Cup w/Brass Screws Instead of Celestion Blackbacks Cabinet is Loaded With (4) Four DECEMBER 9, 1971 Celestion 30W Greenback...
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1965 Epiphone Wilshire

1965 Epiphone Wilshire Cherry Red Stop Tail Added Maestro Vibrato Removed Otherwise All Original Ex Condition This 1965 Wilshire solid body was an upper model in the Epiphone 1965 Model Lineup made in the Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo Michigan. Two Gibson Mini Humbucking Pickups with two volumes and two tones and a three way sound great. Fretboard has some wear but the frets were...
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~1966 Mosrite Joe Maphis Double Neck 6/12

Vintage 1960s Mosrite Joe Maphis Double Neck 6/12 Both Heads Say Joe Maphis Both Rosewood Fingerboards Have Nice Color Match I've seen some other Joe Maphis Models with one head that says Joe Maphis, and one head that doesn't, and with Rosewood Fretboards with two different colors that look like they came from two different guitars. Spoils the looks at the very least. But not this...
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1972 Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter Early 1st Version

1972 Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter Early 1st Version 25 % off
Vintage 1972 Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter Exceptional Condition Early 1st Version. Vintage 1972 Maestro Phase Shifter Model PS-1 Early First Version of Phase Shifter Electronics Work Well Excellent Cosmetic Condition 1972 Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter (Leslie Rotary Speaker Simulator). This is a nice example, in exceptional cosmetic condition. All electronics working well. Transformer date...
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1969 Gretsch Electrotone Bass Model 6073 also called Peter Tork Bass

Guitar's first owner played it extensively, then put it away until recently. Guitar has it's share of dents and scuffs and chips and checks, but no cracks or damage or repairs. Nice. Not perfect cosmetically, but a nice solid bass that looks great from more than two feet away. Action is low, neck is straight. Neck has a nice feel to it, very pleasant. Low action, easy fretting. Sounds great. This...
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1973 Fender Jazz Bass

1973 Fender Jazz Bass 25 % off
This is my personal 1973 Jazz Bass. I got it in 1975 and it was still new. I played it in a Funk Band for 8 months. I was very careful not to scratch it then...or ever. Then I went back to guitar and put the Jazz Bass in my closet in 1976, and it's mostly been in the case since then. The Translucent See-Thru Blonde Finish looks awesome on the Figured Ash Body. The finish is Creamy Colored and the...
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1957 Magnatone Bigsby Mark V

1957 Magnatone Bigsby Mark V 36 % off
#622---Paul Bigsby Designed Magnatone Mark V Circa 1957-58---Few Made---Few Survive #622- Near Mint Condition--This nice Magnatone Mark V is super clean, original, and lightweight. (just 8lbs) Guitar is awesome!! Low action, and the alnico pickups sound unbelievable, strong, rich and chimey. Original frets have only light wear. Plays great all the way up, and give that Bigsby a little...
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1966 Fender Tremolux Amp Head & Cabinet

I've always loved mid 60's Tremoluxes. The speaker cabinet is smaller than a Bassman. The small closed back cab is such a nice tight sound that really gets out, not loud, but you can hear it clearly in the mix. The head is 30 watts, so no-one gets hurt. I've owned this Tremolux since 1970. It was originally ordered from the Fender factory with two 12'' speakers instead of two 10" speakers. The...
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